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WWE Smackdown Results 11/16/12
Nov 16, 2012 - 10:05:00 PM

Smackdown starts from Cleveland Ohio with Sheamus in the parking lot. He is pacing around and waiting for the Big Show. The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to cheers from his home town crowd. The Miz says its good to be home. He welcomes people to Miz TV. He says that In 2 days the 26th annual Survivor Series will take place and he is on team Foley thanks to the fans. He asks if there was any doubt. He mentioned that he is on the poster. He says he has achieved more than any of the other Survivor Series participants. He is not going to fall in line to any team, be it Ziggler's or Mick Foley's. Miz introduces Mick Foley. Foley gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he appreciates Miz inviting him but he has reservations about him, right here in Cleveland Ohio. Miz asks Foley not to go for cheap pops in his home town. Foley clarifies that Miz is from Cleveland Ohio [to another cheap pop]. Foley says The Miz is like 2 different people. He talks about his book but says if Charles Dickens wrote it, it might be called the tale of 2 Miz’s. He wants to know what Miz is going to show up at Survivor Series. Foley asks if it will be the Wrestlemania main eventing, John Cena defeating, awesome inducing, self surviving superstar or the vacation taking, sitting in chairs, make up wearing, Miz, who shows up on Smackdown and raw from time to time. Miz wonders if he needs to ask. He says Really? [a few times]. He tells Foley he does not need any motivational speech. He says he is the least of Mick Foley’s problems. He says they have tag team champions that do not like each other, an apex preditor who does not play well with others and a cheap shot artist who stole his title. Foley announces his participants and out go his team. All 5 members of Team Foley are now in the ring with him. He says he wants to open up the lines of communication. No one talks. Foley asks for somebody to say something. Kane and Daniel Bryan argue as to who will speak first. Daniel Bryan says he thinks Kane wants to apologize for constantly insinuating that he is weak link of the team. Kane says he just wants to thank The Miz for being a great tag team partner. Kane says his back feels strong for not having to carry The Miz. Daniel Bryan says if not for him, Kane would be roaming basements and scaring kids. Kane says he does that anyway. They argue with each other. Kofi tries to calm them. Miz says that Kofi if the last one who should be trying to bring peace since when he went to shake his hand last week, Kofi kicked him in the face. Kofi says that unless Miz takes a couple of steps back, he will do it again. Foley says as surprising as it might be, the voice of reason might be Randy Orton. Orton says he has spat in Foley’s face many times. He says Foley threw him in to thumb tacks long ago but despite that he prefers him to anyway else in the ring. He says there is not a single member of this team he likes or trusts. He pushes the Survivor Series poster over. Ziggler’s music hits and his team show up at the top of the ramp. Ziggler tells his team to look in the ring, this is the definition of a dysfunction. He says team Ziggler has no egos. He says they are prime elite superstars united behind one charismatic leader. Del Rio is saying something to his manager. He tells Del rio to be quiet while he talks. Del Rio continues to talk. Ziggler asks him what’s wrong. Del rio says Ziggler does not have what it takes to be team later. He says only one person should be leader. Ziggler asks if he could not have mentioned this earlier in the back. Del rio says he is former a champion and should not be spoken to in this way. Ziggler says he is a future champion. Mick Foley tries to say something but Ziggler tells him to shut up. Foley says he used to run this place and he asked Booker T if he could have a free hand at making some good matches tonight, in Cleveland Ohio [pop]. Booker T said he could. Foley says Ziggler and Del Rio need to learn to get along before Survivor Series. He says it will be Ziggler and Del rio against 2 other people who need to learn to get along, The Miz and Randy Orton. Ziggler says he’s glad Miz quit his team since they have someone much better than Miz now, that is Barrett. Barrett says Ziggler is making him blush. The way he sees it, the quitter is replaced with a winner. Foley says Barrett can take on one half of the tag team champions tonight. Kane. Daniel Bryan says no no no no. Damien Sandow says that it is obvious team Foley is in disarray. You have a goat face one word wonder that is running around with an anger problem. You have Kane who is the very reason his partner is not with us. You have A braded neon mute who claims he has ability to fly. As he is about to continue Kofi interrupts and says that from a scholar he was expecting something smarter than that. Kofi tells Sandow that if he wants to question his ability then he is happy to show him first hand. Foley says his job just got made easier as the first match will be Kofi Kingston v Damian Sandow and it starts now.

Damien Sandow v Kofi Kingston

They lock up. Sandow takes Kingston down with a headlock. He keeps the headlock locked in on the grounded Kingston. Kofi Kingston fights out and whips Sandow in to ropes but Sandow takes him down on the return with a shoulder block. Sandow in to ropes ducks 2 leapfrogs from Kofi and then gets taken down with another shoulder block. Sandow slides out of the ring. He gets back in the ring and goes for a kick but Kofi catches his foot and flips him over twice. Armlock from Kofi. Knee to shoulder from Kofi and pin gets a 1 count. Sandow with head butts on Kofi Kingston, then whips him in to ropes but Kofi kicks him in to ropes and Sandow slides out again. Kofi slides out after him. Sandow slides back and Kofi goes in after him. Sandow with kicks to Kofi Kingston. He whips Kofi in to ropes and runs at him but Kofi moves, dropkicks and pins Sandow for a 2 count. Kicks to Sandow from Kofi. Cover gets a 2 count. Sandow runs at Kofi but Kofi throws him out of ring again. Suicide dive through the ropes to Sandow at ringside.

Break for don’t try this at home promo

Kofi is beating up Sandow in the turnbuckle. Sandow is back with right hands but Kofi with some of his own. Kofi with a forward flip followed by a slam for a cover and 2 count. Sandow rakes Kofi’s eyes. Sandown taunts the fans. Russian leg sweep from Sandown. Elbow drop of distain and cover gets a 2 count. Rights and lefts from Kofi. Kick from Sandow. Dropkick from Kofi Kingston. Clothesline from kofi. Leg drop from kofi. Kofi goes for trouble in paradise but Sandow backs off. Kofi off top ropes with bodyrcross but only gets a 2 count. Sandow is flipped up over on to his back as he goes off the ropes. Sandow with a roll up by the ropes for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Sheamus is backstage pacing. He thinks he hears something and looks to see if Big Show has arrived but it was a false alarm and he continues to pace around.

Kaitlyn, Natalya and Layla v Aksana, Eve and Alicia Fox

Layla spanks Aksana and hits her with her ass. Alicia gets tagged in and slams Layla down by grabbing her hair. Northern lights suplex from Alicia, followed by a hair toss. Eve gets tagged in and chokes Layla on the ropes. Alicia is in and Layla makes the tag to Kaitlyn who overpowers Alicia with a big flapjack. Cover but Aksana breaks it up. Eve gets hit off the apron and Kaitlyn hits the inverted DDT for the win.

Winners: Kaitlyn, Natalya and Layla

Sheamus is shown pacing backstage again as Booker T walks over to him. He says he knows he is upset but he is putting him in awkward position. He says Big Show might not show up if Sheamus stays here. Sheamus says he will move but if tells Booker to let Big Show know that if he has any guts then he will see him in the ring. Booker says in 48 hours and he can get his hands on him but for now he needs to keep it cool. Sheamus says he can’t promise that. Booker t says if stuff gets out of hand there will be consequences and repercussions. Sheamus tells Booker he got that right and walks off.

Randy Orton and Miz v Del Rio and Ziggler

Ziggler and Miz lock up. Ziggler with a headlock. Ziggler gets cocky. Leapfrog from Miz and overhead slam on Ziggler’s return cover gets a 2 count. Ziggler right hand. kick from Miz. Rights and lefts from both men. Miz is thrown over ropes by Ziggler. Del Rio gets in to the ring and Orton is pushed off the ring apron in to barrier.

Commercial break

Ziggler has Orton in a headlock. Orton with elbows. Orton off the ropes but Ziggler with a knee to the gut on the return that takes Orton over. Ziggler with a cover gets a kick out. Del rio is in now with a kick to Orton. Kicks in the turnbuckle from Del Rio. Kick from Orton. Elbow from Orton and punches in the turnbuckle. Miz gets into the match and hits an axe handle smash from the top. Miz goes back to the top and Del Rio throws him off the rope. Del Rio makes his way into the match and beats down Miz until Miz flips him over the ropes, to the outside of the ring. Miz crawls towards Orton and makes the tag. Orton hits clothesline after clothesline and knocks Ziggler off the apron. Powerslam to Del Rio, powerslam to Ziggler. Orton with the elevated snap DDT. Miz tags himself in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the cover. Miz and Orton win.

Winners: Miz and Orton

Randy Orton RKO's Miz after the match is over.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring. He tells Big Show that he crossed the line. He says they had the fight of their life last month but his attack in the pub was a cowardly act. He says he’s tired of all the talking and does not want to wait till Sunday. As far as he is concerned the time for talking is over, its time to fight. Big Show’s music hits and he shows up at the top of the ramp. He says Sheamus does not get it. He is running his mouth just like last week and what is going to happen like last week, nothing except for possibly him knocking Regal out again. Big Show says Sheamus thinks he is scared of him and he is scared but he is not scared of Sheamus, he is scared of what he might do to Sheamus. He says Sheamus should thank him. Sheamus says that is the best idea he has had because he is going to get up there and thank him right now in his own way. Sheamus jumps out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp to confront Big Show but Booker t is out and gets in his way. Booker says this is not Raw, this is his show Smackdown and in 2 days he gets to take on Big show but tonight he wants him to leave the building. Sheamus says he respects him but he is not leaving, he wants to kick Big Show’s ass. Big Show walks off. Booker T says he is not asking, he is telling Sheamus to leave the building. Sheamus slowly makes his way up the ramp as he is guided off to the side by Booker.

Commercial break

Backstage Big Show tells Booker that he loves how he handled this. Booker says Big Show can cut the act but is he is glad that Big Show appreciates the way he handles business. Booker T tells Big Show he has made a match for him but he will find out who he is fighting later. Big Show asks Booker if it is against Sheamus. Booker says it’s not but tells him to remember that no one is bigger than the Show.

Kane v Barrett

Kick from Barrett. Kane off ropes but gets taken down and covered by Barrett that gets no count as Kane throws him off. Kick from Barrett. Big Kick from Kane takes down Barrett. Kane clotheslines Barrett over the top rope. He gets out and throws him back in to the ring. Top rope clothesline from Kane. Team ziggler run in to the ring as the referee calls for the bell. They beat on Kane. Daniel Bryan runs to the ring but he gets taken down quick as well. Foley calls Kingston down who runs in to the ring. Orton’s music hits and he runs to the ring. A brawl breaks out in the ring. Orton RKO’s Sandow, then RKO's Ziggler as the rest of team Ziggler are out of the ring. Miz shows up at the top of the ramp. He looks at his teammates in the ring as they star back at him.

Winner: Kane by DQ

R Truth makes his way down the ramp for commentary

Antonio Cesaro v Sin Cara

Cesaro slams Sin Cara down. Sin Cara takes him down. Cara with a huracanrana. Cesaro with a kick to the back of Cara and cover for 2 count. Suplex from cesaro. Elbow to the back. Sin cara with a springboard in to an arm drag. Headscissors take down from Cara. Kick from Cara. Huracanrana on Cesaro in to a cover that gets a 2 count. Cesaro throws Sin Cara up and hits the Swiss death. Equalizer for the 3 count.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro stares at R truth after the match. R truth stands on the announce table. He has a mic and asks for the attention of the people. He says with respect to little Jimmy, he wants to quote a different Jimmy. The hacksaw Jim Duggan. He starts a USA chant. The fans chant USA as Truth gets in to the ring and Cesaro climbs out.

Great Khali v Big Show

Slow start with Khali shoving Big Show. Big Show with a headbutt and some punches. Show goes for the big chop but Khali hits some chops of his own. Khali with an elbow to the head. Khali hits the brain chop and Big Show barely kicks out at two. Big Show spears Khali down. Khali goes for the Punjabi Plunge but Big Show avoids it and hits the knock out punch to cover for the 3 count.

Winner: Big Show

Sheamus’s music hits and Big Show looks around but Sheamus is not there. Big Show’s music hits again and he leaves the ring. Big Show is seen walking backstage as a reporter tries to talk to him but he frightens him off. Big Show opens the door to a bus and Sheamus jumps out of it and attacks him. He throws Big Show in the side of a car and beats away at him. Big show replies by tossing Sheamus on to the hood of a car. Sheamus gets up on to car as Big Show is walking off and jumps on to him. He slams Big Show in to another car a few times until Big Show falls to the ground. He continues to beat away. Big Show is lying on the floor. Referees go in to break it up. They pull Sheamus off as Smackdown goes off air.

reported by Wojciech Zdrojkowski