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WWE SmackDown Results 2/21/14
Feb 22, 2014 - 3:54:34 AM

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[Q1] Cole plugged Christian vs. Sheamus in the Main Event, plus The Wyatt Family vs. Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Rey Mysterio. Daniel Bryan made his ring entrance and the crowd erupted for him. Video was shown of his match with Christian on Monday, and the subsequent match with Kane. Bryan's shoulder and arm were taped up just like at the close of the show Monday night. The Real Americans made their entrance with Zeb Colter. Jack Swagger will be wrestling.

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger: Bryan started out the offense early with kicks, and didn't let up for the first few minutes. He hit a few diving kicks with Swagger stuck in the corner, but Swagger bailed to the outside. Bryan hit a baseball slide and then threw Bryan into the barricade and ring post, focusing on the injured shoulder. Back in the ring, Swagger focused on the shoulder with two hammer lock belly to belly suplexes, and arm twists.

Yes chants started up in the crowd as Bryan fought out of a top rope superplex attempt. Bryan then hit the running knee out of nowhere for the win.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger at 4:55.

After the match, Vickie Guerrero and Kane walked out onto the ramp. She let Bryan know that his performance has earned him an opportunity at another match with Cesaro, and it starts right now...[c]

[Q2] 2. Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan: Cesaro pounced on Bryan early and went right after the shoulder. He wrapped it around the ring post and stomped on it numerous times. Cesaro continued to attack the shoulder and dropped a knee from the top rope in a nice looking spot. Cesaro hit a hammer lock body slam and a double stomp on the injured shoulder. Bryan tried to jump at Cesaro off the second rope, but Cesaro caught him and hit a shoulder breaker.

Bryan low bridged Cesaro over the top rope, and then hit a suicide dive that send Cesaro into the announce table on the outside. Zeb distracted Bryan as he got on the apron, which allowed Cesaro to hit a big boot that sent him to ringside. Swagger had a chair at ringside, and the ref caught him red handed. Zeb and Swagger were ejected to the locker room, while Bryan recovered a bit at ringside...[c]

Swagger went for a superplex, but Bryan pushed him off, and hit a missile dropkick from the top rope. A PIP brawl was shown between Swagger and Langston backstage. Bryan went on the attack with kicks, but Cesaro ducked the last one and hit the Cesaro Swing. Bryan rolled to the outside to recover, but Cesaro quickly rolled him back in. Bryan got a near fall with a rollup in the ring, but Cesaro quickly recovered and hit a press into an uppercut for a near fall of his own.

Bryan struggled to get to his feet in the corner, and Cesaro went after him immediately with an uppercut and punches. Bryan surprised Cesaro with a running knee coming out of the corner, but Kane chokeslammed him to force a DQ.

Daniel Bryan defeated Cesaro by DQ at 13:27.

[Q3] Post-match, Ceasro snuck in the ring and hit Bryan with the Neutralizer. Cole made a point to say that Bryan will be nowhere near 100% at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Christian. She asked him about the ruthless side of him that we saw on Monday's Raw. Christian reiterated what he said when returned, and that is that he is a desperate man. He said the fans at home are not going to get him one more match, so he has to do it himself. He is going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship if it's the last thing he does in WWE...[c]

A WWE Network ad aired. It was the same Bella Twins ad we saw on Monday. Video was shown of Roman Reigns as he speared Mark Henry on Monday, and the subsequent Shield and Wyatt's staredown. They also showed a clip of the chaotic close of Monday's Raw. The Wyatt Family followed the clips with their ring entrance. Bray Wyatt said there isn't much to say. The Shield are three dominoes set up in a line, and if one falls the rest will follow. They beg and plead for people to follow them, but how will anyone follow them when they are on their hands and knees in front of the eater of worlds. Follow the buzzards...[c]

[Q4] Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust were already in the ring.

3. Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Wyatt Family: Rey and Cody hit a double drop kick on Harper to open the match. Harper recovered and started the process of cutting off Rhodes. Rowan tagged in and ate a drop kick, which allowed Cody to tag in Goldust. Rowan hit a clothesline on Goldust and Bray tagged in. He continued to punish Goldust with strikes and then taunted the crowd by doing hanging from the top rope is his creepy pose...[c]

Harper and Goldust went back and forth with strikes, until Goldust hit a clotheslines and tagged out to Cody. Cody hit a Moonsault for a two count. Rey Mysterio tagged in and set up Harper for 619. Harper caught him with a Big Boot that looked unbelievable. Bray Wyatt tagged in and cut off Rey in his corner. Rowan tagged in and continued the offense. He applied a bear hug that seemed to take forever. Rey broke free, but could not sustain any offense. Rapid tags let to Bray Wyatt being in the ring, and he hit a splash on Rey in the corner. Rey avoided the second one and tagged in Goldust.

[Q5] Rowan also tagged in and ate a cross body from Goldust. The match broke down at this point as Bray interfered. Rey Mysterio hit a 619 on Rowan, and dove on Harper at ringside. Harper caught him and threw him into the barricade. Cody then dove on Harper, which left Goldust with Rowan in the ring. Goldust set up Rowan for the shattered dreams, but he didn't realize Bray Wyatt had made a blind tag. Wyatt then hit a diving body block and Sister Abigail for the win.

The Wyatt Family defeated Rey, Cody and Goldust at 12:50.

Cole and JBL showed footage of Sheamus accidentally hitting Christian with a Brogue Kick last week. Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Sheamus. He said he felt responsible for Christian's new aggressive streak, but he was looking forward to having a good scrap with him later. He said this time, the Brogue will be no accident...[c]

Renee Young was in the ring to referee a dance-off between Summer Rae and Emma. Summer Rae went first, and then Emma. She called her dance the advanced shopping trolley. She did something ridiculous. Summer complained and said she wasn't ready. She asked that they play her baby boopsies music. Fandango's music played and she did the same dance she always does. Emma then popped some bubbles for her second dance. Emma won the audience poll by a mile.

Summer tried to toss Emma from the ring, but she turned the tide and tossed Summer. Fandango kicked Santino and tried to impress Emma by gyrating. She feigned interest and then shoved Fandango over Santino. The Cobra rose into the air and Santino had to hold it down. Emma tried to touch it a couple of times, but Santino wouldn't let her. That was the weirdest innuendo on WWE TV perhaps ever.

[Q6] What does WWE follow that with? Ron Simmons Black History Month video, which was very good...[c]

Lana appeared and introduced Alexander Rusev. She said he knows nothing of entitlement. He is a super athlete, and he will be taking over. Darren Young was on commentary, and Dolph Ziggler was in the ring. Titus O'Neil made his ring entrance.

4. Titus O'Neil vs. Dolph Ziggler: Titus worked over Dolph with strikes and talked trash at Darren Young at the announce table. Ziggler avoided a shoulder charge in the corner and hit a cross body. Dolph then hit ten punches and a neck breaker. Dolph then went for a the fameasser, but Titus avoided it and hit big boot. DarrenYoung interfered in the match by blowing into a whistle incessantly, which distracted Titus long enough for Dolph to roll him up for the win.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus O'Neil at 2:07.

Cole and Lawler plugged Road Dogg vs. Jimmy Uso as next...[c]

The Outlaws made their ring entrance, followed by The Usos.

[Q7] 5. Road Dogg vs. Jimmy Uso: Road Dogg dominated the early going with punches and kicks. He hit a snap mare an applied a chin lock. Jimmy fired back with a Samoan Drop, and missed a butt splash in the corner. Jimmy Uso avoided a pump handle slam, and hit a superkick for the win.

Jimmy Uso defeated Road Dogg at 2:39.

A video package was shown that put over the danger of the Elimination Chamber match. After the video, Sheamus made his ring entrance for the main event....[c]

[Q8] Christian made his ring entrance.

6. Christian vs. Sheamus: They both jawed back and forth early on, and Sheamus opened up the offense with a couple of shoulder blocks. They brawled in the ring for a bit until Christian folled to the outside to catch a breath. Sheamus quickly followed and hit a rolling fireman's carry slam...[c]

Christian slapped his way back into the match, and both men ended up out on the floor after a series of reversals. Sheamus charged at Christian and sent him hard into the barricade. He backed up and charged again, but Christian dumped Sheamus into the timekeepers area. Christian ripped the padding away from the barricade, and pulled Sheamus' arm through the bars. He then yanked Sheamus' chest repeatedly into the steel frame underneath the padding. It was a pretty cool looking spot.

In the ring, Christian continued the assault on Sheamus and stomped on his wrist. He then wrapped it around the top rope and wrenched on it, and Cole reminded everyone about Sheamus' surgically repaired shoulder. Christian continued to work on the arm and shoulder of Sheamus, and tried a cover, but got a two count.

Both men traded strikes and Christian went up top. Sheamus noticed and tossed him off the top rope. He then fired up and hit a knee lift and a power slam. Christian grabbed Sheamus and hit an arm breaker off the top rope. Sheamus recovered quickly and caught Christian on the apron for his clubs to the chest. Christian tossed Sheamus into the ring post and rolled him up for a near fall. There was a bit more back and forth, and then Sheamus hit two Irish Curse Back Breakers. Sheamus signaled for the Brogue Kick, but Christian rolled outside.

Christian tried to catch Sheamus coming back into the ring, but Sheamus moved and hit a knee lift. He then went up top, but Christian caught him and sent him crashing down. He then went for the killswitch, but Sheamus reversed into White Noise for the win.

Sheamus defeated Christian at 15:36.

Post-match, Sheamus celebrated on the second rope. Christian snuck up behind him and sent him to the outside onto the floor to close the show.

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