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WWE SmackDown Results 10/3/14
Oct 3, 2014 - 11:33:50 PM

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[Q1] Footage aired of the Dean Ambrose rib on Seth Rollins from Monday's Raw, along with the main event featuring Ambrose and Cena vs. Orton and Kane. John Cena's music hit in the arena and he headed towards the ring with a microphone. Cena got a cheap pop for mentioning Pabst Blue Ribbon, and then explained why he and Dean Ambrose both have it out for Seth Rollins. He talked about Ambrose going through the cinder blocks, and then went into a story about Lesnar. He spoke about people telling him to hang it up after Summerslam, and how he was a shell of his former self.

Cena then talked about being resolved to take the fight to Lesnar at Night of Champions, and that he had Lesnar beat, but Rollins took that away from him. He then demanded that they finish this tonight, and challenged Seth Rollins to come down to the ring so he could prove he hasn't lost a step. Instead of Rollins, Cena got Dean Ambrose. Ambrose told Cena he's not the only one who has issues with authority, and that he has a plan to make Ambrose pay. Cena told him he didn't want to do this with him. Ambrose said he was right, he didn't want to do it with him, and told him he didn't want to do it either. He didn't need to.

Cena explained his frustration over Lesnar and how Rollins took that away. Ambrose said he had only lost one night, and that Rollins almost cost him his career, and nobody was going to wipe the smug smile off his face but him. Cena called for a truce, but the Authority appeared on the tron before they could shake hands. Kane told a story about what Ambrose had said about Cena while a part of the authority, calling him a terrible wrestler that couldn't fight his way out of a box of cereal. Orton said Cena had called Ambrose a nutjob who would self destruct like everybody else that tried to get over by pretending to be crazy.

The authority then made the main event, which will be Cena and Ambrose vs. Orton and Kane. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler were shown walking towards the ring...[c]

[Q2] A commercial plugged Smackdown's 15th Anniversary Show next week. Dolph Ziggler made his ring entrance, followed by Sheamus. Damien Mizdow and Miz were already in the ring.

1. Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus: Sheamus and Miz started, and Sheamus was on fire to start the match. He dominated the early going and Miz retreated to his corner and tagged in Mizdow. Sheamus destroyed him too, and Miz pulled him out of the ring to regroup. Sheamus then hit a clothesline on both of them from the apron, and got fired up in the ring...[c]

The MIz and Mizdow took over during the break and had Sheamus isolated in their corner. Ziggler got a hot tag after Mizdow missed a clothesline, and lit up both MIz and Mizdown. Miz took out Sheamus on the outside with a chair, but couldn't capitalize as Ziggler superkicked him off the apron as he tried to interfere. Ziggler hit the ZIg Zag on Mizdow and got the win a moment later.

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler defeated Miz and Damien Mizdow at 8:48.

[Q3] After the match they aired footage of the Big Show's international incident, and said he would address it.

A Luke Harper vignette aired. Peek-a-boo, you're doomed. A video package aired that went over Mark Henry's struggles with Rusev, and Big Show taking up the fight for him. Then they went through the flag incident from Raw. Cole reiterated that Big Show would respond to the flag incident later in the show. Paige made her ring entrance accompanied by Alicia Fox...[c]

[Q4] A Komen video aired with various WWE Superstars. Video then aired of AJ taking the loss to Alicia Fox on Raw. Naomi then made her ring entrance.

2. Naomi vs. Paige: Naomi hit a few nice drop kicks and a couple of very athletic head scissors. Alicia assisted Paige in reaching the ropes and the ref separated them. Naomi splatted Alicia on the outside for interfering, but was quickly submitted to the PTO when she got back in the ring.

Paige defeated Naomi at 2:06.

AJ ran down and took out Alicia Fox, and Paige hid behind the announce table. Big Show was shown walking towards the ring in a black suit....[c]

BIg Show made his way down to the ring in his suit to apologize for offending the entirely of the Russian Federation. A video clip reminded us of the incident one more time. A USA chant broke out, because why not. Big Show said we should all be held accountable for our actions as human beings. He fumbled through a few sentences and finally got out that it's important for us all to hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes. He called himself overzealous, and said his nationalistic pride caused him to make a mistake. He said, shockingly, that he actually likes the majority of the Russians he's met (with an apparent asshole minority). Show then asked what it would happen if someone pulled down Old Glory, and realized how mad we'd all be. Show then said he sincerely apologized to the Russian people that he may have offended. Rusev then interrupted and waved the Russian Flag as hilariously as humanly possible.

[Q5] Lana told the crowd to shut up, and demanded a personal apology from Big Show to herself and Rusev. The crowd chanted USA again as Rusev yelled at them in Russian. Show said his apology was to Russians that he inadvertently disrespected, but that he offended Lana and Rusev on purpose. Rusev grabbed a mic and basically said that Americans are idiots and America sucks, and then proceeded to beat down Show with his flag. Show slowly got to his feet after Rusev celebrated, and Rusev and Lana bailed up the ramp.

Cole and Phillips plugged the main event...[c]

[Q6] Slator Gator made their entrance, followed by The Usos. Video was shown of Slator Gator getting a win over Los Matadores on Monday, followed by mascot shenanigans.

3. The Usos vs. Slator Gator: The match barely got underway when the bunny made an appearance. The bunny hopped over the gator and sent him into the ring post. Slator Gator turned around into double superkicks. The Usos and the bunny hit a triple splash on Slator Gator.

The Usos defeated Slator Gator at 1:20.

Adam Rose made his entrance after the match and partied with the Usos and the bunny. Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Dean Ambrose. She asked him about John Cena, and he had nothing to say to or about John Cena. He turned his attention to Seth Rollins, and said embarrassing Seth Rollins is fun, but now he has to get his revenge...[c]

Cesaro made his ring entrance, followed by R-Truth. Truth made his what's up entrance to dozens of fans playing along. A video segment from earlier tonight aired, where R-Truth read a scripted promo that tried to rip on Cesaro for not being funny. The wooden reading made it pretty clear that Truth isn't funny either.

4. Cesaro vs. R-Truth: They traded offense early on, with Cesaro hitting a nice uppercut and gutwrench Suplex. Truth built up a little steam, but missed a kick and got crotched on the ripes. Cesaro hit the neutralizer and picked up the win.

Cesaro defeated R-Truth at 2:04.

[Q7] Bob Uecker was in attendance, because he's awesome. A Komen video that featured Hulk Hogan aired. After that, Kane made his ring entrance for the main event, followed by Randy Orton...[c]

[Q8] John Cena made his ring entrance, followed by Dean Ambrose.

5. John Cena and Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton and Kane: Ambrose opened up on Orton to start, and covered for a one count after a clothesline and an elbow. Cena tagged in and hit a bulldog (if you can call it that) and covered for a one count as well. After a scramble, Kane tagged in and traded punches with Cena. Cena hit a shoulder block, and then tagged Ambrose. They hit a double team suplex and Ambrose covered for two. Kane fired back up and hit a big clothesline and tagged in Orton.

Ambrose and Orton traded for a bit until Ambrose hit a clothesline of his own, and then tagged Cena. Cena sent both Kane and Orton to the outside, and then tagged Ambrose, who hit a suicide dive onto both men...[c]

Kane hit a big boot on Ambrose and tagged in Orton. They continued to cut off Ambrose and Orton tossed him to ringside. Ambrose fired back with a flurry of punches, but Orton reversed an irish whip and tossed him into the ring steps. Orton missed a charge into the corner on Ambrose, which allowed him to hit a second rope drop kick. Orton tagged Kane, and held onto Ambrose to prevent the tag. Kane hit a couple of uppercuts and a low drop kick for a near fall.

Just as Ambrose appeared to be ready to make a tag, Seth Rollins appeared on the ramp, and Cena took off after him. This allowed Orton to hit a hanging DDT. Orton set up for an RKO, but Ambrose fough him off and grabbed him for Dirty Deeds. Kane hit a big boot to prevent the move, and the ref called for the bell.

John Cena and Dean Ambrose won by DQ at 12:12.

After the match, Orton hit an RKO. Cena ran down and cleared the heels from the ring, and they walked up the ramp to meet Rollins, and they all celebrated.

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