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What an unbelievable week, huh? The whole landscape of the WWE has changed. The brackets for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament have been revealed, all but three first round matches have been decided and there doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise in store, but hopefully I’m wrong. I’ll be covering the bracket and more at the end of this report. But for now it is Thursday night, which means it’s time for some Smackdown action! Let’s start smacking…

The Smackdown Report!
November 12th, 2015

Still to come tonight are three First Round matches in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament! Neville vs. King Barrett, Stardust vs. Del Rio, and Ryback vs. Kalisto
Also still to come tonight The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Wyatt Family
All four Wyatt Family members stand in the ring. Harper starts us off by saying that he and Rowan will sacrifice The Usos in honor of Bray Wyatt. Rowan continues and says that Wyatt brings vengeance and sorrow to all those who oppose him. Strowman says that everyone should look at his face and see their annihilation because he will pile people up to the sky for the Eater of World. Bray Wyatt now finally has the floor. Wyatt says that we should believe him when he says that the Brothers of Destruction will never be the same again because he took pieces from them.

Wyatt issues a challenge to them for Survivor Series. Family vs. Family. The two of them versus any two of Wyatt’s choosing. Wyatt says that they have until the end of the night to respond. He closes by saying that in twenty five years, we’ll be celebrating the time when Bray Wyatt buried Kane and The Undertaker.

Thoughts: A lot of people are saying that they have disconnected from this storyline because of how Kane and Taker returned on RAW and easily took out the Wyatt Family. And while I completely understand that, a lot of those people are failing to understand that this story is far from over. That this was the revenge that the BoD needed to return and now continue this rivalry to Survivor Series. We don’t know what’ll happen tonight or on RAW to advance this storyline. I think we’re all disappointed -- or at least I am -- that it’ll be a tag team match instead of Traditional Survivor Series Four-on-Four Elimination match. I was really hoping that they’d use this storyline to introduce Finn Balor, but that won’t be happening it seems. But anyways, this is what the WWE has given us.

Braun Strowman vs. Fandango
This was pretty much a squash. Fandango gets tossed around a bunch. This match barely lasts long before Strowman makes Fandango tap out.

Winner via Submission: Braun Strowman

First Round Match: Neville vs. King Barrett
Pretty much a stalemate through the beginning, as we go to commercial with Barrett in control by pulling on Neville’s hair and slamming him head first into the ring mat and then into the barricade. When we come back from the commercial break, Barrett is still in control of the match and stays in control throughout. He has a bunch of sleeperholds locked in, while taunting the crowd. Neville is really taking a beating here, but he manages to kick out of every one of Barrett’s pin attempt. While Barrett was talking trash to the commentators, Neville took that open window of opportunity to knock Barrett out. Neville has things going his way and goes on the attack. Barrett gets back on the offense, causing Neville to play the face in peril throughout.

The ending of the match comes when Barrett tries to go for the Wasteland, but Neville counters it into a Tornado DDT, followed by a Red Arrow… and that’s all she wrote.

Winners via Pinfall: Neville

Thoughts: Poor Barrett… becoming King of the Ring is truly cursed. Good for Neville, though, on advancing to the Quarterfinals and facing Kevin Owens in that round.

Backstage interview with The Usos
Renee asks them how they’re feeling about facing Rowan and Harper. Usos say that they’ve been in the ring with those two men before and they’re not afraid to get in the ring with them again. They bring up how Strowman left one of them one of them out cold in the ring, while the other was home with the injury feeling helpless. But tonight, they won’t be feeling helpless… they’ll be seeking revenge.

First Round Match: Ryback vs. Kalisto
The Big Guy versus The Little Guy. They shake hands and Kalisto is first on the offense. Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol and goes for a pin, but Ryback flings him away as we go to commercial. Kalisto is getting some kicks, as we come back. Ryback comes back quickly, though, and uses his strength to toss Kalisto around. Kalisto continuously tries to come back, but Ryback keeps knocking him down.

The ending of the match comes when both men are on the top turnbuckle and Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol from OUTTTAA NOWHERE AND WINS!!! KALISTO WINS!!! KALISTOOOO WINS!!!!

Winners via Pinfall: Kalisto

Thoughts: Is Kalisto the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion?! Si! Si! Si! Si! Si! LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA!

Recap Video of the in-ring segment that featured The Wyatt Family from RAW. It was pretty kick ass and you should definitely watch it if you get a chance...or just watch it on RAW when they undoubtedly will play it again.

First Round Match: Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter vs. Stardust
Before the match, both residents of MexAmerica, speak. Zeb says that he calls this town the Divided Kingdom. He says that everyone hates the UK. ADR says that this city has two soccer teams that divides everyone. They say that everyone should join a hate free MexAmerica.

Before the commercial break, Del Rio dominated Stardust. After the break, it was the same story. The end came with Stardust getting some momentum and climbing to the top turnbuckle. ADR knocked him off the top, but had him tied up. Del Rio hit a double stomp for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Alberto Del Rio

Thoughts: A very awkward promo by both Zeb and ADR before the match started. I still think this storyline would be more successful if they were Faces. Oh well, I’ll let it go. I figured ADR would advance.

Recap Video of what went down between Paige, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte from RAW. The video package ends with showing Charlotte vs. Paige for the WWE Divas Championship at Survivor Series.

Announced for RAW are the four Quarterfinal matches.

Backstage interview with Roman Reigns
Renee asks Reigns about facing Cesaro on RAW. Reigns says that his pursuit for the WWE Title has been like climbing Mt. Everest. Reigns continues with his clearly well rehearsed speech and says that on RAW, he’ll be facing an avalanche named Cesaro and he can swing him all he wants and uppercut him until his face falls off, but Reigns will give it all he’s got and will win. Renee brings up HHH’s offer of joining The Authority. After we see a recap video from RAW, Reigns says that HHH is trying to manipulate him. Reigns says he believes in the big fight, instead of selling out, and we’ll see that on RAW and at Survivor Series.

The Usos vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
A high action packed match between these two awesome tag teams. Yup, I said it… Harper/Rowan make a great tag team. They need to stick together and go for the Tag Team titles. The match begins and it’s back and forth throughout. Harper/Rowan dominate a lot of the match throughout, keeping one of the Usos away from the other. Finally a hot tag gets made, The Usos get the momentum and the match gets really interesting and the fans seem to get invested ……. or that could just be the damn stupid ridiculous piped in edits that the WWE inserts into their taped shows.

Anyways, the end of the match comes when The Usos hit a sick double suicide dive onto Rowan and Harper. Wyatt whispers something into Strowman and yells at Harper and Rowan to “GO!” The match is now over because The Wyatts are now involved and are destroying The Usos.

Winner via DQ: The Usos

After the match, the assault continues. Harper/Rowan hit a double chokeslam onto one of the Usos. Strowman hits a sick plant onto the other Uso, right before Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail. When Wyatt is about to hit another Sister Abigail, the gongs and fire of The Undertaker and Kane goes off. The lights go off and the entire arena has been cast in a blue light.

“Bray Wyatt… the reaper is waiting to drag you through the fires of hell. At Survivor Series, your family will Rest...In...Peace.”

Lightning strikes the ring and the flames go off. The Wyatt Family remains in the ring as Smackdown ends.

Main Event + Overall Thoughts: This main event was mainly a way to get the Wyatts in the main event so Taker could respond to Bray's challenge. It wasn’t a memorable main event match, but it was fine for what it was. Taker didn’t show up on television, but showed up live for the audience. They should’ve had Taker show up at the very end from the stage, but instead they only used his voice. Whatever, the point was made and Taker/Kane vs. 2 members of the Wyatt Family will take place at Survivor Series. No Finn Balor makes me sad.

Overall, this show was packed with matches and not a lot of talking. Besides for the opening segment and the two interviews that Renee Young had, that was pretty much it. It was a quiet episode of Smackdown that continued the tournament to crown a new champion. Because three First Round matches happened and we confirmed another Survivor Series Match...I have to give the show a B- I really wasn’t all that entertained and interested in tonight’s Smackdown, but they had to have had those three First Round matches I guess.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

A lot of us thought that maybe they’d choose to have a one night tournament at Survivor Series. Instead, they’re doing it all on RAW and Smackdown -- which isn’t horrible. We have some pretty special Quarterfinal Round matches to look forward to. Here are my predictions for those four matches.

Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro = Roman Reigns
Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose = Dean Ambrose
Kevin Owens vs. Neville = Well, the winner of this faces Ambrose, so I’ll have to go with Kevin Owens
Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto = Kalisto! Kalisto! Kalisto! ...but definitely Del Rio.

When this tournament was announced a week ago, everyone started fantasizing about Daniel Bryan returning, John Cena making an early return from vacation, and even having Brock Lesnar or The Rock come back to participate in the tournament. Nobody guessed that it would be so clear cut and dry. We’re definitely going to see Roman Reigns in the Finals, which is kind of a bummer that it’s so predictable. I don’t have an issue because the guy really deserves to be involved in the Finals. Who his opponent will be -- that is the question. It has to be Dean Ambrose. They story writes itself, actually. Best friends who stuck together through all of the crap that their former brother, Seth Rollins, put them through alongside The Authority. But what happens during that Finals match? Here are five options… I’d love to know what you think in the Comments Section below!

A) Dean Ambrose joins The Authority, finally becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, letting Roman Reigns chase the title all over again. How many times are we going to see him chase after the title before getting that vomitous feel good moment and becoming champion himself?

B) Roman Reigns joins The Authority, finally becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This would certainly get the fans reacting to Reigns in a positive way -- for example, cheering for him that he’s a badass heel or booing him because he’s a heel. This would raise Ambrose’s stock because he’ll feud with Reigns at the TLC & Royal Rumble pay per views.

C) Roman Reigns does NOT join The Authority, but still wins the whole tournament, becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and LEAVES as the champion. He’s got everything stacked against him and has now overcome the odds.

D) Roman Reigns does NOT join The Authority, wins the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Sheamus becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and joins The Authority as a Triple H Guy.

E) Did I get it completely wrong? You tell me!

Disagree with “B-” grade? Have an opinion on what’s going to happen at the Finals of this tournament? Felt like I said something wrong or something that you agree with? Feel free to comment below about your thoughts on Smackdown, this Report, or anything else you’d like. Feel free to shoot me an email here. Or follow me on Twitter and tweet me!

That’s all for me, folks. Thanks for reading, and until next time, smack you later.