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WWE SmackDown Results 2/5/15
Feb 6, 2015 - 2:31:15 AM

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[Q1] A video package aired that focused on The Authority's announcement from Monday, the outcome at the end of Raw and the conflict between Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. The regular Smackdown introduction then aired. Pyro went off in the arena and Michael Cole welcomed us to Colorado Springs. Eden Styles welcomed the Miz accompanied by Mizdow for MizTV.

Miz welcomed everyone to MizTV and began talking about his guests when the crowd interrupted with a call for MIzdow. Miz said they have Mizdow sitting at ringside like a good assistant. He then went on to say his two guests will fight at Fastlane to determine who would challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. First out was Daniel Bryan. Miz was interrupted by Roman Reigns as he tried to introduce him. Reigns entered through the crowd, and gave Miz a Superman Punch as soon as he got in the ring.

Bryan smiled at him and nodded, and Reigns grabbed a microphone. He accused Bryan of thinking he was just going to slide in and steal his opportunity. He said he went through 29 men already, so one more is no problem. Reigns said he would defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, and become the WWE Champion. He didn't want to wait for Fastlane though, he wanted to have their match right there and right now. He and Bryan tossed the chairs from the ring, and Rollins came out to interrupt them.

Rollins said he hates to be a party pooper, but it's kind of his thing. Rollins claimed that he was on the verge of beating Daniel Bryan and on his way to the Main Event at WrestleMania, but Roman Reigns had to stick his nose in Rollins business. He told Rollins that he doesn't blame him, he wouldn't want to face him lately with the roll he's been on either. Rollins then said it doesn't matter what happens at Fastlane or WrestleMania, because he alone holds the future in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Rollins then told Bryan that he had a match later with J&J Security and Mr. Money in the Bank later in the show.

[Q2] The announce crew plugged the main event while Dolph Ziggler and Ryback were shown as they walked through the backstage area...[c]

Backstage, Renee Young spoke to The Miz. He said what happened to him was unconscionable, and he challenged Reigns to a match later in the show.

In the arena, Ryback and Ziggler made their entrance.

1. Goldust and Stardust vs. Ryback and Dolph Ziggler: ZIggler and Stardust started, and Ziggler got in some kicks and then tagged out to Ryback. The Big Guy hit a splash from the second rope, and Ziggler snuck in to hit an elbow for a two count. Ryback continued on offense until Goldust distracted him, which allowed Stardust to knock him to ringside...[c]

Ryback continued to sell for the heels, as they cut him off in their corner. He started his comeback by knocking both Dust Brothers to ringside, and eventually made a tag after catching Stardust coming off the top with a punch to the gut.

[Q3] Ziggler came in and started an offensive flurry, and nearly got a pinfall with his big DDT on Stardust. Goldust called Stardust Cody while encouraging him to make a tag, and he bailed. This left Goldust out to dry, and he ate a superkick from Ziggler and Shellshock. Ryback got the pin for the win.

Ryback and Ziggler defeated Goldust and Stardust at 11:29.

An Ernie Ladd video package aired in order to recognize Black History Month in the WWE. The announce crew plugged the 3 on 1 Handicap Main Event. Deam Ambrose was shown walking toward the ring backstage.

Curtis Axel was in the ring. He said not to change the channel, change the course of history. He yelled that he was not eliminated from the Royal Rumble match, and that he should be headlining WrestleMania. He asked everyone to hashtag #axelmania and join the movement to get him in the WrestleMania Main Event.

2. Dean Ambrose vs. Curtis Axel: Axel got fired up early, and even tossed Ambrose over the top rope to show his faux Rumble dominance, but it wouldn't last. After that brief early spurt of offense, the match was all Ambrose. He hit his signature spots and put Axel away.

Dean Ambrose defeated Curtis Axel at 3:59.

Bad News Barrett appeared on screen and read breaking news from "BNZ", and obvious TMZ ripoff. He said that Ambrose was far too unstable for a title shot, and therefore wouldn't get one. Ugh. He asked the crowd to stay tuned for more news later...[c]

[Q4] Fandango was in the ring with Rosa Mendes. Adam Rose then made his entrance. Rose went to do a trust fall spot, but they dropped him. He then assaulted most of the Rosebuds and laid them out. Fandango eventually pulled him into the ring.

3. Fandango vs. Adam Rose: Fandango started out the match on fire, but Rose quickly reversed fortunes. Fandango ended up out on the apron, and Rose followed him out there and hit a back suplex onto the edge of the ring apron on the outside. Fandango rolled up Ambrose and nearly got a surprise victory. He then hit a spinning wheel kick and the Last Dance Alabama Jam for the win.

Fandango defeated Adam Rose at 2:37.

Reigns vs. Miz was advertised for next...[c]

The Miz made his ring entrance and sent Mizdow to ringside again. Miz grabbed a mic and said he had embarassed him on MizTV for the last time. If he wanted to main event WrestleMania so bad, he should come out and face somebody who actually did it.

[Q5] 4. The Miz vs. Roman Reigns: Miz attacked before the bell and tossed Reigns into the steps at ringside. The ref eventually started the match and Miz bum rushed Reigns and cotinued the offensive flurry. Reigns got his bearing quickly and fired back with strikes, and sent the Miz out to the floor. Reigns tossed Miz back into the ring, where Miz was able to hit a knee lift and take control. Miz hit a Reality Check and got a two count.

After a long headlock, Reigns fought to his feet and and hit a total of four clotheslines. He then hit a fireman's carry into a pancake, and followed that up with a Superman Punch. He then covered for the win.

Roman Reigns defeated The Miz at 6:03.

The announce crew said a rematch between Erick Rowan and Rusev is next...[c]

Rusev made his entrance with Lana. Rusev made his entrance to a nice little pop. Could have been sweetened up a little in post, but it didn't really seem loud enough to justify that.

5. Erick Rowan vs. Rusev: USA chants immediately as Rowan got the early advantage with a Big Boot and a shoulder tackle. Rusev took back control with a spinning heel kick, and followed up with some big clubbing blows to a seated Rowan.

[Q6] Rowan fought to his feet and hit a nice back elbow from the second rope, and followed up with mounted punches in the corner. Rusev fought out of the corner punches and sent Rowan to the mat hard. He then followed up with a side kick, a stomp, and the Accolade for the submission victory.

Rusev defeated Erick Rowan at 4:49.

After the match, the traditional seizure like celebration from Rusev. Byron Saxton with the preposterous statement of the night, when he said Cena would cement his legacy with a win over Rusev. Footage was then shown of the Bella's hitting Page with spray paint. Paige was interviewed backstage by Renee Young. She said she doesn't embarass easily, but she was really embarassed Monday. She's not like other divas, she's milky white, and she's not a cookie cutter cutie pie like the Bellas. But they would be the ones embarassed when she wins the Divas Championship at Fastlane...[c]

Paige made her ring entrance. Alicia Fox was already in the ring.

6. Paige vs. Alicia Fox: Paige hit some strikes early, but Alicia just picked her up and dropped her through the second rope out to the floor. After an 8 count, Alicia hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. After a trio of clothesline and a couple of kicks, Alicia applied the PTO for the win.

Paige defeated Alicia Fox at 2:29.

[Q7] After the match, footage was shown of the double date between Naomi and Jimmy Uso and Tyson and Nattie. It, of course, went wrong and Cesaro and Kidd slapped Jimmy around. Nattie blamed Jimmy and Naomi because she's delusional this month.

A Bray Wyatt promo aired. He said a man is defined by his actions, but he is no man. He is everywhere and everything, he is the spirit of perpetual negation. He is the reaper. What is that makes you think you're immune to me, or that there are no reprecussions to your actions? You are blinded by pride, and now the Devil is knocking at your door. Let him in. Let me in. Flash to black.

Daniel Bryan made his full ring entrance, complete with more yes chants...[c]

Seth Rollins made his entrance with J&J Security.

[Q8] 7. Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins and J&J Security: Mercury tried to pull Bryan into the heel corner, but he hit a leg kick and backed away. Noble tagged in and ate some kicks and a knee lift. Bryan then applied a wrist lock and stomped on Noble's wrist. He tried to apply a cross arm bar, but Noble reached the ropes and escaped. Rollins tagged in and hit a neckbreaker. Bryan was able to get back on offense briefly while Noble was in the match, but Rollins pulled Noble out of the corner to avoid a dropkick and then pulled Bryan to ringside to toss him into the barricade...[c]

All three heels took turns putting the boots to Bryan and gloated. Bryan got in a few hope spots briefly with Rollins in the ring, but Seth cotinually cut him off before he could get any momentum, The heels attempted a triple team powerbomb from the top rope, but Bryan reversed into a head scissors and then hit a suicide dive on Rollins after he rolled to the outside. He hit some big kicks to J&J Security, but Rollins rollins stopped him before he could hit a head kick on Noble.

Bryan was able to keep Rollins out of the ring for the remainder of the match. Mercury tried to roll him up from behind after knocking Rollins off the apron, but Bryan reversed into the Yes Lock and he tapped immediately to give Bryan the victory.

Daniel Bryan defeated Rollins and J&J Security at 14:12.

After the match, Bryan celebrated up the ramp, but Kane attacked him from behind as he got to the top of the ramp. In the ring, Kane hit two chokeslams. Rollins then hit the curbstomp, and the heels celebrated to close the show.

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