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WWE nXt Results- March 1, 2017 (Championships Defended)
By JCool
Mar 1, 2017 - 8:35:57 PM

WWE nXt Results
March 1st, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Patrick Clark vs. Sean Maluta

Clark postures, raising his arms in the air to begin this match, refusing to shake hands with Maluta. He pushes at Maluta and Maluta gets down to business with a spinning heel kick off the ropes. The two evade one another by the turnbuckle. Maluta tumbles away then hits a knee to the stomach of Clark. Suplex slam by Maluta. Running front kick takes Clark down for a 2 count. He can’t follow it up though and Clark brings the boots to Maluta. Massive uppercuts. Another boot to the face and a cover for 2.

Clark postures for the crowd again as he approaches Maluta in the corner with punches. He grabs his head and flips him on to the mat for another 2 count. Clark is dominating here. Vertical suplex, right into a brief headlock and lazy cover for no count. Maluta with a spinning kick to the mid-section of Clark. Whoa! Clark just hit a Fame-Ass-er on Maluta! This one’s over.

Winner: Patrick Clark via pinfall in 3 minutes

No cool points. This match didn’t really get a chance to get going. It felt odd how Maluta would get great offense in and, suddenly, Clark’s dominating him. I realize they didn’t have much time to work with and it was good to see both guys get in some offense, but it was still an awkward match. I’d like to see these guys wrestle again, but for longer.

Up Next: nXt Women’s Championship match between Asuka (c) and Peyton Royce

Second Segment

Promo: In an undisclosed location, at night, in the tall grass, SAnitY stands. Eric Young talks about knowing Tye Dillinger’s fate. Dillinger is a disease that needs to be eradicated. Let me be the one to end it for you…just me and you alone.
Cross says otherwise we’re going to have to burn down the whole world.

nXt Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay

We get a brief “Asuka’s gonna kill you” chant to begin. It’s pretty even to begin and after both women do a little chain wrestling, they’re back on their feet, circling one another. Asuka with a side headlock on Royce, bringing her to her knees. Royce is able to work out of it and dish the same back on Asuka. Off the ropes, both women collide and neither gives an inch. They follow it with more rope running. Asuka ducks a clothesline attempt. Royce bounces off the ropes behind Asuka, who turns and misses a kick. Royce ducks a shining wizard attempt and we’re back to square one. Fans are impressed so far.

The women catch their breath, eyeing each other. Asuka wiggles her bum at Royce. Royce doesn’t like that and charges. Off the ropes, Asuka connects with one hip attack…Royce lands on the apron. Asuka charges with another hip attack, knocking her to the outside. She slowly approaches Royce on the outside, around the near ring post, but Royce acts quickly, pulling Asuka’s arm hard into the ring post. She rolls Asuka in for a 1 count.

Commercial Break

On the return, Royce is jerking Asuka left and right in a chinlock. Asuka breaks the hold but Royce continues to strike Asuka. She twists the left arm and flips Asuka to the mat but can’t get much of a pinfall attempt. Frustrated, she dishes lefts and rights to the champion’s head. Royce continues to bend back the left arm, even trying to contort the fingers. Hammerlock position. Asuka tries to fight out of it. Royce forces Asuka to the mat and stands tall, pushing Asuka into the ropes. Asuka begins to yell back. She ducks a spinning kick and delivers a hard suplex to Royce. She holds her left arm, sore from the damage affected by Royce, and the referee begins his count.

After 4, both women are up. Asuka’s whip is reversed and she jumps into the turnbuckle and springs off with a second rope dropkick on Royce. Spinning chops. Shining wizard! 1-2- kickout by Royce. Momentum is in Asuka’s favour. Kay has been a non-factor so far.
Asuka’s still holding that sore left arm though and she takes too long to attack Royce again. Royce with a jawbreaker. Off the ropes, Asuka pushes her aside and attempts a bridge pin. No count. Royce does one of her own. 1 count. Royce runs the ropes and connects with a jumping elbow drop to Asuka’s back. 1-2- kickout by Asuka. She takes too long to follow it up though and Asuka resists the suplex attempt. Royce responds with a spinning heel kick to the face! 1-2- no! Asuka kicks out.

Royce was very close to winning the title and McGuinness says she’s impressed him. Royce heads back to Asuka and gets knocked with a spinning kick. Asuka takes down Royce straight into the armbar! That was swift. She’s got Royce on her back with nowhere to go and forces her to tap. The champ retains!

Winner and still Women’s Champion: Asuka via submission in 9 minutes

Post-match, Billie Kay rushes into the ring and tackles Asuka. The two girls gang up on Asuka, bring her to the ring post and are trying to damage her left hand and arm further.

Suddenly, it’s Ember Moon’s music and she comes down to help out. Front flip tumbling clothesline on Kay. Running knockout punch on Royce. She grins at Asuka, who grins back, and the fans chant “Yes!”.

The two stand off as Asuka holds up the Women’s Championship, grinning. Moon’s red eyes stare Asuka down as she leaves the ring.

One cool point for Peyton Royce because her in-ring performance tonight was quite good. She held her own with Asuka and almost won the match a few times. The Aussies have really done well for themselves in proving they’re capable championship contenders over the last few months.

One cool point for Asuka’s armbar submission because it is vicious. Her ability to win the match, despite the left arm injury, was tenacious and a perfect example of how strong Asuka is. There are many reasons why she will have the longest reign as nXt Women’s Champion. That match was just one of them.

Recap: Kassius Ohno visits with Shinsuke Nakamura after he was injured in his match against Bobby Roode at Takeover: San Antonio.

Last week, we see Ohno rushing to help No Way Jose after Roode attacked him, following their match. We hear Ohno saying Roode has what he wants, Roode retorting that and their post-match fight. Ohno got the best of Roode.

nXt General Manager William Regal is then shown and he has decided to make a match between those two men and it will be Roode’s first nXt Championship title defense. The match will take place on March 15th at the CFE Arena in Orlando. That’s huge news! Ohno manages to score a title match for his first match since returning to nXt.

Backstage, manager Paul Ellering is psyching up his team before their Tag Team Championship match, coming up next!

Final Segment

Promo: It’s an introduction to Scottish wrestler, Wolfgang, from the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. In-ring highlights and interview footage is shown.

Next Week: Shinsuke Nakamura will be back in the ring!

nXt Tag Team Championship Match: Authors of Pain (c) w. Paul Ellering vs. #DIY

Rezar and Ciampa start off in the ring. Ciampa’s not backing down but Rezar’s still got a height and weight advantage as he pummels him in the corner. He brings Ciampa to his knees, picks him up by the trunks and lifts him high in the air. Ciampa kicks out and evades further attack. He leans back on the ropes. Gargano tags in. Rezar rushes and Ciampa knees him in the face. From the apron now, both #DIY members dive through the middle ropes for a double spear on Rezar! Akam meets both men as they get up, going for a double choke slam. Gargano and Ciampa kick Akam in the head and connect with a double clothesline, sending Akam stumbling away on to the ramp.

Tag is made and Ciampa is the legal man again. He tries to run off the apron to attack Akam but Akam catches him and slams him, spine first, into the ring post. That slows Ciampa down and Akam covers him for a 2 count. The Authors slow the pace down and keep Ciampa close to their corner. Consecutive elbow drops from both members keep Ciampa down on the mat. Rezar stands tall over Ciampa, kicking him. He spears him into the turnbuckle, once but, on the second attempt, Ciampa battles out. But only briefly. Sidewalk slam by Rezar. Tag to Akam. Ciampa’s hurting. Akam chokes Ciampa on the mat as the referee counts to 4.

Ciampa weakly throws a few punches to the mid-section but Akam defends himself well, with a strong club to the back of Ciampa. Akam receives numerous chops to the chest and face as Ciampa tries to fight his way back to his corner. Akam picks up Ciampa, holds him tight and tags Rezar who launches himself into the ring with a top rope stomp on Ciampa. 1-2-kickout!

Commercial Break

On the return, Ciampa is fighting free from a submission hold by Rezar. Jawbreaker! Ciampa evades a running tackle and an elbow drop. Tag is made in both corners. Gargano flies at Akam with running clotheslines but Akam hardly flinches. Gargano waits for Akam to run at him and sends him out of the ring. He runs the ropes, dives through and splashes into Akam, sending him to the ground.

Somersault senton on Rezar after ducking his clothesline attempt on the outside. Johnny Wrestling is all fired up! Gargano jumps up and over the top rope with a slingshot DDT on Akam. 1-2- kickout by one half of the tag team champions. He tags in Ciampa. The two miss double knees in their corner of the ring. Akam staggers to the adjacent corner where #DIY meet him with knees to the face! Huge clothesline from Ciampa. 1-2- kickout by Akam. Bridging armbar by Ciampa in the middle of the ring! Rezar breaks it up.

He sends Gargano to the outside and tags in. He lifts Ciampa up on to the top turnbuckle. Rezar’s going for a vertical suplex but Ciampa slips loose, going for a powerbomb. Rezar’s holding tightly to the top rope. Gargano joins his partner to help…and they get the powerbomb! Ciampa rolls him up. 1-2- kickout! Close call.

Fans cheer for a tag. Gargano gets the tag. They set up on opposite corners, but Ciampa’s tripped by Akam who’s still on the outside. Gargano launches himself at Rezar and receives a spinebuster for his efforts. Akam slams Ciampa’s head into the steel steps and things are turning around quickly here.

Akam rolls Ciampa in. He’s tagged by Rezar and the Authors set up for their double powerbomb finisher. #DIY escape and lock on simultaneous crossface submissions!

Suddenly, it’s Dash and Dawson of The Revival breaking up the submissions and the referee calls for the bell.

They send Gargano shoulder first into the ring post. Shatter Machine on Ciampa! Rezar re-enters the ring and double clotheslines The Revival. They set up Dawson for their double team finisher. Akam runs the ropes and Dash lowers the top rope, sending Akam up and over to the floor below! Shatter Machine on Rezar! Wow! Fans are cheering for the destruction caused by the former tag champs. Manager Paul Ellering points his finger at them, yelling about what they’ve done as they retreat up the ramp.

Winners: No Contest

Two cool points for The Revival whose interference brought this match to a sudden end. It’s clear that they want their tag titles back and we might just get a rare 3-way tag team championship match out of it. Sounds like a good fit for Takeover: Orlando. Loved seeing them hit the Shatter Machine on Rezar. Fans loved it, too. They will definitely get cheered if this feud leads us to a Revival/Authors of Pain match.

One cool point for each of Gargano’s aerial attacks tonight. Energetic, peppy and exciting to watch that guy.

One final note: I want to hear more from Paul Ellering in motivating his champions to overcome this latest challenge. Perhaps we’ll see him confronting The Revival next week.

Looking forward to your thoughts and cool point suggestions on tonight’s show


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