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WWE nXt Results- November 23, 2016 (Fallout from Takeover: Toronto)
By JCool
Nov 23, 2016 - 11:09:06 PM

WWE nXt Results
November 23rd, 2016

On commentary tonight, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Rich Swann vs. Kona Reeves

Off the opening bell, it’s Reeves pushing Swann into the corner and to the mat. Swann shows up his somersaulting ability, wiggles his legs and eventually brings the fists to Reeves’ face. Dropkick by Swann. Off the ropes, Swann is lifted into a big Samoan drop by Reeves. 1-2- kickout by Swann.

Reeves whips Swann sternum-first into the turnbuckle as the crowd boos. Reeves whips Swann into the opposite corner. The cover and pinfall attempt reaches 2 counts before Swann kicks out. Stomps in the corner now from Reeves and the referee calls him off. Reeves gloats to the crowd and receives a boot in the face. Swann with strong forearms to Reeves’ chest. 3 regular ones, followed by one running and jumping forearm which finally knocks Reeves to the mat.

Swann follows that up with a running high kick to the cheek of Reeves in the corner. Reeves is down, folks. Swann jumps and connects with a 360 splash!

Suddenly, it’s the music of SaniTY and the spotlight shines through the fog on the 4 person group, advancing menacingly towards the ring. The match has stopped as we wait for this group to turn around, on the ring apron, and yell at Swann and Reeves. The first attack is begun by Wolfe and this match has been thrown out!

No contest due to SaniTY’s interference

After the bell, Reeves is taken out by Wolfe and Fulton’s double team slam. Swann mounts the turnbuckle and hits Wolfe with a top rope splash. He is immediately pounced upon by Young, Cross and Fulton. Young hits him with the wheelbarrow toss up and neckbreaker move that he’s been using lately.

He gets a microphone and says this generation will be remembered and revered. We tried to do it your way and it got us nothing, he says. We are going to take.

*Commercial break*

No Way Jose has come down to the ring to check on his Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic partner, Rich Swann. Jose asks SaniTY to come back and take a whooping from him tonight. He wants the puppetmaster, Eric Young, so he can beat him all over Toronto. Young and the crew return quickly to the ring and jump up on the apron. They look poised to attack until Young calls them off. The crowd chants “Ole” as Jose dances in the ring for the fans.

Young enters just as Jose knocks Wolfe off the apron. The other members let EY do his best but Jose gets the best of him with a throw and straight right hand to the face. Then, the rest of SaniTY jumps on Jose, kneeing and kicking him. Jose fights his way free and returns to punching Young until Cross leaps off the top rope and catches Jose in the back of the neck. Jose has nowhere to go as he receives the wheelbarrow flippin’ neckbreaker. Looks like SaniTY has made their presence known tonight.

One cool point for SaniTY’s interference because we need to see more of their rebellion and chaos. This group has the potential to truly mess things up for a lot of nXt superstars. Starting with mid-card talents will allow them to gain momentum which should carry them on towards the main event stars in the near future.

The dynamics of this group have been specifically engineered so that each member can compete in all 3 championship divisions of nXt: men’s, women’s and tag team. 2017 could be a big year for this faction and it starts here.

Recap: Highlights of the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic are shown between the Authors of Pain and TM-61, including Shane Thorne’s extreme leap off the tower that held Ellering’s cage above the ring.

After their victory on Saturday night, nXt cameras caught up with Akam, Rezar and manager Paul Ellering. Ellering says chapter 1 was their arrival as a team of destiny. Chapter 2 unleashed a plethora of pain, concluding with their win tonight. Chapter 3…Akam and Rezar shout about what they’re going to do but in a foreign language that goes untranslated by nXt producers.

Elsewhere, last Saturday, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce find Daria Berenato shadowboxing in the locker room. Daria gets in their faces and agrees to take the opportunity to beat some people up as their partner in the 6-woman tag team match later tonight.
Kay and Royce want to make the world prettier and it will be once Berenato rearranges the faces of their competition.

Coming Up: 6-woman Tag Team Main Event

Third Segment

“Hated” by Beartooth is one of the official nXt Takeover: Toronto theme songs.

Recap:Highlights from the Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger match are shown.

nXt cameras catch up with Dillinger after his loss. He’s devastated that he didn’t capitalize on this moment. He got so close but couldn’t finish the job. It’s especially hard because he lost in front of his family.

He’s asked what will be next. Dillinger isn’t sure but he did get the support of the fans at the end of the match. He took a step back, came up short, but he’s still a perfect 10.

Recap: Highlights from the 2 out of 3 falls nXt Tag Team Championship match were shown between The Revival (c) and #DIY.

Last Saturday, Gargano and Ciampa are almost speechless as they soak in the fact that they are the new nXt Tag Team Champions. They express their brotherly love for one another and for how long they’ve had to work to get here. Touching moment.

Coming Up: 6-woman Tag Team Main Event

Fourth Segment

“Devil’s Calling” by Parkway Drive got the job done as an official theme song of nXt Takeover: Toronto.

Recap: Highlights from the Women’s Championship match between Asuka (c) and Mickie James were shown.

After the match, Mickie James is asked to comment on her return match. Despite losing, she had an amazing experience. She tears up describing how it felt to hear the roar of the crowd again. She says how incredible of a competitor Asuka is and thought she might have beaten her. It didn’t happen today and she wishes she would have received the handshake.

Recap: Highlights of the nXt Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura (c) and the inevitable Samoa Joe are shown.

After the match in the parking garage, cameras catch up with Nakamura and he says he wants a rematch.

Next Week: Samoa Joe returns as the nXt champion and No Way Jose faces Eric Young of SaniTY

Final Segment

“Come Back For More” by Turnstile was one of Takeover: Toronto’s official theme songs.

6-Woman Tag Match: Liv Morgan, Aliyah & Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay, Peyton Royce & Dario Berenato

Kay and Morgan kick things off. Morgan shows off her core strength with a handspring body attack on Kay. Kay catches her but Morgan swings round her a few times, legs ‘round Kay’s head before throwing her hurricanrana style to the mat. She follows it with a dropkick. Another one to Royce. Chops to both Australian ladies and then a double bulldog! Morgan is owning this one. She tags in Aliyah.

Aliyah with the double axehandle off the top rope on Kay. She grabs Kay’s wrist, mounts the top rope, stops to salute the crowd, and hops down, flipping Kay on to her back. Kay scambles towards her corner and tags in Berenato. Berenato takes down Aliyah immediately. Aliyah awkwardly rolls up Berenato for a pin but can’t get the shoulders down right away. Aliyah jogs towards her and gets speared to the ground as…

We go to commercial.

On the return, Royce and Kay are tagged in and they execute a stalling double-team suplex on Aliyah. Kay covers her for a 2 count. She tags Royce back in and the two girls deliver synchronized front and back kicks to Aliyah. Another pinfall attempt is unsuccessful. Kay gets tagged back in for a double takedown and another pin. Aliyah’s on her knees, fighting back. She can’t get to her corner though and Kay tags in Berenato to deliver some strong kicks to Aliyah, who continues to punch back when possible.
Berenato wraps her legs around Aliyah’s torso as they sit on the mat. She squeezes the legs as Aliyah tries to elbow her way out. Aliyah backs up on Berenato and covers her briefly for a 2 count.

After 20 seconds or so, Aliyah battles out with punches and an enziguri. Berenato tags in Royce. Aliyah tags in Moon. It’s Moon with the high kicks and a vicious hurricanrana. She throws Royce into the turnbuckle and delivers a running front flipping splash. Second rope springboard crossbody splash. 1-2- Berenato breaks up the count. Morgan delivers an STO to her. Kay boots Morgan in the face. She drags Royce and Berenato back to their own corner. She forces Berenato through the ropes and tags her in. Berenato looks confused as Moon soars off the top rope and delivers her diamond cutter-esque finisher. Ouch. 1-2-3 Berenato is done.

Winners: Liv Morgan, Aliyah & Ember Moon via pinfall in 8 minutes

Post-match, Tom Phillips tells us that Joe and Nakamura’s rematch will happen much sooner than we might have thought…when nXt visits Osaka, Japan in 2 weeks.

One cool point for the winners who all had a moment to shine during this match, getting in most of the offense of the match. Berenato looked strong in this match until Kay and Royce isolated her and left her to get surprised by Ember Moon’s aerial attack. Perhaps that’ll set up Berenato to get cheered if she looks to even the score against the Australians.

Whatever happens with that team, I like the alliances that were formed for this match and hope to see them continue on in the coming weeks.

A brief look at my Takeover: Toronto predictions reveals I went 4 for 5, not guessing that Samoa Joe would win back the nXt title.

Authors Of Pain to win the Dusty Classic over TM-61
Shinsuke Nakumura to retain the nXt Championship over Samoa Joe
#DIY to defeat The Revival for the nXt Tag Team Championships
Asuka to retain the nXt Women’s Championship over Mickie James
Bobby Roode over Tye Dillinger

80% is good enough for me!

Looking forward to your cool points and comments on tonight’s show.