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WWE Smackdown Results 10/26/12
By WZ [Wojciech Zdrojkowski]
Oct 26, 2012 - 10:27:48 PM

Smackdown begins with Randy Orton going to the ring. He grabs a mic and says that Alberto Del Rio made a mistake messing with him and says that he is going to get the beating of his life on Sunday. Del Rio is out with a mic. He says Orton is just a snake but he is a predator. Orton tells Del Rio he is a bottomfeeder. Barrett then attacks Orton in the ring before he makes his way up the ramp.

Theodore Long confronts Barrett with Del Rio about what happened. He says Barrett will fight Orton in the main event.

Kane v Cody Rhodes

Daniel Bryan and Sandow are on commentary. Kane swings at Cody but misses. Kane kicks Cody in face. He throws him to turnbuckle and hits him with some right hands. He whips Cody in to the other turnbuckle and runs in to him, then does the same with the turnbuckle opposite and pulls him out, clotheslines him and covers for a 2 count. Kane climbs up top and hits a big top rope clothesline. Cody Rhodes elbows Kane but then gets taken down with clothesline. Kane whips him in to the turnbuckle and goes for a side slam but Cody slides out of Kane’s arm and kicks him in the mid section, then off the ropes and a kick to Kane. Dropkick off the ropes from Cody, cover gets him a 1 count. Shining Wizard by Rhodes on Kane. Springboard Dropkick off the turnbuckle by Cody gets barely a 1 count. Cody drops to the floor and pokes Kane in the eyes then kicks him in the shin to take him down. Cover gets a 2 count. Cody is hammering away on Kane now. Kane manages to whip him in to ropes. Cody drops on the return and tries to hit a right hand to the face but Kane grabs him off the floor by the throat and hits a Choke Slam for the 3 count. Kane looks at Daniel Bryan after the match.

Winner: Kane

Big Show is sitting backstage in the lockeroom. Booker T goes in and says he wants professionalism tonight in the confrontation with Sheamus. Big Show tells him to save his breath and says he has got nothing to prove to Sheamus tonight. He says he has already proved what he wanted to and he will prove it once again at HIAC. He says that Sheamus won’t do anything since he is frightened.

Miz v Yoshi Tatsu

Lock up. Amr bar, then a headlock by Miz. More kicks to the mid section as Tatsu is down. Miz off the ropes and dropkicks Tatsu out of the ring, then gets up and raises his arm. Bodyslam on tatsu on the outside. Miz drives tatsu in to apron and then throws him in to ring but keep his head on the apron, then hits his head and knees it. Miz slides in and sticks his fingers in Tatsu’s eyes and then hits some hard rights across his neck. Miz trash talks Tatsu and pulls him up by hair, then bounces from the ropes and kicks him in the face. Miz eat an elbow as he run in to turnbuckle. Tatsu with some kicks, then runs at Miz in the turnbuckle but Miz run out and knocks him down. Miz grabs Tatsu by the head and hits a snap DDT on him. Skull Crushing Finale from Miz for the 3 count.

Winner: Miz

Re caps from raw and Main event

Booker T is with Aksana, Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn. He asks Eve if she sent the text. Theodore Long walks in and says Kaitlyn was meant to fight Layla but Eve sent a message to Aksana to take her out. Long tells Eve that the jig is up and she is exposed as a liar. Booker says if this is true then he can’t have her as part of his staff. Eve says she trusts people too much and left her ipad, so someone must have used it. Booker says he doesn’t know who to believe. He says at HIAC it will be Kaitlyn v Layla v Eve in a triple threat match and tonight they will fight in a tag team match, Layla and Kaitlyn v Eve and Aksana.

Randy Orton v Barrett

They pace around the ring. Orton clotheslines Barrett out of the ring. Stomps to Barrett from Orton. Orton throws him back in the ring. He stomps on Barrett’s leg and then his head. An uppercut takes Barrett back down. Orton chokes out Barrett a while. A back suplex on Barrett from Orton and cover gets a 2 count. Punches from Barrett. Punch to the head from Orton. Kick from Orton. Now Barrett throws him in to turnbuckle. Barrett whips him in to the other turnbuckle but eats a clothesline after he goes over. Knee to face from Orton and pin for a 2 count. Orton with a big suplex and cover gets another 2 count. Barrett slides out of ring. Orton goes after him. Kick from Barrett on the outside of the ring. Barrett slams Orton on the apron. He throws Orton in to the ring but gets kicked in the gut as gets up on apron. Orton gets thrown over on to the apron and kicked in the gut that causes him to fall to ringside. Barrett goes out after him. He throws him in to turnbuckle on the outside.

Commercial break

Barrett has randy Orton in a headlock. Orton fights out of it, bounces from the ropes but takes a knee to mid section. Barrett has Orton tied up in ropes. Knees to the face in the ropes from Barrett. Kick to the face knocks Orton down and has him hung up in the ropes upside down. Barrett gets him back in the ring. Orton is thrown in to the turnbuckle and hit with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Rear chin lock from Barrett on Orton. Eventually Orton gets to his feet while still in the lock. Orton then turns around and head butts Barrett twice to break out of the hold. More head butts from Orton. Now Orton off the ropes but catches a kick to the face, followed by a cover for a 2 count. Right hands to the ribs from Barrett, then a big clothesline for a 2 count. Barrett gets up on to the second rope but Orton walks over and punches Barrett, then head butts him and hits some hard right hands. Orton climbs up to 2nd rope and hits a superplex followed by a cover that gets a 2 count. Clotheslines on Barrett till Barrett reverses but a kick to the head from Orton. Now Barrett takes Orton down and gets a 2 count. Barrett sets up for a Souvenir elbow but Orton ducks and takes him down. Orton has Barrett on the apron. He pulls him in through middle and top rope and hits a DDT. Orton now taunts his opponent. Del Rio walks down ramp to the ring with his manager staying at the top of the ramp. Barrett tries to attack a distracted Orton but Orton sees it and avoids the attack. Del Rio is up on the apron. Orton tries to get him but Del Rio jumps off. Barrett with a Souvenir elbow on Orton and gets a 3 count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Alberto Del Rio gets in ring and kicks Orton while he’s down. He beats away on the grounded Orton. He puts Orton in the turnbuckle and goes for a big kick but he misses. Orton staggers out of the turnbuckle and catches a kick from Del Rio but stays on his feet. Del Rio sets him up but Orton reverses and goes for an RKO that Del Rio manages to avoid and quickly slides out of ring. Del Rio heads up the ramp as both men stare each other down.

Layla and Kaitlyn v Eve and Aksana

All the divas start off arguing. The ref breaks them up. Aksana and Layla brawl. Aksana with a kick. She rolls up Layla for a 2 count, then Layla with a roll through on Aksana for a 2 count. Cross body off the ropes from Kaitlyn who is tagged in. Now she does a roll up for a 2 count [do divas know any other way to pin other than a roll up or roll through?]. Kaitlyn with a weird move [might be legit but I’ve never seen it. Looked to be botched]. Kaitlyn pulls Eve’s hair by the turnbuckle. Clothesline from Aksana who starts to pull Kaitlyn’s hair and slams her head in to canvas [by her hair]. Kicks from Aksana who then drags her opponent over to Eve and Eve tags herself in. Snapmare from Eve on Kaitlyn, then a kick and cover gets a….0 count [honestly]. Eve drags Kaitlyn to the ropes and knees her. Eve with an RVD like cartwheel rolling thunder [although much crapper] but Kaitlyn gets her knees up. Eve tries to grab Kaitlyn’s foot but gets kicked for her trouble, then she hits Kaitlyn with an elbow in return. Roll up from Kaitlyn out of nowhere for a 2 count. Elbow and kick to Eve by Kaitlyn that takes Eve down again. Kaitlyn then flips Aksana up and over in to the ring from the apron. Clothesline on Eve, Aksana, then Eve again. Layla gets in to the ring and kicks Aksana right in the mid section. Layla accidently takes out Aksana with a kick and Eve knocks her out of ring before covering Kaitlyn for a 3 count.

Winners: Eve and Aksana

Raw re-cap is shown of the general manager mess....I mean situation.

Sheamus is backstage. Booker T walks up to him. He wants Sheamus to promise that he is going to keep a cool head since the Big Show promised him that he would do the same. Sheamus says that lie is bigger than the Big Show himself. Sheamus says he is not promising anything.

Daniel Bryan is warming up. Kane is there. Bryan says ‘what?’ Kane tells him he won his match and tells Bryan that it means he is not the weak link. He tells Bryan that if he loses his match then it is obvious who the tag champions ‘is.’ He says no pressure to Bryan as his [Bryan’s] music starts to play. He then gives Bryan a slap on the ass. Bryan says ‘No!’

Daniel Bryan v Sandow

On the way to the ring Bryan takes a sign from a fan, reads it, then rips it.

Kane is at the commentary table, as is Cody Rhodes who is holding an ice pack to his neck.

Both men lock up. Punches from Bryan on Sandow who slides out of ring. Bryan slides out too and hits him with some right hands on the outside. Bryan throws Sandown back in to ring. Head butt to the midsection of Bryan from Sandow who then whips Bryan in to the turnbuckle and runs in to him. He whips him in to the other turnbuckle and runs at him again but Bryan moves and kicks him in to the turnbuckle instead, then dropkicks him as he staggers out of the turnbuckle and covers for a 2 count. Bryan has Sandow in the centre of the ring and pulls away at his fingers.

Commercial break

Sandow is outside. Bryan kicks him. He throws him back in to ring. Sandown kicks Bryan down when in the turnbuckle then kicks away at Bryan and knees him by the ring. Sandow with a Russian legsweep and elbow drop. Cover gets him a 2 count. Hard right hands to the face. Sandow with a headlock. Bryan off the ropes but right in to an elbow. Sandown whips Bryan in to turnbuckle but he flips off the ropes with a moonsault and impressively lands on his feet. Bryan shouts ‘No!’ and runs at Sandow, dropkicking him in the turnbuckle. Cover gets a 2 count. Bryan throws Sandow in to turnbuckle but catches a stuff kick that sends him in to the ropes. Sandow runs at him and gets flipped over the ropes by Bryan who then does a suicide dive through ropes in to Sandown. He then pushes Cody Rhodes [who got off his seat] to the floor. Sandow takes Bryan down. Kane is out of his seat and Sandown backs off. Rhodes is back up and throws Bryan in to the ringpost and then in to the ring. Sandown slides in to the ring and hits a neckbreaker for 3 count.

Winner: Sandow

Josh is in the ring to host the confrontation between the Big Show [the largest athlete in the world, according to Josh who also says Big Show claims to have the strongest move] and Sheamus. First he introduces ‘the great white’ known as Sheamus, who makes his way to the ring. Then Big Show is introduced making his way to the ring, sporting a hooded top. There are lots of security guys standing in the ring. The security is blocking off both men, forming a line through the ring. Big Show tells Josh there is nothing self proclaimed about his KO punch. He says its stronger than the rock bottom, Stone Cold Stunner or the Attitude Adjustment. He says his punch is clearly more lethal than Sheamus’s Brogue kick. Sheamus says if Big Shows wants to believe this to feed his own ego that’s fine. He says that for it to be lethal you’ve got to actually hit someone with it. Big show says that at HIAC Sheamus is going to fail just as he did before. He shows footage from Raw a few weeks ago where Sheamus tried to hit Big Show with the Brogue kick but the Big Show just grabbed his foot and threw him out of the ring. Big Show asks Sheamus if he remembers that and says his boot did not get high enough to kick his head off his shoulders. He tells Sheamus that he does not have what is takes to Brogue kick him in the head and if he thinks he is going to kick his head off his shoulders then he is either stupid or delusional. Sheamus says there 2 things he likes, a pint of ail on a hot day and a fight. Sheamus says when the Big Show knocked down Randy Orton he was happy that he would be fighting a legendary wrestler that has dominated for the past 10 years. He says he has beaten everybody so far since Wrestlemania but Big show is a different case. He calls Big Show a mountain he is going to conquer. Big Show responds saying that he is not ready and he is afraid of the Big Show. Sheamus tells Big Show that if he has to chop him down, he will, or if it takes 10 brogue kicks to win, then do be it. Sheamus says that it won be easy but it never is. He says there was a lot of talk but he has counted the days and they are only 48 hours away from HIAC. Sheamus says the time for talking is over and the time for fighting is now [says it 3 times]. Sheamus breaks the security line and attacks the Big Show but gets pulled away by the security. Both wrestlers beat up the security guys in the ring and clear it quickly. Sheamus then goes for the Brogue kick but Big Show slides out [Brogue kick attempt looked horrible]. Sheamus Brogue kicks a security guy instead. Sheamus and the Big Show stare at each other in traditional pre PPV hype style as Smackdown goes off air.


Writer's notes


The opening match, including the commentary from both tag team partner's, was great.

JBL on commentary [yeah again. He makes it better].

Daniel Bryan's character is starting to get more and more likeable every week.


Anything to do with the divas, be it segments or the match.

Yoshi Tatsu being squashed like that.

The main event seemed a little anti climactic and it was obvious what was going to happen before it did, but that's wrestling.

Side Notes

Why is the supposed main event in the middle of the card?

Why is Big Show still being referred to as the the largest athlete in the world? 2 weeks in a row now.