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WWE nXt Results- October 25, 2017 (Women's Battle Royal/ Strong vs. Almas)
By JCool
Oct 25, 2017 - 9:36:36 PM

WWE nXt Results

October 25th, 2017

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL
Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, “Showtime” Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness.

Opening Segment

Tag Team Match: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Moss and Lorcan start it off. Lorcan gives his trademark strikes. Moss sends Lorcan flying into the turnbuckle. Off the ropes, Lorcan explodes with a dropkick. He tags in Burch who clubs the crap out of Moss’ back. Moss shoulder tackles Burch towards his corner, tags in Sabbatelli and they double-team Burch.

Match is quite even, with both guys trading offensive moves and countering one another. Burch with the first pinfall attempt. Sabbatelli retorts with a massive clothesline. He tags in Moss who continues pummeling him in their corner.

Sabbatelli tags in and the two of them whip Burch into the corner. Corner splash, followed by a dropkick. 1-2- kickout by Burch. Lorcan is dancing on the apron; he wants so badly to get back in there.

Burch fights out of a rear chinlock but he’s stopped. Another double team whip into the corner. Burch escapes through Sabbatelli’s legs and flies to tag in Lorcan. Lorcan with running European uppercuts! He takes care of Sabbatelli but Moss is able to hit him with a fallaway slam into the turnbuckle.

Moss gets Lorcan on to his back as though for a Razor’s Edge. Sabbatelli runs off the ropes once, twice and takes Lorcan off his partner’s back with a running bulldog. 1-2-3.

Winners:Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss via pinfall in 6 minutes

Two cool points for everybody. That was a frantic and exciting opening tag match. What a nice treat to start the show. Those guys made the most of their tags and everyone got to show off their strengths. I could see those teams entering into a proper feud with one another.

2 weeks ago, Peyton Royce earned her place in the Fatal 4-Way Women’s Championship match at Takeover: Houston. She, Kairi Sane and Ember Moon make up three parts of the competitors. Coming up next is the Battle Royal to determine the final entrant in that match.

The nXt Women’s Championship is proudly displayed on the entrance stage as the ring announcer introduces the competitors for this special event.

Second Segment

nXt Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Match Battle Royal Qualifier: Vanessa Borne vs. Bianca Belair vs. Sage Beckett vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Candice LeRae vs. Taynara Conti vs. Dakota Kai vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Zeda vs. Abbey Laith vs. Lacey Evans vs. Sarah Logan vs. Santana Garrett vs. Aliyah vs. Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay w. Peyton Royce

This battle royal is stacked. It looks like there’s 15-16 women.

Taynara Conti is knocked out by Cross first, following up from a few weeks ago when Conti cost her a first opportunity at getting to Takeover: Houston. She and Royce attack Cross on the outside, and Cross is out of commission on the ground.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, everyone’s working near the corners to try and take one another over the ropes. A few girls are halfway hanging over the wrong side, but they kick their way back into safety.

A number of ladies force Rhea Ripley to the apron, but it’s Belair who gets the elimination. Zeda follows quickly behind Ripley and she’s actually thrown onto Ripley by Belair.

Commercial Break

On the return, there’s a high concentration of women, closest to the bottom-left corner of the ring. Out of that, Beckett throws two women over the top rope and they land awkwardly on the apron. Only one of those ladies makes it back in and that’s Aliyah. The other, Dakota Kai, is eliminated.

Aliyah doesn’t last long. Beckett stays with her and just out-muscles her, chucking her out of the ring. Ranallo says Garrett eliminated someone else at that time but it was off-camera. Now it’s Cross! She’s up, on the top rope, and she flies at a crowd of ladies, sending them all to the mat. She’s taking on everybody coming at her, ripping at their suits and throwing them to the ground. She eliminates Borne and Beckett, then Garrett and Laith in short order.

So, Kay and Cross have squared off in one corner. Martinez and Logan are in the adjacent one. Belair wanders over to help out but it’s Martinez who eliminates Logan.
Cross is tied up in the ropes getting beat up by Kay. LeRae almost heaves Evans over the ropes but Evans lands on the apron. Leg sweep by Evans on LeRae. She gloats to the crowd and gets tripped by LeRae to fall to the floor. Eliminated.

Only 5 remain: Cross, Kay, Belair, LeRae and Martinez

Belair gets LeRae on her shoulders and places her, rear-end on the top turnbuckle. She delivers punch after punch to the mid-section. She gorilla presses LeRae and chucks her into a few of the eliminated women at ringside!!! Fans pop for that one.

Each of the 4 remaining women stare down from their respective corners. It’s Belair vs. Kay and Cross vs. Martinez. Belair lifts Kay on to the apron. Royce is worried. Kay grabs on to Belair’s hair to get herself out of danger and pulls hard until she can climb back in. Belair starts whipping Kay with her own hair, and it sounds like it hurts. Cross tackles Kay through the middle ropes to the floor so neither is eliminated.

Meanwhile, Belair ties her hair back up and deals with Martinez. She lifts her on to a shoulder but can’t throw her over. Chops from Martinez. Martinez forces Belair to sit up on the bottom-right turnbuckle. Running big boot sends Belair to the apron. She charges again, knee to the face. Belair suplexes Martinez…kinda, to the apron. They trade punches until Cross sends both of them over!

Kay comes chasing behind and pushes Cross over but Cross just lands on the apron.
Kay celebrates briefly but then charges with a big boot and misses. Cross climbs back in and throws Kay to the floor!

Nikki Cross has won the final spot in the Fatal 4-Way nXt Women’s Championship Match at Takeover: Houston.

Winner: Nikki Cross via not being thrown over the top rope in 16 minutes

Post-match, nXt General Manager William Regal enters, holding the Women’s Championship. Cross and Royce start shrieking at one another until Ember Moon’s music hits. She makes her way to the ring to join the face-off. They all posture at one another until Kairi Sane’s music hits.

One cool point for Cross who definitely deserved the win. She was poised as the major threat and she was the one with the most momentum coming into the match. One cool point for Belair who impressed with her strength and power. One cool point for LeRae who flew under the radar for much of the match to land in that final five.

One cool point for Kay and Royce who continue to be the most entertaining characters in the Women’s Division. The fans love to hate them, and Kay was her usual, opportunistic self. She just lacked the ability to finish when she had that opportunity at the end.

Now the mind games can begin leading up to Takeover: Houston. I’m expecting Cross and Royce to lead them. Will we learn more about Moon and Sane, or are we expected to like them just cause they’re good wrestlers?

Coming Up: Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas and Aleister Black will be in action NEXT!

Fourth Segment

Earlier this week, nXt Champion Drew McIntyre is met by reporters outside the WWE Performance Centre. He doesn’t get very far into his response before he’s interrupted again by Almas’ manager, Zelina Vega. Vega says they haven’t received the championship match contract yet. McIntyre says Cien’s gotta come and see him himself. Same result as last week.

“Play” by Marmozets is an official theme song for nXt Takeover: Houston

Singles Match: Aleister Black vs. ???

Black is on his way to the ring when Velveteen Dream suddenly appears from behind him. Dream attacks. He rolls Black into the ring and ties him up in the ropes. Dream yells at Black to say his name. He slaps him hard across the face. Black refuses to say anything. Dream runs the ropes. Black kicks at him, breaks free of the tie-up and almost catches Dream with a Black Mass. Dream escapes, clutching his mouth and smiling, saying he was so close.

No match

One cool point for both men because this feud is more interesting than I first thought it would be. Dream has consistently shown an edge to his character that he needs to stand out. His surprise attack demonstrates he’s going to try and match Black with the mystique and suspense.

Black has got the fans’ support and he’s so fluid in the ring with his kicks- just a pleasure to watch really. That match has got the potential to really surprise people in how good it could be.

Final Segments

“Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” by Power Trip is ALSO a Takeover: Houston theme song.

Next week: nXt Tag Team Championship is on the line as SAnitY (c) defend against the Authors Of Pain, and Johnny Gargano will take on Fabian Aichner

Singles Match: Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas w. Zelina Vega

Before Strong arrives, Vega gets on the mic and continues her complaints about Almas having to wait 3 weeks now for a championship match contract. Vega says the higher you climb the mountain, the harder it becomes to breathe. Just like Strong will soon find out, McIntyre is not fit to breathe the rarefied air of a champion.

Highlights of this match include:

Quick pace to start the match and I’m reminded of how devastating Strong’s backbreakers are. He hits Almas with one for a 2 count in the first minute.

Almas’ response is to face Strong towards the lights and clothesline him down on to the apron before the COMMERCIAL BREAK.

Dragon armbar in the ropes by Almas to trap Strong’s arm, and he keeps on that left arm, hyper-extending it as the crowd chants for Strong.

The second time Almas tries for that, Strong counters by grabbing Almas’ legs and applying a crab type submission, using the ropes. Pretty cool but he can’t win the match like that.

Tornado DDT from the top rope by Almas! 1-2- kickout by Strong. Moments later, spinning back elbow really connects with Strong to send him into the turnbuckle. Double knees! 1-2- kickout by Strong! Vega’s harping pretty hard on her man to finish this match. This leads to a second back elbow. As he approaches for double knees, Strong counters and builds momentum with a flying step-up knee. He clotheslines Almas to the outside.

Vega flies at him and hurricanranas Strong into the steel ring steps!!!
Hammerlock DDT and this one’s over. Almas gets the pinfall.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas in 9 minutes

Post-match, Vega and Almas crash the announce table. They take Ranallo’s headset to tell the champ, Drew McIntyre, that Almas will meet him face to face next week.

Strong is shaking the cobwebs out when the Undisputed Era’s music hits. Cole, O’Reilly & Fish come to the stage, smiling, wearing their new UE t-shirts. Cole gestures to Strong that he’s not here to fight. He wants Strong to join them. Cole offers Strong an armband with the UE logo. Strong holds it in his hands and looks on questioningly as the show ends.

One cool point for Vega’s surprising hurricanrana. Perfect timing on that one.
One cool point for Almas who has been building towards a big victory like this for some time. His in-ring work is so solid and now he’s enjoying the fruits of his labour over the past few years. Positioning him against McIntyre will hopefully be more than just a time-filler before Takeover: Houston; it should lead to some development for both stars.

Strong’s cool points are going to be held up, pending his acceptance of the UE armband. There’s a guy who just hasn’t caught a break yet. Does he need a little support in the meantime or does he keep going it alone?

Looking forward to reading your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s nXt show.