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WWE SmackDown Results 5/23/14
May 23, 2014 - 11:57:13 PM

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[Q1] Jimmy Hart stood in the ring and introduced Hulk Hogan. Hart commented that Hogan had not been to London in 20 years. Hogan posed and signaled to the crowd and got a great reaction as you would expect. Once his music stopped, a very strong Hogan chant went on for about 10 seconds. Hogan said it was great to be across the pond just like in the old days. He thanked the crowd and told them they were on fire. Hogan pointed to Jimmy Hart and said he'd never been the same since living in the Legends House. Hogan explained the premise of the show and named off Okerlund, Duggan, and Piper as being on the show.

Hogan said things were looking bright for his British Hulkamaniacs. He then pumped up the crowd and said Hulkamania, Legends House, and the WWE Network would run wild on them. He then posed some more while Cole and Lawler jumped in and plugged The Uso's vs. Harper and Rowan with Bray and Cena at ringside for the main event, and Ziggler vs. Batista in a No DQ Match for next...[c]

Dolph Ziggler made his ring entrance. Video footage was shown of Batista as he gave Ziggler a beat down last week on Smackdown. Batista made his ring entrance while footage from Monday's beatdown on Batista by The Shield was shown.

[Q2] 1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Batista in a No DQ Match: They went back and forth early on until Batista rolled to the outside and grabbed a chair. Ziggler snatched it from him as he got into the ring, but Batista avoided damage and pulled Ziggler to the outside underneath the bottom rope. Batista smashed Ziggler around ringside a bit, but missed a spear and crashed and burned into the barricade. Ziggler fired up and hit a clothesline that sent both men into the timekeepers table...[c]

Batista swung a chair at Ziggler and hit the post instead. Ziggler picked up the chair and blasted Batista a few times across the back. Ziggler had to work hard to put Batista back in the ring, and then he rolled right back out. Ziggler caught up with him on the far side of the hard camera and tossed him into the ring steps. Both men got back in the ring and Ziggler hit a stinger splash. He went for ten punches and wrapped up Batista's arms in the ropes to prevent him from DQ'ing himself a la last week. That led to a neckbreaker from Ziggler and a near fall.

Ziggler went for the Fameasser, but Batista held him in the air. Ziggler rolled out of the predicament and hit a Fameasser for a near fall. Batista rolled to the outside, but Ziggler hit a baseball slide that sent Batista over the announce table. He followed up with a double axe handle off the announce table. Ziggler attempted to toss Batista into the steps, but got reversed into them himself. Dolph recovered and set up for a Fameasser on the ring steps, but Batista got out of the way and Dolph crashed into the steps and onto the floor.

Batista tossed Ziggler back into the ring and quickly hit a spear. He covered for the win.

Batista defeated Dolph Ziggler at 13:55.

After the finish, Batista hit a Batistabomb, and then left up the ramp. Cole and JBL plugged the main event. A Bolieve video aired, and he was plugged for tonight...[c]

[Q3] Nikki Bella and Eva Marie made their ring entrance. They were followed by the Funkadactyl's. Summer Rae was introduced as the special guest referee. Video footage was shown from Summer's return from Monday.

Nikki Bella and Eva Marie vs. The Funkadactyl's: Naomi and Nikki went back and forth early on. Nikki hit a knee to the face, but Summer Rae refused to make a count. Naomi tried to hit a rollup, but Nikki kicked out before a count could happen. Cameron tagged in and the Funkadacyl's hit a double team suplex and split leg drop. Nikki fired back with a drop kick and a tag to Eva Marie, who got boos. Eva hit a clothesline, and covered, but no cover was made. Cameron did the same thing, and Summer made a fast count and awarded the match to the Funkadactyls.

Naomi and Camera defeated Nikki and Eva Marie at 2:49.

Cole said we would see footage of Stephanie McMahon later in the show, and Bo Dallas is next...

[Q4] Bo Dallas made his ring entrance to his inspirational music. People in the audience had "I Boleive" signs in the crowd. They were all opposite the hard camera, so you can take from that what you will. Bo dropped to a knee in the ring and saluted the crowd. He introduced himself and said that he is living proof that dreams do come true. He said the greatest things in life cannot be seen, they need to be felt with your heart, and all you have to do is Bolieve! Sin Cara then made his ring entrance.

3. Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara: Bo hit an arm drag and celebrated delusionally. He did the same after a fireman's carry. That led to a flying body block and a suplex. Bo then hit several knee drops, and of course celebrated. Sin Cara reversed an irish whip into the corner, and hit Bo with a chop. He then hit a springboard headbutt and a back elbow for a near fall. Sin Cara went for a somersault senton, but Bo moved. He followed up with a springboard bulldog for the win.

Bo Dallas defeated Sin Cara at 4:11.

After the match, Bo shook Sin Cara's hand and told him he did great and could be just like him if he Bolieved. Cole and JBL then plugged the main event, and a Bray Wyatt promo for next...[c]

The Wyatt sounder played, and the family was already in the ring. Wyatt said he has seen the ups and downs of our world. When he's sleeping, he hears us calling out to him. We don't feel the presence of evil at home while we eat a bowl of cereal, but it is a very real thing. Wyatt said we all live in a bubble, one that gives us the false feeling of safety. But, whenever we raise an eyebrow and ask questions, they send somebody like John Cena to lie to us and tell us that the bubble isn't a prison, it is our home. Wyatt then said that Cena is there to lie to us and keep us in the bubble, but that is the reason he is here. Wyatt then introduced a clip of the happenings between Cena and the Wyatt Family from Raw.

[Q5] Wyatt said the Cenation has affected our world like the plague. Bray said all it will take is a ten count to end John Cena and all he stands for. So he recruited the Uso's to be his little pawns, but they will fall while John Cena rides his horse as to not get his crown so dirty. Tonight, the Uso's will learn that there are worse things than dying. Wyatt was there when the city burned and the plague swept in, and when John Cena falls he will still be standing. Wyatt then spoke a few sentences either in tongues or a language that I've never heard before, and then sang "He's got the whole world".

Cole and JBL plugged the main event, and Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for next...[c]

Paul Heyman and Cesaro joined on commentary. Alberto Del Rio made his ring entrance, followed by Sheamus. Footage was shown of Cesaro getting a cheap win over Sheamus on Monday.

4. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus: Cesaro yelled at Sheamus and offered a handshake, and that let Del Rio get the early advantage. Cesaro refused to speak in english on commentary. He and Cole went back and forth. Cesaro spoke in varied languages, and Cole made up things for him in English. Sheamus and Del Rio brawled on the outside, and both men were down after a double clothesline...[c]

Del Rio took control with kicks as Cole continued to argue with Heyman and Cesaro. Sheamus hit an irish curse backbreaker. He missed a Brogue Kick, and got clipped by a thrust kick from Del Rio that got a near fall. Del Rio got caught on the apron a moment later and Sheamus hit ten beats of the bodhran. Del Rio applied the cross arm breaker, but Sheamus reached the ropes. Cesaro ran up to Sheamus as he clung to the ropes, and Sheamus punched him in the face.

Sheamus hit a slam on Del Rio in the ring, and then Cesaro pulled him to the outside. He sent him into the ring steps and hit a Neutralizer on the floor.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio at 9:30.

Cesaro pulled Sheamus over onto his back and shook his hand. He and Heyman then celebrated up the ramp. Cole then introduced a video package of Stephanie McMahon from Monday. Cole questioned whether Bryan would relinquish the title on Monday...[c]

[Q7] Vickie Guerrero was in the ring and did her excuse me bit. She told the crowd they only know one side of her. She said she is gorgeous and has an award winning personality. Vickie then said that what they don't know about her is that she can party with the best of them, and can party all the time. She then introduced Adam Rose for his Smackdown debut. He danced around like a tool and Vickie welcomed him to the show. She went to leave, but he asked her to stay. He did some call and response with the crowd, and then asked Vickie if she as a lemon or a Rosebud.

He asked the crowd if she was a lemon, and got a strong reaction. She grabbed the mic and said she was not a lemon. She gave Rose 30 seconds to get out of her ring. He approached her quickly with his sucker, and she fell onto his posse at ringside. They carried her around the ring as she screamed. He danced in the ring and then up the ramp with Vickie being a carried.

Backstage, The Uso's were interviewed by Renee Young. They talked about Adam Rose for a second before getting serious. Jay said one thing they know about is family, and they've been kicking ass as a family for a long time. Cena cut a nonsense promo for a second, and said literally nothing that made sense. Jimmy Uso said he didn't know what he was saying. Cena said The Wyatt's did nothing but talk, and actions speak louder than words.

[Q8] The Uso's made their ring entrance, followed by John Cena. Footage was shown of The Wyatt's counting out John Cena from Monday, and then they made their entrance.

5. The Uso's vs. Rowan and Harper: The Usos tagged in and out quicly early, and took a control of Harper. After a mistimed kick, Harper hit a clothesline and tagged in Rowan. The Usos quickly recovered and got the best of Rowan. Jimmy hit a flying body block that sent both he and Rowan crashing to the outside...[c]

Harper sent Jimmy Uso neck first into the second rope form a dead run in a cool looking spot. Rowan tagged in and hit a forearm shiver to the kidneys. Rowan applied a head vice and eventually tagged out to Harper. Harper continued the grinding offense for a bit, and placed Jimmy on the top rope. He fought him off and hit a somersault plancha off the top rope. Jimmy Uso made a hot tag and hit a Samoan drop on Erik Rowan. Harper entered the ring and hit a big boot on Jey. The match broke down as Jimmy hit a superkick on Harper and then hit a suicide dive on him out to the floor.

Harper went shoulder first into the steel post, and then Jey splashed him on the floor. Harper got a clothesline on the outside and then speared Rowan into the barricade. Jey climbed to the top, and Bray Wyatt shoved him off to get a DQ.

The Usos defeated Rowan and Harper at 11:29.

After the bell, Cena hit an AA on Rowan. Bray got on the apron, and he and Cena talked trash back and forth. Wyatt backed down and walked up the ramp to boos from the crowd.

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