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WWE SmackDown Results 4/18/14
Apr 19, 2014 - 10:33:41 AM

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[Q1] King of Kings blared and Triple H made his way out to a mixed reaction that was mostly boos. Cole put over Evolution's return on commentary as Triple H climbed into the ring. JBL said Evolution left The Shield laying, but didn't mention the eleven other guys. Triple H said that his role as COO is finding talent from around the world, and giving them an opportunity to succeed in the WWE. He takes great pride in it, and he takes great pride in the success of the Shield. He called them some of the best talents to come along in years, and as a result he gave them power, but it was too much power.

Triple H warned the crowd that whenever they get the feeling in life that they need to find the line in the sand, they shouldn't cross it. The Shield decided to cross it, and they paid the price. He then introduced a video package that recapped the events from Monday's Main Event segment. After the video, Triple H gloated that The Shield found humility and were humbled by Evolution. Triple referenced his interview with Michael Cole for that he offered The Shield a second chance at forgiveness, if they would crawl back to his office and grovel to him.

Triple said he got silence in response, except a text from Roman Reigns which said that Kings don't win war, Soldiers do. Hunter said that wasn't true, and that soldiers are the currency in which empires are bought and sold. He then said at Extreme Rules, The Shield would step into the ring with the most dominant force in the history of the WWE. Evolution would return to show the WWE what true power and destruction really is. He closed by saying that in life you either adapt or perish, and that is Evolution.

Cole and JBL plugged Sheamus vs. Batista for the Main Event...[c]

[Q2] 1. Big E vs. Alberto Del Rio. Big E did a PIP promo where he explained that only one contender from the tournament would earn the right to get dropped by the Big Ending. He came off like he was going for humor, but I wasn't feeling it. The match started with Big E in control. He hit a clothesline early, and then fired up the crowd. Del Rio got back into the match by blocking a body slam attempt, and hitting a kick to the face. Del Rio avoided a charging Big E in the corner, and followed up with a running kick to the chest on a prone Big E.

The ref separated them as Del Rio stomped on Big E in the corner. Del Rio missed a charger and ran shoulder first into the post. Big E fired up with a clothesline and a nice belly to belly. He went for a Warrior Splash, but Del Rio got the knees up and Del Rio rolled to the floor to recover...[c]

Big E landed on his head trying to spear Del Rio through the ropes to the outside during the break. Del Rio hit a DDT in the ring for a near fall. Big E recovered and hit a clothesline and a Warrior Splash, and then dropped his straps. He tried for the Big Ending, but Del Rio reversed into the back stabber. Del Rio taunted the crowd and went for the cross arm breaker. Big E blocked it long enough to reach the ropes. Del Rio refused to break at five, and got disqualified.

Big E defeated Alberto Del Rio by disqualification at 9:52.

After the bell, Del Rio attacked Big E, who eventually recovered and hit the Big Ending to stand tall at the end of the segment. Cole plugged a legends panel on the WWE Network about the life of the Ultimate Warrior with Booker T, Sgt. Slaughter and Ted Dibiase. Cole and JBL went into somber mode while talking about the end of the streak, and plugged Paul Heyman for next....[c]

[Q3] Lilian Garcia introduced Paul Heyman. He introduced himself as the advocate of the fastest rising star in the WWE, the King of Swing, The Swiss Superman Cesaro. And also the advocate for the one in 21-1, the conqueror Brock Lesnar. Heyman yelled and taunted the crowd by saying that his client Brock Lensar broke the streak almost a dozen times. He said it at various speeds and in a very animated way, and the crowd got fired up.

After that was over, he said he vented, and he felt better. He was glad he had a chance to shed the lift of his intelligence on the crowds Tennessee ignorance. He said he wanted to say something out of character from the bottom of his heart, and then repeated that his client Brock Lesnar conquered the streak. After the promo, Cole and JBL introduced a video of El Torito vs. Hornswoggle from Main Event. 3MB and Los Matadores held back their respective partners.

Paige made her ring entrance to a nice reaction. Cole and JBL said she would defend her Divas Championship against Tamina at Extreme Rules. Tamina cut a PIP promo where she said she deserved the title and would capture it by any means necessary...[c]

[Q4] Aksana was in the ring for a match. Aksana got on the microphone, and told Paige that all the divas are jealous of her because of their insecurities. She claimed Paige was lucky and undeserving, and tonight her luck would run out. Aksana then clocked Aksana with an elbow before the bell.

2. Aksana vs. Paige. Paige hit a series of knee lifts on the apron and screamed to fire up the crowd. Aksana hit a clothesline out on the floor, and then a spinebuster in the ring. She then dropped an elbow and applied a rear chin lock. After a bit, they hit a double cross body that layed both of them out. Paige got up first and fired up. She hit multiple clotheslines and a drop kick before applying the Scorpion Cross Lock for the submission victory.

Paige defeated Aksana at 2:05.

Backstage, Renee Young spoke to Sheamus, and pulled up footage of Batista's assault on Sheamus from two weeks ago on Smackdown. She asked him to comment on it, and he said that rather than fight him like a man, Batista took the easy way out and hit him with a chair. He told some silly story about a bully back in his hometown, and then said tonight it was time to fight, and Batista wouldn't be able to stop him. El Torito and Hornswoggle were shown training backstage...[c]

El Torito made his entrance with Los Matadores, and Hornswoggle entered with 3MB.

[Q5] 3. Hornswoggle vs. El Torito. El Torito grabbed a front face lock and then hit a shoulder block and a head scissors. Torito tried to charge Hornswoggle in the corner, but he got a foot up. He ran El Torito into the turnbuckle and then hit a Bonsai Drop from the bottom rope. El Torito reversed into a pin for a near fall. Hornswoggle hit a body slam and taunted the crowd by strumming an air guitar. Torito almost rolled him up for the win, but Hornswoggle kicked out very late.

Torito hit Hornswoggle with the gore, and hit the a bronco buster in the corner. He followed up with a Moonsault for the win.

El Torito defeated Hornswoggle at 4:39.

An Alexander Rusev vignette aired, and Coled said his debut is next...[c]

Bad News Barrett rose on his cherry picker to give us the bad news of the day. He asked for decorum over the biggest little match in WWE history. He said the fact that the crowd applauted the atrocity in the ring was evidence of how small their brains really are. R-Truth was then shown in the ring. Lana walked out on stage and said a few words in Russian. She then said in english that weakness will not be tolerated, and breeding failures will lead to our downfall. She then asked everyone to rejoice because he is here, and then called out Rusev.

4. Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth. Truth got in some offense early, and avoided some of Rusev's slower attacks. Truth hit a dropkick and covered, but only got one. Rusev caught R-Truth going for a running clothesline, and tossed him away. He then hit a jump kick, followed by the spin out side walk slam, and then The Accolade for the win.

Alexander Rusev defeated R-Truth at 1:58.

[Q6] Post match, Rusev roughed up Xavier Woods, and Cole plugged a Warrior tribute for next...[c]

Cole introduced footage of the Ultimate Warrior tribute from the open of Raw on Monday, as well as the tribute video...[c]

[Q7] Emma was shown walking to the ring backstage with Santino. She slapped him on the butt and he acted like he won the lottery. Fandango made his entrance with Layla, followed by Santino with Emma.

5. Santino vs. Fandango. Fandango dominated early on with strikes, and then hit a vertical suplex. Santino avoided a leg drop and got back on offense. Layla stole the cobra again, and Emma attacked her on the outside. In the ring, Santino got the win by hitting a sunset flip.

Santino defeated Fandango at 1:02.

Post match, Emma put the Cobra back on Santino, and he hit Fandango with a Cobra Strike. They then did stupid comedy bits, including Emma's arm going numb by being accident hit by the Cobra. Cole introduced some video footage from Monday of Kane as Stephanie taunted him into putting his mask back on. In the arena, Sheamus made his ring entrance for the main event...[c]

Batista made his ring entrance after the commerical break.

[Q8] Batista vs. Sheamus: They went to the outside immediately and Batista tossed Sheamus into the apron a few timed. In the ring, Sheamus hit a clothesline and tossed Batista in the turnbuckle. They both traded blows until Sheamus hit a clothesline that put Batista on the mat. Sheamus went for his clubs to the chest, and got a few off, but Batista hung him on the top rope to escape. Sheamus then hit a shoulder block that sent Batista from the apron out to the barricade...[c]

Batista kicked the ring steps into Sheamus, and then tossed him into the barricade. He followed up with multiple elbows to the face. Back in the ring, Batista tossed Sheamus into the ring post and soaked up some boos. He then choked Sheamus on the bottom rope. He tried for the Batista bomb, but Sheamus escaped and threw Batista out to the floor.

Batista recovered and tried an irish whip, but Sheamus reversed and sent him into the post in the corner. Sheamus went for a spear in the corner, but Batista got knee up. Sheamus avoided another Batista Bomb and hit his clubs to the chest. He then hit a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Sheamus then went for the Cloverleaf, but Batista avoided it. Sheamus lined up for a Brogue Kick, but Batista rolled to the outside. Sheamus tossed him back in the ring, and missed another Brogue Kick. Batista hit a speak for another good near fall.

Batista lined up for a Batista Bomb, and Sheamus hit a back body drop. Sheamus went up top, but got crotched on the top rope. Batista followed up with a Batista Bomb for the win.

Batista defeated Sheamus at 13:29.

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