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WWE SmackDown Results 4/11/14
Apr 12, 2014 - 10:26:42 AM

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[Q1] Michael Cole voiced over a photo of the Ultimate Warrior, and mentioned that Raw will be a tribute show to his memory. The show then cut to the arena, where John Cena made his entrance. Cole played up John Cena preserving his legacy at WrestleMania. Cena asked the crowd if they were tired, and said it had been an exhausting week. Cena called the moment that opened WrestleMania with Stone Cold, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan the most iconic moment in WrestleMania history. He recapped some of the big moments on the show, and said Bray Wyatt still can't see him. He took a somber tone while he spoke of The Undertaker's streak coming to an end, and fired up when he spoke about Daniel Bryan capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

He then recapped Raw, and thanked the fans for rewriting his theme music. He mentioned Rusev, Bo Dallas, Paige, Adam Rose, etc. Cena said that the future is now, and there are a lot of promising superstars on the roster. He said he his not the one, or the viper, or the boss. He called himself the measuring stick, and that if people want to plant their flag on the top of the mountain, they would have to go through him to do it. The Wyatt sounder hit. Luke Harper said that it's said that time heals all wounds, but it will just give them more time to hurt him with.

Bray Wyatt said he wished he could feel pain, but he's different, and we should all celebrate our differences, right kids? If he lost to John Cena on Sunday, why can't he stop smiling? WrestleMania was the first time he saw John Cena wasn't hollow. He saw the good and the bad, the dreams he hadn't yet dreamed, and all of his struggles. At WrestleMania, he was so close to bringing out the monster, but he now sees that he will have to go to extremes to do it. He started singing "He's got the whole world in his hands" and the Wyatt's flashed away. Cole plugged Daniel Bryan and The Usos' vs. Kane, Batista, and Randy Orton. Cesaro was shown walking towards the ring with Paul Heyman...[c]

Big Show made his way to the ring to a polite reaction. Paul Heyman walked out on stage to a chorus of boos. He introduced Cesaro as the winner of the first annual Andre the Giant Battle Royal and the King of Swing. Heyman called himself the greatest manager in WWE and Sports Entertainment history. He then said he engineered the end of the streak and called Cesaro a sure thing, and the King of Swing.

[Q2] Cesaro vs. Big Show: Show hit a shoulder block that sent Cesaro to ringside. Show followed, but Cesaro avoided him and got back into the ring. Cesaro tried to suplex show into the ring, but Show blocked it. Cesaro attempted a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside, but Show basically sat on him. Show set up for the KO punch, but Cesaro rolled to ringside and regrouped with Heyman. Heyman told Cesaro to take Big Show's air...[c]

Cesaro jumped on Show's back and locked in a sleeper. Show backed into a corner to cause a break, but Cesaro quickly reapplied the hold. Show looked like he was fading away, as Heyman put Cesaro over on commentary. Show finally escaped and hit Cesaro with a couple of clotheslines. Show set up for a chokeslam, but Cesaro reversed out and reapplied the sleeper hold. Show fell backwards and broke the hold once again.

Show climbed up top, and attempted an elbow drop, but Cesaro got out of the way. The crowd called for the swing, but Cesaro ran in and prevented it from happening.

Cesaro defeated Big Show by DQ at 9:44.

Post match, Cesaro hit a hangman on Big Show over the top rope. He then hit a second rope european uppercut, followed by a very impressive looking Neutralizer. Cesaro and Heyman celebrated up the ramp. Cole plugged an appearance from Hulk Hogan later...[c]

[Q3] El Torito was doing his antics in the ring. Rybaxel and Los Matadores were already in the ring.

2. Los Matadores vs. Rybaxel: Fernando started the match with Ryback, and quickly Ryback hit a suplex to take control. Axel tagged in and continued on offense. A scroller appeared on screen that reiterated that Monday's Raw would be in tribute to the Ultimate Warrior, and gave condolences to his family and fans. Ryback tagged back into the match and applied a rear chin lock. Fernando caught Ryback with a jumping side kick, and both teams tagged out. Diego fired up and hit a back elbow and a clothesline, and then did his headstand gimmick in the corner into a head scissors.

Diego hit a hammerlock DDT on Axel, and Ryback had to break up the cover. El Torito tried to jump on Ryback on the outside, but got caught. Ryback set up to toss Torito into the crowd, but Diego broke it up. Axel hit his finisher in the ring for the victory on the distraction.

Rybaxel defeated Los Matadores at 5:24

RVD was shown backstage, and Renee Young caught him for an interview. Renee asked him how it felt ot be home, and he said everything had changed since he left. The face of the company had a beard, and the face everybody missed was R-V-D...[c]

[Q4] RVD made his ring entrance to a nice reaction. Damien Sandow was already in the ring.

3. RVD vs. Damien Sandow: RVD hit a nice standing side kick. He posed for a standing backflip, but Sandow rolled him up for a near fall. RVD hit rolling thunder, and Sandow rolled to the outside. RVD went for a standing moonsault off the apron, but whiffed completely. Sandow tossed RVD into the apron, and then into the barricade. Sandow tried a few covers in the ring and got a two count. Cole and JBL talked up Sandow's losing streak since failing to capture the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena.

Sandow continued to drop elbows and applied a rear chin lock. Sandow went or a superplex a moment later, but RVD pushed him down. RVD followed up with a Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

RVD defeated Damien Sandow at 4:34.

An Adam Rose vignette aired and said he was coming soon...[c]

Hulk Hogan made his entrance to a nice ovation. He grabbed a mic as the crowd chanted for him. He said as the host of WrestleMania, he was there first hand as Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and watched as he turned WrestleMania into YestleMania. Hogan said he was very proud to introduce the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he welcomed Daniel Bryan out into the arena.

[Q5] Hogan fired up the crowd and Bryan said "Let me tell you something Hulkster!" and said it had been the greatest week of his life. He said he's getting married, he main evented WrestleMania, and he's back on Smackdown after five weeks. Bryan put over being in the ring with Hogan, and said when he sat in the crowd and watched on TV, the biggest star in the world was Hogan. Bryan spoke about saying his prayers eating his vitamins, and said that he's been a Hulkamania for as long as he can remember.

Bryan asked Hogan to indulge him for a moment, and said there was always something he wanted to see in person. Bryan asked for Hogan's music to be played, and he and Hogan celebrated together in the traditional Hogan fashion. It seemed to go on forever, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Hogan and Bryan celebrated with Yes Chants as the segment ended. Wade Barrett was shown backstage as he headed towards the ring...

Another reminder of the Raw Tribute to Ultimate Warrior was shown. Kofi Kingston made his entrance, and WWE aired a video that still pretended Kofi Kingston wasn't eliminated from the WrestleMania Battle Royal when his entire body hit the ground this past Sunday. Bad News Barrett then made his entrance.

4. Bad News Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston: Barrett grabbed a mic and told Kofi he had some bad news. Kofi tried to kick the mic out of his hand, but Barrett just bludgeoned him with it. Barrett went for the Bull Hammer early, but Kofi countered with a clothesline and a boom drop. Kofi tried for Trouble in Paradise, but Barrett rolled to the outside. Later, Barrett caught Kofi with a Bull Hammer as he tried for Trouble in Paradise to get the win.

Bad News Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston at 2:43.

[Q6] In the ring, Santino and Emma were playing patty cake or something. Fandango made his entrance with Layla instead of Summer Rae.

5. Fandango vs. Santino Marella: They traded some strikes early and then Santino fired up with some strikes and a hip toss. Santino went for the Cobra, but Layla stole it off his hand and Fandango rolled him up for the win. Emma and Santino looked completely uninterested in the outcome after the match.

Fandango defeated Santino Marella at 1:29.

After the match, Cole and JBL spoke about Paige defeating AJ for the Divas Title, and then introduced a video package explaining who she is. It was a voice over by AJ explaining a bit about her character while clips from her title win and NXT played on the screen. Cole plugged the main event...[c]

[Q7] Another Adam Rose vignette aired where he introduced us to the weird people on his party bus. Cole and JBL introduced a video package from Monday that showed the outcome of the main event with The Shield and Daniel Bryan uniting to take out Triple H and the rest of the Authority. They then showed footage from Main Event, where The Shield said that they were ready for war, and called out The Authority as the greatest injustice in WWE.

Backstage, Kane spoke to Batista and Randy Orton. They agreed they had common enemies, and argued over who got to take out Daniel Bryan. Kane said they had to stick together, and that they all answer to a higher authority. Batista asked Orton if he took orders from Kane, and he said he never has and he never will. The Usos' made their ring entrance, followed by Daniel Bryan...[c]

Kane made his ring entrance, followed by Batista and Orton.

[Q8] 6. Kane, Batista and Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan and The Usos: Jay Uso started the match with Batista. He hit a kick to the gut on Batista and tagged in Jimmy, who had taped up ribs. Batista hit a spinebuster to go after his ribs, and then tagged in Randy Orton. Orton stomped on Jimmy's ribs and back, and then tagged in Kane...[c]

Batista focused on the back and ribs of Jimmy Uso with stomps. Randy Orton tagged in, and hit a catapult into the bottom rope. Orton then dropped Jimmy ribs first onto the top rope, and then followed up with more kicks and stomps to the ribs. Kane tagged in, and kept the pressure on. The crowd started firing up for the hot tag, and Kane shut it down and made a tag to Orton. Bryan tried to fire up the crowd again, but Orton held on to a rear chin lock. Jimmy tried to get back in the match with knife edge chops, but Orton hit a powerslam to stop the surge.

After a Samoan drop, Jimmy finally made a tag. Kane also entered, and Bryan hit him with a missile dropkick from the top. Bryan knocked Orton and Batista off the apron, and went to work on Kane. Bryan fired up the crowd and kicked Kane in the chest. Kane ducked the kick to the head, and Bryan low bridged him to the outside. Bryan hit a suicide dive on Kane. The Usos hit dives onto Batista and Orton. The brawl continued outside the ring, and the ref called it.

The match ended in no contest at 12:19.

After the bell was called, Batista and Orton hit the RKO and Batista Bomb on the Usos. Kane went to chokeslam Bryan onto the announce table, but Seth Rollins interrupted him. The Shield ran off Batista and Orton, and celebrated in the ring. Kane tried to sneak up on The Shield with a chair, but Bryan hit him with a flying knee. The Shield hit a triple powerbomb on Kane to close the show. Bryan and The Shield stood strong to close the show...

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