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WWE Smackdown Results 11/15/13
Nov 15, 2013 - 11:48:54 PM

Report by Jake Barnett &

WWE Smackdown on SyFy 11/15/13
Taped November 12th in Manchester, England

A video package aired that recapped the Wyatt's feud with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. It ended with Monday's show closing brawl. We then went to the arena as Cole welcomed us to Manchester and said that Curtis Axel and Ryback would face CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the main event. He also said John Cena would face Alberto Del Rio in an Arm Wrestlign challenge. He then introduced still images of Alberto Del Rio's attack on Cena following his match with the Real Americans from Raw.

The Wyatt's introductory sequence interrupted Cole, and they made their way to the ring. Cole and JBL plugged the scheduled CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family match for Survivor Series. The Usos then made their ring entrance.

1. The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family: Jay Uso and Erik Rowan started, and Rowan quickly took control with knee lifts. He quickly tagged Harper, who got backed into unfriendly territory as Jimmy Uso tagged in. Harper recovered and hit some european uppercuts, but telegraphed an uppercut and got a kick to the face. Jay Uso got a blind tag, and used it to hit a superkick. Harper recovered and hit a huge uppercut, and then made a tag out to Rowan.

Rowan hit a big body slam and covered for a two count. Jimmy Uso tagged in a moment later. He got in some quick strikes, but Rowan caught him with a fisherman buster suplex. He continued to work power, and tossed Jimmy around the ring heading into the break.


Luke Harper gator rolled Jimmy Uso around a few times, and then hit a big body block that tangled him up in the ropes. He then tagged in Rowan, who hit a back breaker for a near fall. Jimmy Uso finally showed some life by hitting an enziguri, and both men tagged out. Jay Uso knocked Rowan off the apron and hit a bunch of strikes. He climbed up top and hit a diving fist, and then a Samoan Drop. He set up for the Rikishi Splash, but got hit with a Harper big boot for a near fall that Jimmy broke up. Rowan and Jimmy spilled to ringside, and Jay hit a superkick on Harper for a near fall.

Jimmy splashed Rowan on the outside, and Harper hit a discus clothesline on Jay in the ring for the clean victory.

The Wyatt Family defeated The Uso's at 11:11.

Post-match, Bray entered the ring, and Jimmy Uso tried to take a shot at him. Rowan and Harper beat him down, and then Bray took his shots. Harper and Rowan picked him up one last time, and then Bray hit Sister Abigail. Bray said at Survivor Series, they would teach the world how to leave a scar. They would turn heroes into victims, and said they would feel tragedy.


Cole and JBL plugged the main event. A video package aired from Monday that replayed Paul Heyman's promo from Monday where he took a shot at Ryback, and Punk's attack on him afterwards. Axel was then shown backstage with Ryback, who was pacing. Ryback said if Axel's still a Heyman guy, he has no intention of teaming with him later. He then said if he was going to continue to suck up to that tub of blubber, they had a problem. Axel said both of them had sucked up to Heyman, and they neither of them needed him anymore. He said they should both take out their frustrations on Punk and Ryback later.

In another locker room, R-Truth and The Prime Time Players were rapping nonsense. They then said they needed to take down the Union Jacks (3MB), and then did the millions of dollars dance. Natalya was shown making her ring entrance.


William Regal tried to sell us merch. He said the more merch we buy, the longer he can send his mother in law on vacation. Vickie interrupted and introduced Khali, and he unintelligibly tried to sell crap.

Tamina Snuka made her entrance with AJ Lee. They showed a clip of Tamina costing Natalya a match with AJ Lee on WWE Main Event on Wednesday.

2. Tamina Snuka vs. Natalya: Natalya dominated in the early going with strikes and mat wrestling. Tamina fired back with a Samoan Drop, but Natalya got back into things with a discus clothesline. AJ got up on the apron to distract Natalya, but Tamina collided with her by mistake and sent her flying to the floor. Natalya applied the Sharpshooter a moment later and got the tapout victory.

Natalya defeated Tamina Snuka at 1:10.

After the match, they showed footage from Raw of Big Show destroying Randy Orton with a chokeslam through a table. Backstage, Vickie and Brad Maddox were shown. Maddox said Vickie would be in trouble with the McMahon's on Monday due to her booking Randy Orton in a handicap match against The Rhodes brothers. She said that since he and Kane didn't overrule her, and he was the Raw GM, it would be his problem.

The Prime Time Players were climbing into the ring, and R-Truth made his entrance. The Union Jacks were already in the ring.

3. R-Truth and The Prime Time Players vs. The Union Jacks: Titus O'Neill tossed Jinder Mahal around the ring with slams. McIntyre made a blind tag, and took some shots at Titus. Mahal tagged back in and they hit a triple team flurry of stirkes on Titus. Slater then tagged in, and applied a chin lock. Titus quickly broke free and hit a shoulder block that sent Slater flying.

He made a tag to R-Truth, who hit a nice heel kick and vertical suplex into a facebuster. The match broke down, as Titus hit a spine buster on Mahal and Titus hit his finisher on McIntyre. Truth hit his What's Up finisher for the win.

R-Truth and The Prime Time Players defeated The Union Jacks at 3:33.

Michael Cole was in the ring for the Arm Wrestling Challenge. They showed the footage of Del Rio attacking John Cena from Monday one more time. Cole then introduced Alberto Del Rio as the number one contender. He waved a Mexican Flag to incite the crowd. Del Rio said he is a very proud man. And he was very proud to be the greatest Mexican athlete in history, and he was proud of what he did to John Cena. He said he would go into Survivor Series as the challenger, but after their match he would be Champion one more time. He then asked Cena if he would accept his challenge, and he wanted an answer right now.

After a pregnant pause, John Cena made his entrance with a huge brace on his bad arm. Cena said he always loves coming to Manchester, because it has so many John Cena fans...which are apparently stuck in traffic (he got booed heavily). He said Superman was here, a random guy in the crowd in a superman outfit, who actually got more applause than Cena did. Cena said he made spandex look baggy, and told someone to get him fish and chips (cringe). Cena said when he looks at Del Rio he sees a desperate man, and not the greatest athlete in Mexican History. He used to be the world champ, but now he knows the champ is here. At Survivor Series, after he beats him, all he'll be left with to hold is his flag pole.

Cena then tried to pump up the quiet crowd (they piped in cheers during his promo). Superman approved of the arm wrestling contest, so Cena went ahead with it. He told Del Rio that this time he would break his arm. The ref explained the rules and Cena destroyed Del Rio in the arm wrestling contest in about half a second. Del Rio demanded another chance, and Cena sat down again. As Del Rio went to sit down, Cena did his you can't see me bit. They finally lined up for a second round, and Del Rio immediately took a shot at Cena with his left hand.

Del Rio attempted to apply the cross arm breaker through the chair on Cena's good arm, but he fought out of it. Del Rio then picked up Cena and put him through the arm wrestling table with a spine buster. Del Rio then celebrated up the ramp to his music as Cena.

Nikki and Brie Bella were shown backstage heading towards the ring.


The Funkadactyls made their entrance, followed by the Bella Twins.

The Funkadactys vs. The Bella Twins: Cameron and Nikki started the match. Cameron did the splits and hit a hip toss. Nikki then hit her with a very nice looking Alabama Slam for a near fall. Nikki then picked up Cameron and did some squats, and then tossed her. Cameron hit a splash from the top and tagged in Naomi, who hit a standing splits leg drop.

Nikki recovered and tagged in Brie, who hit a splash. Naomi hit a stunner type move off of a reversal, and then hit the rear view a moment later and got the pin.

Naomi and Cameron defeated The Bellas at 2:52.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. She asked them if they both had issues with the Wyatt Family. They both said yes. She asked if their obstacles put them together, and they said yes again. Bryan said the Wyatt's can beat anybody three on one, but when you put the beard and the best together, it was a whole different story. Punk said that he liked the beard and the best name, and that they were both determined to take out the Wyatt's. He said they were swamp monsters, and at Survivor Series they would take them out. After that, they would get their hands on Bray Wyatt, because the best way to kill a snake is to cut off it's head.

Hunico and Camacho were shown in the ring, apparently found alive somewhere in the UK. The Great Khali then made his entrance.

5. Hunico and Camacho vs. The Great Khali: Camacho got started and ran right into a chop. Then another chop in the corner. Camacho kicked Khali's knee and tried a few chops of his own, and tagged in Hunico. Khali ended up knocking both men around. He hit a big chop on Camacho and a chokeslam on Hunico for the win.

Khali defeated Camacho and Hunico at 1:20.

A Raw Rebound video package was plugged for next.

A Raw Rebound aired that focused on Big Show and Randy Orton. It showed the same chokeslam through the table we saw earlier. After the video, CM Punk made his ring entrance. They replayed the video of Punk beating up Paul Heyman from Raw. Daniel Bryan then made his entrance.


Ryback and Axel made their ring entrances.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and Ryback: Ryback started the match with Axel, and he dominated early with strikes. Bryan tagged in and went after Axel's arm with an axehandle from the top to the shoulder and an arm twist. Ryback tagged in a moment later and used power to take control of Bryan. It didn't last, though, as Bryan quickly recovered and hit a drop toe hold onto the second turnbuckle, and then tagged in Punk.

Punk hit some strikes, but Ryback caught him on a cross body attempt and hit a big body slam. Axel tagged in and applied a chin lock. Punk suplexed his way out of it, and then hit a running knee in the corner. Ryback pulled Axel out of the ring to save him from a Punk top rope elbow. Bryan and Punk then dove onto Axel and Ryback at ringside.


Axel crotched Punk on the top rope and tagged in Ryback. He hit a hanging vertical suplex, and then dropped a leg for a two count. Ryback continued the assault with strikes and tagged out to Axel. He hit a somersault snap mare and then put the boots to Punk. Axel then hit a big clothesline and covered for two. He hit a nice dropkick a moment later and covered for another close count.

Punk moved out of the way of a charging Axel, who knocked Ryback to the floor. Bryan tagged in an opened up on Ryback. He got in his high spots, and then hit several kicks to the chest and head. He covered, but Axel broke it up. Bryan went up top and dove onto Ryback, but he caught up. Bryan maneuvered Ryback into the Yes Lock, but the Wyatt's dropped the lights. After they came back up. Punk and Bryan were gone and the Wyatt's were in the ring.

The Match ended in an apparent no contest at 13:09.

The Wyatt's decided to take out their frustrations on Axel, and put a beating on him. They then turned their attention to Ryback, and Harper nearly kicked his head off. They eventually tossed him out of the ring to the floor. Bray checked under the ring, and then put the boots to Ryback and Axel on the outside. Bryan and Punk snuck back in the ring from the opposite side of the ring, and kicked Rowan and Harper. The ran up the ramp and celebrated at the top. Bryan led a yes chant to close the show.

Report by Jake Barnett &