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WWE SmackDown Results 1/15/15
Jan 15, 2015 - 11:42:30 PM

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[Q1] Bryon Saxton stood in the ring as Michael Cole welcomed us to the first Thursday Edition of Smackdown in a loooooong time. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole were on commentary as Saxton brought Daniel Bryan to the ring, who was in ring gear for the first time. Byron said that Bryan looked to be in good spirits, to which Bryan replied that he was happy to be back ready to fight in his ring gear. Saxton then introduced footage of Kane's attack on Bryan that led to his exit from television.

Bryan said nobody knows how dangerous Kane is like he does. He recalled Team Hell No, and how he put Bryan on the back for 9 months. Bryan then said Kane betrayed Bryan and everyone in the crowd by trading in his mask for a suit and a spot in the authority. He went on to say that doctors told him he may never wrestle again, but he's here, and he's ready to prove to everyone that he's ready to go. And he will prove it by winning tonight, at the Royal Rumble, and in three months when he becomes Champion at WrestleMania.

Bryan set up the crowd for a question, and asked if he actually believes he can do it, and then asked the crowd if they thought he could do it. Of course, the answer was a yes chant. At this point, the entire Authority walked out on the stage sans Stephanie McMahon. Kane then made his ring entrance, and the entire Authority will be at ringside for support....[c]

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane: Bryan fired up quickly out of the gate and hit a running dropkick, followed by a flurry of strikes. Kane slowed him for a few seconds, but Bryan flipped out of a suplex attempt and went right back to kicks and forearms. Kane fought out of a corner and took control with a couple of uppercuts and two neckbreakers. The announce team really focused on Kane attacking Bryan's neck, which was appreciated.

Kane did not relent on the neck, hitting a DDT and a clothesline for a two count. He then went to a neck twist, and it took Bryan a moment to fight to his feet. Bryan was able to low bridge Kane to the outside and then hit a running kick. He set up for his knee on the apron, but Kane caught him on the way down with a thrust to the neck that had Bryan writhing on the ground...[c]

[Q2] Kane hit a seated dropkick and covered for a near fall. Kane showed some frustration and hit Bryan with forearms to the chest. Kane then hit a sidewalk slam and covered for another two count. He then placed Bryan on the top turnbuckle, but a Yes chant willed Bryan to knock Kane down and hit a cross body for a two count. Bryan then began to get on a roll and hit the ropes for a criss cross and a big clothesline that took Kane off his feet. He then hit a series of kicks for a near fall. He tried for a running drop kick in the corner, but Kane grabbed him for a chokeslam. Bryan flipped out of it and went for a Yes Lock, but Goons 2.0 interrupted him and Kane was disqualified.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane by DQ at 11:01

After the match, Bryan rapid fire knocked around the Authority, and made his escape up the ramp before the numbers caught up. When the Authority pursued, Reigns and Ambrose joined him on the top of the ramp. This led to Triple H making a six man between The Authority and Bryan, Reigns and Ambrose for later in the show. Cole plugged a Macho Man tribute for after the break...[c]

[Q3] Byron Saxton plugged the six man main event, and then he and the rest of the announce team introduced the HOF video package for Randy Savage. They then showed tweets from a few different superstars about the induction, and Bray Wyatt appeared on screen.

He called himself an ideology, the forbidden fruit, and the cure. For thousands of years, society has always labeled him as the problem, and hid him away. But soon he will be inescapable, and he warned everyone to accept their fate, and follow the buzzards. The Usos then made their ring entrance for the next match joined by Naomi...[c]

The Miz and MIzdow made their way to the ring with Alicia Fox for this mixed tag match. Cole then plugged a Tag Team Championship match at the Royal Rumble between these two teams. Footage was then shown of Naomi and Alicia Fox's match from Monday.

2. The Miz, Alicia Fox and Mizdow vs. The Usos and Naomi: MIz and Jimmy started, but Jey quickly tagged in after a couple of strikes. Jimmy hit a back elbow on the way out, and Mizdow ran into the ring to imitate the bump. Jey then sent Miz over the top, and hit a suicide dive with the help of Jimmy onto the Miz on the outside. Mizdow initially tagged in, but it was just a tease as Alicia tagged herself to rile up the crowd.

Naomi hit a flurry of athletic strikes and Alicia quickly tagged out to Miz. Jey Uso came back into the match and they both layed out for a double clothesline. Mizdow did the same on the apron, so Miz couldn't make a tag. Jimmy tagged in and hit a nice Samoan drop, followed by a corkscrew splash. He covered but got Alicia broke up the count. Things broke down there as Naomi jumped on Alicia and they carried to the outside. Mizdow ran in and ate a superkick, which allowed Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Miz, Mizdow and Alicia Fox defeated The Usos at 5:14.

Backstage, Renee Young asked Roman Reigns if he could cooperate with his team tonight. Reigns said Ambrose is his boy and he has no problem with Bryan. He said The Authority is who he wants a shot at, especially the crybaby Big Show. But, when it comes down to one vs all at the Rumble, Ambrose and Bryan are all and he will be the one. Paul Heyman was shown walking quickly through the backstage area to the arena...[c]

Heyman walked out onto the ramp, and footage was aired of the contract signing from Monday while he made his way to the ring. Heyman introduced himself in the usual way, and said he was afraid. Brock Lesnar does what he does because he's a beast, and because he can. He did what he did to The Undertaker at WrestleMania because he wanted to. It wasn't even personal. He took a $100m franchise in John Cena and dumped him on his head 16 times because had nothing better to do on a Sunday.

But, now, he is fired up and he is pissed of. He wants to do nothing more than get a hold of Seth Rollins and F5 the future right back into the past. At this point, Seth Rollins walked out on stage into the ring. He was fired immediately. Rollins said he was sick and tired of people being afraid of Brock Lesnar. He looked right in Heyman's eyes and said that he does not hide behind the authority, and he was not afraid of Brock Lesnar. He was so sick of it, that he was cashing in. He wants Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

[Q5] Heyman said that was a nice bit of grandstanding, but Rollins knows that Brock Lesnar is not even there. Rollins then said if he can't curbstomp Brock Lesnar, he's going to curbstomp Paul Heyman. Heyman mocked him and asked him to do something original. Whenever Lesnar isn't around somebody wants to beat up Paul Heyman. Rollins said it was smart, because he feels like it and it would take away Brock Lesnar's greatest asset. At Royal Rumble, it would be all brawn and no brains, and he would run circles around him. Rollins then asked why he shouldn't curbstomp him?

Heyman replied that the Authority is in control now, but what makes Rolllins think they will be in the future? They can be removed by hook, by crook, by the board of directors, or Vince McMahon's whims. Paul then said that he has gained power every day since he's been back, and he now controls the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Brock Lesar will only relinquish the title when he damn well feels like it. He can control it by defending it, or he can protect the new Champion when Paul Heyman decides that the future is now. Heyman then quickly left the ring and Rollins stood there dumbfounded.

The Bellas made their ring entrance, and Paige and Nattie were already at ringside.

3. Nikki Bella vs. Natalya: It was back and forth in the early going, with Nattie going after Nikki's leg and Nikki focusing on the arm of Nattie. Nikki applied an armbar that had zero leverage, which saw Nattie roll through and pick her up for a slam. Nattie hit a low dropkick followed by a discus clothesline for a two count. After some competing interference from Brie and Paige, Natalya picked up the win with a Sharpshooter.

Natalya defeated Nikki Bella at 3:03.

[Q6] Renee Young tried to talk to Big Show, but he interrupted her. He said he KOd Cena and Reigns on Monday, and he would knock out all three members of the opposing team in the main event. He said the Royal Rumble is his element, and there is no man or group of men in the company that can eliminate him. Kane then walked up, and told Big Show that he was in the rumble too. Show walked off. The announce team plugged Barrett vs. Sin Cara for next...[c]

Sin Cara was in the ring while footage played of his victory over Barrett from last week's Smackdown. Barrett then made his way to the ring for his title defense.

4. Wade Barrett vs. Sin Cara: Barrett started out aggressive and pummeled Sin Cara with strikes. Sin Cara hit a kick and staggered him, but it didn't last and Barrett locked in a chin lock. Barrett dumped Sin Cara out onto the apron, who tried to climb up top. He was forced to jump over Barrett, but he walked right into the winds of change. Barrett set up for a bull hammer, but Sin Cara ducked and rolled Barrett up and then impressively hoisted up for a powerbomb. Sin Cara climbed up top, but Barrett got out of the way of a Swanton. Barrett hit the bull hammer as Sin Cara attempted a springboard to pick up the win.

Wade Barrett defeated Sin Cara at 4:22.

The announce team plugged the main event and the WWE network in the UK...[c]

[Q7] Dean Ambrose was shown in a dark area backstage. He said he doesn't play well with others, he was a loner in the playground, and his report cards always said he needed to improve his social skills. He said that will play to his advantage at the Royal Rumble, because it's every man for himself, and he will be the last man. Two people in the Rumble match are his partners tonight, and what they have in common is that they hate Authoirty. Nobody tells him what to do, he just goes out ther and does it.

In the arena, Seth Rollins made his entrance with his stooges, followed by Big Show and Kane. The announces tried to say that Kane is a favorite to win the Rumble, which you could tell they didn't even believe. Daniel Bryan made his entrance, and the crowd still went mental for him. My four year old daughter yes chanted her way past the TV in the living room to go up to the bathroom. He was followed by Ambrose and Reigns, who got good reactions as well...[c]

5. The Authority vs. Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose: Ambrose and Rollins started, and Ambrose took over early with a neckbreaker and some knees. Reigns quickly tagged in and he and Ambrose wishboned Rollins. Reigns hit a nice vertical suplex while Show taunted him. Rollins avoided a clothesline and made his escape. Kane tagged in and he and Reigns went toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Reigns hit a big clothesline and then slapped him. Bryan tagged in and stomped a mudhole in Kane in his team's corner. He then went to work with European Uppercuts until Kane swatted him away with an uppercut.

Kane dumped Bryan to the outside, and both teams had a standoff. This led to a quick brawl that the heels were left reeling form. There was a yes chant as the faces got back into the ring...[c]

Ambrose and Rollins went back and forth for a bit. Ambrose ended up in the tree of woe when Big Show tagged in, and he worked over Ambrose's leg. Rollins tagged back in and hit a big splash and covered for a two count. Ambrose couldn't escape the big cut off by the heels, who kept him on their half of the ring and made quick tags. Show hit a big body slam and an elbow drop that got a near fall. Ambrose ducked under a chop and fired back, but Show hit a headbutt and went back to the leg lock he applied earlier. He essentially put an ankle lock on Ambrose's calf.

Kane tagged in and continued to work over the left leg of Ambrose. More rapid tags and abuse to Ambrose, who sold for 5 minutes straight essentially. Rollins talked trash, which caused Ambrose to slap him. Kane tagged in and Ambrose hit a clothesline that nearly got him over to his corner for a tag, but Rollins stopped him. Ambrose dumped Rollins to the outside in desperation, and eventually made the hot tag to Bryan.

Bryan cleared house and hit a suicide dive on Kane. He then hit a top rope head scissors on Rollins. The heels took over with a distraction from Big Show and a kick to the back of the head from Rollins on Bryan. Kane tagged in and hit a chokeslam, but Reigns broke up the pin. Reigns took out Big Show on the outside, and Ambrose cleared Rollins to the outside. Kane went for a tombstone, but Bryan slipped out the back and hit a running knee for the win for his team.

Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose defeated The Authority at 13:03.

After the match, Triple H walked out onto the stage and congratulated Bryan on his win. He said the celebration would be shortlived, however, as Bryan would have a rematch with Kane next week. His opportunity in the Royal Rumble match would be on the line.

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