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WWE SmackDown Results 6/6/14
Jun 6, 2014 - 10:05:14 PM

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A video package recapped The Shield beating Evolution at Payback, Batista quitting, and Seth Rollins turning on The Shield Monday night on Raw… In the arena, Triple H came out onto the stage with a big smile on his face. He looked back to the entrance way where Seth Rollins emerged. The two stood side by side on the stage before heading down to the ring. The crowd chanted "you sold out" at Rollins.

Triple H said he wasn’t there to rub it in anyone's face. He said he was there to give answers to the many questions about Seth Rollins. He said that Rollins was responsible for the most dominant group in WWE history, The Shield. He said they crushed giants, legends, and champions. He said they even defeated Evolution. He said people want to know why Rollins would walk away from that. He asked Seth why he did what he did on Monday night.

Rollins said that everybody wants an explanation for what he did to his brothers, but the only person who knows why he did what he did and the only person that needs to know is himself. Dolph Ziggler's music hit and he came onto the stage with a mic. He said he's probably be pushed further down the totem pole for what he's about to do. He said he never liked The Shield but he respected Rollins' vibe. He acknowledged that The Shield did big things, but said Rollins is a traitor. He called Rollins a sellout and the crowd picked up the "you sold out" chant again.

Rollins whispered to Triple H and Triple H said that Rollins has done things that Ziggler never has and never will, including selling out night after night. He said that Ziggler was going to catch a beating for this and told him to get to the ring for a match with Rollins… [C]

1. Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler. Rollins worked Ziggler over in the opening minutes with some basic offense. Around the two minute mark, Ziggler caught Rollins with a running crossbody, a dropkick, and a clothesline that sent Rollins to ringside. Rollins took a powder by Triple H while Ziggler held the ring.

The two squared off back in the ring where Rollins regained control of the match. Triple H was shown smiling at ringside while Rollins had Ziggler grounded in a chinlock. Around the four minute mark, Ziggler used a tilt-a-whirl takeover into the sleeper hold, but Rollins dropped down with a backpack stunner. Rollins followed up with a dropkick that sent Ziggler to ringside. [C]

Back from break, Ziggler tried to fight out of a rest hold but Rollins drove him into the middle turnbuckle with a reverse STO. Triple H was talking to the commentators and remarked at how Rollins could adapt to anything. In the ring, Ziggler hit several kicks to Rolling before planting him with the delayed jumping DDT. Both guys were down before they traded "yay/boo" forearms and Ziggler fired up.

Ziggler hit rapid shots in the corner and a neckbreaker for a two-count and Rollins rolled to ringside. Ziggler met him out there with a great dropkick but the landing clearly rattled Ziggler. Back in the ring, Ziggler connected with the Fameasser after a good back-and-forth exchange for a near-fall. Rollins hit a kick to Ziggler's head from the apron and went to the top rope, but Ziggler met him up there and hit a super bulldog for a great near-fall. Rollins reversed the Zig Zag and dropped Ziggler with a kick. Rollins wore Ziggler out with strikes before hitting the bucklebomb and the Curb Stomp for the win…

Seth Rollins pinned Dolph Ziggler in about 10:35.

Backstage, Renee Young welcomed Bad News Barrett onto the interview set. Barrett was upset about having to defend his IC title against RVD and Cesaro tonight. He explained how it was unfair and said they're not even in his league. He called RVD a flower child and said Cesaro had fleas from sleeping with a dog named Paul Heyman. He said the bad news is that BNB is going to be the winner tonight… Michael Cole hyped Bray Wyatt's return for later tonight… [C]

Backstage, Triple H and Seth Rollins were walking when they were joined by Randy Orton. Orton welcomed Rollins to the dark side before Big Show approached the trio. Show called Rollins a traitor and dared Rollins to try that stuff with him. Triple H chuckled and put Big Show in a match with Randy Orton for later in the show… In the arena, tag champs The Usos made their entrance. Ryback and Curtis Axel were already waiting in the ring.

2. The Usos vs. RybAxel in a non-title match. Ryback sent Jey toppling to ringside where Axel flew off the apron with a clothesline. The heels kept the upper hand back in the ring and continued to isolate Jey. Jey fought off both heels and made the hot tag at the three minute mark where Jimmy hit the Samoan Splash for the win…

The Usos over RybAxel in about 3:10.

The commentators hyped Big Show vs. Randy Orton as the main event. They also hyped a 'Championship Ultimatum' recap regarding the Daniel Bryan storyline… [C]

Back in the arena, Lilian Garcia introduced Lana. Lana put over Russia and the crowd chanted "USA" before Rusev made his entrance. He's still wearing the gold star medal from Raw and Lilian even mentioned it in his introduction. Xavier Woods made Apollo Creed's entrance.

3. Rusev (w/ Lana) vs. Xavier Woods. Rusev kicked Woods in the face and applied the Accolade for the win.

Rusev squashed Xavier Woods in about 0:35.

Rusev put the medal back on Rusev after the match and raised his hand. Pyro went off and a giant Russian flag dropped above the ring… Michael Cole hyped Bray Wyatt's return once again. He also hyped the triple threat match for the IC title coming up next… [C]

Rob Van Dam made his entrance. Paul Heyman was out next to introduce Cesaro. A replay from Monday showed Cesaro walking out on Barrett and leaving him to take the loss in their tag match. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett was the third and final man out. A replay from Main Event showed Cesaro interfering in the title match between Barrett and RVD leading to tonight's triple threat. All three men got full in-ring intros and Paul Heyman joined the commentary team.

4. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett and RVD both went after Cesaro to open before they turned their attention towards each other. RVD hit a monkey flip on Cesaro and a wheel kick on Barrett before delivering a double Rolling Thunder for two two-counts. A short time later, RVD hit a split-legged moonsault on Barrett but Cesaro pulled RVD to ringside to break up the count. [C]

During the break, Cesaro sent Barrett crashing into the ringsteps. Live, RVD went for a dive through the ropes but Cesaro rocked him with an uppercut. Cesaro manhandled Barrett into the barricade before RVD took him out with a dive and hit the big spiral leg to Barrett hung over the barricade. Back in the ring, Barrett hit Winds of Change but Cesaro broke up the pinfall attempt.

RVD dove off with the thrust kick but Cesaro pulled Barrett into it. Cesaro followed up with the German suplex on RVD for a near-fall. Cesaro went for the deadlift superplex but Barrett hung him up on the top rope. RVD hit the Five Star but Barrett rushed in and hit the Bullhammer on RVD for the win…

Bad News Barrett pinned RVD to retain the Intercontinental Championship in about 6:20.

Wyatt's blip played and Bray was backstage where he cut a promo. He said that when he was in the box on Sunday night, he felt the darkness and the reaper pulling him down. He said he was afraid until he remembered what she told him. She told him the sharks would circle him. She said in his death he will find his rest, but in his rebirth he will grow much stronger. She said he'd become their leader. His voice would sooth and his hand would lead armies. He said there is nothing left to fear. "Brothers and sisters, I am reborn. Join me…"

Michael Cole hyped 'Championship Ultimatum' coming up next… [C]

Michael Cole threw to a video package recap of NXT Takeover. Hooray! It showed a detailed recap of Charlotte vs. Natalya… Back in the arena, Natalya was already in the ring before Alicia Fox made her entrance.

5. Natalya vs. Alicia Fox. The two worked some athletic back-and-forth stuff before Nattie hit a double-arm suplex at the minute mark and Fox went to ringside. Fox began yelling and the commentators talked about how crazy she was. Fox offered to shake Nattie's hand but Nattie pulled her to the mat and stomped the hand. Nattie slapped Fox, Fox dared her to do it again, and so she did. Fox took control seconds later when she dropped Nattie throat-first on the bottom rope.

Fox hit a Northern Lights suplex for a two-count and avoided a Sharpshooter attempt, but Nattie reversed a tilt-a-whirl attempt by Fox into a pin for the win.

Natalya defeated Alicia Fox in about 3:20.

Fox crawled around the ring after the match and then growled at ringside. She cornered Lilian Garcia in the timekeeper's area and blamed her for ringing the bell. She yelled that she wasn’t finished and rang the bell some more. Her music hit and she made her way to the back… The commentators recapped the recent Daniel Bryan storyline where if he can compete at Money in the Bank, he'll face Kane in a stretcher match. If he cannot, the MITB ladder match will be for the vacated WWE World Championship. They hyped an update on Daniel Bryan for Raw on Monday… [C]

Back from break, Santino Marella and Emma power-walked their way to the ring. Bo Dallas was out next. He cut a promo telling everyone that if they can be better than excuses, they can be victorious. All they have to do is Bolieve.

6. Bo Dallas vs. Santino Marella (w/ Emma). Bo hit the first armdrag and took a celebration lap around the ring. Back in the ring, Santino accepted Bo's handshake and then took Bo down with an armdrag of his own. Santino rolled out to ringside for a celebration with the trumpet. Bo was visibly bothered and he dropped Santino with a clothesline when he got back in the ring. Bo hit the Bodog for the win moments later.

Bo Dallas beat Santino Marella in about 2:10.

Bo did another lap around the ring and his belly was jiggling away like Jell-o. Bo yelled "5-0" and told Emma that Santino isn't a loser because he did his best. He said you're a winner in life if you just Bolieve…

Backstage, Renee Young welcomed Big Show onto the interview set. Show said that Orton, Triple H, and Rollins are bullies. Show said he hasn’t always been so big and handsome and he got picked on when he was younger. He said a bully kicked a kickball into his face when he was tying his shows. Shwo said he found that bully alone one day and you can imagine what happened then. He said he's going to let his fist fly at the Viper tonight and then he'll know what it feels like to be knocked out by a giant… [C]

Back from commercial, Michael Cole hyped that Reigns and Ambrose of The Shield would be back this Monday night on Raw… Backstage Byron Saxton interviewed Randy Orton. Orton said that under normal circumstances he wouldn't be enthusiastic about facing Big Show one on one but he had to take care of business tonight. Orton said sometimes the craziest things happen when you least expect it; he suggested Saxton ask Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns about that…

Back in the arena, Big Show made his entrance and was all smiles. Randy Orton was out next accompanied by Triple H.

7. Big Show vs. Randy Orton (w/ Triple H). Show went right after Orton with a big slap to the chest. He looked to hit another but Orton took advantage with a thumb to the eye. Show knocked Orton to ringside around the minute mark. [C]

During the break, Triple H distracted Big Show allowing Orton to send him crashing into the ringpost. Orton was in control in the ring before Show countered out of a sleeper hold with a sidewalk slam. Show fired up with clothesline, but Orton put him right back down with a dropkick. Orton wore Show out with kicks and hit the hangman's DDT from the top rope. He taunted the crowd and stuck the viper's pose, but Show fought off the RKO and hit a spear on Orton. Show had Triple H and Orton both goozled when Rolling ran in and hit Show with the springboard knee to cause the DQ.

Big Show beat Randy Orton by DQ in about 4:30.

After the match, Orton hit the RKO on Big Show and Triple H brought a chair into the ring. Rollins Curb Stomped Show onto the chair but missed pretty badly. He did it again like they were going to re-shoot it but alas, both were shown. The show closed with Rolling, Orton, and Triple H standing tall over Big Show in the ring.

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