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WWE nXt Results- September 16, 2015 (Bayley returns!)
By JCool
Sep 16, 2015 - 11:45:28 PM

WWE nXt Results
September 16th, 2015

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, who is returning from assignment, and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

nXt begins with the entrance of the man from Cairo, Egypt, Tyler Breeze. They show a replay of last week’s tag team match, in which he and Bull Dempsey lost to Gargano and Ciampa. Following the loss, Breeze beat up on Dempsey.

Oh! Adam Rose has arrived and he’s on the mic. He says the WWE Universe took a big, hot, steaming dump on the Adam Rose party, so now he’s come to nXt to take a big, hot, steaming dump on their party! Hilarious. He goes on to say there is no more fun allowed.

“BULL”, “BULL”, “BULL” and Dempsey is on the stage, with a mic. Dempsey says, like last week’s attack wasn’t an accident, his revenge, this week, won’t be an accident this week. Breeze asks why Dempsey thought it was okay for him to interrupt. Dempsey sits up on the ropes, mocking Breeze. Breeze says the only accidents he remembers are them pairing together and the day that Dempsey was born. Breeze blames Dempsey for costing him the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, but he’s in the middle of a match with Rose. Dempsey asks Rose if he can have the match instead. Rose asks if he’s lost his mind. He’s going to poop on Breeze’s party first, but then, he’ll poop on Dempsey’s party. The two start brawling. Dempsey sends Rose to the floor and Breeze attacks Dempsey. Dempsey retaliates, and Breeze escapes the ring, relatively unharmed.

One cool point for nXt switching things up by starting with a promo, instead of a match. Thankfully, the show only has an hour, so the three wrestlers had to be concise with their words and actions. One cool point for Rose’s eyeglasses.

Coming Up: We cut to the announce team booth who hype up the matches for tonight: 2nd round action in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and Bayley’s return to Full Sail.

Second Segment

Backstage, the cameras catch up with Tyler Breeze who asks them to be quiet because he is filming a promo on his iPhone. He accepts Bull Dempsey’s challenge for a match next week.

Singles Match: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs. Danny Burch

The two stare each other down and lock up, each administering arm twists. Burch with the advantage. Dillinger twirls out of it and, as Burch holds Dillinger’s leg, Dillinger stretches Burch’s arm and fingers. Both wrestlers break their respective holds and the grappling begins anew. Burch with a side headlock. Both wrestlers run off the ropes but stop their momentum, avoiding one another’s attacks. Dillinger begins the “10” chant with the fans so Burch rushes him, falling to a drop toe hold. Burch gets up and uses elbow strikes to knock Dillinger down. He mocks the “10” chant and goes for a chicken wing submission. Dillinger fights to get out of it for a half minute and finally breaks free with a clothesline.

Russian leg sweep by Dillinger followed up with a stomp to the forehead. Dillinger brings his knee pad down and delivers the knee facebreaker on Burch. He covers him for the win.

Winner: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger via pinfall in 3 minutes and 16 seconds

Post-Match: Dillinger starts the “10” chant again with the friends.

One cool point for Dillinger who continues to get over with the Full Sail crowd. I’d like to see him get a longer match at Takeover, either in October or December.

Backstage, Baron Corbin & Rhyno are asked if they’re worried about being upset by Gargano and Ciampa. Rhyno says he’s more worried about what Corbin will do to them. Corbin says he doesn’t know where they came from, but they’re looking straight through them to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Promo: Asuka will be arriving to nXt next week!

Singles Match: Apollo Crews vs. Solomon Crowe

Byron says Solomon Crowe is what happens when a Chucky doll comes to life!

The bell rings and the two shake hands. Crews and Crowe lock up. Crews slams Crowe to the mat immediately. The two initiate in a sequence of chain wrestling, which is followed up by Crews putting his hand out again. Crowe kicks it away. They lock up again. Crowe has the advantage and throws Crews to the corner, but Crews tumbles away into a cartwheel and spinning flip, leapfrogs the rushing Crowe and then knocks Crowe off of his feet with a dropkick. Crews lays the boots to Crowe, then picks him up from a seated position, delivering a vertical suplex. Crowe rolls to the outside to buy himself some time. As he approaches the ropes, Crews punches him down and prepares for an outside dive. Crews gets through the ropes, but Crowe traps him in the nXt ring apron, unleashing a flurry of punches.

Back inside the ring, Crowe hooks the leg for a pinning attempt but he only gets 1 count. In the corner now, Crowe stomps away at Crews’ chest. He chokes him with his shin but the ref pulls him away. Crowe uses Crews’ own arm to cut off his air supply for a few moments. Big clothesline. Crowe goes for the pin and gets a 2 count, and we’re back to a headlock submission. The fans clap and Crews rises to his feet, forcing Crowe’s arms apart. Off the ropes goes Crews and Crowe attempts a sleeper hold but gets stunned for his efforts. Crowe rushes Crews again and gets a forearm to the face. Another rushing attempt and Crews knees him in the face. Double axe handles, running splash and a jumping clothesline. Crews springs to his feet, bounces off the ropes and delivers a vicious enziguri. Huge gorilla press slam and standing moonsault for the 1,2,3! That escalated quickly.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall in 4 minutes and 53 seconds

One cool point for Crowe’s creativity with the ring apron. Two cool points for Apollo Crews’ power and agility. Is he winning anyone else over?

Backstage, Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa are told what Corbin and Rhyno said about them. Gargano says they have one life and one chance, and they got that chance last week. They proved that they belong in an nXt ring when they won last week. Everyone was shocked, but they weren’t. Ciampa says they’ve earned their keep and tonight, they move one step closer to the finals. And they like their chances.

The view switches to nXt interviewer Devin Taylor who is with Dana Brooke and Emma. Emma says they came here to shake some things up and show the newbies who’s in charge. It’s them. Dana says playtime is over and pats Taylor on the head. Emma laughs and says it never gets old. Brooke returns to pat Taylor’s head again.

A fancy SUV pulls up outside the arena and Sasha Banks steps out of it.

Recap: Kyle Edwards breaks down the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and tells us the top 4 will advance to Takeover in October. He briefly covers each round 1 matchup and shares that next week, in a 2nd round matchup, The Vaudevillains (Tag Team Champs) will face Dash & Dawson, in Texas! This reminded me of the old school Gene Okerlund segments, combined with a sportscentre feel.

Third Segment

Round 2 Tag Team Tournament Match:
Baron Corbin & Rhyno vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Rhyno and Ciampa begin, with Rhyno pushing Ciampa to the turnbuckle, asking “Who’s the man?” Ciampa ducks Rhyno’s punch, throws Rhyno into the turnbuckle and slaps him. Rhyno pushes Ciampa down and then slaps him back. Ciampa starts a slapfest in the corner, sending Rhyno to the opposite corner, to his knees. He rushes with a knee, goes for another and gets elbowed by Rhyno. The two bounce off the ropes and when Rhyno starts back the other way, he receives a stiff clothesline from Ciampa. Ciampa tags Gargano but Gargano wasn’t holding the rope, so the referee makes them redo the tag.

A double team combination is executed next: drop toe hold by Ciampa, a two foot stomp by Gargano and then a running knee by Ciampa. Corbin runs in to take out Gargano, but he flies over the top rope. Gargano seizes the opportunity to run the ropes and launches into an outside dive on Corbin. Gargano throws Rhyno out of the ring and does the same thing to him. Ciampa climbs the turnbuckle and does a 180 crossbody splash on his opponents, as the crowd chants “nXt”! Ciampa rolls Rhyno into the ring but only gets a 1 count. He tags Gargano in for a double axe handle. Gargano tags in Ciampa, and the two succeed in landing a running knee and kick, respectively, on Rhyno. Ciampa follows up by trying to lift Rhyno but he can’t do it. Rhyno attacks him with a running lariat and tags in Corbin.

Corbin picks him up over the shoulder but Ciampa slides off, heads to the corner and staves off a rushing Corbin with a knee to the face. He leaps over Corbin’s second attempt, bounces off the ropes and defends a jumping DDT attempt by slamming Ciampa to the mat.

We go to commercial.

When we return, Corbin is in control, choking Ciampa with his boot, standing on his face. He tags in Rhyno. Rhyno drives his knee into Ciampa’s back. Ciampa gets to his feet on the other side of the ropes and the two trade knees. He leaps for Gargano, but Rhyno stops him short and throws him into his own corner, tagging in Corbin. Corbin proceeds to stomp down Ciampa in the corner. The referee again doesn’t allow the tag until Rhyno holds the tag rope. Interesting. Rhyno punches Ciampa in the solar plexus and lifts him on to the top turnbuckle. He doesn’t get a chance to set up his move because Ciampa knocks him off, then hits a missile dropkick! Rhyno tags in Corbin, but Gargano also gets tagged in and it’s a hot one.

Gargano throws himself at Corbin repeatedly, knocking Corbin down not once, not twice but three times. He ends up on the ring apron, headbutt to the gut, springs over the ropes and nails Corbin with a DDT. 2 count. Ciampa has taken on Rhyno in the opposite corner, but he gets thrown out of the ring, and Rhyno sets up for the Gore. Corbin sends Gargano towards him. Gargano leapfrogs Rhyno and nails Corbin with an enziguri. He rolls him up for a 2 count. Corbin gets to his feet. Gargano bounces off the ropes and receives the End of Days. That’s it, folks.

Winner: Baron Corbin & Rhyno via pinfall in 8 minutes and 4 seconds

The Cinderella story for the Indie Tag Team ends in Round 2. Graves says Corbin & Rhyno are an early favourite to win the tournament.

One cool point for Gargano & Ciampa’s tag team efforts. The two clearly know how to work well as a team, and it’d be great to see them stay in the division. They already have a rivalry ready to go. One cool point for Rhyno who wrestled most of the match for his team.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews the champs, the Vaudevillains, about their second round matchup. They say it would be an honour to win, employing some fancier vocabulary. Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss show up and they’re invoking their rematch clause next week, to return the tag belts where they belong. Wesley Blake can’t say “indubitably” so he says “Idiots” instead. Gotch says, “What a wench!” about Alexa Bliss. Classic.

Coming Up: Bayley returns home to nXt!

Promo: Nia Jax is coming soon to nXt. Women’s division, beware!

Next Week: Bull Dempsey vs. Tyler Breeze and The Vaudevillains defend the nXt Tag Team Championships vs. Blake & Murphy

Closing Segment

Bayley receives a very warm reception at Full Sail. She even runs through the stands, high-fiving and hugging fans, and holding up the Women’s Championship Title. She even brings her superfan, Izzy, into the ring, and the two of them pose for the crowd. That’s heartwarming stuff.

Bayley (nXt Women’s Champion) vs. Sarah Dobson (Non-Title Match)

Dobson takes the early advantage, kicking Bayley down and punishing her with punches to the kidneys. Bayley tries to fight back but Dobson connects with a backwards tumbling knee strike to Bayley’s back. She covers Bayley for barely 2 counts. Dobson continues to be aggressive, striking Bayley down in the corner and then trapping her into a headlock, while wrapping her legs around Bayley’s torso. Bayley picks up Dobson and smashes her into the turnbuckle once, twice and thrice to release the hold. Off the ropes, Bayley with double axe handles, sending Dobson to the mat. She picks her up, throws her to the corner and spears Dobson. Backwards roll and she returns with an elbow to the face, then a beautiful suplex. Dobson is stunned as she gets to her feet, and Bayley delivers the Bailey to belly suplex for the 3 count.

Winner: Bayley via pinfall in 2 minutes and 30 seconds

The fans cheer and clap and Bayley gets a microphone, as the fans chant her name. She starts to talk when Sasha Banks’ music hits. She also has a microphone and she’s smirking. Bayley looks slightly worried. The Boss has come out to congratulate Bayley. She says the only thing she’s heard since Takeover is how their match stole the show. In fact, it’s the greatest women’s match this company has ever seen. The crowd seems to agree. That’s great, but Sasha came here to be the best. Bayley earned her respect but it was only for 3 seconds that she was better.

Bayley says Banks isn’t the only one who has a point to prove. She wants to start a legacy of her own and if Banks wants a rematch, she has no problem with that. Banks says no. She has a message to send. Bayley asks for clarification. Banks wants to beat Bayle again and again and again and again. The crowd chants “Ironwoman” and that’s William Regal’s cue.

He says, at nXt Takeover, October 7th, Sasha Banks will get her rematch for the nXt Women’s Championship against Bayley in a MAIN EVENT 30 minute Ironman match. The crowd is all over this news. Bayley and Sasha shake hands and that’s a wrap.

Two cool points for how well Bayley handled the opportunity to celebrate with her fans at Full Sail. It was the perfect celebration for the venue, which allowed her to directly connect with everyone. One cool point for Sasha Banks’ smirk, which barely disguised how excited she was about facing Bayley in an Ironwoman match. One cool point for William Regal because he booked the match and the hype for Takeover begins!

Plenty of reasons to keep watching over the next few weeks as the Dusty Classic continues, the Vaudevillains defend their tag belts, and the Women’s Division debut new wrestlers. For what are you most excited? Share your thoughts.