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WWE nXt Results- (New #1 Contender...Men's & Women's Divisions)
By JCool
Dec 28, 2017 - 1:08:32 AM

WWE nXt Results

December 27th, 2017

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL
Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

Tag Team Match: Street Profits vs. Kris Starr & Riley Apex

The fans are very happy to see Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford arriving to the ring for the opening match tonight. Ranallo calls them the Sultans of Swag. Ford dances while the fans chant before the bell rings.

Ford does a posedown and shows off his athleticism to begin the match, leaping over and even tumbling on the back of Starr. Belly to back splash by Ford with an assist from Dawkins.

Dawkins is in and he lays out Apex and Starr with clotheslines. Spinning Stinger splash by Dawkins. Spinebuster and he’s pointing towards his partner to fly. Ford gets up on the top rope and gets some major air for a 5 star frog splash on Apex. 1-2-3. Quick win.

Winners: Street Profits via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, Ford and Dawkins bring mics into the crowd and cut a promo from the top row of the bleachers. They came, they saw and they conquered. They call out the top teams of the division: Authors Of Pain and Undisputed Era. In 2018, they are ready to take them on.

One cool point for the Street Profits for gaining enough courage to challenge the established teams of the division. It’s time for them to prove what they can do against the best of the nXt Tag Team Division. Will the fans still be cheering them on after these matches? The division is counting on it.

Coming Up:nXt Women’s Championship Match: Ember Moon (c) vs. Sonya Deville

Second Segment

nXt Women’s Championship Match: Ember Moon (c) vs. Sonya Deville

Deville, now of Absolution, gets her first title shot in this match. We haven’t seen a main roster wrestler challenge for an nXt title in some time.

To start off this one, both ladies do a great job evading one another’s kicks and leg sweeps. So, Deville puts her hands up for a test of strength and kicks Moon in the mid-section. Off the ropes, reversal by Moon and a dropkick sends Deville towards the ring apron. Deville rolls to the outside and walks around, trying to collect her thoughts until Moon launches herself at her with a somersault plancha!

We go to commercial break.

On the return, Deville covers Moon for a 2 count after knees to the mid-section. She wraps her arms around Moon, from behind, and squeezes. Moon gets to her feet. Deville slams her back to the mat for a 2 count pinfall attempt. Deville’s keeping a slow pace here as she hits Moon with a few right hands. The squeeze is on again as Moon lies on the mat, forcing her way back to her feet. Wheelbarrow, tucks in and through Deville’s legs for a reversal that sends Deville face first into the turnbuckle! Both women are writhing in pain on the mat for a few moments after that.

Moon with a beautiful suplex. Kicks to the face and a big clothesline for a 2 count on Deville. Moon’s found her way back to the offensive. Short-lived though. Deville counters a charging Moon with a takedown and a 2 count pinfall attempt.

Springboard dropkick by Moon on Deville! Moon charges into the corner with an explosive forearm. Moon climbs the turnbuckle, yells out, and nails Deville with the Eclipse! 1-2-3. It’s all over. Moon retains!

Winner, and still nXt Women’s Champion: Ember Moon via pinfall in 7 minutes

Post-match, Kairi Sane’s music hits and she walks out to the stage, swinging her telescope. She puts it to her eye and points it at Moon, indicating her intention to challenge once again for the Women’s Championship. Moon nods and agrees.

Suddenly, Shayna Baszler locks on a rear chokehold on Sane. Sane taps and passes out as referees try to break up the lock. Referees direct Baszler to leave as Moon looks on from the ring.

One cool point for Moon and Deville, for a hard-hitting, very evenly fought match. Deville continues to look great in what was an important match for her to keep proving her abilities. Moon’s victory may have been a foregone conclusion to many, but she did not have her way with Deville, which made for a more engaging match to watch.

One cool point for Sane’s telescope and one cool point for Baszler who seized the moment to gain the attention of the Women’s Division. The fans may see Baszler competing for a title shot sooner before later, but it appears that Sane is next.

In an unknown location, in front of a warehouse, Akam and Rezar walk around as Paul Ellering addresses Cole, Fish & O’Reilly and says they will not write the next chapter. The Authors of Pain will. They are the law, the judge, the jury and the executioner. The Undisputed Era are on borrowed time.

Backstage, now, Ember Moon is approached by an nXt interviewer. Moon knows she has a target on her back, but she’s not hard to find. She’s fine getting in the ring to take them on.

A highlight package is shown, providing a look at nXt General Manager William Regal’s announcement of how he would determine the new #1 contender for the nXt Championship. All of the qualifying matches are shown

Final Segments

Next week’s show will be a special 2017 Year In Review.
In two weeks, an nXt Tag Team Championship rematch will take place between SAnitY and the new champs, Undisputed Era.

nXt #1 Contender Fatal Four-Way Match: Aleister Black vs. Killian Dain vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Lars Sullivan

Sullivan tosses Gargano across the ring. Black and Dain square off and Black gets him with a high kick to the face. He feigns springboarding off the ropes to float back into his seated position, cross-legged. Black goes for a moonsault to the outside, but Sullivan catches him! Slammed into the ring post. Gargano flies…he’s caught by Sullivan and slammed into the ring apron, back-first. So, it’s Dain’s turn. He soars through the ropes and that’s too much weight for Sullivan to catch so both men fall to the ramp. Squash in the corner on Gargano for a 2 count. Sullivan meets Dain on the outside and Dain goes crashing into the steel steps.

Commercial Break

On the return, avalanche splash by Dain on Gargano for a 2 count. Sullivan drags Dain to the outside and forces him back-first into the ring apron.

Black meets Sullivan and they go up the ramp until Sullivan throws Black into the guardrail. Gargano runs up the ramp and attacks Sullivan. Sullivan presses Gargano into the air and chucks him at Black near the announce table.

Sullivan prepares to powerbomb Gargano into the announce table but as he lifts him, Gargano grabs the steel structure and hangs on. Black flies from the right with a high knee to the face of Sullivan. Gargano with a back kick that knocks Sullivan on to the announce table and then he jets out of the way because KILLIAN DAIN FLIES FROM THE STAGE and CRASHES into Sullivan with a full body, full weight body splash through the table.

Both men lay barely moving as Black and Gargano struggle back to the ring. They stare one another down as a divided crowd chants, “Johnny Wrestling/Aleister Black”. Gargano with a high kick to the head of Black from the apron. Gargano dives through the ropes into quite a vicious knee. 1-2- kickout by Gargano! Gargano shoves Black into the corner. Black kicks his way free, jumps over a charging Gargano and nothing doing because Gargano super kicks him. Then, he spins around on Black’s shoulders, landing with him on the mat in a crossface. He works Black in the submission hold until Dain returns with a senton to break the hold. Dain with sentons on Black. The pinfall attempt goes to 2 before Gargano breaks it up.

Huge jack-knife powerbomb by Dain on Gargano. Elbow drop for a 2 count. Dain lifts Black on to the turnbuckle. Dain climbs the turnbuckle and it looks like it might be a superplex. Black escapes, grabs on to Dain and struggles until Gargano joins him for a double powerbomb on Dain! By the way, Lars Sullivan is just now finally moving and getting to his feet at the announce table near the ramp.

The other 3 are lying on the ring mat until they see Sullivan approaching. He takes out Black. He double clotheslines Black and Gargano. Huge power slam on Gargano for a 2 count. Dain breaks it up! The two stare one another down. Sullivan throws Gargano out of the ring and we have quite a faceoff here.

Dain lets loose with the first punch. They trade right hands. Sullivan with a massive clothesline on Dain. Dain gets whipped into the turnbuckle but bounces back out with a lariat on Sullivan. Dain uses the ropes to get to his feet. Sullivan’s up again, too. They yell at one another and collide. Black’s back with his kicks and knee strikes, wearing Dain down to the mat and to the outside. Leg sweep on Sullivan. Springboard splash on Sullivan. Roundhouse kick on Dain, sending him to the outside again.

BLACK MASS on Sullivan! He can’t cover them, though, because Fish & O’Reilly drag Black away from the pinfall attempt. Black deals with them and tries to re-enter the ring until Adam Cole runs down to attack Black. He takes Black out and as he looks down, Gargano flies from the ring with a running splash on Cole.

Gargano picks up Black’s hurt body and rolls him into the ring. Sullivan charges and Gargano evades, sending Sullivan into the steel ring steps. Dain’s alive again and he picks up Gargano for a powerbomb….Gargano with a hurricanrana on Dain! Dain lands right on Sullivan.

Up to the ring apron, Gargano with a springboard DDT on Black! 1-2-3! Gargano wins! Johnny Wrestling wins! The crowd is shocked! What a special moment to end 2017. It’s a Cinderella-like story, folks!

Winner and new #1 Contender: Johnny Gargano via pinfall in 14 minutes

Such a special match and everybody looks great coming out of this one. The interference from Undisputed Era caused Black’s first TV loss, but Black can’t be faulted for it and would have likely won, if he could have pinned Sullivan before being dragged away. So, Black gets 2 cool points for almost winning.

Dain gets a cool point for the biggest impact of the match, crushing Sullivan and an announce table under his massive girth. This addition of flight, to his offensive arsenal, should be worrying for all opponents.

Sullivan gets a cool point for his intimidating presence and for requiring the most punishment to be kept away from victory.

Gargano gets two cool points for his tenacious attitude, and for his timeliness in achieving victory. He shows up at just the right time to take out Dain and then hurt a stunned Black with a DDT. Good to see that move receiving some respect again.

This one match may have actually set up 3 Takeover matches: Almas (c) vs. Gargano, Black vs. Cole, Pt II, and Sullivan vs. Dain. Add Moon vs. Sane and Undisputed Era vs. AOP to that and we’ve got a pretty slick Takeover card to anticipate for a month.

What’s your take, folks?

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.