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The Smackdown! Report (11/19/15) - The One Where It Foreshadows The Results At Survivor Series?!
By Uncle Leo
Nov 19, 2015 - 11:24:13 PM

Hello everyone! It's Thursday night, which means it's time for an episode of Thursday night Smackdown! Unfortunately, this won't be your usual Uncle Leo Smackdown Report. It's been a really tough week for the Uncle of LordsofPain. I've overbooked myself this week and I've barely gotten any sleep. It's important that we take care of ourselves -- both physically and mentally. That is why I have to "phone it in" this week and copy and paste the Smackdown results from a different website. Have no fear, though, I'll be back next week. Thanks for understanding and for being great readers.

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So with all of that under the way, please enjoy reading the Smackdown results, courtesy of

WWE Smackdown Results 11/19/2015
Thursday, November 19, 2015

From Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, TN
Report by James B. of

The Authority? Nope. Roman Reigns? No sir. Dean Ambrose? Not today. Tonight’s show opens up with Miz TV! Kevin Owens informs him that the folks in Knoxville are here to see the Kevin Owens Show, not Miz TV. Not so fast my friends, Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter are here for the MexAmerican Hour. Finally, the original (we think) guest of Miz TV arrives, Dean Ambrose. But he’s not alone, with Roman Reigns and R Truth (!) following shortly thereafter. The Miz plays the role of the Grinch, letting R Truth know that he’s not actually a part of the Survivor Series tournament. Truth offers best wishes to Ambrose and Reigns before departing. Miz throws a hissy fit about his show going down the drain, and Ambrose plants a fist upside his head. Del Rio and Owens depart, but the four men will see each other again in tonight’s main event.

Still in the middle of his tantrum, the Miz has to prepare to face Cesaro. The Swiss Superman makes quick work of the Hollywood A-Lister, winning the match with the cross-face submission in two minutes.

The Neville vs. Stardust rivalry gets a new twist as we get a six-man tag match, adding The Ascension and Dudley Boyz into the mix. Neville takes the majority of the early punishment from the heels before making the hot tag to Bubba. The match completely falls apart and the ref doesn’t appear to be in much of a rush to restore order. Stardust clears out the Dudleys, Neville clears him out, The Ascension toss him out, and the Dudleys recover in time to hit 3D on Konnor (I think) for the win.

Zack Ryder, you almost had one! Thanks to an outside distraction from Dolph Ziggler, Ryder almost steals a victory from Tyler Breeze. Breeze eventually recovers and picks up the win via pinfall, but pays the price as Ziggler attacks him after the match, planting a big superkick on his jaw for good measure.

The mind games continue to rise! The Wyatt Family comes out to The Undertaker’s theme music, and get escorted to the ring by druids wearing sheep masks. After a lengthy promo by Bray and Braun Strowman, the gong hits again but this time the real Undertaker appears with Kane holding a burning sheep’s mask. ‘Taker tells Bray to prepare for his final resting place, as Kane calls for pyro, lighting the ring posts ablaze. Good mind game segment before Sunday’s big payoff.

It appears that Brie Bella drew the shortest draw as Charlotte’s Survivor Series warm-up opponent. It’s far from a squash match with Brie getting almost all of the early offense, but the expected result eventually arrives with Charlotte locking in the Figure 8 for the submission win. Decent effort by Brie, making the champ work for the victory.

Big E channels his inner Sexual Chocolate, letting the ladies in the crowd that size matters, complete with him thrusts and gyrations. Kalisto’s Smackdown winning streak comes to a screeching halt as Big E picks up the win with the big splash. After the match, Kofi and Xavier Woods hold Kalisto down for another splash, but the party is interrupted as Ryback makes the save, squashing all three members of The New Day and helping Kalisto and Sin Cara to their feet.

Finally, tonight’s main event features the final four competitors in Sunday’s championship tournament: Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Each superstar gets most of their signature spots in before the match breaks down and spills outside. The ref can’t maintain order and calls for the DQ bell. Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker on Ambrose, but he reverses it into Dirty Deeds. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb, but eats a superman punch and spear for his troubles. The former Shield members celebrate in the ring as Owens and Del Rio are sent packing.