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WWE SmackDown Results 1/22/15
Jan 22, 2015 - 11:02:05 PM

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[Q1] Video from Raw aired that covered the main event of Raw and the mayhem with Sting. The normal Smackdown intro aired, followed by Michael Cole welcoming us to the University of Texas. Daniel Bryan's music hit and he headed to the ring to fire up the crowd. Yes chants all around while the announce team introduced themselves, and then Bryan had a mic in the ring. Bryan said the crowd seemed excited, and plugged the Rumble and the road to WrestleMania. Bryan said he could talk about how important his match is later is, and how he would do anything to stay in the Royal Rumble.

He could also talk about winning the Royal Rumble, and how ever since he was stripped of the title, he had never thought about anything else but winning it back. He could talk about Sting's first appearance on Raw, or how the Authority sucks, but he won't. Bryan said John Cena had done something important on Monday, and some people have some things to get off their chest. Ryback then made his way down to the ring, followed by Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler.

Bryan welcomed back Rowan, "The Ryback", and Dolph Ziggler. He said they were probably happy to get back in the ring, so what do they have to say? Ryback related to Bryan about being at home, and said that nobody is going to take away him dreams from him again. He thanked Sting and John Cena, and said the Authority sucks. He pumped up the crowd with feed me more, and said everybody loves the big guy. Erick Rowan took off his mask and said being gone was sort of a blessing. He said he had a lot of time to sit back and think. He used to be a different person. He was naive, somebody's puppet, but the last few weeks he's seen himself in a new light. He looked at the mask and said that they now know who he really is.

Ziggler said that he ate some stuffed crust pizza and watched the McMahon's fitness DVD's. He joked with Bryan about it and said that he was on the cusp of greatness before he was fired. He deserved to be on top competing with the best, and he would take their punishment every day of his life, rather than sit on a couch and complain on a podcast (Hi CM Punk). That prompted the Authority minus Triple H and Stephanie to make their entrance to Kane's music.

[Q2] Seth Rollins called Daniel Bryan a garden gnome, and Ziggler fired back and told him that he wants a chance to kick his ass right now. Rollins blew him off and said he had more important things to deal with, and said in three days he would become the next WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins then plugged McMahon's fitness DVD's as phenomenal. Ziggler said he hopes Rollins has been using the cardio workout, because he's never seen somebody run away from Lesnar faster.

Kane stepped in and called Ziggler disrespecful, and said he would pay. He then turned his attention to Bryan, and said he had no chance of making it into the Rumble. Bryan said he had a better shot against Kane than Kane had against Brock Lesnar on Monday, and then he showed footage of Lesnar throwing around Kane and Big Show on Monday. Kane told Bryan he thinks he's forgotten the levels of sadism he's capable of, and said he would remind him later. He then said Dolph would love a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, but first he would have to earn one. He then said he would face the man who brutalized him and took his Championship, and it would be right now...[c]

2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett: Lots of back and forth early. Barrett used his power to toss Dolph around, and Ziggler got in some quick strikes and a nice dropkick. Barrett dumped Ziggler to the outside through the second rope, and focused on Dolph's left shoulder and elbow. Barrett continued to attack the shoulder with holds and submissions, but Dolph was able to create some distance and hit a nice kick that turned the momentum. Dolph then went on the attack and hit a dropkick and a superkick for a near fall...[c]

[Q3] Byron Saxton heeled it up more than usual on commentary, which is quickly becoming grating and forced. Barrett charged at Ziggler in the corner and ate some ring post. Dolph followed up with a neckbreaker and a nice elbow drop for a near fall. He then hit a superkick a moment later for another near close fall. Ziggler went for a Zigzag, but Barrett avoided it and hit a big kick to the gut. He set up for the bull hammer, but Ziggler hit a dropkick followed by a Zigzag for the win.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Wade Barrett at 11:38.

The announce crew introduced clips of The Ascension getting demolised by the legends on Monday. Cole then plugged The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension at the Royal Rumble. They then plugged the main event. Backstage, Roman Reigns was seen backstage talking to someone wearing a headset, maybe a producer or something.

Roman Reigns was interviewed backstage, and footage was shown of his confrontation with Big Show on Monday. Reigns told a story about Andre the Giant not needing to remind us that he was a giant every week, because he was the man. He said Big Show is a little insecure man in a giant's body. Reigns said Show accuses him of wanting his spot, but he wants to carve out his own spot, and that starts at the Royal Rumble. He then said that as long as his fist was cocked, locked and ready to rock, he'd be just fine.

[Q4] Ryback made his ring entrance in the arena. Cole said he would face Rusev next.

2. Ryback vs. Rusev: Ryback outpowered Rusev early, who quickly bailed to the outside and collected himself. Ryback then downed Ryback with kicks and attempted a suplex. Ryback reversed the suplex attempt and got his achilles dropped on the top rope in an unnecessarily dangerous spot. Rusev fired back with kicks and a slam, and then sent Ryback to the outside...[c]

Rusev hit a DDT and then attacked Ryback's knee using the ring and the post. Ryback hit another slam and taunted the crowd. Rusev looked to pull Ryback to his feet, but Ryback popped up and hit a back suplex that used the top rope for extra momentum. Ryback then hit a running powerslam for a near fall a moment later. Ryback avoided a kick, and picked Rusev up and hit a backpack stunner for a near fall that the crowd bought into.

[Q5] He then set up for a powerbomb, which Rusev reversed into a huge spinebuster for a near fall of his own. Both men got to their feet and hit huge punches, and Ryback hit a big clothesline and climbed up to the top. Rusev stopped him up top and slammed him to the mat. Rusev called for "crush" and went for the accolade, but couldn't apply it. Ryback popped up and hit a spinebuster, and he and Rusev ended up brawling at ringside. Ryback gained control and was able to beat the countdown to win via countout.

Ryback defeated Rusev via a Countout at 14:13

After the match, Rusev attacked but still couldn't keep Ryback down. He fired up and nearly hit shellshocked, but Rusev slipped out and rolled out to ringside.

Naomi was in the ring set for a match. Paige and Natalya joined on commentary. They plugged their match with the Bella Twins at the Royal Rumble. The Bella's then made their entrance with Brie in action. They had a PIP promo where they were catty towards Nattie and Paige. They called Paige a vampire and Natty a nagging wife.

3. Brie Bella vs Naomi: Brie quickly sent Naomi to the outside and then tossed her into the turnbuckles a few times. Brie then hit a bulldog and a facebuster a moment later for the win. Most of the match was the commentators talking over the limited action. Naomi got almost no offense.

Brie Bella defeated Naomi at 3:01.

[Q6] Luke Harper cut a backstage promo. He spoke to Erick Rowan, and said that his Royal Rumble dreams would end tonight. He said Rowan's demons live on in him now, and that Rowan should be scared. He got a sideways evil look on his face...[c]

Goldust and Stardust were backstage drawing numbers. They hissed at one another and said it was every man for himself. Erick Rowan was in the ring, and Luke Harper made his entrance.

4. Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan: They both traded blows early and Rowan hit a body slam that had Luke Harper retreating to ringside. Luke Harper hit a nice dropkick, but couldn't keep momentum. Rowan hit a snap mare and some splashes in the corner. He followed up with a spin kick for a near fall. Rowan climbed up top a moment later, but missed a big splash. Harper hit a superkick and a discus clothesline for a win. Rowan is out of the rumble.

Luke Harper defeated Erick Rowan at 6:09.

Backstage, Kane asked Rollins to borrow J&J security for the main event...[c]

[Q7] A by the numbers video aired that had all kinds of neat factoids, per the usual.

Backstage, Mizdow apologized to The Miz profusely and handed him a pumpkin spice lattee. Mizdow defended himself and said he thought the crowd liked his antics on Monday. Miz told him that he's an extension of him, and that when he thinks the crowd is cheering for him, they are cheering for Miz. Miz said his lattee wasn't frothy enough, and left. The Usos walked up and told Mizdow that they knew he had a Tag Team Championship match, but the Rumble was every man for himself. They asked if he was going to throw himself over if Miz goes out? He stroked his beard and thought about it as they walked off...[c]

Daniel Bryan made his entrance. Footage was shown of Bryan losing on Monday to Bray Wyatt due to Kane's interference. Kane made his ring entrance with Noble and Mercury.

5. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan in a No DQ Match: J&J Security paid off early with a distraction that sent Bryan to the floor. Kane hit a neckbreaker on the outside, and dropped Bryan across the barricade. Kane reached under the ring for a Kendo Stick, and hit Bryan in the back several times. In the ring, Bryan stole the cane away and worked Kane over with it. He alternated between kicks and kendo stick shots, and then covered for a near fall.

[Q8] Bryan got greedy and went up top, and caught and uppercut coming down with the kendo stick. Kane then dumped him back outside...[c]

The WWE app showed more interference during the break, and Noble handed Kane a chair live while they mostly focused on the replay. Kane hit Bryan across the back with the chair, and taunted. Bryan ducked a clothesline and pulled down the ropes so Kane would crash to the outside. He hit a baseball slide, and then lined up for a suicide dive, but Kane caught him.

Kane sent him into the ring steps, and security cleared off the announce table. They set up for a tombstone, but Bryan slipped out and sent Kane to the floor. He then jumped at Kane, and had to avoid a chokeslam to sent Kane into the ring post. Bryan then hit a suicide dive, but got attacked by J&J Security after hitting the running knee on Kane. Kane recovered and sent Bryan back into the ring. He then climbed up top, but Bryan caught him and pulled him into the Yes Lock as he jumped down.

Noble and Mercury broke up the submission, and Bryan took it to them. Kane hit a chokeslam, but only got a near fall. The crowd popped on the kick out. Kane went to ringside to grab a chair, but Bryan hit a low dropkick to sent Kane into the turnbuckle. As Kane turned around, he ran into a flying knee. Bryan covered and got the three count and the victory.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane at 12:03.

After the match, Bryan celebrated up the ramp, and was attacked by Big Show. Show carried him back to the ring, and the whole lock room emptied out for a brawl. Bodies flew everywhere as Roman Reigns entered through the crowd. He went after the Big Show and cleared him under the bottom rope. He then hit superman punch on Jamie Noble. Ryback, Bryan, Ziggler, Ambrose and Reigns were in the ring to close the show in a mutual staredown. Kane and Big Show were on the outside looking in.

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