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WWE SmackDown Results 12/13/13
Dec 14, 2013 - 2:48:13 PM

Report by Jake Barnett of

[Q1] Footage aired of the closing of Monday Night’s Raw. It covered both Randy Orton and John Cena’s promos, and the fallout from Orton colliding with Stephanie McMahon. Both Championship belts hung above the ring to start the show. Michael Cole said Randy Orton will be asked to apologize in front of the crowd to the authority later in the show. Daniel Bryan then made his ring entrance, followed by the Wyatt Family, represented by Erik Rowan.

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Erik Rowan: Rowan worked power offense early and knocked Bryan around. He hit a nice scoop slam and then drove an elbow into the small of his back while he was seated on the ground. Rowan continued the beating with a bearhug and a fall away slam, and then covered for a near fall. Bryan made a comeback and hit some kicks to the chest and head. He then knocked Harper off the apron, and then hit a dive to the outside onto him. Rowan then charged him while he was on the apron and Bryan low bridged him over the top. Bryan went for another dive, but Bray Wyatt interfered to cause a DQ.

Daniel Bryan defeated Erik Rowan by DQ at 3:09.

After the match, Bryan avoided Harper and Rowan in the ring and hit a running knee to Bray in his rocking chair on the outside. He then celebrated up the ramp. Cole plugged The Rhodes Family vs. The Real American for next, and Orton’s apology for later…[c]

[Q2] The Real Americans made their entrance. Zeb grabbed the mic in the ring and said that earlier today he walked around this god forsaken town, and out of nowhere a beared freak dressed in a Santa Claus costume looked him in the eyes and said Feliz Navidad. He was outraged that this man would speak a foreign language, and beg him for money. He said it sounded like an illegal immigrant, and said if he could deport him he would. He doesn’t like people sneaking across the border, especially the north pole. They then posed and did the “We the People” chant. The Rhodes Brothers made their entrance next.

2. Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. The Real Americans: Goldust started and hit a nice arm drag on Cesaro. Cody tagged in and telegraphed a drop kick, so he ate a kick. Swagger and Cesaro then worked some quick tags and isolated Cody in their corner. A “We the People” chant broke out as Swagger missed a Swagger Bomb. Goldust tagged in and hit a nice spinebuster on Swagger. Cesaro made a blind tag and surprised Goldust and tossed him out of the ring…[c]

Swagger and Cesaro continued to isolate Goldust. Swagger backed him into his corner and tagged Cesaro. He put the boots to Goldust until the ref pulled him off. Goldust fired up a bit later and it looked like he and Swagger hit heads when Goldust attempted a top rope clothesline. Cody got the hot tag a moment later and hit an Alabama Slam and covered for a near fall. Cesaro set up for the swing, but Goldust broke it up. This allowed Cody to hit a disaster kick. Cody dumped both Cesaro and Goldust to the outside, and then hit a springboard splash on both men.

Cody tossed Cesaro back into the ring and climbed to the top rope. A distraction by Swagger allowed Cesaro to pull Cody off the top and hit a European Uppercut for the victory.

The Real Americans defeated The Rhodes Brothers at 10:07.

A video package that hyped the Unification Match aired that showed the origins of both John Cena and Randy Orton, and their rivalry…[c]

[Q3] Bad News Barrett was shown at ringside and asked for some decorum while he banged a gavel. He said that people voted in record numbers for the Slammy Awards on Monday. He said it breathed new life into superstars, however, he had some bad news. The bad news is that while the people voted for the winners, the fans were ultimately losers, since they were forced to live vicariously through winners like Bad News Barrett. Mark Henry made his entrance, and Big E Langston joined on commentary. Damien Sandow then made his entrance.

3. Damien Sandow vs. Mark Henry: Henry shoved Sandow to the ground after a tie up. Henry then hit him with a shoulder block. Sandow then ran into a big boot that sent him to the outside. He stayed out of the ring for a ten count loss.

Mark Henry defeated Damien Sandow via count out at 1:19.

Post-match, Langston tossed Sandow back in the ring into a Mark Henry clothesline. Sandow recovered and knocked Langston off the apron, and then slipped out of the ring and up the ramp. Cole plugged The Bella Twins vs AJ and Tamina as the latter team was shown walking towards the ring backstage…[c]

[Q4] Booker T sold shit at the WWE Merch stand. Not surprisingly, they are blowing out the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship belts. AJ and Tamina made their entrance. The Bella Twins were already in the ring. Natalya was already in the ring.

4. The Bella Twins vs. AJ and Tamina: Tamina threw Nikki down and then knocked Brie off the apron. She hit a Samoan drop a moment later, and then tagged in AJ. She covered Nikki and got a near fall. Nikki hit an arm drag and escaped to make a hot tag to Brie Bella. She came in to hit dropkicks to both AJ and Tamina, knocking Tamina off the apron. The match broke down with all four women in the ring. Tamina took Nikki out of the ring and AJ applied the Black Widow on Brie for the victory.

AJ and Tamina defeated The Bella Twins at 2:51.

After the match, Cole plugged the main event…[c]

John Cena’s music hit in the arena and he made his entrance. Cena said there was an undeniable energy in the arena, and it had spilled over to Portland. He said they made history on Monday, because both men gave up their titles. He posed the question as to why they gave up their championships, and said it was because of how big the moment was this Sunday. Even a crybaby simpleton like Randy Orton knows it needs to happen, but he doesn’t know what it’s going to take to make it happen. Cena said he’s known Orton a long time, 12 years, and even called him a friend at various times.

[Q5]He said he knows was he is capable of, and he is brutal, conniving, and he inflicts pain. He is what he says he is, and that is the Apex Predator. In 12 years, you learn a man’s strengths and his weaknesses. Cena said he was putting Orton on blast, and said he had a glass jaw. He said when things get tough, he turns tail and run. Cena asked Orton what would happen when he falls off a ladder and his eyes swell shut, or when his back tingles and his arms go numb from a chair shot. Cena said no matter what, he will get back up, but Randy Orton will make excuses and fail. Cena said he knows what will happen on Sunday, and that people would learn what he already knew, and that’s the fact that Randy Orton doesn’t have the nuts to beat him.

Cena then posed and headed up the ramp. A clip then aired of CM Punk getting speared by Roman Reigns on Monday. He and Seth Rollins then made their ring entrance…[c]

The Usos made their entrance next.

5. The Usos vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins: Jimmy and Rollins started the match, and Jay quickly tagged in. Ambrose was on commentary. The Usos hit a doomsday device after working multiple tags on Rollins. Jay Uso ate a clothesline from Rollins, and Reings tagged in. They isolated Jay in their corner and made quick tags. The match broke down early with all four men entering the ring. The Usos cleared both Shield members from the ring and celebrated briefly…[c]

[Q6] Rollins and Reigns took control during the break and maintained it with quick tags. They isolated Jimmy Uso in their corner. Reigns held a chin lock for a long period of time. Jay broke it up with a jawbreaker, but Reigns hit him with a clothesline. Jimmy hit a big DDT on Reigns and a clothesline on Rollins, and made the tag to Jay. Jay hit a nice Samoan drop on Rollins for a near fall. The Shield tried to use a distraction, but Jay knocked Reigns from the apron.

Jay hit a splash onto the floor on Rollins, and Reigns hit a spear on Jimmy. Reigns and Rollins both tossed Jay into the apron, who barely beat the count to stay in the match. Rollins called for Punk’s GTS, picked Jay up, and made a tag to Reigns. He set Jay down and Reigns hit a spear for the win.

Rollins and Reigns defeated The Usos at 11:42.

Post-match, Punk cut a promo from the basement where The Shield cut their promos. He said he knows he’s walking into a wholesale slaughter. He told the Shield the last few times he was in the ring with a member of their group, he exposed their weaknesses. What they needed to ask themselves is not whether they can beat him, but how many of them he will take with him. Cole plugged Orton’s apology for later…[c]

[Q7] Ryback was in the ring with Curtis Axel. Big Show then made his ring entrance with Rey Mysterio in tow. Cole announced that at TLC, The Rhodes Brothers would take on Ryback and Axel, Big Show and Mysterio, and The Real Americans.

6. Big Show vs. Ryback: Show dominated early with chops and strikes. He then fought off a Ryback comeback with some clotheslines. Ryback surprised Show with a spinebuster and then called for a meat hook clotheslines. He charged at Show, but Show caught him with a Choke Slam for the win.

Big Show defeated Ryback at 1:32.

Post-match, Axel ran at Big Show because he hates himself. Show caught him and threw him into position for a 619. Rey hit a 619 and Show followed up with a KO punch for further humiliation. The Wyatt’s sound effect hit and they interrupted Cole and JBL. Wyatt said he saw something in you, but I was such a fool. I put my neck on the line…(he began to cry). He then sang a song, and said it was the song he sang all his pets. He then told Bryan he would see him Sunday…[c]

Alberto Del Rio made his entrance, followed by Kofi Kingston. The Miz attacked Kofi before he got in the ring, and he the Skull Crushing Finale at ringside. I guess that means no match. Del Rio just left. Cole introduced a video of his interview with Triple H from regarding Randy Orton’s apology. Orton was shown walking towards the ring…[c]

Alberto Del Rio made his entrance, followed by Kofi Kingston. The Miz attacked Kofi before he got in the ring, and he the Skull Crushing Finale at ringside. I guess that means no match. Del Rio just left. Cole introduced a video of his interview with Triple H from regarding Randy Orton’s apology. Orton was shown walking towards the ring…[c]

[Q8] Randy Orton’s music hit, and he walked to the ring. Orton said last Monday an unspeakable accident took place. The ascension ceremony broke down into a melee and it caused Stephanie McMahon to be trampled. He said he can’t get that image out of his mind, and that’s why he’s there, but he wants to apologize face to face. Triple H then made his entrance. Orton said that they’ve been friends and enemies for years, and Hunter knows him better than anyone, and he knows what happened on Monday was an accident. Orton then introduced the footage.

A Yes Chant broke out as Orton said he was innocent, and then showed the footage of Bryan shoving him off from a different angle. Orton said now that’s he’s seen the tape, a lot of things happened that night and a lot of things went wrong. Everybody had things that they needed to apologize about, and Orton said he would like Hunter and Stephanie to accept his humble apology. Hunter said if he called him out there to show him some footage, he’s already seen it because they are his cameras.

Hunter then said that he’s the authority and doesn’t apologize for anything, and he could fire Orton for what happened. He then said that he wasn’t going to do that, because it’s not what’s best for business, and because a lot of things went wrong, he would make a onetime exception and accept his apology. Orton said thank you, and said he knows he had his back, and he always has. Orton then said he looked up on Monday and he saw something.

He showed footage of Cena helping Stephanie to his feet, and asked Hunter what he should think. He’s supposed to be Hunter’s man, and after Sunday, everyone would know he was the Superstar of this or any generation. He asked Hunter if the Authority has the same faith in him that he has in himself. Hunter paused, and told him not to worry, and that they know exactly where their faith lies in a rather ambiguous way. Orton looked puzzled as the show closed.

Report by Jake Barnett of