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WWE nXt Results- May 3, 2017 (Women's #1 Contender Battle Royal)
By JCool
May 4, 2017 - 12:43:09 AM

WWE nXt Results
May 3rd, 2017

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Killain Dain w. Eric Young of SAnitY vs. Danny Burch

The announcers speculate about where the rest of SAnitY is before the match begins.

Burch and Dain get right into it, wasting no time as the bell rings. Burch rushes Dain. Dain pushes him into the corner and roughs him up a little. Burch fights back with kicks and punches but as he mounts the second rope turnbuckle, Dain takes his leg out from under him and he falls to the mat. Strong clubs to the chest and torso of Burch. Dain picks him up, lying him flat on his shoulders and literally throws Burch in front of himself, combining it with a 300 lb senton. That had to bruise a rib or two.

Dain poses for the crowd and proceeds to hit Burch with a series of elbow drops, followed by a running one. He slows down the pace, waiting for Burch to return to his feet. Dain runs at Burch but he avoids the splash. He brings European uppercuts and stiff right hands to Dain but it doesn’t do much damage. As Burch makes the mistake of giving Dain some space, Dain connects with a flying two foot kick. He lifts Burch on to his shoulders as though he’s going to give him an electric chair drop…it’s Ulster Plantation (an electric chair driver)! We’re done here, folks.

Winner: Killain Dain via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Dain because it’s about time we saw him in a singles match. He’s been busy supporting the others and running interference. It’s good to see him showing what he can do. The guy moves pretty fast in the ring and, for a big guy, that makes him more dangerous to face. Burch showed some tenacity but he needs a better gameplan if he’s going to have the slightest chance of defeating someone who’s in a much different weight class.

Second Segment

Promo: It appears a new wrestler will be arriving to nXt in the near future- one with a possibly flamboyant personality named Velveteen Dream.

Tag Team Match: Heavy Machinery vs. Ricardo Watts & Hector Kunsman

Fans are stoked to see this team back in the ring. Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic slap hands at ringside and their mere presence is putting a smile on this reviewer’s face. What a fun team.

Watts and Dozovic start the match. Watts looks nervous, taking deep breaths, before the bell rings. He charges at Dozovic and receives a clothesline as a consequence. Dozovic with a beautiful vertical suplex on Watts and he makes the tag to Knight. Double team headbutts on Watts. Knight chucks Kunsman into the ring from the apron. He and Dozovic charge up, run the ropes and squash Kunsman between their bodies.

After they celebrate, Knight delivers a beauty double underhook suplex on Kunsman. He’s helped up by his teammate, Watts, but they’re in the Heavy Machinery corner. Knight splashes the two of them. Dozovic brings them both out to the centre of the ring and he’s holding both of his opponents in his arms…Knight runs the ropes and smashes into Dozovic who powerslams and squashes both men into the mat. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Dozovic stays on top of them for the pinfall.

Winner: Heavy Machinery via pinfall in 1.5 minutes

Post-match, Knight and Dozovic get on the mics. “Dozy” gets some laughs for his yelling. Knight says they like buffets and lifting weights. Dozovic says shakes and weights, baby! This starts a brief chant from the fans.

Most importantly, though, they want the Authors of Pain. Knight says they’ve never faced them yet and they’re getting real hungry, and it’s about time that they ate! We’ll see how the Authors and their manager, Paul Ellering, respond in the coming weeks.

One cool point for the victory and one cool point for the post-match mic work for Heavy Machinery. These guys are having fun in the ring and they are making the most of their minutes. Tonight’s mic work was a reflection of the story they’ve been telli/ng in their matches. These guys like to have fun, work hard, fight hard and hold nothing back. It’s exciting to hear them challenge the tag champs. Is it too much too quickly?

Backstage, nXt champion Bobby Roode is chatting with Kona Reeves, prior to his match against Hideo Itami. The commentators wonder what it’s about as they go to commercial.

Third Segment

Guess who finally made the Takeover theme song LIST? “Judas” by Fozzy will be one of the theme songs for Takeover: Chicago.

Backstage, Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano of #DIY are asked about Heavy Machinery’s challenge of the Authors of Pain. Gargano and Ciampa agree that they have the size to match them but they’ve never won the titles before. #DIY has and they haven’t forgotten a championship rematch is owed to them.

So, it’s fine and well that Heavy Machinery want a shot…but the line starts behind #DIY.

Singles Match: Hideo Itami vs. Kona Reeves

Reeves attacks Itami before the referee can start the match. Itami manages to pull himself up, using the ropes, and the ref calls for the bell. Reeves charges and Itami moves out of the way. Quickly, Reeves returns to the offensive, with two quick pinfall attempts.

He stomps on Itami and pushes him around a bit by the chin, showing disrespect to him. Itami stands up swiftly and makes Reeves pay for it. Clothesline, multiple kicks to the torso by Itami. He punches Reeves into a turnbuckle and proceeds to fire 4-5 kicks to his torso.
Hesitation dropkick, in the corner, on a seated Reeves. He struggles to his feet as Itami awaits him for…Go To Sleep!

Winner: Hideo Itami via pinfall in 2 minutes

One cool point for Itami for putting Reeves to sleep. His kicks and strikes were on point tonight and it’s a good indication that he is healthy enough to take on Roode.

Coming Up: The Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

Fourth Segment

Promo: A highlight package of Drew McIntyre’s nXt work, thus far, is shown.

Promo: Part 2 of the promo package on Roderick Strong is shown, which combines interview footage of him in his vehicle with clips of him wrestling and working out. This time we also see him and his wife preparing for the birth of their baby. He’s very thankful for his wife and child.

Backstage, Roode has approached nXt General Manager William Regal to discuss Hideo Itami. He says he’s not ready for a title shot. Regal agrees and decides to book a match between Itami and Roderick Strong. The winner will become the official #1 contender and face Roode at Takeover: Chicago. As Roode leaves, Regal’s next appointment has arrived…Roderick Strong. The two stare each other down as Roode leaves.

Final Segments

Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Nikki Cross, Aliyah, Sonya Deville, Victoria Gonzalez, Bianca Blair, Rachel Evers, Sarah Bridges, Candice LeRae, Kimberly Frankele, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot and Ember Moon

There are 15 women in tonight’s battle royal, some of whom are getting their first televised appearance. Daria Berenato is now referred to as Sonya Deville with no explanation on the name change given.

It starts out with Gonzalez, the tallest woman in the match, grabbing both Kay and Royce and pushing them towards the ropes. Naturally, Cross and Riot are battling in another corner and the other ladies are mixed up, trying to force one another over the top rope.
Aliyah shows off her flexibility as Evans attempts to force her, leg-first, over the top. She almost goes over herself as Aliyah picks her up on the shoulders, but she’s able to escape.

After 2 minutes, we have no eliminations…

Commercial break.

On the return, we get a replay from the break showing Royce and Kay executing double spin kicks to the torso of Gonzalez to knock her off the ring apron, feet-first to the floor below (#1). Shortly after that, they also eliminate Bianca Blair, as Royce laughs at her misfortune (#2).

Moon and Aliyah try to eliminate Bridges but can’t quite do it. Morgan’s almost pushed over the top but she stays in. Most of the girls are now working in pairs to isolate individual wrestlers. Royce goes over the top rope and dangles a leg towards the floor but saves herself. Meanwhile, Evers runs at Aliyah near the corner. Aliyah lifts her up and over the top rope. She charges her and knocks her clean off the apron for the third elimination.

Deville and Evans succeed in flipping Bridges over the top rope but Bridges hangs on until Morgan flies in with a dropkick for the fourth elimination.

Immediately after that, Peyton Royce seizes the opportunity to flip both Deville and Evans over the top for the fifth and sixth eliminations. Those two ladies angrily argue on the outside as action turns back to the ring.

Billie Kay’s in trouble as the camera switches to Ruby Riot head-scissoring Frankele over the top rope. Impressive 7th elimination. She rushes back to beating up on Cross.

Moon lifts Morgan on to her shoulders and they’re right by the corner. She dumps Morgan on to the apron. Morgan’s fighting to stay in and, to the right of her, Candice LeRae is standing on the apron, too. Kay connects with the high kick to the face and eliminates her (#8).

The Iconic Duo laugh as we see Morgan has re-entered the ring and she’s stomping down Moon in the corner. Cross eliminates Aliyah for the ninth elimination as the crowd chants “thank you Nikki”.

Morgan attacks Cross to defend her friend who has been eliminated. On the other side of the ring, the Iconic Duo is very close to sending Riot over the ropes but Moon rushes to her aid. At the same time, Cross has flipped Morgan over the ropes and Morgan is holding on to the top with her right hand. Cross exerts some effort but she wrestles Morgan’s fingers open and sends her tumbling out as the 10th elimination.

Who’s left? Cross, Moon, Kay, Royce and Riot.

Moon is double-teamed by the Aussies but she’s able to isolate them from one another. She trips Kay over the top rope and then delivers a superkick to her chin to knock her off the apron (#11).

Royce charges. Moon evades her and rushes. Royce ducks and flips her on to the ring apron. Moon grasps Royce by the neck and pulls, slowly forcing her to the floor (#12). She smiles, knowing she will be one of the final three.

Each of the remaining competitors face off, loosely in triangle formation- Riot and Cross on separate sides of the ring until Cross rushes and flies with a crossbody on Riot. When she gets back to her feet, Moon dropkicks Cross. The two fight in the corner. Cross forces Moon on to the top turnbuckle and continues striking her until she falls on the apron. Riot rushes in and gets punched in the face by Moon. Moon mounts the turnbuckle and connects with the Final Eclipse on Cross!

Cross is deadweight as Moon attempts to lift her, and she can’t. Riot gets kicked not once, not twice but three times by Moon, leading up to a front flip handspring clothesline in the corner. Next step…Final Eclipse and she…does not catch Riot with it because Asuka pushes her off the turnbuckle!

The referee calls for the bell as Asuka enters the ring, grinning and sends Moon flying directly out of the ring, through the ropes into the barricade. Spinning heel kick on Riot. Diving kick on Cross’ face. Asuka dances as the fans chant. Asuka yells that no one is ready for her.

No winner due to Asuka’s interference

Iconic Duo: 5
Nikki Cross: 2
Ember Moon: 2
Aliyah: 1
Liv Morgan: 1
Ruby Riot: 1

Post-match, we get closeups on each of the women who have been attacked by Asuka and they’re in some pain. Cross is laughing as she points at Moon on the floor.

GM Regal walks out on the stage and announces that Asuka will face all three of the remaining women: Cross, Riot and Moon, at Takeover: Chicago in a Fatal Four-Way.

Two cool points for the Iconic Duo for achieving the most eliminations in the battle royal. Sure, they won’t be receiving a title shot at Takeover, nor do they have a current feud with anyone, but they still made an impact in the match. They still need to be taken seriously in this division…for now.

One cool point for Moon landing that Final Eclipse on Cross. Cross can handle a lot of punishment but that’s one manoeuvre that has yet to be countered or defended. She may benefit from a fatal four-way match where there are more opportunities to surprise her opponents with the finisher.

One cool point for Asuka’s interference. Yes, the fans cheered her but it wasn’t as amped because of her destruction of the remaining women in the battle royal. I like her claim that no one is ready for her. I think that it’s incredibly arrogant but also justified, and that’s why it’s an effective way of getting boos.

Finally, one cool point for Cross and Riot for carrying that feud of theirs, intermittently, throughout the battle royal. They may take each other out during this match, leaving Moon and Asuka to a rematch of sorts. I see their feud extending into the summer months if one of them doesn’t manage to defeat Asuka. That may be what’s best for business to establish two meaningful stories in the women’s division.

Looking forward to your thoughts and cool point suggestions for tonight’s show.