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WWE SmackDown Results 5/9/14
May 10, 2014 - 3:03:40 AM

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[Q1] A video package was shown of the 20 man battle royal that ended with a new US Champion on Monday Night. Footage was then shown of Raw's main event and the interference and beat down of The Shield by Evolution. In the arena, Cole and JBL checked in as Sheamus made his ring entrance. Dean Ambrose followed for the "rematch" from Monday.

1. Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose: Sheamus and Ambrose traded holds early on. Sheamus hit a nice shoulder tackle and a clothesline. He tried for a cover but only got one. Sheamus kept Ambrose grounded for a bit, but the action spilled outside. Sheamus hit a clothesline on the outside and sent Ambrose into the barricade...[c]

Ambrose took over in the ring and worked over Sheamus's leg. He then applied the figure four, but Sheamus was able to quickly force a break. He hit an Irish Curse back breaker and covered for a near fall. Sheamus then applied a Cloverleaf, but Ambrose also quickly reached the ropes. Sheamus clubbed Ambrose's chest, but couldn't hit an Irish Cross. Ambrose fired back with a wicked clothesline to get a breather.

[Q2] Both men brawled on their feet until Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick that sent Ambrose crashing out of the ring. The ref counted, and Ambrose barely answered the ten count. Once in the ring, Sheamus fired up the crowd for the Brogue Kick one more time. He hit Ambrose, who sold the previous kick heavily, and barely got to his feet to take the second one. Sheamus covered for the three count.

Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose at 14:20.

Post match, Sheamus celebrated up the ramp and Ambrose licked his wounds in the ring. The announce crew plugged Rollins and Batista and Roman Reigns for later in the show, and the main event of The Wyatt Family vs John Cena and The Usos'.

Paul Heyman sat in on commentary as Cesaro stood next to him. Wade Barrett made his entrance and cut a promo. He said that superstorms and severe weather are coming the way of the fans to wipe out their homes and their memories, so we'll all be forgotten pieces of history, just like Big E.

2. Big E and Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam and Big E: Barrett brawled with RVD early on, and sent him to the outside for Cesaro to take a few shots. He then applied a chin lock mid ring. RVD got to his feet, but Barrett quickly grounded him. RVD snapped up and hit a spin kick, and both men made tags. Big E entered and hit some clotheslines and a belly to belly on Cesaro. He then went for a big splash, but Cesaro kicked out. Cesaro charged at Big E in the corner, and Big E hit him with a Uranage.

[Q7] Barrett broke up the pin attempt. The match broke down and Barrett took care of RVD on the outside. Cesaro hit the Neutralizer on Big E and got the win.

Cesaro and Barrett defeated RVD and Big E at 3:49.

Footage was shown of Daniel Bryan's win at Extreme Rules. Cole said we'd see footage of what happened between Kane and Daniel Bryan on Monday later. He then hyped the main event...[c]

Lana made her entrance. She mentioned that there is one country that barred foul language in the arts. It is led by a leader that practices what he preaches. She called him a true leader, and said he should have won the nobel peace prize years ago. She then introduces Rusev, who now has one name.

3. Kofi Kingston vs. Rusev: Kofi got in one kick before Rusev side kicked him into the atmosphere. Rusev used his power to ground Kofi. A bit later in the match, Kofi got a hope spot with a splash, but Rusev quickly hit his side suplex. He quickly applied The Accolade for the win.

Rusev crushed at 2:10.

Backstage, The Wyatt's cut a promo. Wyatt said that we are all slaves to judgement. It tells us all that we must survive and adapt, and it tells John Cena to fear him. Wyatt claimed it's not the fear that sets men apart, but the distance they are willing to go. Where they are going, nobody comes back.

[Q4] Layla and Fandango were already in the ring. Emma and Santino made a ring entrance.

4. Emma and Santino vs. Fandango and Layla: Fandano dominated Santino early on. Santino got out of the way of a second rope elbow, and the ladies tagged in. Emma hit a Thesz press, and applied a Dilemma in the corner. She then hit the Emma sandwich, and pulled out her pink cobra sleeve. Santino charged an interfering Fandango and got low bridged out of the ring. This distraction caused Emma to get rolled up for the win.

Fandango and Layla defeated Emma and Santino at 2:04.

Fandango and Layla made out on the ramp. Cole hyped a recap of the horror movie segment that bombed on Monday. Reigns vs. Henry is next...[c]

Footage was shown of the Triple Powerbomb on Roman Reigns from Raw. Reigns was shown making his ring entrance. He was followed by Mark Henry. A PIP promo was shown, and he said it wasn't long ago that he was on the receiving end of some three on one beatings. He said he would induct Roman into the Hall of Pain, because that's what he does...

5. Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns: Henry backed Reigns into the corner. He then took a shot to his ribs, and talked trash. He asked Reings if he was supposed to take it easy because he's hurt. Reigns got in a couple of shots, but Henry quickly took over and continued to talk trash as he threw Reigns around. Henry tossed him to the outside, and then wrapped him around the post to go after his injured ribs.

[Q5] The crowd was quiet while Henry was on offense. Reigns fired up with a clothesline in the ring, but Henry crashed into him and knocked him down when he attempted another. Henry tried to climb to the top for a splash, but Reings stopped him. He then grabbed Henry off the ropes and hit a Samoan drop for a nice pop. He followed with a spear and got the pin to win the match.

Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry at 4:50.

3MB and Los Matadores were in the ring. Photos were shown of the comedy announces and WeeLC match.

6. Los Matadores vs. 3MB: McIntyre and Diego started, and McIntyre got the early advantage. Slater and McIntyre made a few tags, and took turns hitting strikes on Diego. They used Hornswoggle for an improvised splash. Fernando made a tag in, and he and McIntyre collided mid ring, and they both tagged in their respective midgets. El Torito bit Hornswoggle on the ass. He then got mad that everyone laughed at him when he got dumped out of the ring.

Torito attempted a sunset flip, but Hornswoggle remained on his feet. He tried to splash Torito, but he got out of the way. Slater tagged in, but Torito surprised him with a splash out of the corner for the win.

Los Matadores defeated 3MB at 3:29.

[Q6] After the match, we got a recap of the schlocky horror movie segments from Monday. JBL and Cole feigned interest in what will happen next.

The Mr. T mother's day video was shown. Batista then made his ring entrance, followed by Seth Rollins.

7. Batista vs. Seth Rollins: Rollins had his elbow wrapped up. He tried to hit a splash in the corner early on, but Batista got out of the way and hit a clothesline to the back of Rollins' head. Rollins sent him to the outside, and Rollins went for a Tope but caught himself when he saw Batista get out of the way. Rollins tried for a baseball slide as Batista went around the steps, but Batista pulled up the apron and Rollins slid right into it. This let Batista unload on him while he was defenseless...[c]

[Q7] Batista wrenched Rollins' neck and attacked him in the corner. He stayed on the attack and didn't let Rollins get to his feet. Rollins avoided a spear and went on offense. He hit a lariat and some strikes, but Batista caught him mid air for a spinebuster to kill his momentum. Batista fired up and went for the Batista Bomb, but Rollins slipped out and hit an Enziguri that sent Dave out to the floor. Rollins climbed up to the top and attempted a splash, but Batista caught him and bounced him off the announce table. Batista was able to answer the ten count, and Rollins could not.

Batista defeated Seth Rollins at 8:18.

After the match, Batista hit a Batista Bomb and celebrated up the ramp. Cole and JBL plugged the main event for next.

[Q8] The Wyatt Family is here. They made their ring entrance, followed by John Cena and The Usos'...[c]

8. John Cena and The Usos' vs. The Wyatt Family: Cena pummeled Rowan to start the match. He followed with a Suplex, and Rowan tagged out to Harper. Wyatt whispered something in Harper's ear as Harper stared glassy eyed at Cena. Jimmy Uso tagged in and rolled up Harper for a two count. Harper hit a chop to the chest that rocked Jimmy, and Rowan tagged back in. Jimmy backed him into the face corner and tagged in Jey. Rowan hit a big body block on Jey tha tnearly sent him out of the ring.

Harper and Rowan double teamed Jey by stepping on him and then Harper proceeded to slap him around. He hit a slingshot into the second rope and covered for a near fall. Bray tagged in and hit dome wild strikes. He hit a big clothesline splash in the corner and then crab walked to freak out Jey Uso. Wyatt walked into a forearm and got low bridged out of the ring. Jey crawled to make a tag, but Harper prevented it.

Harper gator rolled Jey, and followed up with a big boot. Rowan tagged in and attempted a bulldog, but Jey shoved him off into the turnbuckle. Rowan missed a splash attempt and Jey made the hot tag to Jey. Jimmy hit a flurry of offense on Bray Wyatt. Bray tagged out to Harper, and Jimmy Uso hit a superkick on Rowan and Wyatt as the match broke down.

Rowan and Wyatt beat on Cena on the outside until Jey splashed them both with tope. Harper hit a nasty clothesline on Jimmy in the ring, and covered for the win.

The Wyatt Family defeated Cena and The Usos' at 8:31.

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