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WWE SmackDown Results 2/7/14
Feb 8, 2014 - 1:48:39 AM

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[Q1] Daniel Bryan made his way out to the ring to open the show. He got a great reaction from the Des Moines crowd, which seemed to have better coordination on the chants without being led by Bryan. Bryan told the crowd they were great, and then said Monday on Raw the Authority told him he could be the face of the company, if he only beat Randy Orton on Raw. He said he's not interested in being the face of the company, because he just wants to be him, and that's ok. The Authority showed their true colors by having Kane attack him after the match. Video was shown of that attack.

Bryan told Kane that he's let him do his own thing since joining the Authority, but not anymore, and he demanded Kane come out and explain how he justifies being a corporate sellout that stabs his friends in the back. Kane walked out on to the ramp and began to speak, but Bryan interrupted and asked him to come closer, because he couldn't hear him over the crowd.

Kane said that wouldn't be necessary, because he was there to apologize on behalf of The Authority. He acted of his own accord, and it was improper for a person in higher office. Bryan asked him where the old Kane went, the guy who hugged it out with him and yelled no when he yelled yes. He wanted that guy back, because despite everything, that guy helped him grow as a person. Bryan said The Authoirty tried to put him in a $1000 suit too, and he told them to stick it. He told Kane that he should go to the back, get his mask out of that stupid office, and bring the old Kane back.

Kane said it was true that they have history, but it's just that, history. He said he traded the bowels of the building for a corner office, and he was happy now. He claimed he and Bryan weren't ever friends. He said a wise man once said that you can make friends or Money in this business, and he's doing pretty good for himself right now. Bryan told him that he's got plenty of friends on the arena, and invited Kane to come down to the ring to settle the issue like people who aren't friends at all.

Kane said that wasn't going to happen, but he would make a match between Bryan and another person in the elimination Chamber, Antonio Cesaro. Cole and JBL plugged that for later in the show, and then explained the rules of the elimination Chamber Match. They then said Christian and Randy Orton would take place later on the show. The Shield then made their entrance for a match coming up next...[c]

A video aired that showed some of the frustration built between The Shield on Monday. Kofi and Ziggler were shown in the ring.

[Q2] 1. Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns: Kofi and Ambrose started. Kofi hit a few punches and kicks, and tagged in Dolph. Ziggler hit ten elbows on Ambrose early for a two count. Ambrose recovered and cut off Ziggler, and tagged in Ambrose. He continued the assault with punches and kicks, and then tagged Ambrose back in. Ziggler got back into things with a drop kick and tagged Kofi back in. He cleared house for a moment, until Ambrose hit a drop toe hold onto the bottom rope. Reigns hit his drop kick from the floor to the apron, and took control...[c]

Ambrose hit a butterly suplex on Kingston for a near fall, and then applied a chin lock. He continued the assault with strikes, and then set Kofi up on the top rope in the corner. He went for another suplex, but Kofi pushed him off and hit a splash. Ziggler wanted a tag, but Ambrose prevented the tag. Kofi kit a side kick, and both guys made a tag. Ziggler hit a drop kick and a splash, and some mounted punches. He followed up with a neck breaker, and attempted a Fameasser, but Reigns countered.

He lined up for a Superman Punch, but Ambrose interrupted him by trying to sneak in with a tag. The distraction allowed Kofi to pull Ambrose off the apron, and Dolph hit a Fameasser for a near fall. Reigns recovered and hit a Superman Punch and a spear. He then tagged in Ambrose with a smirk on his face, and he covered for the easy victory.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns defeated Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler at 10:30.

The Wyatt Family interrupted and laughed at The Shield for bickering like children. He chuckled at them for puffing their chests and comparing who had the sharpest teeth. Bray claimed they thought he was a joke, and said if they could see the monster behind his eyes, they would know how real he is. Harper said they would be the first to burn. Follow the buzzards...[c]

[Q3] Sheamus made his ring entrance, and Ryback was already in the ring.

2. Sheamus vs. Ryback: They tied up first thing, then went into a side headlock. Sheamus hit a forward roll slam, and the rolled to ringside and hit a Brogue Kick on Axel. Sheamus then hit his clubs to the chest on Ryback, who wiggled free and hit a spine buster. Ryback took Sheamus down to the ground and applied a chin lock. He then hit a backpack stunner and climbed to the top. He attempted a top rope splash, and Sheamus got out of the way.

Sheamus fired up and hit a powerslam. He went for a Brogue Kick, but Ryback caught him and hit a powerbomb for a near fall. Ryback fired up for the meat hook clothesline, but Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick as a counter and covered for a three count.

Sheamus defeated Ryback at 6:01.

They showed some footage of Triple H getting angry with Cole in his weekly interview. He insisted that everything he does is to make wrestlers better, and the made the match for Monday between John Cena and Randy Orton. They plugged Christian vs. Orton for later, as well as Bryan vs. Cesaro...[c]

[Q4] A Legends House promo aired for the WWE Network. Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Alberto Del Rio, and footage was shown of his attack on Batista from Monday. Del Rio said that he is an Animal tamer, and he would turn Batista into a little chihuaua drinking milk from a saucer. In the arena, Antonio Cesaro made his ring entrance...[c]

Cole said Mark Henry would be back on Monday. Daniel Bryan then made his ring entrance.

[Q5] 3. Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro: Bryan got on offense early with kicks and knees. Cesaro hit a knee of his own and a european uppercut, and then covered for two. They battled back and forth, and Bryan took Cesaro down and applied a short arm scissors. Cesaro used his power and picked Bryan up and dropped him from an electric chair position. Bryan got fired up a moment later and hit a running clothesline. He followed up with a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Cesaro got back into the match with a tilt a whirl back breaker...[c]

Cesaro hit running european uppercut in the corner. Bryan tried to get some momentum, but Cesaro hit a big boot to the face. Cesaro took a run at Bryan, but got low bridged to the outside. Bryan tried for a diving knee on the outside, but he hit Swagger instead after Cesaro moved. Back in the ring, Bryan climbed to the top and tried for a splash, but Cesaro hit him in the gut. Cesaro went for the Neutralizer, but Cesaro reversed into a Yes Lock attempt. Cesaro avoided it and got to his feet. Cesaro caught Bryan's attempt at a head scissors, but Bryan spun out of it and landed in position to apply the Yes Lock. Cesaro was forced to tap out.

Daniel Bryan defeated Antonio Cesaro at 11:06.

Post-match, Kane's music hit and he stood out on the ramp. The distraction allowed Cesaro to hit the Neutralizer on Bryan. Kane walked down to the ring and hit a chokeslam and stood over Bryan to close the segment. Backstage, Randy Orton met Renee Young. She asked about the Authority and his gauntlet with his Elimination Chamber opponents. Orton said he would not comment publicly on the authority. He claimed Daniel Bryan defeating him on Monday was a fluke, and that he would win the remainder of his gauntlet matches. He claimed at the chamber that he would prove himself as the greatest champion of this era or any other when he retained his title.

[Q6] Cole introduced the WWE Black History video that featured Ernie Ladd. A Lana and Alexander Rusev promo was shown afterwards. In the arena, AJ Lee made her entrance, followed by Nikki Bella.

4. Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee: Nikki picked up AJ by the collar and tossed her into the corner. AJ jumped on Nikki's back and applied a sleeper. Nikki escaped and hit a couple of clotheslines and a hip toss. Nikki went for her Torture Rack, but Tamina caused a distraction. Brie and Tamina brawled briefly, but AJ knocked Brie off the apron. AJ applied the Black Widow a moment later for the win.

AJ defeated Nikki Bella at 2:20.

Footage was shown of the Prime Time Players breakup from last week. Backstage, Titus introduced Renee Young, who he said begged him for an interview. She asked him about the attack from last week, and called it a surprise. Titus said that he and Darren were partners for two years, and for a guy who takes no days off, he was off for all 731 days. He tried to come up with redeeming qualities for Darren, but could only say he had nice hair. He called him dead weight, and said it was over. Throughout the interview, he laughed awkwardly, then later pointed out his nice smile. He said his destination is the world championship. He said Renee did a fine job, and pointed her away from him. Darren Young then attacked him from behind, and threw him into some shipping containers....[c]

[Q7] Footage was shown of Cody Rhodes and Goldust failing to regain their championships on Monday. A picture in picture promo was shown where Goldust said they were desperate. Cody took a huge risk on Monday to regain their titles, and he would take that risk tonight.

5. Goldust vs. Bray Wyatt: Bray Wyatt hit a wicked cross body and then a choke. He grounded Goldust and applied a chin lock. Goldust fired back with a back elbow out of the corner and then a clothesline. A moment later, he hit a hurricanrana off the top rope and then a spine buster. Wyatt rolled to the outside, but Goldust hit a rolling senton to the outside onto Wyatt. Harper and Rowan attacked Cody on the outside as a distraction, which allowed Bray to sneak attack Goldust. He hit Sister Abigail in the ring and then got the clean win.

Bray Wyatt defeated Goldust at 3:20.

The Shield showed up on the tron. Ambrose said they have a lot of pride, and that's because they are the best in the business at what they do. Rollins said he's not afraid of them whether they are man or monster, and he will scrape their beards off their face with his boots for costing them a shot at the Elimination Chamber. Reigns said thankfully, they know a few ways to make people understand, and they would understand The Shield at Elimination Chamber. Believe in The Shield. Cole said Christian vs. Orton is next...[c]

[Q8] Christian made his ring entrance, followed by Randy Orton.

7. Randy Orton vs. Christian: They traded blows early, with Christian getting the better of it. Orton rolled to the outside, and Christian tried to splash him, but missed. Orton tossed him back into the ring, and stomped on him a bit. Christian recovered and sent Orton to the outside once again. He then hit him with a shoulder block from the top rope onto the floor.

Christian tried to wrap Orton's legs around the post, but Orton used his leg strength to pull Christian head first into the post. He then hit a back suplex onto the barricade and rolled Christian into the ring for a near fall. Orton remained in control and posed to the crowd to get some heat. Christian got in a hope spot, but Orton shut him down again with a standing drop kick. Christian fired back with some mounted punches in the corner, but Orton hit a big clothesline.

Orton tried to set up for the handing DDT, but Christian hung him on the top rope. He then hit a splash from the top, which got a two count. He then hit a back elbow from the second rope, but Orton popped up and hit a power slam for a near fall. Orton then tossed Christian into the ring post through the second rope. He tried once again for a hanging DDT, but Christian wriggled free hit a big slap to the face.

Christian tried for a frog splash, but Orton avoided it. He then hit a hanging DDT, and set up for the RKO. Christian surprised him with a backslide, which got a near fall. Christian tried for a killswitch, but Orton shoved him off. He tried for a sunset flip out of the corner, and Orton beat him with an RKO.

Randy Orton defeated Christian at 12:34.

Orton celebrated to close the show.

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