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WWE nXt Results- October 19, 2016
By JCool
Oct 20, 2016 - 12:04:39 AM

WWE nXt Results
October 19th, 2016

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1 Match: No Way Jose & Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

Swann and Gulak circle one another. Swann applies the side headlock for a few moments until he begins running the ropes. Gulak stands up to his tackles twice and then decides to evade them by lying flat on the mat, then jumping over Swann, then doing a back roll as Swann front flips over him. Swann lands on the mat and Gulak twists him with his legs for a unique pinfall attempt. Gulak uses the ropes this time and Swann evades him with a leap. Gulak reaches back and catches Swann, forcing him to roll up for a 2 count.
Swann shows off his tumbling and flipping abilities before dropkicking Gulak to the mat.

He tags in Jose who applies a wristlock briefly until Gulak breaks it and tags in Nese. Nese charges, misses and Jose slams him to the mat. Jose dances and Nese charges again, missing him and almost gets pinned for his efforts. Nese retaliates with kicks to the face and upperbody and a leg sweep for a 1 count. Nese tries to suplex Jose but Jose stops him and holds Nese for a pausing vertical suplex. Jose holds Nese in a power slam as he tags in Swann. He slams him then assists Swann in executing a running splash on Nese. Loud chops from Swann. He gives him a bit of space but gets tripped into the second rope by Nese. On the outside, Swann punches out his opponents but can’t avoid a high kick from Nese as...

We go to commercial.

On the return, Gulak’s got a headlock on Swann and the crowd weakly cheers for Swann to break it. Swann’s struggling to break free as he gets back to his feet and succeeds. He bounces off the ropes and it’s a simultaneous clothesline from both men! The referee begins to count and gets to 8 for both men until Gulak stretches for Nese’s hand and tags him in. Swann tags in Jose and it’s all No Way Jose, taking care of business on both men. He evades a Nese splash attempt and clotheslines Nese so hard that he flips before hitting the mat. 1-2- kickout by Nese.

Gulak returns to the ring and he and Nese try to suplex Jose to no avail. Nese is thrown out by Jose. Gulak tries to lift Jose. Jose puts him in his place back on the mat with a straight right hand. 1-2- Nese breaks the count. Swann gets in there now and sends Nese flying to the outside. He climbs to the second rope and launches himself with a full twisting body attack on Nese.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Jose’s had enough and he executes his implant slam finisher on Gulak for the pin and win.

Winners: No Way Jose & Rich Swann via pinfall in 8 minutes

Post-match, Jose and Swann get on the mic, very excited to share their win with the audience. They tell the Authors of Pain not to look past them. Swann asks if the crowd can handle this? Jose gets his “No Way...Jose” chant going in response.

One cool point for both teams and the pace at which they wrestled this match. Lots to like about this fun-loving yet skilled pairing of Swann and Jose. They’ve got the crowd on their side, too. A trip to the semi-finals would be appropriate, but the Authors have been built up for so many weeks that a 2nd round loss would be unacceptable.

The commentary team bring up Hideo Itami’s injury which will prevent him from being involved in this year’s Dusty Classic.

Promo We see Sanity defeating Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger.

Earlier today, cameras catch up with Dillinger backstage. Dillinger says Roode isn’t a man of his word but GM William Regal is. He’ll ask Regal to confirm the match and that’s that.

Up Next: Bobby Roode will be in action.

Second Segment

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Backstage, Austin Aries is eating a banana while being asked about his mystery partner. He’d rather talk about the power of potassium but everyone wants to know about his partner. Itami questioned Aries’ heart and now he’s got no spine and he’s afraid to face Aries.

The one and only partner he has will help him win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Singles Match: Bobby Roode vs. Sean Maluta

Roode taunts Maluta with his “glorious” pose to begin the match. The two lock up and it’s Roode on the offensive to begin, trying to apply a wristlock. Maluta escapes and dropkicks Roode while he taunted him. Maluta taunts back and hits a headscissors takedown, followed by a 2 count. Back suplex, followed by stomps on Maluta. Roode chokes Maluta on the second rope until the referee breaks the count.

Into the corner, Roode with a loud chop on Maluta’s chest and another one. He whips him to the opposite corner, Maluta’s back snapping against the turnbuckles. Maluta punches the mid-section of Roode a few times, to respond, but Roode is unfazed. Off the ropes, Maluta kicks Roode in the head. He continues with the kicks, then runs the ropes right into a spinebuster. Roode calls for the glorious jumping DDT and that’s his new finisher. 1-2-3.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall in 4 minutes

Post-match, Roode gets a mic and says he’s taking over Toronto. Tye Dillinger’s whining and complaining on social media confuses Roode. Dillinger begged Roode to be his partner for the tournament and Roode took pity on him because he’s such a good man. Roode tried to bring him to his glorious level but it didn’t work out.

Dillinger enters the ring to take out Roode but gets beat up at first. Dillinger replies with punches of his own, then a back body drop and a few takedowns, the last one being a clothesline out of the ring. Roode is upset on the ramp as Dillinger stares him down from the ring. The crowd chants “10” all the while.

One cool point for Sean Maluta’s efforts to mimick Bobby Roode’s “glorious” pose. It didn’t work in the least but it was still amusing. One cool point for Bobby Roode, who spoke the truth tonight about needing to bring Dillinger up to his level. Dillinger is great but Roode is glorious and he’s going to give Dillinger motivation to be even more perfect than he already is.

Backstage, Liv Morgan is asked about her match with Billie Kay last week where Peyton Royce tripped her up and prevented her from winning. Morgan says she doesn’t need excuses. Just then, Kay and Royce rush into the shot and beat Morgan up. Kay drags Morgan on to the stage where Royce delivers a vicious kick to the head.
Kay has a microphone and she says Morgan was about to complain but they’ve taken care of that. Royce says they’re putting the women of nXt on notice, including Asuka. This division belongs to them.

Up Next:Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic vs. Team Aries in Dusty Classic First Round action

Third Segment

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1 Match: Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic vs. Team Aries

Graves is pumped to see Roderick Strong reveal himself as Aries’ tag partner tonight.
Aries mocks Dozovic to begin the match, mimicking his movements before proceeding to clobber Dozovic a few times. Off the ropes, Aries runs right into Dozovic’s arms. Knight tags himself in and they sandwich Aries between themselves. Knight drops Aries into his own corner to tag in Strong. Strong and Knight face off as Strong delivers two hard chops. Strong runs the ropes, missing Knight once, twice, but not thrice as Knight hits him with a dropkick. Dozovic is tagged in and they deliver a double headbutt and then a running double headbutt to Strong. They continue to double team him, especially with a sandwich in the middle of the ring.

Dozovic climbs to the second rope but Aries distracts him from going further. This allows Strong to fight back, tripping Dozovic off the ropes. He stomps on his opponent and chops and punches him a number of times. Strong attempts a cover but only gets a 1 count. He tags in Aries who launches himself off the top rope with a double axehandle. Aries laces into Dozovic with left hands, followed by a running knee. He tags in Strong and Strong tries to whip Aries into Dozovic who knocks Aries to the mat with an elbow. Strong charges and gets flipped to the apron, landing on his feet. He tries for a sunset flip pinfall attempt but can’t bring Dozovic to the mat. Aries tags himself in and hits a spinning forearm. 1-2 kickout!

Aries tags in Strong and the two men attempt a double suplex. Dozovic double suplexes them! He crawls back to his corner and tags in Knight. Knight tackles both men down. Overhead belly to back suplex on Strong. Both men gasp for breath in the corner as Knight runs into them with a body avalanche. He rushes back again but Aries evades him and Knight goes flying to the outside. Aries dives through the ropes to splash Knight into the barricade. He rolls Knight back into the ring and tags in Strong. They whip Knight into the corner. High knee to the chin by Strong. Discus forearm to Knight’s face. Off the ropes, Strong with a running dropkick. 1-2-3. Strong pins Knight to get Team Aries the win.

Winner: Team Aries via pinfall in 6 minutes

One cool point for the shock factor of Strong’s arrival. He appears to be a good fit for Aries but will this be anything more than a brief partnership? Knight and Dozovic have potential as a sort of junior version of the Natural Disasters or Godwinns. They’ve got size and muscle, and, surprisingly, some speed and agility, too. I want to see them wrestle again!

Recap: Two weeks ago, The Revival won their first round match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. We also see Cien beat up on Alexander after that match.
Earlier today, Cien spoke about the sudden attitude change. Cien feels he gets no respect from anyone even though he deserves it. He doesn’t need to worry about that any more.

Fourth Segment

Singles Match: Nikki Cross w. SAnitY vs. Danielle Kamella

Cross spears Kamella into the corner. She delivers some hard-hitting right hands to Kamella. Kamella responds by escaping the corner and suplexing Cross, but she is slow to get to her feet and looks to be in pain. Cross is up first and delivers a swinging neckbreaker to Kamella. She bites her own hand a few times, slaps her face and then hooks Kamella’s right leg before twisting her quickly to the mat, head and neck first. She covers Kamella loosely for the win.

The spotlights resume and the rest of the arena is dark as SAnitY celebrates together in the ring. Cross sprawls on to Kamella again, punching her and shoving her head into the mat. Eric Young tries to rip Cross off of Kamella but she punches him and goes back to beating up on Kamella. She’s like a rabid dog, Graves says. This prompts the referee to reverse the decision of the match and give the victory to Kamella.

Winner: Danielle Kamella by referee’s decision in 2 minutes

No cool points rewarded for this one. Someone needs to explain why the referee reversed the decision and gave the win to Kamella, without mentioning it was by DQ. When Cross bit her own hand, that left an impression on me. She’s playing up that unhinged reckless role and there’s no one else like her in the Women’s Division. That division made gains tonight through Cross’ handiwork, and through Kay & Royce putting the division on notice that they’re in charge. I like that. That’s the confidence and the attitude required to eventually beat Asuka.

Final Segment

Next Week: #DIY vs. Hoho Lun & Tian Bing and TJ Perkins & Kota Ibushi vs. Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali in Round 1 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic action

It’s time for the nXt champion’s address. Cue Shinsuke Nakamura’s music. Cue Nakamura and the adulation of the fans. He calls out Samoa Joe asking if he wants HIS nXt championship? Come get it. Use cheap, dirty tricks, I don’t care.

Suddenly, Patrick Clark’s music hits and he’s addressing Nakamura. He says Joe almost ended his career so it’d be better to see something else tonight. Perhaps the Patrick Clark experience? Clark enters the ring, mouthing off at Nakamura. Nakamura holds up the title belt and then kicks Clark down to the mat. Joe quietly walks down the ramp at this point. nXt referees are tending to Clark when Nakamura turns and hits Clark with KINSHASA! Joe stares down Nakamura, nodding.

Two cool points for Nakamura because he is the embodiment of cool on nXt. Even though he’s a little difficult to understand when he’s speaking English, we can get the main idea of his words. He’s got winning theme music, a winning entrance and a winning attitude, bolstered by his striking power and speed in the ring. Now we get a month more of waiting for the rematch between he and Samoa Joe. How will they keep the feud interesting? More attacks? A war of words?

Looking forward to your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s episode.