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WWE nXt Results- November 11, 2015 (Tag Titles Match)
By JCool
Nov 12, 2015 - 1:54:22 AM

WWE nXt Results
November 11th, 2015

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment
Singles Match: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin
The commentators look back at his attack on Balor and Crews last week to break up their championship match.

The camera cuts to Corbin in the middle of the ring and, before the referee can start, Apollo Crews has charged the ring and speared Corbin to the ground. He’s throwing punches! The two tussle around the ringside area Crews throws Corbin back into the ring to continue, but Corbin vacates. Crew is as pissed off as we’ve ever seen and he yells at Corbin a few times before we go back to the commentators.

Coming Up: Was Samoa Joe’s attack on Balor justified? Also, nXt Tag Team Championships are on the line in the main event.

One cool point for the intensity which Crews brought to this segment. Too bad the match didn’t happen between Dillinger and Corbin. Dillinger needs more time to shine. As it stands, I’ll never complain if Crews is involved. Dude is a freak of nature and quite entertaining.

6-Man Mixed Tag Match: Bayley & The Hype Bros vs Alexa Bliss, Blake & Murphy

Both teams get full introductions. The match starts with Zack Ryder, motivating the crowd through “woos”. Bliss is tagged in and the crowd chants for Bayley, and we are finally underway. The two ladies grapple until Bayley controls with a side front facelock. She twists and flips Bliss into a rollup pin attempt for 1 count. Bliss tries to take control by smashing Bayley’s head into the turnbuckle, but it appears to hype up Bayley even more. She turns the tables on Bliss and throws her head into the turnbuckles five consecutive times. Going for the Bayley to Belly, Bliss runs to her corner and tags in Blake.
We go to commercial.
Upon the return, Rawley is having his way with Blake. He tags in Ryder who does a neck snap on Blake. He gets a 2 count. Picking him up to his feet, Ryder connects with a clothesline, a leg drop and another pinning attempt for 2. From the turnbuckle, Blake reverses it, rushes after Ryder and gets a face full of knee. Ryder stays on the second rope, points at Bliss and Murphy, which allows Blake to take Ryder’s legs out and slam him on the mat for a 2 count of his own. Blake pummels Ryder in their corner and then tags in Murphy, who stomps a mudhole into Ryder. Another quick tag. Blake throws Murphy into Ryder. Ryder stumbles out of the corner and is given a backbreaker for his efforts. 2 count.
Blake slows the pace with a headlock on Ryder. Ryder struggles to escape. He begins to succeed when he is elbowed again. The tag is made and it’s Murphy’s turn. He lays in a few punches, sends Ryder slamming hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Another front headlock submission until Murphy tags in Blake. Murphy powerslams Reid. Blake enters the ring via springboard senton. 2 count. The pace is slowed yet again when Murphy cradles Ryder’s neck into a front headlock. The crowd cheers and yet, Murphy hangs on. He does so until a few moments into it. His attempt to throw Ryder into the turnbuckle is reversed and this might be the opening Ryder needs to tag in Rawley. And it is. Here comes Mojo! He delivers 2 big flying tackles. He splashes Murphy and clotheslines Blake. He gets a close 2 count after dropping Murphy front first on to the mat. Bliss is there to break up the count and Bayley takes exception to this, charging Bliss and forcing her to the outside. Double clothesline between Rawley and Blake.
As that happened, Bliss stole Bayley’s Womens Championship and walked out of the ringside and entrance areas. Bayley is totally unimpressed but does not chase her. Mojo attempts to jump over Murphy and sunset flip pin him, but he can’t. Blake & Murphy use a cheap extra hand to pull the group closer together. Bayley kicks the joined hands and then proceeds to Bayley to Belly Blake before running to the back for her title. Rawley spears Blake into the corner. Rawley picks up Blake and Ryder jumps off the top rope for a Rough Ryder. This one’s over!

Winner: Bayley & The Hype Bros. via pinfall in 9 minutes and 10 seconds

One cool point for Zack Ryder who continues to plug away at this wrestling thing and who has a good thing going with his partner, Mojo. They’re a fun team to watch and a bit of a wild card in the Tag Team Division.

The Ascension are sent against a red background, yelling at Jordan & Gable for wanting a match with them. They agree to the match though.
Backstage, Nia Jax is walking towards the ring when she’s intercepted by Eva Marie who motions that she’d like for them to team up. They walk behind a closed door to continue the conversation as the camera peers on.

Second Segment

Singles Match: Nia Jax vs. Deonna

Deonna charges at Jax and falls to the mat. Deonna flips out of Jax’s possession only to end up receiving a huge Samoan drop. Headbutt and a toss into the turnbuckle. She charges and clobbers Deonna, who falls to a seated position, getting smashed in the face by Jax’s hips. Jax picks her up again and slams her. Jumping leg drop and a pinfall for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall in 1 minute and 47 seconds

One cool point for Nia Jax for winning in under 2 minutes. She is making quite an impression against these newer women, but the real test will be against one of the more notable wrestlers on the roster. Next week, she’ll face Carmella and that should produce a decent result.

Recap: Dash & Dawson’s win over the Vaudevillains in the Dusty Rhodes Classic

Third Segment

Corey Graves wishes nXt GM William Regal well after his intensive neck surgery.
Backstage, Bayley is searching for Alexa Bliss and finds her with the nXt Women’s Championship in a room set up for photo taking. Bliss drops the title and leaves. Bayley reclaims the title and, on her way out of the room, meets Nia Jax. She intimidates Bayley until Bliss attacks Bayley from behind. Jax doesn’t do anything but stare at Bayley.

nXt Tag Team Championship Match: The Vaudevillains (c) vs. Dash & Dawson (#1)

We get official ring introductions for this championship match. That’s 2 weeks in a row!

The match begins with Dawson and English. Dash tags in to receive some arm twisting until Gotch tags in to work Dash’s left arm via submission maneuvers. English gets tagged in again, kick off the ropes and a pinning attempt for a 1 count. The armbar is re-applied to Dash’s left arm until Dash tags Dawson. The two teams swap places using the armbar a few times. English gets distracted by Dawson on the apron and gets chop blocked to the ground. It appears Dash & Dawson have the early advantage.

We go to commercial.

Dawson tags in Dash and they are dragging English on the mat towards their turnbuckle. They swing English’s left knee into the turnbuckle from the outside. Dawson’s ankle lock hurts English too and they work the leg via a quick tag to Dash. Dash tries to apply a submission but he is kicked off by English. Dawson is back in now with the advantage. Slingshot suplex! 2 count.

Tag in to Dash. They hang English up in the tree of woe and mainly strike his left knee. Now they try to bring English’s knee to their turnbuckle again but Dash gets a kick in the face and English begins scooting back to his home turnbuckle. He successfully tags in Gotch. Gotch knocks Dawson down a few times, then an interfering Dash to the outside. Saito suplex. Gotch tags in English. He runs off the ropes to take out Dash. As he does this, Dawson attacks English and he is sent the outside for his efforts. While both men are outside the ring, they throw Gotch into the steel ringsteps. Dawson holds English’s leg in place as Dash jumps from the second rope, stomping on English’s knee. Dawson fixes up English into what appears to be a kneebar, and it’s too much pain for English to bear. He taps out and we have new champions!

Winner: Dash & Dawson via submission in 9 minutes and 1 second

Two cool points for Dash & Dawson’s excellent game plan. Working down English’s knee was effective and clever, making a Vaudevillains win less likely with each passing moment. With new champions, I think we’ll see an inevitable rematch but, also, a decent run for these two.

Coming Up: Was Samoa Joe justified in his actions of last week?

Closing Segment
Backstage, Dash & Dawson celebrate their nXt Tag Team Championship victory. Dawson says they’re the best tag teams on this planet. Dash says they did it exactly how they wanted to.

Promo: Next week, Jordan & Gable will wrestle The Ascension and Bayley will defend the nXt Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss.

Samoa Joe arrives to the ring to share his reasons for last Wednesday’s interference. He says we’re defined by the choices that we make and the actions that we put behind them. Finn asked him to be a tag partner and they won it all. Joe asked Finn, then, to get an nXt championship title shot. Finn gave it to him but put no action behind it because he let Regal put Joe into that battle royal to fight for that shot. Joe says he is entitled to that championship match because of his track record.

Balor’s music interrupts the next thought and here comes Finn Balor to the ring. 5 referees get into the ring to keep the two men apart. Joe taunts Balor while the refs push him out. Joe breaks through and locks in the Coquina Clutch to put Balor to sleep. He and Balor drop to the mat and it’s Joe who stands tall over Balor, holding high the nXt Championship belt. Joe throws it on to Balor and walks away. Balor comes to just before the show ends.

One cool point for Joe’s legit “don’t cross me or I’ll hurt you” attitude which is in full affect after seeing him choke out Finn. Even his mic work was pretty decent as he alluded to being a much different “rookie” than the others on the roster.

How about the show at large, did you enjoy this week’s episode? Share your thoughts below.