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WWE SmackDown Results 4/25/17
By Marc Middleton
Apr 25, 2017 - 7:33:06 PM

- We're live from Des Moines, Iowa with JBL, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips.

- We go right to the ring and out comes Shinsuke Nakamura to a pop.

Renee Young is in the ring and she thanks Nakamura for granting this interview. Before he can speak the music interrupts and out comes Dolph Ziggler. Most fans boo Ziggler as his music stops. Renee leaves the ring. Fans chant for Nakamura as the two stare each other down. Ziggler mocks the interview and cuts Nakamura off before he can speak. Ziggler says most of us don't know Japanese but he will translate. Ziggler says Nakamura mentioned how his all-time favorite is Ziggler. Ziggler goes on with shenanigans and mocks Nakamura's dance moves. Nakamura isn't impressed. Ziggler says Nakamura must be intimidated because he's in the ring with his hero.

Ziggler says Nakamura isn't who we think he is. His name is actually Michael. He grew up an underprivileged kid in Indiana. Ziggler goes on and makes Nakamura out to be the late Michael Jackson. Ziggler goes on until Nakamura finally snatches the mic. Nakamura says it's his turn now. He asks Ziggler what his problem is. Nakamura pulls the mic on Ziggler this time. Nakamura translates for Ziggler now and says something in Japanese but it's clear he calls Ziggler a jackass. Ziggler drops Nakamura with a cheap shot. Nakamura blocks a superkick and drops Ziggler. Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa but Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Ziggler looks on from the ramp as Nakamura's music hits and he stands tall

- Still to come, Charlotte Flair gets a title shot from Naomi. Also, AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin. They show those two Superstars walking backstage. We go to commercial.

AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

Back from the break and WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens has joined the announcers for commentary. AJ Styles is out first to a pop. Baron Corbin is out next as Greg Hamilton does the introductions for this rematch from last week.

Back and forth to start. Fans chant for AJ. Corbin fights out of a headlock but AJ kicks him and applies another hold. Corbin ends up launching Styles to the floor with a big kick as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Corbin has AJ grounded in the ring. We see how Corbin dominated during the commercial. Corbin ends up getting a 2 count after a big backbreaker. They go to the corner and AJ avoids a superplex. AJ brings Corbin down and nails a pele kick. Styles makes his comeback and drops Corbin. AJ with the sliding forearm for a 2 count.

More back and forth now. Corbin clubs AJ in the back of the head and sends him down. Corbin runs into boots in the corner. AJ with another shot from the apron. AJ goes to springboard in but Owens comes over running his mouth. AJ kicks him away. AJ is forced to land on his feet when going for the Phenomenal Forearm. Corbin tries to take advantage but AJ rolls him up for the win after blocking a powerbomb.

Winner: AJ Styles

- As soon as the music hits, in comes Owens with an attack. Corbin and Owens double team AJ until the music hits and out comes Sami Zayn to make the save. Owens runs away. Sami unloads on Corbin and sends him into the ring post. Sami knocks Owens off the apron as he tries to come back in. Sami nails a Helluva Kick on Corbin to send him to the floor. Owens runs in and nails Sami from behind. Owens hits the pop-up powerbomb on AJ as fans boo. Owens calls for his title and yells about it being his while standing over the #1 contender. Owens leaves as his music plays.

- Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Charlotte Flair. She talks about dominating RAW and needing a new place to take over. She goes on and says tonight she will prove to Naomi and everyone else what they already know - that she is the greatest WWE Superstar in history.

- Still to come, The Colons vs. American Alpha kicks off tonight's Beat The Clock Challenge. Back to commercial

Beat The Clock Challenge: American Alpha vs. The Colons

Back from the break and out comes Chad Gable and Jason Jordan for the first match in tonight's Beat The Clock Challenge. Primo and Epico are out next.

Jordan starts off with Epico and they go at it. We see SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos watching backstage. Jordan and Epico with early pin attempts. Gable tags in and gets another 2 count while watching the clock. Gable fights off both opponents. The Colons turn it around after a double team. They also go for several pins on Gable.

Epico keeps control and nails a big clothesline on Gable for a 2 count. Gable tries to make a tag but Epico catches him in a backbreaker for a 2 count. Primo tags in for a double team and another 2 count. Primo with a powerslam and a leg drop for a 2 count. Primo with a submission in the middle of the ring now. Primo with a cheap shot on Jordan. The Colons go for the double team Backstabber but Jordan makes the save. They hit Grand Amplitude out of nowhere on Primo for the win. The time to beat is now 5:17.

Winners: American Alpha

- After the match, Gable and Jordan stand tall in the ring as we go to replays. They celebrate and we see The Usos watching backstage again. Still to come, The Ascension vs. Breezango with a time to beat of 5:17.

- Still to come, Orton vs. Rowan in a No DQ match. Also, Rusev will address the "Superstar Shakeup" and what's next for him. We go to commercial

- Back from the break and we get a vignette for The New Day debuting soon.

- The announcers lead us to a video from Rusev, taped earlier today. He says he hasn't wrestled on SmackDown yet because he doesn't like Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan and doesn't agree with the "Superstar Shakeup" changes. The only way he will come wrestle for them is if they give him a title shot at Money In the Bank on June 18th. Rusev is injured but this was not mentioned.

- Dasha is backstage with Becky Lynch talking about Charlotte Flair. She's interrupted by Tamina Snuka, Natalya, Carmella and James Ellsworth. They try to intimidate her into joining their group.

No DQ Match: Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Champion Randy Orton for this non-title No DQ match. The announcers hype "House of Horrors" at Payback this Sunday and Orton hits the corners to pose as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Erick Rowan. The bell rings and they lock up. Rowan takes it to the corner and goes to work. Rowan takes control until Orton kicks him. Orton clotheslines Rowan over the top but he lands on his feet. Rowan pulls Orton to the floor but Orton decks him and gets the upperhand. Rowan fights back and scoops Orton but Orton slides out and shoves him into the ring post. Orton sends Rowan into the barrier and then drops him spine-first over it.

Orton slams Rowan face-first into the announce table a few times. Orton slams Rowan on top of the table now. Rowan turns it around and sends Orton into the steel steps. Rowan brings it back into the ring and splashes Orton in the corner. Rowan with a dropkick and a 2 count. Rowan goes to the floor and brings a kendo stick from under the ring. Rowan smacks Orton with the stick a few times and then runs him over. Rowan with another 2 count. Rowan stands a table up at ringside. He goes back to the ring for Orton and looks to suplex him from the ring through the table. Orton counters but Rowan keeps trying. Orton unloads with shots and drops Rowan over the top. Rowan hangs on. Orton grabs the kendo stick and nails Rowan with it, finally sending him through the table. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rowan has turned it back around. He unloads on Orton in the corner. They go back to the floor and Rowan sends Orton into the announce table. Rusev rolls Orton back into the ring and brings a kendo stick in. Orton kicks him on the apron and hits the second rope draping DDT. Rowan blocks the RKO and drops Orton, then kicks him back out of the ring. Rowan follows and grabs half of the steel steps. Rowan nails Orton in the side of the head with the steps and brings him back into the ring. Rowan rolls Orton in and grabs a steel chair.

Rowan wedges the chair in the corner. Orton ends up blocking the chair and sending Rowan into it, then nailing the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the match, we get replays as Orton stands tall with the title. Orton takes the mic and says he doesn't know what a "House of Horrors" match is but he will find out on Sunday. Orton says Bray Wyatt's comments on RAW about this match being Orton's purgatory couldn't be any farther from the truth because the match at Payback will be Wyatt's eternal hell. Orton raises the title but the music hits and out comes #1 contender Jinder Mahal to interrupt. Jinder asks Orton how dare he overlook him and disrespect him. Jinder says Orton shouldn't worry about Wyatt, he should worry about true horror from Jinder. Jinder says he will take the WWE Title. He has more wealth, talent, class and culture than anyone in the arena, including Orton. Fans boo him. Jinder enters the ring now and says Orton disrespects him because he looks different, just like the fans do, because of Orton's arrogance and Orton's lack of tolerance. Jinder says he will take back his respect at Backlash. He will take the glory of the WWE Title back to his people, who he will now address in his language of Punjabi. Jinder speaks in Punjabi as some fans chant for the RKO. Jinder turns to strike Orton but it's blocked. Orton goes for the second rope DDT but The Singh Brothers make the save. They triple team Orton. The former Bollywood Boyz hold Orton for Jinder before he drops him with the Cobra Clutch slam. Jinder grabs the WWE Title and stands tall as fans boo him. Jinder and The Singh Brothers leave together while Jinder still has the title in his hands. Orton recovers.

- Still to come, Charlotte vs. Naomi. Also, Beat The Clock continues. We get another teaser for Lana's debut as we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see footage from during the commercial where Jinder and The Singh Brothers drove away in a stretch SUV. Jinder was raising the WWE Title out of the roof.

Beat The Clock Challenge: The Ascension vs. Breezango

We go to the ring and The Ascension waits as Breezango makes their way out. The time to beat here is 5:17.

The bell rings and Viktor immediately nails a corkscrew uppercut on Breeze for a close 2 count. Viktor keeps control and in comes Konnor for a double team and a 2 count as Fandango makes the save.

The Ascension keeps control with pin attempts and tags. Konnor goes down but Viktor tags in. He goes for a splash on Breeze but misses and hits the top turnbuckle. Fandango tags in and knocks Konnor off the apron. He unloads on Viktor but Konnor provides a distraction and Viktor nails a knee to the face for a 2 count. The Ascension with another double team and a 2 count on Fandango. Konnor with yet another pin attempt. Viktor tags back in but Breeze comes in. This leads to Fandango slamming Viktor for the win with 2:36 on the clock.

Winners and New #1 Contenders: Breezango

- After the match, Breeze and Fandango hit the ramp to celebrate.

- Still to come, Charlotte vs. Naomi. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get a backstage promo from WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville to hype tonight's 205 Live.

- The announcers lead us to another "House of Horrors" promo for Sunday.

- Renee is backstage with Naomi. She gives props to Charlotte but doesn't like her trash talking about being the greatest. Naomi says she will do her thing like she always does and show & prove why she's the champion. She says Charlotte is about to feel... the... glow.

SmackDown Women's Title Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi

We go right to the ring as SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi comes out for tonight's main event. Naomi hits the ring and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Charlotte Flair. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton. The bell rings and they lock up. Charlotte takes Naomi down first. Back and forth to start. Naomi drives Charlotte face first into the second turnbuckle. Charlotte turns it around on the apron and brings Naomi to the floor hard. Charlotte stands tall on the floor and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Charlotte has Naomi grounded. Charlotte with more offense and pin attempts. Naomi tries to turn it around but Charlotte cuts her off. Charlotte keeps Naomi down in the corner as the referee warns her. Naomi finally connects with a jawbreaker and stuns Charlotte on the ropes. Naomi with a bunch of kicks now. Charlotte scoops her but it's blocked. Naomi with a hurricanrana and a back elbow. Naomi keeps control and drops Charlotte on her face. Naomi gets fired up and counters with a kick to the face from the apron. Naomi with the sunset flip into a pin but Charlotte rolls through.

Naomi ends up dropping Charlotte into a big kick for a 2 count. More back and forth now. Naomi nails a Rear View for another close 2 count. They trade pin attempts now. Naomi with a kick to the face. Charlotte catches her in mid-air with a counter and a sitdown powerbomb. Naomi kicks out just in time. Charlotte drags Naomi over to the corner and goes to the top. Naomi blocks the big moonsault with knees. Naomi gets up but Carmella hits the ring with Tamina Snuka and Natalya to attack Flair for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Charlotte Flair

- After the bell, Charlotte gets triple teamed. Naomi makes the save but Natalya drops her. They go back to beating on Charlotte. Natalya and Carmella hold her while Tamina superkicks her. Fans boo the trio. James Ellsworth watches from ringside. Tamina holds Charlotte while Carmella superkicks her now. Fans chant for Becky Lynch. Natalya, Tamina, Carmella and Ellsworth pose over Charlotte as fans boo them. Natalya's music hits as we go to replays. SmackDown goes off the air with Naomi and Charlotte recovering while Naomi, Tamina, Carmella and Ellsworth stand together on the stage.

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