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WWE SmackDown Results 3/5/15
By Marc Middleton
Mar 5, 2015 - 11:08:18 PM

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[Q1] Dolph Ziggler made his ring entrance to start the show wearing his stolen Intercontinental Championship belt. Video aired of Raw that showed the musical titles that led to Ziggler holding onto the championship belt. Ziggler said he's not one to hold a grudge against his boss, but he never got his title rematch against Bad News Barrett. He went on to say the IC Championship meant a lot to him, and winning the Intercontinental Championship last year changed his life (LOL).

He officially entered the Intercontinental Ladder Match at WrestleMania. He said it still felt like something, or someone was missing. Someone who proved that size doesn't matter, and that with a movement behind you, you can accomplish anything. Ziggler paused for Yes Chants, and said he liked where they were going. Ziggler said he wanted to invite that person.....and Bad News Barrett interrupted him.

Barrett said he had something that belonged to him. Ziggler said it must be his charisma and movie star looks. Barrett said he might be a comedian, but not a very clever one. He gave him two choices. One is to give his title back, and the other is having it taken from his unconscious body. Luke Harper then snuck up behind Ziggler and took the championship belt and dumped him out of the ring. Barrett went to grab the belt, but he and Harper both grabbed onto it simultaneously.

Ziggler got back up and brawled with Harper, and Dean Ambrose made his way down to the ring. He and Ziggler brawled with the heels, and R-Truth snuck into the picture and attempted to avoid detection. Truth eventually snuck into the ring and stole the belt, and then hid under the ring with it. Ambrose and Ziggler got back into the ring to look for the belt and it was gone. Truth got out from under the ring and ran backstage.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed R-Truth. He said that he wanted to take the Championship because it will be easier to retrieve it at WrestleMania if it's under his arm. Renee Young told him they would be hanging it above the ring at WrestleMania, and Truth acted like he had no idea. He said his plan was ruined and he would have to find someone to give the belt to. He asked where Gene Ambrose was, and she said his name was Dean. He said he didn't care which one it was, and walked off...[c]

[Q2] Los Matadores were already in the ring. Cesaro and Kidd made their ring entrance. A picture in picture promo was shown where Kidd and Cesaro said anyone who wants a title match at WrestleMania would have to earn it.

1. Los Matadores vs. Cesaro and Kidd: Kidd and Fernando started, and Cesaro dominated the early going. Torito broke up a pin attempt when he drew attention to Cesaro using the ropes. Cesaro and Torito then jawed in the ring until Natalya tripped up Torito from behind. Kidd pulled Diego off the apron and Cesaro hit a double team Swing into a neck breaker. Cesaro covered and got the win for his team.

Cesaro and Kidd defeated Los Matadores at 2:48.

Backstage, Big Show confronted Kane argued abour Randy Orton, and both entered the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Big Show asked Kane if the Devil's Favorite Demon or the spokesman for the Men's Warehouse was going to look. Kane said he should find out when he faces Ryback. He then did the Men's Warehouse slogan in a joking manner. Ryback made his entrace in the arena...[c]

[Q3] Video was shown of the Main Event on Monday, and showed Randy Orton cost Roman Reigns the victory in the Main Event. Kane made his ring entrance with Big Show, who admired the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy that was at ringside.

2. Kane vs. Ryback: Kane got off to an early advantage, but Ryback got back into the match with a clothesline and a powerslam. Big Show tried to interfere in the match to help Kane, but it backfired and Kane got shoved into Show. Ryback then followed up with a meat hook clothesline and pinned Kane for the vicotry.

Ryback defeated Kane at 3:30

After the match, Kane grabbed a microphone and told Ryback not to anywhere, because he had a match with Big Show next. Show and Kane jawed a bit heading into the break...[c]

3. Big Show vs Ryback: Ryback nearly got DQ'd in the early going for failing to break in a corner. Show caught Ryback coming off the top rope and set up for a chokeslam, but Ryback avoided it and hit a clothesline. Ryback was setting up to put Big Show away, but Kane interfered and took another meat hook. Ryback turned around into a KO Punch and Big Show pinned him.

Big Show defeated Ryback at 2:44.

[Q4] Footage was shown of Bray Wyatt's casket entrance at Fastlane, and recapped his promo from Raw where he burned a casket. Wyatt then flashed in and said he has something he thinks the Undertaker can relate to. Wyatt claimed he would unleash it's spirit on Monday's Raw, because not even he can outrun his own fate. The camera panned down as Wyatt set Taker's urn on some kind of stand in the room he was in.

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella was plugged for later, and a Jon Stewart recap was plugged for next...[c]

A video recap of Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart's segment from Raw aired. Brie Bella made her ring entrance. Video was shown of AJ's return on Raw from Monday. Brie and Nikki talked about how they carried the Divas division while AJ was "on vacation". Brie said that none of the other Divas measure up to the Bella Standard, and that the only voice in the divas division comes from the top. AJ then made her ring entrance...[c]

Paige was at ringside as the show came back.

4. Brie vs. AJ Lee: They traded offense to start. Brie hit a nice missile dropkick, but only got a two count. She got another two count after a clothesline, and then applied a chin lock. Brie then got another two count after a low drop kick.

[Q5] AJ avoided a clothesline and rolled Brie up for a two count. Brie quickly grabbed another chin lock, and then hit a DDT, but still only got a two count. She covered a second time just to be sure. Brie continued the cycle of hitting one offensive move and then covering for a two count. AJ got in a few hope spots, but couldn't get any consecutive offense until Brie missed a missile dropkick from the second rope.

AJ hit a Thesz Press and a corner splash. She followed up with a neck breaker and hit a dropkick that sent Brie to the outside. All four women converged on the outside and AJ threw Brie back into the ring. AJ quickly applied the Black Widow, and Paige prevented Nikki from interfering. Brie eventually tapped out

AJ defeated Brie Bella at 7:38.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was interviewed by Renee Young. She asked him about Dolph Ziggler's promo from earlier where he was mentioned. He said the Intercontinental Title is so exciting right now, and that Dolph Ziggler might be right about it stealing the show at WrestleMania. He then said as for tonight, he was interested to see who left the night with the Championship...[c]

Alundra Blayze's HOF photo was shown. New Day was shown as they made an attempt to fire up the crowd. The Miz then made his entrance, followed by Mizdow.

[Q6] 5. The Miz and MIzdow vs. New Day: Kofi sold a DDT like RVD for some reason early on from the MIz. The crowd chanted for Mizdow and Miz told them off and refuse to tag. Eventually, after getting dropkicked into his own corner, Miz tagged out. Mizdow got the best of Kofi and was set up to finish him, but Miz tagged himself back into the match. After some arguing, Miz got hit with a Big Ending DDT double team move that was pretty impressive, and Big E pinned him for the win.

New Day defeated Miz and MIzdow at 3:29.

A Roman Reign's interview was advertised for next...[c]

A recap of Paul Heyman's brilliant promo from Monday was shown. Cole then introduced a video that explained by Brock Lesnar is called "The Beast". A promo from "earlier today" with Roman Reings was shown reacting to videos. He said Heyman made a living off of running his mouth and lying. Reigns said he knows he's going to get hurt at WrestleMania, but he's going to take everything he's got and stand back up. He's going to cock and lock, and put one right on the button, and then cut him in half with a spear to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

In the arena, Jack Swagger made his entrance, followed by Rusev.

[Q7] 5. Rusev vs. Jack Swagger: The match went the outside immediately as Rusev tossed Swagger out of the ring and they brawled around ringside...[c]

Rusev and Swagger traded heavy blows in the ring. Swagger hit a big clothesline and went for a Swagger Bomb. Rusev got his feet up, but Swagger caught him and applied the ankle lock. Rusev reach the ropes to break, and then Swagger sent him to ringside with a kick. Swagger followed and tossed Rusev back into the ring, but ran into a big side kick and he re-entered himself. Rusev then stomped on his back and applied the Accolade for the tap out victory.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger at 7:29.

Curtis Axel appeared on the tron and did a Hulk Hogan impression. He said he was coming after Rusev on Monday, and then he would come after the United States Championship at WrestleMania. He then ripped his shirts and flexed, brother. The announce team plugged the main event for next...[c]

Backstage, Cameron said it was time to give the divas a chance. Summer Rae and Eva Marie walked up and became bitchy immediately and said they would steal her chance. Note to WWE: THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT.

The wrestlers for the main event were already in the ring. R-Truth joined on commentary.

[Q8] Luke Harper and Wade Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose: Ziggler and Harper started the match, and Harper got an early advantage. Harper stared down Barrett as he tagged him in, which allowed Ziggler to recover and make a tag. Ambrose and Barrett brawled for a bit until Ambrose sent Barrett to the outside with a clothesline. Harper jumped in and Ziggler sent him to the outside. The babyfaces back into one another and had a brief stand off of their own...[c]

Harper and Ambrose traded blows, and Harper got the best of it. Barrett tagged in and kept up the offense on Ambrose for a bit, but Ambrose countered a corner charge with a tornado DDT and tagged out to Ziggler. Harper tagged in as well and Ziggler lit him up. Harper was able to counter a DDT attempt with a side slam, but Ambrose broke up the pinning attempt. Ambrose took Barrett out to the floor and Ziggler hit Harper with a super kick. He followed up with the Zig Zag and got the pin for his team.

Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose defeated Wade Barrett and Luke Harpet at 9:20.

After the match, Barrett hit Ziggler with the Bull Hammer and went after Truth for his Championship Belt. Ambrose dove onto Barrett to prevent him from getting it back, and Truth headed back up the ramp. He was confronted by Harper, but he was able to outsmart him and head up the ramp. Daniel Bryan's music hit and he walked out, and Truth gave him the championship belt. Bryan started to celebrate, but Stardust attacked Bryan from behind and climbed grabbed the title for himself. He hissed at the crowd as they chanted "Cody".

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