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WWE nXt Results- October 5, 2016 (2nd Annual Dusty Rhodes Classic Begins)
By JCool
Oct 5, 2016 - 7:03:56 PM

WWE nXt Results
October 5th, 2016

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

It’s the beginning of the 2nd annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Get set for an entertaining 6 weeks of tag team wrestling.

Opening Segment

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1 Match: The Authors Of Pain w. Paul Ellering vs. The Bollywood Boyz

Rezar throws down Harv to begin the match. He tags in Akam and the two pound on Harv as he was lain on top of the corner. Rezar slams him back to the mat and Akam tries to do the same. Harv wiggles off of his shoulders and hits him with a chinbreaker. He tags in Gurv who rushes into the ring...and gets run over with a clothesline. Akam tags in Rezar. Knees to the abdomen from both men. They pick him up and give him a double gutbuster.

Rezar elbows Harv off of the apron and then rushes Gurv in the opposite corner with a full body attack. He tags in Akam for their clothesline finishing move. 1-2-3.

Winners: The Authors of Pain via pinfall in 3 minutes

One cool point for the Authors of Pain who destroyed their competition tonight. There’s no messing around with this team. We get a look at the brackets, post-match, and the Authors are in the top slot on the right hand side. I’m thinking they should be favourites for the semi-finals. It’ll take a major upset or a team with some major experience like TM 61 or The Revival to beat them.

Promo: It’s nXt’s newest signee, Dan Matha, who will arrive on nXt TV tonight!

Second Segment

Singles Match: Rich Swann vs. Patrick Clark

Fans are really behind Swann to begin the match. The two men grapple. Clark applies the side headlock on Swann and he really wrenches it in. Swann pushes him off into the ropes and Clark knocks Swann down. He poses for the fans. The two run the ropes again and do some pretty cool evasion tactics, including Swann doing a front flip over Clark, who had lowered himself to the mat to kick up at Swann. Swann chops Clark. Clark goes to the corner. Swann charges, leaps and Clark evades with a front roll. Swann does a backflip off the ropes and Clark gets him with a spinebuster. He attempts to cover him twice but Swann kicks out both times.

Submission move applied to Swann’s head by Clark. Swann fights out of it. Clark charges and gets a boot to the face. He charges again and gets another boot to the face. One more time, Swann moves and Clark hits the turnbuckle. Swann hits a back heel kick on Clark and he’s gaining momentum. Another sharp spinning heel kick to the jaw of Clark. Clark‘s knocked out cold in the centre of the ring. Cartwheel, backflip, splash! Swann covers him for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann via pinfall in 3 minutes

One cool point for Swann’s athleticism which allows him to move around the ring so smoothly. Whether he’s running, flipping, spinning, striking, it doesn’t matter. He makes it all look really good. This guy’s got real potential in the singles ranks of nXt.

Recap: Two weeks ago, Cedric Alexander defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas and we see highlights from that match, as well as the sign of respect both wrestlers showed one another. This was the beginning of their partnership and we’ll see the two in action against The Revival later tonight.

Third Segment

Recap: Last week, Asuka quickly defeated Liv Morgan. Corey Graves wonders what Morgan was thinking in challenging Asuka the way she did. Is anybody ready for Asuka?

Backstage, post-match, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay make fun of Morgan’s loss while she is tended to by one of the trainers.

Singles Match: Peyton Royce w. Billie Kay vs. Danielle Kamela

Kamela is a recent recruit who has been trained by WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.
The two lock up. Kamela receives a back elbow from Royce and gets taken down to the mat. Kamela rolls up Royce for a 2 count. Off the ropes, Royce reverses the whip from Kamela. Kamela hits a crossbody on Royce for a 1 count pinfall attempt. Kamela with a dropkick on Royce, forcing her into the corner. She rebounds and hits a spinning heel kick on Kamela for a 2 count.

Royce locks up Kamela in the ropes, tying her up with an interesting leg submission until the referee counts to 4. She chokes Kamela in the corner with her foot shoved into Kamela’s throat. Back in the middle of the ring, it’s Royce clubbing Kamela in the neck and chest before applying a rear chokehold. Kamela tries to get back to her feet but Royce sits on Kamela’s back, keeping the chokehold in place. Kamela’s got nowhere to go as Royce weakens her with the hold. Kamela gets back to her feet though and slams Royce into the corner. She does a cartwheel, back handspring elbow but it doesn’t hurt Royce.
Royce counters Kamela’s suplex attempt. Running knee and a Fisherman’s suplex with a bridge pin to win.

Winner: Peyton Royce via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Peyton Royce for making a smart choice by teaming with Billie Kay. Teaming together should help the two get some more promo time. They’ll each have someone to back them up in a fight, too, which will be helpful against Asuka, should they challenge her at some point.

Backstage, “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode are asked about their tag team debut next week. Roode says it’s gonna be a big week for them and Dillinger will take his next big step in his career by teaming with him. Dillinger says Dusty Rhodes meant a lot to him so he’s happy to be in the tournament. Roode makes everyone pause and realize how glorious things are right now. Dillinger seems confused about Roode’s enthusiasm and energy as the two leave.

Up Next: Dan Matha’s debut

Fourth Segment

Singles Match: Dan Matha vs. ???

Matha is as huge as the commentators said he was. Samoa Joe doesn’t care though because he walks down to the ring, unannounced, and unleashes on the rookie, beginning with a headbutt to the chest. He punches Matha and elbows him until he’s down to his knees. Enziguri in the corner leaves Matha lying in the corner.

Joe gets a mic and asks who will be the next to get their head rocked? He connects with a running kick on Matha, sending him sprawling out of the ring. Joe adds another rhetorical question: How many more will suffer because of GM Regal’s inaction? Joe just took out the golden boy and more of the future of nXt will suffer until he gets Nakamura or the nXt Championship.

Winner: No Match

One cool point for Samoa Joe for continuing his rampage on nXt rookies. I was expecting Matha to show off his skills tonight but, instead, it’s Samoa Joe reminding us of how pissed off he is. Even though it’s fairly obvious that Regal won’t be handing the title to Joe, I like how insistent Joe is and how self-righteous he is on this issue.

Up Next: The next match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Final Segment

Backstage, No Way Jose & Rich Swann are asked why they teamed up for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Jose says it’s simple. They listened to the nXt universe. They have the agility and the ability to succeed. Swann says look at Jose. Everyone takes him lightly because he dances and has a bit of a fiesta. People forget he’s 6’3’’ and full of fire! Swann has one question for everybody: Can you handle this? Jose says “No Way Jose” and the two continue repeating their sayings as they leave the interviewer.

Next Week: Sanity will be arriving on nXt TV after weeks of brief promos.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1 Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas & Cedric Alexander vs. The Revival (c)

Wilder starts by pulling Alexander towards his corner, and he tags Dawson in immediately. The two teams square off briefly before the referee sends the tag partners back to their corners. Alexander shows off his tumbling abilities, finishing with a head scissors on Dawson, followed by a combination of arm drag takedowns. Wilder runs in and receives the same fate. Both Revival members try to attack Cien in the corner and he jumps up over the top rope and brings them to the mat with a bulldog/leg scissors simultaneously. Double dropkicks by Cien and Alexander send Dawson and Wilder to the outside. They regroup to their corner. Wilder tries to return to the ring but the referee sends him back out. Alexander brings Dawson into the ring and he and Cien execute a double arm drag takedown for a 2 count.

Side headlock by Cien. He gets distracted by Wilder, tugging on his pants, as they neared the Revival’s corner. Cien breaks the hold and Dawson tags in Wilder to give a double headbutt to Cien. Wilder tags Dawson again and holds Cien for a kick to the gut from Dawson. Cien fights back, leans into his corner. Alexander tags in and the two execute a double back body drop. Back elbows to Wilder who rushed in. Cien and Alexander send both Revival members over the top rope to regroup. They go to the rampway. Cien runs, jumps in between the middle ropes and sticks there while Alexander jumps over him and hits a front flip splash on Dawson and Wilder! He lands on his feet, too.

Alexander rolls Dawson back in for the cover...1-2- kickout! He tags in Cien who twists the left arm of Dawson. Dawson pushes Cien towards Wilder on the apron. Dawson grabs Cien from behind and tags in Wilder. Cien tries to roll up Dawson as Wilder attacks Cien. They have the upper hand, sending Cien into the turnbuckle, shoulder-first, as...

We go to commercial.

On the return, Dawson twists Cien’s right arm, locks it in tight and suplexes Cien to the mat for a 2 count. Dropkick to Cien’s head. Dawson continues to wrench Cien’s arms, choosing the left this time. He tags in Wilder who jumps off the second rope, stomping Cien’s left arm. 1-2- kickout from Cien. Wilder is really yanking on Cien’s left arm, left and right and back and forth. The crowd cheers on Cien but to no avail. The tag is made. Both Wilder and Dawson run the opposite ropes. Wilder trips Cien to the mat and Dawson nails him in the head with a running elbow. 1-2- kickout.

Dawson continues to hurt Cien’s left arm. He throws Cien into the corner and Cien fights back. He knocks Wilder off the apron, blocks Dawson’s suplex attempt and rolls up Dawson as the referee is distracted by Wilder. He should’ve won the match there! The referee finally sees and counts to two as Dawson kicks out. Dawson tags in Wilder and the two prevent Cien from tagging in Alexander, dragging Cien back to the opposite side. Off the second rope, Wilder catches Cien’s extended leg, defends the enziguri once but not twice! Cien brings Wilder down and heads for the corner. Dawson tries to stop him but can’t! Hot tag to Alexander who takes out Wilder with a high knee and a handspring enziguri to Dawson. 1-2- Wilder interrupts the count.

The Revival members begin to suplex Alexander but Cien stands behind them and Alexander simply rolls off Cien’s back. Towards the ropes, Alexander flips back in, over Cien, rolling up Dawson and then bridging for a 2 count close call.

Alexander goes to tag in Cien but Wilder pulls him off of the apron. Alexander counters the Irish Whip from Wilder, flipping over his back. He evades Dawson’s clothesline, bounces off the ropes and right into the Shatter Machine. Dawson pins Alexander for the 1-2-3.

Winners: The Revival via pinfall in 10 minutes

Post-match, Alexander and Cien are looking upset about the loss when, all of a sudden, Cien attacks Alexander. He’s snapped! He brings Alexander to the outside, stomping on him and sends him face-first into the steel steps. Cien is booed hard by the fans for this act of frustration. Cien basks in the “you suck” chants as the show ends.

One cool point for the nXt Tag Team Champions and their authoritative command of this match. They work so well together, utilizing quick tags wisely and preventing their opponents from tagging in on multiple occasions. They know all the tricks in the book and they used all of them, in this match, to get the win. I liked the way they won this match, too. Alexander was getting pretty fancy in there as he evaded and countered moves. They simply waited for him to make a mistake and hit him hard when he did.

One half cool point to Cedric Alexander for nifty tumbling and aerial moves. He lost a half point when he got beaten up post-match by Cien. Talk about taking advantage of a unsuspecting partner. Alexander never saw it coming. Cien revealed some much needed attitude tonight and the audience took the bait. Should be a good feud between those two.

Looking forward to your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s episode.
The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic has begun. Any predictions on who’s going all the way? I think we saw 2 of the favourites win tonight.