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WWE SmackDown Results 9/19/14
Sep 19, 2014 - 11:57:16 PM

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[Q1] Tom Phillips welcomed us to the show and plugged Rusev vs. Roman Reigns for later in the show. The Usos made their ring entrance as soon as Phillips stopped talking, with Jimmy Uso in singles action. They showed video footage that recapped the Usos vs. Dust Brothers feud. Goldust and Stardust made their entrance, with Stardust wrestling for his team tonight. A picture in picture promo was shown, and the Dust Brothers talked about taking the Cosmic Key and the Tag Team Championships on Sunday.

1. Stardust vs. Jimmy Uso: Back and forth action started the match and continued for couple of minutes. They did several chain reversals that ended in a superkick from Jimmy, and he covered and picked up the win. Really not much to this one.

Jimmy Uso defeated Stardust at 3:13.

Both Usos superkicked Goldust as he entered the ring after the pinfall. Backstage, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Ziggler walked towards the ring for a match next...[c]

Tom Phillips and Cole plugged the Night of Champions Pre-Show. Cesaro, The MIz and Damien Mizdow were in the ring, as were Dolph Ziggler and R-Ziggler. Sheamus made his ring entrance.

[Q2] The Miz and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler: Cesaro and Ziggler started and worked some chain wrestling. Cesaro used his power to take an early advantage and mocked Ziggler after a shoulder block. Cesaro reversed a sunset flip attempt into a press slam attempt, which Ziggler slipped out of and hit a drop kick. Cesaro used a Miz distraction to recover and hit a backbreaker. The Miz tagged in and went to work on Ziggler. Miz and Ziggler went back and forth for a bit, until Miz hit a neckbreaker and played to the camera...[c]

Miz hit a double axehandle off the top on Ziggler and applied a chin lock. Ziggler fought out of the hold and Miz tagged Cesaro. He ran in and was able to prevent the tag to Sheamus. Miz reversed a press uppercut attempt into a DDT, and both teams made a tag. Sheamus came in and cleaned house. He hit chest clubs on Miz and a forward roll slam for a near fall. Miz charged at Sheamus and ate an irish curse backbreaker. Distractions everywhere as R-Ziggler and Damien Mizdow got involved. The match ended when Ziggler snuck back in from the outside to hit a superkick while the ref was clearing the interference. Sheamus hit a brogue kick and got the three count.

Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus defeated The Miz and Cesaro at 12:19.

Tom Phillips plugged the main event...[c]

[Q3] SlatorGator were shown in the ring, and then Adam Rose made his ring entrance.

3. Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose: Rose hit a big kick out of the corner on Slater. He followed up with a flying cross body for a near fall. Slater fired back with a back suplex and some mounted punches. Slater continued on offense for a bit, but ate a boot coming off the second rope and Rose started his comeback. Rose hit a spinebuster and a big clothesline in a corner. He pulled Slater's shirt off, and Titus tried to distract Rose, but it didn't work. The bunny got in the ring and hit a splash over the top rope onto O'Neill at ringside, and Rose hit the party foul for the win.

Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater at 2:58.

Footage was shown of Mark Henry's America Rally from Raw. Backstage, Rusev and Lana were interviewed. Renee Young asked how they felt going into their match on Sunday. She spoke in Russian, and so did Rusev. Lana said Rusev crush though, so that's pretty much the jist of it. Cole plugged Big Show and Los Matadores vs. The Wyatt Family for next...[c]

[Q4] Los Matadores made their ring entrance with Big Show playing the part of El Torito for the rush through the capes. El Torito followed up and got a bigger pop than Show and his teammates. Footage was shown of Monday's conflict between Big Show and The Wyatt Family. Then the Wyatt's made their ring entrance...[c]

3. The Wyatt Family vs. Big Show and Los Matadores: The match was joined in Progress with Fernando and Rowan in the ring. Rowan hit a nice fallaway slam and made a tag to Bray Wyatt. Bray hit a running senton and dragged Fernando over to the corner to tag in Harper. The Family cut off Fernando on their side of the ring and made several tags. Fernando avoided a clothesline and made a hot tag to Big Show. Rowan went low and took out Big Show's knee as he came off the ropes.

[Q5] Bray tagged in and hit some quick strikes before quickly tagging out to Harper. They kept show grounded with holds and quick tags. Bray and Big Show fought to the outside, but Bray got into the ring in time to prevent show from crawling to make a tag. Harper tagged back in and continued grinding away at Big Show. Show suplexed his way out of a head lock, and then climbed to the second rope. Harper bailed to the outside and Big Show crash landed.

Bray tagged back in and went back to grounding Big Show with holds. Show hit yet another back suplex, and finally made a tag to Diego. Diego fired up with some spinning back elbows. His offensive surge was ended by a flying cross body. On the outside, Rowan and Harper took out Show and Fernando. Bray caught Diego with Sister Abigail and picked up the win .

The Wyatt Family defeated Big Show and Los Matadores at 11:00 give or take.

Footage was shown of Reigns getting a win on Rollins from Monday. Renee Young interviewed Reigns backstage. He said a whole lot of nothing. Believe that. Cole plugged footage from Lesnar and Cena's brawl for later...[c]

Paige made her ring entrance, and AJ was introduced on commentary. Nikki Bella then made her entrance.

4. Nikki Bella vs. Paige: Nikki hit a nice kick out to start the match that rattled Paige, but she only got a one count. Paige tried to regroup on the outside, but Nikki tossed her back in. Nikki lost focus and looked at AJ, which allowed Paige to kick her off the apron. They hit strikes back and forth as AJ made references to being interested in Paige sexually on commentary. Nikki got a near fall after a nice clothesline. Paige fired back immediately with kicks and then a Paige Turner for the win.

Paige defeated Nikki Bella at 3:01.

[Q6] After the match, AJ grabbed the Divas Title and cradled it. She brought it to Paige, who screamed for it like a toddler. They both fought over the title briefly until Nikki grabbed it. She hit both women with the belt and celebrated before leaving the title in the ring. Tom Phillips plugged Swagger vs. Dallas for next...[c]

Jack Swagger was already in the ring with Zeb Colter. Bo Dallas then made his ring entrance.

5. Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas: The match went outside immediately, and Swagger hit a big clothesline on the floor. Swagger tossed Bo into the announce table, and then back in the ring. Bo turned on the mean streak and hit some strikes. Swagger took control back and hit a Swagger Bomb. Bo tried to run away, but Swagger got a hold of him and tried to pull him back into the ring. Bo hung Swagger on the top rope, and then ran in and quickly hit the running BoDog for the win.

Bo Dallas defeated Jack Swagger at 3:01.

After the match, Bo told Jack that he lost his Swagger. He told Swagger that he doesn't have to grow old to be like Zeb. He said a waitress told him that Zeb stole sugar packets and doesn't tip well. As Bo was about to tell him to Bolieve, Swagger kicked the mic into his face. The announcers plugged Reigns vs. Rusev for later, and the Cena/Lesnar footage for next...[c]

[Q7] A long video recap of the Cena and Lesnar feud was shown. Backstage, Mark Henry was interviewed by Renee Young. He talked about being defeated by Russians at the Olympics in 1992 and 1996. He said this time he would do right by the fans and his country, and said he would crush Rusev on Sunday. Roman Reigns made his ring entrance...[c]

[Q8] Rusev made his entrance with Lana.

6. Rusev vs. Roman Reigns: They tied up early and spilled to the outside. Both men regrouped and Rusev took over on offense in the ring. Reigns got in a couple of hope spots, but Rusev hit a wheel kick to shut him down almost immediately...[c]

Rusev applied a bear hug on Reigns and squeezed the life out of him. After a bit more selling, Reigns made his comeback. He coudln't connect with a superman punch, but he hit some clotheslines and a samoan drop. He hit a few more clotheslines and a running kick on the apron. As Reigns was closing in on a win, Rollins ran down and caused a distraction. Rusev hit a big side kick and tried to apply the accolade, but Reigns escaped.

Rollins tried to interfere and hit Reigns with the briefcase, but Reigns moved and he hit Rusev. Reigns then hit a Superman Punch on Rusev, and went to ringside to brawl with Rollins.

Rusev defeated Reigns by DQ at 10:01.

Reigns and Rollins brawled their way out of the picture, and Mark Henry made his entrance as Rusev was announced as winner. Henry fired up the crowd and dropped the American Flag where the Russian Flag usually drops as Stars and Stripes Forever played. He then brawled with Rusev a bit, and hit the WSS to close the show.

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