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WWE SmackDown Results 5/7/15
May 7, 2015 - 11:33:58 PM

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[Q1] Video was shown of the storyline from Raw that saw Dean Ambrose added to the main event of Payback, and the foiled Main Event plot by Kane that ended with Ambrose standing tall to close the show. The normal Smackdown intro then played. The show then cut to the arena and Tom Phillips welcomed everyone to Ottawa. He and Byron Saxton announced a contract signing for the fatal four way match at Payback would take place later, and they threw to Jerry Lawler, who was in the ring for an interview.

Lawler said that last week the King of the Ring finals were held exclusively on the WWE Network. He put over the tournament as being especially grueling and said the winner has toughness and determination. He then introduced King Barrett, who came out to boos. Stills were shown of Barrett's victory over Neville. Lawler started to say "From one King to another..", and Barrett cut him off. He said there is only one King in WWE, and it wasn't Lawler.

Barrett said King is what Lawler likes to call himself, but Barrett had to beat three other men to earn his title. He told Lawler that he should stop addressing him like an equal, and say the same four words that all commoners need to say "All hail King Barrett". Barrett went on to say that the trailer parks of Memphis don't have any castles, and he was just like the other false King, Elvis Presley. The only throne he was qualified to sit on was a toilet. He demanded Lawler hail him, and Lawler refused. Barrett then said the interview was over, conveniently in time to be interrupted by Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler said it was nice that he won King of the Ring, but he comes across like a Ren Fair reject. He told him to drop the cape and crown, because he was going to drop him..

1. King Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler: Barrett started off in charge and made an early cover for a one count. He tried another one after a knee drop and got two. Barrett telegraphed a back body drop and Ziggler punted him and hit a dropkick. Barrett bailed to ringside...[c]

Barrett dominated the action and applied a bow and arrow to a grounded Ziggler. Dolph fought out, but Barrett caught him with winds of change when he ran the ropes for a near fall. Ziggler quickly fired back with a fameasser, but Sheamus interfered to break up the pin.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus at 6:48.

[Q2] After the bell, Sheamus and King Barrett put the boots to Ziggler. They tied him up in the ropes, but Neville made the save. He cleared the heels from the ring and untied Ziggler. Both men played to the crowd...[c]

During the break, you're not going to believe this, but an impromptu tag match was made.

2. Neville and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and King Barrett: As we joined, Sheamus worked over Neville. Neville broke up the offense with a kick to the gut, but couldn't make a tag. Sheamus knocked Ziggler off the apron, and hit an Irish Curse Backbreaker on Neville. He dragged Neville over to the heel corner and tagged Barrett. Barrett hit a nice looking big boot and tagged Sheamus back in. He hit a nice tilt a whirl backbreaker and then hit a few clubs to Neville's chest before Neville escaped and hit a kick.

Neville avoided a charging Sheamus, who ended up on the outside. Ziggler got the hot tag, and hit a nice dropkick and a big DDT on Barrett that got a near fall. Barrett almost hit Wasteland, but Ziggler escaped and hit a superkick for another near fall. Ziggler avoided a big boot from Sheamus, and then sent him to the outside. Neville then splashed Sheamus on the outside. Barrett tried to roll up Ziggler from behind, but Neville broke it up. Ziggler then hit the Zig Zag and got the win.

Neville and Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus and Bad News Barrett at 6:02.

[Q3] Phillips announced a six man tag between New Day and Cesaro, Kidd and Natalya for later. Dean Ambrose was interviewed by Renee Young backstage. Ambrose said he's not a big fan of rules or Authority, and Chaos will be a big factor in his match at Payback. He said anybody can win, and that later tonight, he's got a feeling that nobody will be happy to see him...[c]

Jojo introduced the woefully underutilized Luke Harper, followed by Fandango.

3. Luke Harper vs. Fandango: Harper hit a big kick right out of the gate, followed by a thrust to the neck and a body slam. Fandango fired back with some chops and a dropkick, but that's all the offense he would get. Harper hit a big boot and a discus clothesline to finish off Fandango.

Luke Harper defeated Fandango at 2:08.

After the match, Erick Rowan's music hit and he entered the ring and demolished Fandango. He and Harper stared at one another, but no one said anything. Rowan left his mask on the ring apron, and Harper looked at it and then back at Rowan to close the segment. The announce team plugged the contract signing for later...[c]

[Q4] Lana was in the ring and got a crowd chant. She asked the crowd not to cheer for her as it angers Rusev. Before she could say anything else, Rusev entered and got great heat. Rusev barked at her in Bulgarian/Russian, and ordered Lana to the back. She complied and the crowd booed mightily. Rusev addressed John Cena, and said all his victories have been nothing but a fluke and a miracle.

He said Cena showed Sami Zayn mercy, and showed his weakness, and at Payback Rusev would not show mercy and would take back his US Championship. Rusev promised that on Monday that he would confront Cena face to face and tell Cena exactly why he would say the words I Quit. The announce team awkwardly plugged the WWE Network.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns. She asked him about his history with all of his opponents at Payback, and whether or not he had mixed feelings. Reigns said he's always been rivals with Orton, he hates Reigns, and he knows Dean Ambrose will show him no mercy at Payback. He said no one will work harder or show more effort at Payback, and that he would walk out WWE World Heavyweight Champion...[c]

The New Day made their entrance to wrestle Kidd and Cesaro and their mystery partner. Kidd and Cesaro made their entrance with Natalya. They were joined by Ryback.

[Q5] 4. Kidd, Cesaro, and Ryback vs. New Day: Ryback started with Kofi as the crowd launched into New Day Sucks chants. Kofi used his speed to avoid Ryback early and had some success until running into a back elbow. Ryback hit an inverted atomic drop and tagged in Kidd for a dropkick. Kofi escaped and tagged in Woods, who then had to match up with Cesaro.

Cesaro picked up Woods for a delayed vertical suplex, and Ryback did the same for Big E. Kidd hit a snap suplex on Kofi as Ryback and Cesaro followed through with their suplexes. Kidd attempted to apply a Sharpshooter on Woods, but was unable. He then hit a somersault senton dive through the second rope onto Woods. Cesaro and Ryback took out Big E and Kofi as they tried to assist Woods.

Woods knocked Kidd to the outside with a dropkick and then tagged Big E. He went after Kidd on the outside and drove him into the barricade and the ring apron...[c]

Woods hit a big tornado DDT on Kidd. The heels made frequent tags and cut him off in their half of the ring. Big E hit two overhead belly to belly suplexes and covered for a near fall. Woods tagged back in and got hit with a kick, and Ryback made a hot tag. Ryback hit a spinebuster on Kofi and a big overhead belly to belly. Cesaro tagged in and hit a sequence of euro uppercuts, and then had to toss Big E to ringside when he interfered. Kidd tagged in and let Kidd climb on his shoulders. He then walked Kidd into the ring and let him jump off to hit a big elbow.

Big E broke up the cover attempt, and Ryback sent Woods and Big E to ringside. Ryback followed Woods to the outside, and then Wyatt's sounder hit. When it flashed back, Woods was holding Ryback by the legs so Big E could hit a big clothesline. Cesaro and Big E botched a DDT on the outside, and then Kofi rolled up Kidd and held the tights for the win.

New Day defeated Kidd, Cesaro, and Ryback at 12:11.

[Q6] Backstage, Randy Orton was interviewed by Renee Young. He said he would drop whoever it took to get his title back, and that he wasn't worried about Payback because not all the former Shield members would make it to the show if he had anything to say about it.

Emma was already in the ring, and Naomi made her entrance with Tamina. A PIP promo from Tamina and Naomi was shown where they declared that now that they together everyone would finally see what they were capable of.

5. Naomi vs. Emma: Naomi stomped on Emma in the corner early, but Emma fired back with forearms and a low dropkick for a two count. Naomi quickly reversed fortunes and hit a neckbreaker and kipped up so she could taunt the crowd. Naomi controlled a slow paced match for the most part. They traded backslides, and Naomi impressively bridged out of a pinning attempt. Naomi got the win with the rear view after a few minutes of back and forth.

Naomi defeated Emma at 3:11.

After the match, the announcers introduced some Tough Enough videos. They then plugged the contact signing...[c]

[Q7] Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Seth Rollins. Rollins said he's the man who makes the impossible, possible. Young asked if there was any truth to the fact that he wouldn't have had an opportunity at WrestleMania if it wasn't for Kane. Rollins said Kane is obsolete and jealous of him. He said he has what Kane will never have, and that's his brain. He has a plan for tonight, for Payback, and for six months from now. Rollins ended by telling Renee to watch his plan in action later tonight...

In the arena, Los Matadores were at ringside. The Lucha Dragons made their entrance.

6. Los Matadores vs Lucha Dragons: Kalisto started with Fernando and took control. He tagged in Cesaro, who hit a springboard senton and locked in a head lock. Diego tagged in blind and hit a tilt a whirl slam on Sin Cara. Both Matadores caught Sin Cara is he attempted a springboard splash, and then he sent Diego out of the ring with an arm drag. Fernando dumped Sin Cara to the outside, and Torito hit a dive off the apron onto him at ringside...[c]

Sin Cara hit an Angle Slam on Fernando and broke away from the heel corner to make a hot tag. Kalisto hit a Listo Kick and a seated head scissor driver for a near fall. Sin Cara attempted a suicide dive, but got caught up in the ropes and landed face first on the outside. Kalisto splashed Fernando on the outside, and Sin Cara missed a Swanton on Diego in the ring. He as able to roll him up anyway a few seconds later for the win.

Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadores at 9:13.

After the match, Diego gave Torito a shove onto his ass in frustration. The crowd gasped for a second. Fernando talked him down. The announce team plugged the contract signing for next...[c]

Kane was in the ring and said it was his job as Director of Operations to be the voice of the people. What was best for business was for Seth Rollins to defense his championship against not one or two, but three opponents at Payback. The purpose of that contract signing was to make that match official. He first introduced Randy Orton, followed by Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins waited on the stage instead of coming down to the ring.

Ambrose said he knows Bieber is a VIP in Canada, but why doesn't he have to come down to the ring? Rollins said Ambrose's humor was never his style, but it was always preferable to listening to Reigns try and form sentences. Reigns, Orton, and Ambrose all goaded Seth into coming down to the ring, but he refused. Rollins said Kane is authorized to sign the contract on his behalf, so he'll just let him do it.

Kane recalled Rollins' promo from earlier and said that since he looks to be in good health and is physically able to sign, he'll just ask that he come down and sign for it himself. Rollins said fine, and Mercury grabbed the contract to review it. He told Ambrose that Reigns used to call him a low rent Roddy Piper. He told Reigns that Ambrose used to say he couldn't wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag, and told Orton that both Reigns and Ambrose used to say that he was an entitled brat that only had spot because of his old man.

Rollins signed and argued with Kane about why he was World Champion. Ambrose set up a table in the corner and told everyone we all know how this is going to end up, so he called the table. A huge brawl broke out between everyone, as expected. Kane got hit by a Superman Punch, Ambrose at an RKO, Orton a Superman Punch, and Reigns a kick to the face from Rollins. Rollins turned everyone on each other and stood tall to close the show...

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