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WWE SmackDown Results 2/12/15
Feb 12, 2015 - 11:11:10 PM

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[Q1] Backstage, Kane told a crowd of tag team wrestlers that they would be having a Tag Team Turmoil match, as pioneered by Pat Patterson. He explained the rules of the match, and said that the match would start with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Big Show said it was an opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and make an opportunity for themselves. Kane gave each of them a pep talk and told them that tonight they would make history. The regular show introduction then aired. The teams shown were MIz and MIzdow, the Usos, The Ascension, Slater Gator, and Los Matadores.

In the arena, Bray Wyatt made his entrance to a sea of cell phone screens. The announce team focused on his scary cult following and said he was sick. R-Truth then made his entrance and did his shtick before the match kicked off.

1. Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth: Both men went back and forth to start, with Wyatt getting in the majority of offense in the opening minute. Wyatt pulled truth under the bottom rope and placed his head against the ring post. He then hit a series of forearms and applied a rear chinlock. R-Truth eventually wriggled free and hit some kicks and a forearm. Wyatt shut down his offiense with a big clothesline, and then taunted the crowd in the corner. He then crab walked and hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth at 5:02.

Paige was shown backstage taunting a member of the production staff...[c]

[Q2] Summer Rae was in the ring as Paige made her entrance. The Bella's joined in on commentary.

2. Paige vs. Summer Rae: Paige got off to a quick start and taunted the Bellas while hitting knee lifts on Summer. After a bit of Summer offense, Paige hit a series of clotheslines and a side kick. She then applied the PTO and got the tapout.

Paige defeated Summer at 3:18.

After the match, a video recap was shown of Rusev and John Cena's segment from R aw. The announce team then went through the announced matches for Fast Lane...[c]

[Q3] A Sheamus vignette aired, Adam Rose made his way to the ring while footage of him being dropped attempting a trust fall last week was shown. He looked to be setting up another trust fall, but thought better of it.

3. Adam Rose vs. Fandango: Adam Rose started out on offense and hit some strikes. The match stalled for a bit with a chin lock, until Fandango suplexed his way out of it. Fandango fired up and hit a nice power slam. He followed up with the Last Dance for the win.

Fandango defeated Adam Rose at 2:58.

Tag Team Turmoil was plugged for later, and Sting's answer to Triple H was teased for next...[c]

[Q4] A video package for Triple H and Sting was shown, It went over their entire feud from Survivor Series on. Daniel Bryan made his ring entrance after the video package. Another video package was shown of how Roman Reigns shoved him down following their first dispute on Raw...[c]

Roman Reigns made his ring entrance, and the spear on Bryan after the match on Monday was shown. Miz and Mizdow made their entrance. Miz and Bryan started the match.

4. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Miz and Mizdow to start Tag Team Turmoil: Bryan hit a couple of kicks and tagged in Reigns in a sarcastic manner. Reigns did the same and tapped Bryan to bring him back into the match. The crowd chanted for Mizdow and got their wish. Mizdow got a great reaction, but Miz stopped his offense by demanding he let him back into the match. Miz tagged in and almost immediately ate a Superman Punch. Bryan tagged himself in as Reigns fired up for a spear. Bryan hit a running knee and pinned Miz.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Miz and Mizdow at 4:09.

The Usos made their entrance...[c]

[Q5] 5. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs. The Usos: Bryan and Jey Uso started the match. Byran used his mat wrestling to gain a brief advantage, but the Usos used team tactics and cut Bryan off. He eventually escaped, and Reigns gave him a dirty look and demanded a tag after not being impressed. Roman used his strength to overpower JImmy, but eventually fell victim to superior tag team tactics as well. Bryan cracked a smile.

Bryan tagged back in and applied a grapevine and hit some forearm shivers. He then hit some nasty rapid fire kicks, and got a two count. The Usos used rapid tags to cut Bryan off again, and got a two count after a double team splash in the corner. Bryan rolled to the outside to recover, and Reigns talked trash to him about taking a break...[c]

Bryan hit a butterfly suplex on Jimmy Uso and sent him into a corner. Jimmy picked up Bryan and rove him into his corner. Jey was able to tag in and cut off Bryan once again. The made a few quick tags, until Bryan began to make his comeback. He hit a clothesline and a couple of kicks, and then tagged in Reigns. It didn't get the hot tag cheer that you would expect, but with two babyface teams I think you have to cut them some slack. Reigns went to work on Jey and locked in a rear chin lock after a clothesline.

Reigns hit another clothesline and dragged Jimmy to the corner and made a tag. Bryan tagged in and snapped. He sent both Usos to the outside and kicked the tar out of them. Reigns ran over and pulled him off Jey Uso. Bryan got in his face and they argued about methods. Bryan wanted to be agressive and get the win, and Reigns told him to bring it back in the ring and do it the right way...[c]

Bryan continued to punish the Usos in the ring, but he refused to make a tag when he had the opportunity. The Usos were able to make quick tags and stay fresh, and eventually got the best of Bryan. Reigns broke up a tag, and got confronted by Jimmy. Reigns had to explain to his cousins that it was what it was, but Jimmy slapped him. Roman fired up and hit a big running kick to Jey who was draped on the apron.

Roman hit a Superman Punch on Jey, and then got hit by a Superkick from Jimmy. Bryan came off the top, but ate a kick on the way down. Jimmy tried for a splash on Bryan, but he got the knees up and quickly transitioned into the Yes Lock for the win.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated The Usos at 26:38.

Bryan and Reings argued after the match. Reigns thought Bryan held the Yes Lock too long, and Bryan told him that he was making Jimmy pay for the superkicks to Bryan and Reigns.

Los Matadores made their entrance with El Torito.

[Q7] 6. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Los Matadores: Bryan took it to Fernando early and started to show a bit of a mean streak. He refused to tag out to Reigns and applied a surfboard into a guillotine on Fernando that looked vicious. Fernando fought back into the match, but it was brief, as Bryan hit a suplex from the top rope and applied the Yes Lock to get the tap.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Los Matadores in 2:29.

Slater Gator made their entrance.

7. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Slater Gator: Reigns tagged himself into the match and destroyed Slater. He hit a Superman Punch on Titus when he tried to interfere to break up the action, and then hit a spear on Slater for the win.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Slater Gator at 1:14...[c]

The Ascension made their entrance.

8. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Ascension: Bryan got low bridged to the outside by Conor early on and Reigns made the save. Bryan got thrown into the timekeeper's area and Reigns got tossed over the announce table. Both men threw Bryan into the ring post and then did the same to Reigns. Bryan took the Fall of Man in the ring and the ref waived off both members of The Ascension. A DQ was implied by the announce team but the bell never rang.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated The Ascension at 2:49.

Big Show and Kane made their entrance for the final match of Tag Team Turmoil.

[Q8] 9. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Kane and Big Show: Kane and Reigns started the match. Both Bryan and Reigns sold both their injuries and exhaustion. Reigns eventually tagged out and Bryan hit kicks on Kane. Bryan hit the ropes and ate a big boot for his trouble. Show tagged in and sent him to the outside. He tossed Bryan into the post and then back over the top rope into the ring. Show got in a few more shots and Kane tagged in.

Kane used his power to grind Bryan down. He hit a clothesline and a sidewalk slam, and covered for a two count. Big Show and Kane started arguing after Kane shoved Bryan and he hit Show. Show talked trash to Reigns and set up for a chokeslam on Bryan. Show waited too long and Bryan was able to kick himself free and hit a DDT. Bryan crawled slowly to his corner, and Show was able to stop him before he could make the hot tag.

Show and Kane continued to bicker as Show worked over Bryan. Kane wanted Show to finish Bryan and Show said he was having fun. Show climbed to the second rope, and Kane tagged himself in. Bryan locked in a the Yes Lock as Kane and Show bickered. Show had to break up the hold to save the match.

Show tagged back in and knocked Reigns off the apron. He called for a chokeslam, and the crowd booed loudly. Bryan trapped Show's arm and applied the Yes Lock again. Kane broke it up and they bickered some more. Kane put his hands on Show, and Show hit a KO punch. The ref checked on Kane and Reigns snuck in and hit a spear. Bryan followed up with a flying knee on Show for the win.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Big Show and Kane at 10:38.

After the match, Bryan and Reigns both gave each other a nod as they looked at the WrestleMania sign.

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