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WWE SmackDown Results 12/5/14
Dec 5, 2014 - 11:36:48 PM

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[Q1] Santino was shown in a suit backstage, and said he was in charge of Smackdown for tonight. We then got some Raw clips that focused on John Cena's match with Seth Rollins and the stipulation that he would lose his number one contendership with a loss. In the arena, Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper made their entrances. Video was shown of last weeks match between these two, which Ziggler won via countout.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper: Harper dominated the early going and taunted both Ziggler and the crowd. Ziggler tried to get back into the match with a drop kick, but Harper swatted him away. Ziggler got a couple of shots in, and set up for a big DDT, but Harper again pushed him aside and went back on offense. Ziggler fought his way out of a hair pull and wound up on the apron. Harper hit a big boot that sent Ziggler to the floor...[c]

Ziggler tried to fight his way back into the match, and was able to avoid a spear that sent Luke Harper into the ring post. Ziggler then caught Harper right in the mouth with a dropkick for a nice near fall. JBL made Kevin Von Erich reference that hardly anybody watching understood. Harper hit a superkick and got a near fall of his own. Ziggler avoided a clothesline, and hit a rocker dropper for another two count. Ziggler countered a powerbomb and hit a superkick for another good close count.

[Q2] Harper just got tired of getting kicked in the face, and decided to kick Ziggler in the nuts. The ref then called for a DQ.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Luke Harper by DQ at 9:42.

Harper then went under the ring and grabbed a ladder. He brought it into the ring and tried to powerbomb Ziggler onto it, but Dolph reversed out into a facebuster. Ziggler then tossed the ladder onto Harper as he was out on the floor at ringside. Santino's music then hit, and he booked Harper and Ziggler in a ladder match at TLC. Harper flashed a look that was part somebody killed my dog and part I have to fight another guy on a ladder next week.

The remnants of The Authority were in the ring, and Seth Rollins had the microphone. Rollins joked about TLC being called Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs due to Big Show's match with Erick Rowan. He then plugged his match with John Cena, and made sure to point out that Cena would lose his number one contendership if he wins. Rollins said that it excites him that he could take away everything that John Cena has worked fore. He then remarked that he doesn't need to submit or pin John Cena, even though he could. He just has to put him through a table, and when he does, Cena's body and spirit would be broken.

Rollins said when Cena wakes up after TLC, he will be forced to recognize that he is the future, and that everything he worked for is gone. Rollins finished and said not only will Cena lose his number one contendership, he would get splinters in his butt along the way (groan).

[Q3] Big Show grabbed the microphone and listed off all of the different matches he's been a part of, but this will be his first stairs match. He then demonstrated what he would do to Erick Rowan by tossing around the steel stairs at ringside. He then said he doesn't care if Erick Rowan can solve a Rubik's cube or can play classical guitar. He said Erick Rowan would not climb stairs at TLC, he would eat them.

Kane then said that brought him to Ryback, and said the only thing he would feed him at TLC is chair after chair after chair....

Santino interrupted and told everyone to take it easy. He then booked a main event of Erick Rowan and Ryback vs. Big Show and Seth Rollins. Footage was then shown of Miz and Jimmy Uso that played out across Raw and Main Event. The New Day was plugged to be in action next...[c]

The New Day made their entrance. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro were at ringside with Nattie. Xavier Woods and Kofi competed.

[Q4] 2. The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro: Cesaro had control in the early going, but the Xavier quickly took over. Kofi tagged in and the match broke down quickly. They setup for a demolition style double team move, as Kofi hit a double stomp from the top as Xavier held him prone.

The New Day defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd at 2:32.

After the match, The Dust Brothers appeared on the tron and cut a brief promo about the cosmos and how they would discover the dark side of the new day. The New Day then took turns on the mic and talked about bringing positivity and unity to the WWE. Big E did a preacher bit that I don't even think was in English.

Footage was shown of Naomi backstage looking at roses. Jimmy Uso walked up and she thanked him for the flowers. He then freaked out and said he didn't buy them. The card was from Miz, so he spiked the flowers on the ground and stormed off. The announce team then said that Zeb Colter had suffered a leg injury and would be out indefinitely. Footage was shown of main event where Swagger said his mission was taking the US TItle from Rusev...[c]

Footage was shown of Naomi backstage looking at roses. Jimmy Uso walked up and she thanked him for the flowers. He then freaked out and said he didn't buy them. The card was from Miz, so he spiked the flowers on the ground and stormed off. The announce team then said that Zeb Colter had suffered a leg injury and would be out indefinitely. Footage was shown of main event where Swagger said his mission was taking the US TItle from Rusev...[c]

[Q5] Footage was shown of Bray Wyatt's apparently sacred rocking chair getting destroyed. Dean Ambrose made his entrance in the arena. Ambrose said he really enjoyed himself on Monday night when he destroyed Bray Wyatt's stupid rocking chair. He said maybe Sister Abigail used to rock baby bray to sleep in it, he doesn't know, but the sick mind games would end at TLC when he climbed that ladder.

Lana and Rusev made their entrance, and Lana said that Rusev would not be competing tonight thanks to Jack Swagger. They talked about how Jack Swagger is a disgrace, and that the US Title belongs to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Ambrose said he was going to get a piece of him, injury or not, and headed up the ramp.

Bray Wyatt ambushed him and sent him into the barricade. He then used a chair and placed it on his throat. He then rammed Dean and the chair into the steps. Dean grabbed his throat and the ref called for the medics. Dean was eventually stretchered out...[c]

MIz and Mizdow made their way to the ring. Miz wanted to know what's the matter with Jimmy. He said he doesn't get it, because he's just trying to help Naomi. He gave her the card of an agent that made Kate Upton and Selena Gomez famous. He talked about her body and how hot she was, but he was certain that's not all he cares about. The Usos made their entrance and Jimmy Uso is fired up.

3. The Miz vs. Jey Uso: Miz taunted Jimmy, who was immediately thrown from the ringside area. Miz took over quickly and stomped on Jey. They went back and forth for a bit until MIzdow provided a distraction. This allowed Miz to to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

The MIz defeated Jey Uso at 2:10.

Miz and Mizdow celebrated...[c]

Naomi was shown in the ring. They replayed the flowers bit from backstage and then Brie Bella made her entrance. AJ joined on commetary and footage was shown of her conflict with Nikki Bella.

4. Brie Bella vs. Naomi: Not much focus on the match. Nikki and AJ flashed each other looks at ringside. AJ spoke about her obsession with the Divas Title on commentary while Brie and Naomi worked rest holds and some back and forth strikes in the ring. Naomi hit a couple of drop kicks and kipped up. She then hit a baseball slide on both Bellas after Brie escaped to the floor. AJ took out Nikki after she tried to interfere a second time, and then Naomi pinned Brie with a roll up for the win.

Naomi defeated Brie Bella at 2:01.

[Q7] Santino talked to the bunny about some nonsense. They then cut to Rollins, Kane and Seth Rollins, who were talking about how selfish they were. Show said there is no I in team, but there is me, and they need to focus tonight on taking out Ryback and Erick Rowan. In the arena, Ryback made a full ring entrance. The announce team plugged the Austin/McMahon interview on the WWE Network, and showed clips from the interview...[c]

5. Erick Rowan and Ryback vs. Big Show and Seth Rollins: Rowan rag dolled Rollins around to start the match. Ryback tagged in and did the same for a bit. Rollins used a distraction from Big Show to catch Ryback with a sweet dropkick, and from there he took over...[c]

Big Show continued to isolate Ryback and wore him down with punches. Show set up for a chokeslam, but Ryback slipped out and tagged in Rowan. After several clotheslines, Rowan took down Show and chased him to ringside. A distraction from the goons allowed show to regroup and level Rowan with a clothesline. Show hit a kick and tagged in Rollins. After a few strikes and some time killed, Show tagged back in a hit Rowan with a cljbbing blow to the head. He followed up with a DDT and covered for a near fall.

Show hit a body slam, but missed the follow up elbow and Ryback got the hot tag. Ryback got in some offense initially, but Rollins turned the table with a nice reversal. Ryback avoided a curbstomp and hit a spinebuster. Kane then interfered and ate a meat hook. Rollins then took out Ryback with an enziguri. Kane was then tossed out by the ref when he tried to get in the ring.
After a moment, Big Show tried to get into the ring, and told the ref he made a tag. The ref said he didn't see it, and Rowan booted Show out of the ring anyway for good measure. Ryback then hit a meathook and shellshocked for the victory for his team.

Ryback and Erick Rowan defeated Big Show and Seth Rollins at 13:12.

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