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WWE nXt Results- October 21, 2015
By JCool
Oct 22, 2015 - 10:46:20 AM

WWE nXt Results
October 21st, 2015

Recap: A video package is shown, highlighting last week’s #1 Contender’s Battle Royal for the nXt Championship.

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: Asuka vs. Billie Kay

Billie Kay gets a full entrance with theme music, and she even gets a picture-in-picture video, sharing that she has fought all over the world, too. She has the longest legs in nXt and she’ll boot anyone who stands in her way. Right on!

Asuka extends her gloved hand to Kay, smiling, but it’s Kay who grabs the hand and launches an offensive. She dishes out a big boot to the face and a pinning attempt, but only a 1 count. Kay has her way with Asuka, striking her with knees and punches. Then, we get a vertical suplex with impressive hangtime, holding Asuka up for 10 seconds. Kay gets a 2 count on her second pinning attempt and immediately applies a submission, wrenching Asuka’s head back and holding her left wrist tightly. Asuka gains strength from the crowd’s applause and when Kay snapmares Asuka to the mat, Asuka kicks over her head into Kay’s face. She delivers repeated kicks to Kay’s chest, but Kay grabs the right leg and connects with a forearm. Asuka regroups, licks her lips and smiles. Kay runs off the ropes but Asuka catches her mid-air and applies an armbar. Kay is able to disengage by rolling out of it not once, but twice to finally escape. Kay goes for a kick but Asuka catches it, spins her around and gives her a German suplex.

Asuka runs off the ropes and connects with another kick to Kay’s face. She beckons the crowd’s cheers as she waits for Kay to rise to her feet. Asuka smiles, takes Kay by the arm and locks in the Asuka lock (a body scissors, cross-faced chicken-wing lock, as told by Rich Brennan). Once Kay is weakened, Asuka falls backwards on to the mat, wrapping her legs around Kay and there is no choice but to tap out. Convincing win for Asuka.

Winner: Asuka via submission in 3 minutes and 28 seconds

Two cool points for Asuka’s submission finisher. The legitimacy of that maneuver demonstrates what a vicious wrestler she is. Good things are coming her way and she is a great addition to the nXt women’s division.

Coming Up: Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin

Promo: A video is shown on Baron Corbin, in which he tells us what makes him tick: seeing the dreams of nXt superstars and taking them away

Up Next: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

Second Segment

Backstage, it’s Tyler Breeze using his selfie stick to tell Samoa Joe to forget about being #1 contender. If Prince Pretty can’t be #1 contender, Joe can’t be either. If you have a problem with that, find him and he’ll slice off a couple pieces of bacon from Joe...does that mean Joe is a pig? Awkward.

Tag Team Match: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady w. Carmella vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

Enzo says they’re not handing out trick or treatins, they’re handing out beatins! He and Big Cass own it on the mic before their match.

We start with Dawson and Enzo who grapple until Dawson lays out Enzo with a right hand. When Enzo gets up, Dawson connects with a chop block to the left knee. Quick hip toss by Dawson and he tags in Dash. Dash stomps Enzo, elbow drops the knee and continues to punch the left knee of Enzo. A quick tag to Dawson and he’s still attacking the left knee. Dragon screw and a leg lock, punching Enzo whenever his face gets closer to Dawson. Enzo grabs the bottom rope and Dawson has to break the hold. Dawson repeats the process though and Enzo angrily lands a few punches on Dawson as he is held in the leg lock. Enzo’s starting to fade when Big Cass jumps in to break the hold. Dawson hits Cass with a running punch, turns back to Enzo who rolls him up for a surprise victory!

Winner: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady via pinfall in 2 minutes and 22 seconds

Post-Match: Dash jumps into the ring, shocked, as Dawson lays the boots to Enzo. Big Cass returns, swinging wildly at his opponents, but they quickly overcome Cass, mounting him to punch him repeatedly in the head. The referee asks them to stop, but Dash & Dawson deliver their finisher to Big Cass, which begins with Dawson lifting Cass by the legs over himself, towards Dash who brings Cass’ head towards his own knees as he falls backwards, like a Y2J codebreaker. They jaw at the crowd and relish the success of their attack.

One cool point for Enzo & Big Cass’ great mic work. One cool point for Dash & Dawson employing a sound limb attack strategy, which should have led them to victory, if not for the surprise rollup. They deserved a better fate but they also need to avoid being distracted better.

Coming Up: Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin

Promo: A video is shown on Rhyno, specifically his debut and progress so far in nXt. Rhyno tells us why he’s here where nobody can stop him from climbing to the top.

Also, did you know that WWE and Susan G. Komen are teaming up to fight breast cancer? A percentage of the sales at WWE Shop will be donated to that foundation’s work. #RiseAboveCancer

Third Segment

Promo: Eva Marie has sent another video of her, still on vacation, in Paris. She wanted to give everyone a present...her. She misses everyone and will see us soon. Graves says he already misses her. He’s one of the few, I think.

Singles Match: Danny Burch vs. James Storm

Burch gets a full entrance tonight! nXt sure is friendly tonight. Then, the crowd is stunned to see James Storm of TNA Impact Wrestling fame, arriving to an nXt wrestling ring. Wow!

As the crowd chants, “You belong here”, Burch takes the early advantage, kicking Storm in the gut. Off the ropes, he knocks Storm down with a shoulderblock, so he tries it again, but Storm falls flat to the mat for Burch to leap over him. On the next pass, Storm with the hip toss. He attempts a clothesline, misses, and Burch stuns him with a punch. Now, in the corner, Burch stomps Storm to the mat and attempts a pin for a 1 count. Burch grabs Storm by the head for a weak submission but he doesn’t hang on for long. Storm gets to his feet and punches Burch in the gut and head until he lets go. Off the ropes, Storm slams Burch down. Atomic drop. Clothesline and Storm is heating up. He jogs into the corner where Burch is trying to catch his breath and is lifted over the ropes. On his way down, Storm kicks Burch in the back of the head. Burch staggers into the middle of the ring where Storm connects with a neckbreaker. Then it’s the Eight Second Ride (spinning bulldog) and a 3 count on Burch.

Winner: James Storm via pinfall in1 minute and 54 seconds

Welcome to nXt, James Storm. Byron Saxton likes this a lot. Post–match, Storm tells Burch “Sorry about your damn luck”!

Two cool points for James Storm’s debut. I’m so glad he was able to keep his name, attire, and catchphrase. That’s good news. Like Samoa Joe, he’s an older, veteran presence in a new environment. I’m interested to see where he’s placed in a few months. Will he move quickly into high-profile feuds like his counterparts, Joe and Rhyno? Will he enhance talent or make a claim to fame?

In Two Weeks: Finn Balor (c) vs. Apollo Crews for the nXt Championship

Who Is Apollo Crews? Part 1 Promo: A video is shown of #1 Contender, Apollo Crews, discussing his fear of failure and his dream of being nXt champion. He shares about his family roots, from Nigeria, and living in California, Florida, Kenya, Uganda, and Atlanta, Georgia. He became a tougher person by living through his parents’ separation. He grew up watching WWE with his dad. Warrior was his early favourite. His mom encouraged him, too, and worked hard to support him and his siblings. Crews tears up talking about her.

Crews discusses his start in amateur wrestling, moving on to independent professional wrestling. His dad was against it at first, but Crews didn’t want anyone telling him he couldn’t do it. He wanted to prove them wrong but became self-motivated through that. He came to nXt to be the best.

Fourth Segment

Recap: A video package is shown, detailing Nia Jax’s debut match last week and telling us she’ll be back next week.

Next Week: Part 2 of the “Who Is Apollo Crews?” video

Singles Match: Alexa Bliss w. Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy vs. Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce gets a full entrance too...with music that sounds like SexyBack by Justin Timberlake, but with a female singer. She also shows off her flexibility by rolling into the ring with one leg lifted up to her head, which is impressive.

The two ladies grapple, and it’s Royce who successfully takes down Bliss to the mat for a very quick 1 count. The two separate and grapple again. Another rollup by Royce for a 1 count. Royce takes down Bliss again and this time it’s for 2 counts by the ref. She is trying to finish this quickly. Royce with a side headlock on Bliss, but Bliss reverses it into one of her own. Off the ropes, Royce hits the deck for Bliss to leap over her, but Bliss stops and steps on Royce’s back instead. Royce is pissed. She tackles Bliss and punches her a few times. They break apart and return to their feet. Off the ropes, Bliss reverses it and goes for the hip toss. Royce reverses into a high knee which is stopped by Bliss. She grabs Royce’s arm over her head and flips her to the mat. She holds her left wrist and steps on Royce’s head. Ouch. Bliss grabs the left arm and cinches in with an arm lock, holding Royce’s arm above her own head. She wrenches it back as Royce struggles with the pain.

Royce returns to her feet and slaps at Bliss’ abdomen. She pushes Bliss away. Bliss runs towards her and receives a high heel kick in the face. That’s followed up with a dropkick, a kick to the gut, knee to the face and another huge heel kick to the face. She pins Bliss for a 2 count. Throwing Bliss into the corner, she backs up and rushes towards an extended elbow by Bliss. Bliss lays in with slaps and hair pulling and a back flip set of knees to the abdomen. Royce is down and Bliss ascends the turnbuckle. She connects with the Sparkle Splash for the pin and win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss via pinfall in 3 minutes and 36 seconds

Post-Match: Alexa Bliss takes the microphone, with Blake and Murphy standing behind her. She says Bayley’s accomplished so much with so little. She’s a role model and inspiration but that’s about to stop. Bliss calls out to the crowd that SHE was made to be nXt Women’s Champion. Blake and Murphy hold Bliss up on their shoulders as the crowd boos.

One cool point for Peyton Royce developing her character and having a decent match against Bliss. This was not a star beats jobber match in the least. Royce is here to stay. One cool point for Alexa Bliss’ post-match mic work. Her in-ring work did not seem #1 contender-like to me but she will hopefully have a few more weeks of matches before fighting Bayley.

Tale of the Tape: Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin
A “Tale of the Tape” screen is shown with information comparing each wrestler. Nice move, WWE. This would be a great feature for each week’s main event matchup. Their match is up next.

Next Week: Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Breeze

Closing Segment

Singles Match: Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin and Rhyno grapple and the height mismatch is immediately visible. Rhyno pushes Corbin into the corner and the referee tries to separate them. When he does, Corbin attacks Rhyno. He throws Rhyno’s head into the bottom right turnbuckle. Rhyno answers with a flurry of punches to the stomach and head; then, he throws Corbin’s head into the same turnbuckle. Then, he brings Corbin to the top-right turnbuckle to smash his head. Rhyno continues striking Corbin to the point where Corbin exits the ring. Rhyno follows and continues to punch Corbin, wearing him down. Corbin’s still on his feet though. Rhyno throws Corbin towards the ropes but Corbin hangs on and exits the ring to catch his breath. Rhyno follows again, but Corbin surprises him with a punch to the face. The two trade knees and then Corbin chucks Rhyno into the steel ring steps. The referee’s count, ongoing since the two vacated the ring, is at 9 when Rhyno rolls in.

We go to commercial.

Upon our return, Rhyno’s flat on his back from being thrown into the turnbuckle by Corbin. Corbin throws Rhyno into the opposite turnbuckle and Rhyno’s writhing in pain as Corbin stomps on his torso. Corbin cinches in a headlock, immobilizing Rhyno. He holds it for the better part of a minute before slamming Rhyno to the mat, circling for a few moments and locking Rhyno into submission again. The crowd weakly claps for Rhyno as he ascends and breaks free of the hold. He runs off the ropes, right into a 180 degree side slam. Cover and a 2 count. Corbin tries again: 2 count again.

Corbin collects his frustrations quickly, brings Rhyno to the bottom rope and hangs his neck over it, choking him. He slides to the outside and punches Rhyno. This seems to wake up Rhyno who begins punching Corbin, reversing a throw and slamming Corbin into the same ring steps he met earlier in the match. The referee begins the count but only gets to 5 when Corbin returns to Rhyno’s fists knocking him down. Spear into the turnbuckle. Belly to belly suplex and a cover for 2. The crowd chants “Gore” as Corbin throws Rhyno the turnbuckle. Rhyno stops himself, meets Corbin who was rushing in his direction, slamming him into the turnbuckle.

Coming out from the corner, Rhyno hits Corbin with a spinebuster and another 2 count. He waits for Corbin to get up, crouching in the opposite corner as the crowd shouts “Gore”. Rhyno runs...right into a knee from Corbin. It stuns him. Corbin approaches with a clothesline attempt. Rhyno ducks and as Corbin turns around, he gets GORED! Close 2 count for Rhyno but Corbin has kicked out of the Gore. The crowd shouts for “one more Gore”. Rhyno crouches in the corner and lines up Corbin. He rushes, right into End of Days. 1-2-3.

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall in 10 minutes and 3 seconds

Post-Match Backstage: Samoa Joe has a final message for Tyler Breeze. He says Breeze is the epitome of a desperate man who couldn’t handle defeat in the Battle Royal, so he took it out on Joe. His desperation will get him hurt. Joe tells Breeze to look the very best he can and take a picture with his selfie stick because next week, he will never look the same again. Joe means business, folks.

One cool point for Corbin enduring a fairly decent beating from Rhyno in order to get the win. One cool point for Rhyno who does all the work on that End of Days finisher. Seriously, that finisher doesn’t work without your opponent swinging on your arm. What do you think? And how about the show at large, did you enjoy this week’s episode? It was a change of pace from the emotional highs of nXt Takeover: Respect and it did well to provide opportunities for the newer wrestlers on the roster to prove their value. On both of those questions and whatever else you have on your mind, share your thoughts below.