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WWE House Show Results from Bangor, Maine 3/4/12
By PainLord
Mar 5, 2012 - 7:48:59 PM

Thanks to Steven P. for emailing this report to me!
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I attended the Raw house show last night and wanted to share the results and notes.

Brodus Clay def. Michael Mcgillicutty
Clay returned to action on the tour to a big crowd pleaser with just one Funkette V.2. To my delight it wasn't a squash match, getting to see a little more of Funkasaurus move set shows a lot of potential even with the lovable gimmick.

Divas Tag Team Contest
Eve & Kelly Kelly def. Della Twins
Eve out first to instant Hoeski chants. She poorly acts begging for forgiveness to her faithful friend Kelly Kelly who comes out. To quote this year's Hall of Fame inductee Ron Simmons, DAMN!! Don't get me started on the Bellas!! Kelly Kelly works the entire match and Eve disses her tag in the match, only for Kelly Kelly to pick up the win anyway.

Xavier Cross def. Curt Hawkins w/Glen the cain
Xavier is Consequences Creed in TNA but looked more like Orlando Jordon from TNA but was still impressive with potential. He got a pretty good crowd reaction for being an unknown.

U.S States championship
Jack Swagger def. Mason Ryan
Ryan got a HUGE pop from the crowd. Maybe they just thought he was Bastista. Swagger sported a new comb over look that he played most of the match. Swagger picked up a rather easy tap out w/ The Ankle Lock.


Chris Jericho def Kofi Kingston
Easily the best pure wrestling MOTN, with plenty of action and false finishes. Jericho got a huge pop and Y2J chants til he took the mic. jericho demanded everyone take off their C.M Punk T-shirts. Jericho did our traditional get this match over with and get out of this crappy Arena and town which actually got booed instead of cheered this time.
Jericho picked up the win with the code breaker in a great match.

Tag Team Championship
Epico & Primo(C) W/Rosa Mendes def. R-Truth & Santino Marella
R-Truth out first doing his old Whats up routine forgetting his own words. Santino came out to a huge pop. As did Rosa Mendes. Epico & Primo got the complementary clap. Good match with Santino playing the face in peril missing a classic diving hot tag nose first to the canvas.

Last Man Standing match
John Cena def. Kane
Maine welcomed their fellow New Englander to a monster pop that drowned out the few Anti Cena fans.
Kane got a good reaction returning to Bangor. A very solid match that I thought was better than both PPV matches. Ring bell, steel steps, mic, steel chair and two table spots. With an A.A thru a table for Cena's win. Great seeing him in Bangor.

Main Event
CM Punk def. Dolph Ziggler.
Chris Jericho was named the guest outside referee via text to Justin Roberts from Vice President of talent relations and Interim General manager of Monday Night Raw John Laurinits. Jericho had Roberts text JL back screwing up his long list of names in the process to a LOL moment. Ziggler came out but no Vicki tonight. Punk with a huge reaction from the crowd possibly tying or beating Cena's response. Punk was insanely over playing the crowd with simple air kicks. I could go on and on about the great entertainment along the great in ring action these two put on including Ziggler teasing a walk-out. We got a ref bump of course leading to Jericho's involvment eventually leading to his refusal to acknowledging Ziggler's tap-out. Building their Wrestlemania match nicely. Punk picked up the win with the GTS with the original referee and spent a lot of time with the crowd closing the best Bangor show in a long time.

Other notes:
This was the show that was supposed to be the Worcester, Mass. show that got canceled. The first Raw event here since the brand split in 2002. We always got stuck with Smackdown. It was a sold out show first time I can remember in 20 years of coming to Bangor events.

Biggest Pops
1. C M Punk: Barely But he got to spend more time with the crowd
2. John Cena: Again barely. It was nice to see Cena's entrance with cheers.
3. Santino Marella: A great showing from the Milan Miracle
4. Kelly Kelly: And all other Divas got a big reaction
5. Chris Jericho: before his mic work
6. Kofi Kingston: a big crowd pleasure
7. Brodus Clay: first wrestler out and great gimmick
8. Mason Ryan: surprisingly

Most heat
1. Chris Jericho: after his mic work.
2. Eve: big Hoeski chants
3. Dolph Ziggler: has found his charisma
4. Jack Swagger: The hair routine was really annoying

All and all an incredible show.