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WWE Smackdown Results 10/19/12
By WZ [Wojciech Zdrojkowski]
Oct 19, 2012 - 10:50:00 PM

Smackdown starts with the Miz who is sitting in the ring. He says Kofi Kingston was lucky to get away with his Intercontinental title but he says he is officially invoking his rematch clause for the Intercontinental championship at the PPV. He tells Kofi Kingston to enjoy his short reign as he plans to win the Intercontinental title back. He then introduces the tag team champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan, and they make their way to the ring. He says true tag teams do not have separate entrances. Daniel Bryan tells Miz that if he wants to talk about separate, how about he separates his teeth from his mouth. The Miz says a goat faced guy should not be talking to him about appearances and that the guys at the petting zoo probably think he’s hilarious. Miz says Daniel Bryan has often had problems with other people and now he has a problem with his new partner Kane. He thinks they will lose because of him. Kane steps in and tells Miz that no one cares what he thinks. He says he has won the tag team titles with many different types of wrestlers and if Daniel Bryan is the problem in this team then he is the solution. Daniel Bryan says he is not the problem. He says that, in fact, he is the reason that he and Kane will win at the PPV because Kane is nothing without him, the world’s toughest vegan. Miz asks if he can say something but Kane and Bryan tell him no. Daniel Bryan and Kane argue, both saying they are the tag team champions. Bryan says that he is a former heavyweight champion who beat the Big Show in 45 seconds.

Big Show’s music hits and he goes down to the ring. He tells Kane he has no problem with him but he has a problem with Daniel Bryan. He tells Bryan that his win was a fluke and that he never wants to hear him mentioning his lucky win over him again. He says after he wins his match with Sheamus he will not lose the title like that again. He tells Bryan that if he says it again he will beat him down but then decides why wait, he might as well beat him down right now [make your mind up then]. Daniel Bryan steps behind Kane and Kane tells Big Show he knows they have a match scheduled for Raw but why wait.

Ziggler’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with Vickie Guerrero. He says talking about the Daniel Bryan title win is so last year. What matters is this year’s Money in the Bank holder and that is him. He says he can take the title off Sheamus or Big Show and mentions that if Daniel Bryan can beat Big Show then how hard can it be? Daniel Bryan protests and is about to remind Dolph how quickly he won the World Heavyweight title from the Big Show when Big Show dares him to mention it again.

Booker T’s music hits and he shows up on the ramp. He tells them all to chill out. Before he can sort the mess out, Miz interrupts and says he knows that Booker is probably going to make a main event with all the guys in the ring, it’s so predictable and he doesn’t want to waste time listening to it. He says thank you Sucka and tells him to go away. Booker says that was not his plan. He says he has got 2 matches in mind. He announces that Big Show and Ziggler will team together to fight Kane and Daniel Bryan. The Miz says that is one match, what about the other? Booker says Miz will fight this man, then leaves the stage. Randy Orton’s music hits to a loud reaction and he makes his way to the ring.

Commercial break

The Miz v Randy Orton

Orton is kicking Miz in the arm on the floor [Meanwhile Del Rio is shown with Ricardo Rodriguez and in a suite watching the match]. Miz attacks Orton at the turnbuckle but Orton reverses and sends him in to the turnbuckle. Clothesline by Orton and cover gets a 2. Back suplex from Orton followed by another cover and 2 count. Orton takes a kick to the gut. Miz put Orton on the ropes and knocks him out of the ring.

Commercial break

Orton is in a headlock. He fights out of it [Striker is interviewing Del Rio about the RKO on the steel steps to his manager. Del Rio says Orton is afraid of him]. Miz attacks Orton at the turnbuckle and then climbs the ropes but Orton takes him down. He sets Miz up on the turnbuckle, hits a few hard rights and hits a superplex. A cover gets another 2 count. A suplex on Mix who rolls out of the ring. Orton goes out after him. They’re back in and Orton hits a dropkick, cover and 2 count. Orton avoids a boot then hits a DDT. He goes for an RKO but Miz reverses, only for Orton to go for it again and hit it. Cover gets a 3 count.

winner: Randy Orton

After the match Orton looks up at Del Rio in his suite and motions for him to come down to the ring. Del Rio takes his jacket off, rolls his sleeves up, grabs a mic and tells him that they are going to do this on his terms. [That’s it? He had to take his jacket off just to say that?].

Sheamus is walking backstage when he walks in to Theodore Lone [not literally]. He says he has had a couple of matches with Barrett recently that Big Show has interfered in so he wants to have one more chance to fight him tonight. Theodore Long says he will talk to the General Manager about it and he even has a plan to make sure there is a winner of that match this time. Theodore says they should make it a lumberjack match. Sheamus says he has never said this but he feels him playa! Theodore says he feels him too. As Sheamus leaves we see Eve in the background, having listened in on the conversation that just happened.

Commercial break

When we return the Bolsheviks are in the ring. Nickolai Volcoff sings the Soviet Anthem to boos and the Bushwhackers make their way to the ring [wait a minute, this isn’t Smackdown. For a second I thought I had accidently flipped to something else showing classic wrestling matches]. Anyway they show the Bolsheviks v The Bushwhackers from a 1988 match that the Bushwhackers win. [I think this only aired on British TV].

Team Rhode Scholars v Gabriel and Tyson Kidd

Gabriel and Kidd work on Rhodes. He goes to the outside as Gabriel dives out with a suicide, misses him but gets Sandow. Back in the ring Rhodes takes the advantage over Gabriel. Sandow is in and he hits Gabriel with an elbow drop followed by a cover for 2. Rhodes is back in and hits a headlock takedown on Gabriel. He has him in a reverse headlock but Gabriel gets out of it and kicks him down. Gabriel misses an enziguri. Sandown is in and hits a dropkick and pin for a 2. Tyson Kidd tags in and puts Sandow in the sharpshooter but Rhodes tagged in just before that and is the legal man. He breaks up the sharpshooter and hits Kidd off the turnbuckle followed by a pin for the 3 count.

winners: Team Rhode Scholars

Theodore Long meets Booker T and Eve backstage. He says that he has an idea for a lumberjack match with Barrett v Sheamus. Eve says that is the idea that she had and she thinks he stole it from her. Booker T tells Theodore he has to do better than that [stealing ideas, but that match is still on] and leaves. Eve says she will accompany him, leaves her clipboard and walks off leaving Theodore to have a look at the clipboard [well that was careless of her].

We see a ‘Don’t try this at home’ promo from Sheamus. [Take note kids!!!! Ah who cares they are going to do it anyway.]

Kane and Daniel Bryan v Big Show and Ziggler

Ziggler and Bryan lock up. Now Ziggler poses. Bryan gets an armlock locked in. Ziggler hits a dropkick and tags in Big Show. Bryan tags Kane in. A brawl breaks out between both men. Spear from the Big Show. He brings Kane to the turnbuckle and hits some headbutts. Kane replies by dishing out a right hand. Big Show throws Kane in to another turnbuckle and runs at him but misses. Bryan tags himself in and delivers some kicks to Big Show. One too many kicks though and Show blocks. He lifts Bryan high above his head and dumps him over the top rope out of the ring.

Commercial break

Bryan is thrown in to Big Show’s boot by Ziggler. Bryan falls and Ziggler covers for a 2 count. Dropkick by Ziggler gets a 2 count again. Ziggler chokes Bryan in the ropes with his foot. Show is tagged and sets Bryan in the turnbuckle. He is about to hit a big chop but misses. Bryan hits some chops of his own but Big Show is unfazed by them and knocks him down. Bryan is in the turnbuckle and Big Show charges at him but misses. He goes for a choke slam but Bryan reverses it. Ziggler is in and DDT’s Bryan before he hits 8 or 9 elbow drops on the grounded Bryan followed by a pin that gets him a near fall. Show back in, he sticks his claw in to Bryan who looks in trouble. Bryan fights out of it then bounces off the ropes but Show catches him and slams him down. Ziggler in but Daniel Bryan elbows him and Big Show on the apron. Kane is tagged in and hits a top rope clothesline on Ziggler. He then knocks him down with a boot to the face and pin for a 2 count. Side Slam on Ziggler. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Bryan tags himself in and hits Ziggler with a running kick. Big Show grabs Bryan from the apron but Kane knocks him off it to the floor. Ziggler jumps on Kane but he shrugs him off and Daniel Bryan takes him down with his crossface finisher. Ziggler taps.

winners: Kane and Daniel Bryan

Kane and Daniel Bryan argue at the top of the ramp as to who is the tag team champion and during this argument get attacked by Team Rhode Scholars.

Antonio Cesaro v Ted DiBiase

[a clip from earlier is shown of Cesaro standing by the Sun Studio and mocking the types of music that people here worship. He says Sun Studio should be taken down and is not a part of his America]. Cesaro knocks DiBiase down. Roll up by Di Biase. Di Biase runs at Cesaro but het gets thrown out. DiBiase is thrown in to the apron. Back in the ring Cesaro hits a clothesline followed by a cover for a 2 count. Suplex by Cesaro gets him a 2 count again. Headlock by Cesaro but DiBiase fights out of it and dropkicks Cesaro, then covers for a 2 count. Cesaro runs at DiBiase in the turnbuckle and kicks him. Neutralizer by Cesaro gets a 3 count.

winner: Antonio Cesaro

Heath Slater [with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal] v Brodus

Brodus gets in an early attack. Heabutts to the back from Brodus. Elbow drop gets Brodus a 2 count. Dropkick from the turnbuckle by Slater.He goes for a suplex on Brodus who throws him off. Brodus with a suplex of his own. The other 2 members of the 3 man band get up on the apron and distract Brodus who tries to knock them off and therefore allowing Slater to hit a neckbreaker [or whatever he calls it now] and pick up the win.

winner: Heath Slater

Matt Striker speaks to Barrett who says he hears that Sheamus is supposed to be a tough guy but he is not entirely convinced about that. He says one thing he does know is that Sheamus is stupid since he is happy to fight him ahead of a big match with the Big Show later at a PPV. He says he is going to do Big Show a favour by damaging Sheamus tonight, then when Big Show wins the title he wants that favour to be repaid.

Natalya v Layla

Eve joins the commentary team [unfortunately]. Natalya with a kick followed by a roll up that ends up with her falling out of the ring. She climbs on to the apron back gets kicked off by Layla. She gets back in the ring. Kick from Natalya followed by an unorthodox looking submission hold. Roll up by Layla but a kick out from Natalya. Bick kick from Layla. Cover. 1 2 3 Layla wins.

winner: Layla

Barrett v Sheamus [Lumberjack match]

Barrett hits Sheamus with some kicks. Sheamus gives some back. Kick to the gut from Barrett after Cesaro grabs the foot of Sheamus. Barrett slams Sheamus and covers for a 2 count. Sheamus is thrown out but then quickly slid back in the ring by the lumberjacks. Barrett with some knees to the gut. Right hands from Sheamus. Barrett throws Sheamus in to the turnbuckle but Sheamus runs out with a clothesline. Sheamus takes charge and hits some chops to the chest. White noise from Seamus. He sets up the Brogue kick but the lumberjacks pull Barrett from the ring. Seamus dives out of the ring at the lumberjacks and pulls Barrett back in. Barrett hoists up Sheamus who wriggles out and then ducks a kick from Barrett. Sheamus is outside as Barrett goes to get him. A brawl breaks out among the lumberjacks with Sheamus and Barrett back in the ring. Kane and Daniel Bryan run down to join in the lumberjack fight [but mainly to go after Sandow and Rhodes]. Back in the ring one of the lumberjacks [looked like Cody Rhodes] runs in to the ring but is thrown back out by Sheamus. Barrett is up and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick for the win.

winner: Sheamus

Kane and Bryan chase Sandow and Cody Rhodes out of the arena as Ziggler gets in the ring and attacks Seamus. He has his briefcase and tells the referee he wants to cash in his money in the bank right now but Big Show gets up on to the apron and knocks him out with a punch. Big Show then makes his way up the ramp. At the top of the ramp he grabs a mic and lets Sheamus known that he plans to knock him out just like Ziggler in their World Heavyweight title match. Big Show then turns and leaves the stage as the show goes off air.


Writer notes


- The opening segment was fairly entertaining.
- The first match was good but odd to see 2 former Wrestlemania main eventers opening a Smackdown show.
- The Kane and Bryan v Show and Ziggler match was pretty decent.
- JBL on commentary.


- Theodore Long still annoys me after all these years. The gimmick has never and will never suit him.
- Eve should never be let near the commentary table again, not even for a 3 minute diva match.
- Since I started about her, Eve is annoying.
- Josh Matthews on commentary.

Other issues of note

- Why is Big Show constantly referred to as the biggest athlete in the world when he quite simply, is not? That would be like constantly saying that Mark Henry is the world's strongest man [oh wait, they do].

- Kane and Daniel Bryan look destined to break up. How many more tag team break up story lines are we going to have? For that matter how many more tag team partners is Kane going to team with for crying out loud?