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*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown Tapings for 3/7/14
By Marc Middleton
Mar 4, 2014 - 8:01:49 PM

- Thanks to David Douglas (@@DavidDouglas88) for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight's tapings in Detroit:

* Batista kicks off SmackDown with a promo until Daniel Bryan interrupts him. Kane ends up coming out and beating Bryan down. Big Show makes the save. Vickie Guerrero comes out and makes tonight's main event - Kane and Batista vs. Show and Bryan. Batista had the spotlight back on him this time.

* Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler with Alberto Del Rio on commentary is next. Christian gets the win after Del Rio distracted Ziggler from the announce table.

* The Usos defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback.

* Eva Marie and Natalya defeated AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka when Natalya made AJ tap out with a Sharpshooter.

* The Shield come out and cut a promo about how they need to be The Shield again like before. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose end up hitting each other before they reunite.

* Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio with a Brogue Kick.

* Big E defeated Jack Swagger. There was more tension between Swagger and Cesaro.

* Another promo from Lana and Alexander Rusev.

* Batista and Kane vs. Big Show and Daniel Bryan is next. Show and Bryan cut a promo before the match and pick on their opponents. They've named their team, "Respect The Beard, Fear The Giant." Bryan and Show get the win when Show hits a knockout punch on Kane and Bryan rolls him up. SmackDown ends with Bryan leading a "Yes!" chant while sitting on Show's shoulders.

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