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WWE nXt Results- November 22, 2017 (UK Title Defended!)
By JCool
Nov 23, 2017 - 12:57:42 AM

WWE nXt Results

November 22nd, 2017

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL
Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Ruby Riot vs. Sonya Deville

Interesting note, both of these women jumped up to the main roster this week.
Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan attacked members of the Smackdown Live Women’s Division, including the champ, Charlotte Flair.

Deville accompanied Mandy Rose, and the returning Paige, to attack members of the Raw Women’s Division, including their champ, Alexa Bliss.

Tense grapple to start. Deville and Riot jockey for dominant position on the mat. Some quick countering forces both women to reset. Hip tosses by Riot on Deville, followed by kicks to the thighs, then the upper body. Sliding kick by Deville to trip up Riot for a 1 count.

Commercial Break

Deville tosses Riot off the ropes, but Riot bounces back with a pinfall attempt. Deville gets up and dishes out a spinebuster. She mounts Riot and strikes her head with punches. Pinfall attempt, but Riot kicks out for a TWO SWEEEET from the fans in Houston.

Deville applies pressure to Riot’s hip flexor and shin, putting all her wait down on the folded right leg of Riot. Riot breaks free after a minute and, from the apron, she manoeuvres through the ropes and flies at Deville for a DDT.

Chops from Riot on the chest of Deville. Back elbows as Deville runs at her repeatedly. STO by Riot. Springboard back senton….pinfall attempt, but Deville kicks out. Pretty sweet sequence there.

Deville with the flying kick and catches Riot in a triangle armbar. She has to transition it to an ankle lock, seeing how close Riot was to the ropes. Quick thinking there. Riot’s crawling for the bottom rope…and after 20 grueling seconds, she gets there, but there’s some definite leg damage done there. Deville’s furious with the referee and lets him know. Riot seizes that moment of distraction and connects with a Riot Kick for the win!

Winner: Ruby Riot via pinfall in 10 minutes

One cool point for Riot. I like Riot’s energy, her resolve and her attitude in the ring. She seizes upon Deville’s decision to complain and makes her pay for it. A well-deserved win and I’m curious to see how this nXt women’s invasion, on both brands, will play out. Are they staying on the main roster or will they be straddling both for a time? Seeing 6 women move up to the main roster at once creates all kinds of roster and TV time issues. That kind of competition will likely result in some women getting let go, or moving to non-wrestler roles.

One cool point for Deville because I think she can benefit from the call up, if only because of how unique she is compared to the rest of the RAW wrestlers. She reminds me of Ken Shamrock, albeit not quite as intense or as celebrated.

We see a few highlight packages from Takeover: War Games: Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream and Lars Sullivan vs. Kassius Ohno.

Sullivan is asked about the match backstage. He said he told everyone at the WWE Performance Center that he’d be the man to beat. Tonight was the first step towards that goal. If anyone wants to stand in Lars Sullivan’s way, they, too, will be destroyed by his hands only.

Johnny Gargano stands in front of the Houston Rockets logo, getting psyched up for his UK Championship match vs. Pete Dunne.

Up Next: More recap from Takeover: War Games

Second Segment

Highlights from the nXt Women’s Championship Fatal Four-Way were shown. The backstage reporter catches up with the new champion, Ember Moon. Moon shares how happy she is, how all that hard work has finally paid off. It’s only the beginning for her. Now that she has the title, it’s gonna be hard to take it off her waist.

Highlights from the nXt Championship match, narrated by Mauro Ranallo, were shown.
The backstage reporter meets with Drew McIntyre, who lost the title to Andrade “Cien” Almas. McIntyre’s got his left forearm wrapped in ice and he says he felt something tweak there. He’s not making any excuses though; you’re only as good as your last match. He has unfinished business with Almas but he has to deal with this injury first. A timetable for his return is unknown.

Third Segment

Last week, WWE.COM Exclusive cameras film the Street Profits celebrating their victory, in the Performance Center parking lot. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss confront them and this sparks a war of words. A number of nXt fans are partying with Dawkins and Ford, which makes for a pretty lively scene. Those two teams will wrestle again next week. Also, Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce will square off.

Highlights from the debut of War Games in nXt are shown. The Undisputed Era were the winners of this one, which featured quite a few spectacular stunts.

In the halls of the arena, limping back to the locker room, Cole can be overheard stating this is their nXt.

Final Segments

UK Championship Match: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

This marks the first occasion that the UK Championship has been defended against a non-UK wrestler.

Results are from

They lock up and Dunne with a wrist lock. Gargano with a reversal. Dunne with a snap mare and front face lock. Gargano picks up Dunne but Dunne holds on to the front face lock. Gargano with a hammer lock but Dunne with a side head lock take down. Gargano with a side head lock and Dunne gets to his feet. Dunne with a head butt to Gargano and Johnny goes down. Dunne with a forearm and chop. Gargano avoids a splash in the corner and hits a head scissors followed by a drop kick. Dunne goes to the floor and Gargano goes to the apron. Gargano avoids Dunne and then he hits a back heel kick and follows with a cannonball off the apron.

Gargano tries for a tornado DDT off the apron but Dunne blocks it and he hits a release suplex throw onto the apron as…

We go to commercial break.

We are back and Dunne works on Gargano’s hand. Dunne with a boot to the back. Dunne returns to the ringers and he tries for a Kimura but Gargano counters with a suplex into the turnbuckle. Gargano with a punch but he still feels the pain from the work on the hand. Gargano with chops followed by a rollup into a round kick. Dunne with a float over but Gargano goes to the apron and hits a slingshot spear for a near fall.

Dunne goes to the floor and Gargano sets for a suicide dive and he hits it but turns it into a tornado DDT instead. Gargano sends Dunne back into the ring and Johnny goes for the slingshot DDT but Dunne blocks it and hits the X Plex for a near fall. Gargano blocks the Bitter End and hits a DDT. Gargano with La Mistica into GargaNo Escape. Dunne takes out his mouth guard and he bites the fingers to force Gargano to release the hold.

Dunne goes for Bitter End but Gargano counters into a rollup for a near fall. Dunne with an enziguri but Gargano fires back with a clothesline. Gargano grabs Dunne’s mouth guard and he tosses it away and hits a super kick for a near fall. Dunne with a punch but Gargano with forearms and a clothesline. Dunne sends Gargano to the apron and Gargano goes for a slingshot spear but Dunne with a forearm followed by the Bitter End for the three count.

Winner and still UK Champion: Pete Dunne via pinfall in 15 minutes

One cool point for Dunne who keeps getting it…done in the ring. He took a lot of high-impact moves from Gargano, especially those DDT’s. I was listening to Steve Austin, on his Unleashed podcast, talking with Raven about how ineffective that move has become. Many wrestlers employ it as a set-up or near fall move and it no longer has the impact needed to get a victory. They say that’s a shame, and I agree. You get dropped on your head…on the front of your head, on the mat, that could easily be enough to knock someone out, if only momentarily.

One cool point for Johnny Gargano for being the first non-UK wrestler to get a title shot and for being oh so close to winning that gold. Another cool point for persevering through the submission attempts by Dunne. I always appreciate watching a wrestler endure that kind of strategy to try to win. Builds up appreciation for a guy’s tenacity and is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate that in a wrestler?

Takeover: War Games Predictions
Sullivan defeats Ohno
Black defeats Dream
Royce wins the nXt Women’s Championship
McIntyre retains the nXt Championship over Almas
Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong defeat Undisputed Era and SAnitY in War Games match

2 out of 5 correct. Not good. Haha! Should have seen the UE victory coming, but thought there might be some shenanigans.

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions, Takeover fallout feedback and comments on tonight’s nXt show.