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WWE nXt Results- June 7, 2017
By JCool
Jun 8, 2017 - 1:57:10 AM

WWE nXt Results
June 7th, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness

Opening Segment

Tag Team Match: Heavy Machinery vs. Victor Andrews & Lars Sullivan

Andrews & Sullivan get an insert promo before the match where Andrews confesses he’s nervous about his partner, but this is the biggest opportunity he’s gotten yet, so he’s putting that aside.

Knight and Sullivan begin this one. They lock up a few times. Sullivan forces Knight to the corner but the referee breaks them up. Dozovic is very vocal on the apron, cheering on and basically doing play by play. Knight has Sullivan in a side headlock until he’s thrown towards the ropes. On the bounce back, the two big men collide but give no ground. It’s not until both men run the ropes that Sullivan’s successful in clotheslining Knight to the mat.
Knight retreats to the corner and uses elbows and big boots to stop Sullivan from attacking him there. Dropkick from Knight! He runs the ropes and flies at Sullivan but gets caught in mid-air. Huge powerslam from Sullivan. He tags in Andrews.

Andrews immediately gets tripped up and then caught in a bearhug by Knight. Dozovic tags in, catches Andrews who is thrown to him by Knight, and applies another bearhug. Andrews punches out of it to break free. Belly to belly suplex by Dozovic and he tags in Knight while Andrews is stunned. They get the crowd into it, bounce off the ropes and squish Andrews between them. They bounce off the ropes again and slam into each other to celebrate.

Knight throws Andrews around. He splashes him against the turnbuckle and Dozovic tags back in. He holds Andrews as Knight gains momentum from the ropes and jumps on to Dozovic, the two of them crushing Andrews beneath their bodies. That double team move is called “The Compactor”. 1-2-3. Dozovic gets the pinfall for Heavy Machinery.

Winners: Heavy Machinery via pinfall in 4 minutes

Post-match, Sullivan hasn’t moved from the ring apron and he looks pissed. He enters the ring, builds up to a rage and clubs Andrews from behind. He slams Andrews a few times, showing off his impressive strength and then puts Andrews in a modified torture rack.

Two cool points for Heavy Machinery’s return to television, gaining another entertaining victory in the tag division. Sullivan proved to be a formidable foe, but his partner was the weakest link. I love seeing the enthusiasm from Knight and Dozovic in how they interact with one another and the crowd. Easy to like!

Footage from last week shows No Way Jose’s return to help even the odds in the Strong/Ohno vs. SAnitY match.

Backstage, after that match, Dain is interviewed about his upcoming match against No Way Jose. He says no one is safe, especially No Way Jose.

Coming Up: Roderick Strong addresses the nXt Universe.

Second Segment

Roderick Strong comes to the ring for this promo.

He says the last 7 or 8 months have been a big rollercoaster for him. He’s now in nXt, he’s got a beautiful fiancée and a handsome baby boy at home and he shared his story with all of us. He’s thankful for being accepted with open arms by the nXt fans.

He came here for the nXt championship. His life has never been better but there’s still one thing he wants and that’s the championship. It’s his family vs. the world. They motivate him to be better at being him and to become nXt champion.

Suddenly, “Glorious” hits the speakers and we’re about to hear from the nXt Champion himself, Bobby Roode. He walks on stage, holding a tissue, wiping his eyes and crying.
He asks for a minute because he is struggling with the emotional story. Of course, this is all sarcasm. Roode asks Strong if he’s proud. He points out that Strong is winning finally, his son is somewhat normal, his fiancée is hot, and he should be proud.

Diapers are expensive and Strong wants a match against the champ. He wants to move from trailer park to mansion on a hill. Roode says it doesn’t work like that around here, in his nXt. You don’t just get a chance when you want one. You have to earn it. He asks Strong to stay here late and, one day, they can take a selfie together and show it to your son and say, “here’s the champ and here’s your old man”.

He says Strong’s not man enough to win and wishes him luck. Strong has no reply for that as of yet.

Backstage, Nikki Cross seems to be on a platform or an upper section of the arena. She says she wants to play with Asuka. She rips her jacket off and slams it on the ground.

Next Week: Triple Threat nXt Women’s Championsip Elimination Match

Up Next: Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Third Segment

Promo: Narrated by manager Paul Ellering, we see a highlight package on the Authors of Pain as well as glimpses at all of their potential challengers in the tag team division.

Singles Match: Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay

McGuinness says Logan is a hell of a character. He had a chance to chat with her earlier. We haven’t seen Royce in singles action for quite a few weeks.

Royce smirks at Logan before they lock up. Royce starts out on the offensive, whipping Logan from corner to corner. Fireman’s carry by Logan though and she’s got Royce’s left arm locked up.

Both women up to their feet and Logan bounces off the ropes directly into a spinning kick to the chest. 1-2- kickout by Logan. Royce applies a chinlock to Logan in the centre of the ring. Logan adjusts her positioning, causing Royce to fall into a pinning attempt, but she kicks out. Royce with a snap suplex and a second…followed by a shoulder slam. Logan kicks out! Royce is pissed, shrieking aloud.

Logan’s trying to fight back now. Vicious headbutt from her. That’s followed by a dropkick. Cross chop to the chest, followed by slaps and punches. Off the ropes, running knee from Logan. 1-2- kickout by Royce!

Royce returns to the offensive with spinning elbows and punches. Running knee to the head, combined with a beautiful bridging fisherman’s suplex and pinfall for the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce via pinfall in 5 minutes

One cool point for Royce who was stunning in her victory over Logan. She’s getting much smoother in the ring and that fisherman’s suplex, like I said, was beautiful. One cool point for McGuinness for talking up the newcomer, Sarah Logan. Not often that the non-star gets some attention so, perhaps she is going to be seen again.

Last week, Almas surprisingly lost to Cesar Bononi but his frustration didn’t last for long. nXt cameras caught up with Almas’ night out on the town of Orlando. He’s seen with 3 ladies, all dressed up but he gets stopped by another lady who slaps him. Guess we’ll find out more about that in the coming weeks.

Up Next: Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Fourth Segment

Singles Match: Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Somehow, an “Oney Lorcan/TKO” chant got going to start this one off.

As for in-ring action, a pretty slow start until Itami lets loose with some hard chops and clotheslines to send Lorcan to the mat. Off the ropes and a knee to the mid-section causes Lorcan to flip over to his back not once but twice. 1-2- kickout.

Itami sits Lorcan up and kicks him HARD in the back of the neck. Lorcan reacts with some kicks of his own from the corner. He charges Itami and connects with a running blockbuster. 1-2- kickout by Itami. Itami rolls to the outside. Lorcan rushes for an outside dive but Itami blocks him and catches him in the ropes. He ascends the turnbuckle and crashes down with a flying clothesline. 1-2- kickout by Lorcan.

Itami with a striking combination until Lorcan counters with a 2 count rollup. He slaps back but Itami beckons him to bring it! Lorcan continues to slap. Itami gets Lorcan up for the Go To Sleep. Lorcan slips off and continues with hard slaps to Itami’s face! Over and over and over, then running European uppercuts send Itami to the floor. Crowd is charged up for him.

Lorcan climbs the turnbuckle and hits Itami with a somersault plancha! Amazing momentum. The referee stops Lorcan from proceeding once they’re back in the ring. It looks like Itami is favouring his knee. Suddenly, Itami’s back up and on the offense, slapping Lorcan with right hands and left kicks. Lorcan’s woozy. GO TO SLEEP.

Itami struggles to get Lorcan back to his feet so he can hit him with another GTS. The fans boo as Itami looks around, not bothering to pin Lorcan. The referee pleads with Itami as he forces Lorcan to accept a third GTS. Why won’t he stop the damn match?! Phillips is wondering the same thing.

Suddenly, Kassius Ohno runs down to the ring to ask Itami why he won’t stop. The two shove each other and then Itami leaves back up the entrance ramp. The referee calls for the bell but it’s unclear if it’s an Itami victory or a No Contest due to Lorcan’s injury. I’m going with the former.

Winner:Hideo Itami via TKO in 8 minutes

One cool point for Itami’s continued display of aggression, revealing more of that bitter hatred he has stewing inside at present. One cool point for Lorcan because the guy fought hard and managed to get the crowd behind him with his running offense. He has consistently impressed with his appearances, despite not winning very much.

Final Segment

Promo: Highlights from Drew McIntyre’s in-ring action were shown to accompany a message that he’ll be wrestling on next week’s show.

Next Week: Triple Threat nXt Women’s Championsip Elimination Match: Asuka defends against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot

Backstage, Ember Moon is interviewed about the rematch from Takeover: Chicago that will not include her. Moon’s not happy about missing these opportunities. She’s re-evaluated her interests and objectives, and next time she’s going to make good on the opportunity to become Women’s Champion.

Singles Match: No Way Jose vs. Killian Dain w. SAnitY

Dain is accompanied by Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe. His version of the theme music seems a little different, with some added electronic sound effects to the regular heavy rock sound.

Jose is back to his dancing ways as the crowd chants for him at the beginning of the match. Dain stops that with a takedown. Jose is fired up though and he gets a few hits in of his own. He applies a side headlock on Dain until he gets slammed into the turnbuckle. Out from the corner, Jose gets in a clothesline before he’s flipped over the top rope to the ring apron. Double axe handle and a big boot send Dain to the outside. Jose has the crowd chanting his name as…

We go to commercial break.

When we return, the two are trading punches. Dain with a crossbody splash on Jose, showing some impressive agility. He brings the kicks and stomps on Jose in the corner, guides him out on his feet, and clubs him on the back. Repeated elbow drops on Jose, capped off with a running one.

Dain continues to own Jose and then he connects with an overhead slam, and a running senton. 1-2- Jose kicks out.

Dain clubs Jose in the head repeatedly with his forearm and then motions for the end. Jose struggles to his feet, by the ropes. Dain picks up Jose on his shoulders, electric chair style. Jose slips off and absolutely nails Dain in the chin with a right hand. Jose’s fighting back with punches and knees to the head. He continues with two hand chops and tries to lift Dain on his shoulders but he can’t. Dain is too heavy.

Dain misses a running knee; Jose does NOT miss with a running clothesline. Off the ropes, Dain gains momentum right into Jose’s arms and he’s lifted up on the shoulders…TKO! 1-2- kickout by Dain. Close but impressive, says McGuinness.

Jose prepares for his finisher but Dain’s prepared and he stifles him. Counters with a flying front kick! He lifts Jose on to his shoulders, electric chair style for the Ulster Plantation. That’ll do it for this match. Dain pins Jose.

Winner: Killain Dain via pinfall in 9 minutes

One cool point for Dain who gets his first major singles victory in nXt, in this main event match. He looked great in this match, combining heavy hitting and agility, which I always appreciate in a super heavyweight. With Dain’s win over an established mid-card level star in No Way Jose, SAnitY may have ended their slump.

As for Jose, one cool point for a decent return bout. I appreciated his persistence in trying to get Dain up on his shoulders and it paid off when he finally got that TKO move on him. Excellent build to that moment. Shame it wasn’t enough to win.

Looking forward to your thoughts, cool point suggestions, and comments.