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WWE Smackdown Results 11/23/12
Nov 23, 2012 - 10:04:44 PM

The voice over man is on so it must be time for Smackdown and this week it takes place from Grand Rapids MI.

The Miz is in the ring welcoming the audience to his show. He says he has a lot of questions for the person about to be on his show and introduces John Cena. Miz starts asking Cena personal questions and also asks Cena about his injury. Cena says he thought he was going to get tough questions so Miz says he think Cena and AJ might have been friends before but there is something more between them now. Miz wants Cena to give him answers as AJ hits the ring. AJ says Cena does not have to answer anything. Miz asks if they are in love? Dolph Ziggler interrupts at the top of the stage. He says Cena is a good guy but AJ is a bad egg. He says ifit was not for AJ kissing him then he could not be set up. He says if she did not burst in to men’s lockeroom then Cena might not have gone and messed his knee up. He tells Cena that if he was him he would have feelings for AJ too. He would hate her guts. Vickie comes out on to the stage. She tells Cena his girlfriend needs to learn how to take care of her impulses. She says Dolph is right. AJ is a pitiful, sad and weak woman. She says Dolph knows how to kiss a woman that is powerful and authoritative. Cena says that’s a lie since there is no medical proof that she is a woman. Vickie says she’s all woman. Dolph says they have a professional relationship. He says if he kissed AJ it would bring out the real woman in her. Dolph says Cena and AJ deserve each other. They are 2 weak losers. Cena disagrees. He says Dolph and Vickie are the ones who deserve each other. One enjoys eating a lot of nuts and the other is looking to find his. Cena wishes them a good day.

Ryback v Darren Young [with Titus O Neil on commentary]

Right hand from Young. Another right hand. Ryback throws him in to the turnbuckle. Young with some punches. Ryback tosses him across the ring. Ryback runs at him in the turnbuckle but takes an elbow to the face. Right hands from Young as he bounces off ropes right in to a kick from Ryback. Ryback slams Young head first in to the floor. Young rolls out of the ring. Titus o Neil blows his whistle at Ryback at ringside. Young runs at Ryback but takes a right hand. Ryback runs in to Young in the turnbuckle. Young staggers out and gets clotheslined down. Big slam on Young. Ryback gets pumped by the crowd. Big clothesline. Ryback raises young to his feet. Shell Shocked gets him the 3 count.

Winner: Ryback

O Neil has a mic. He gets in to the ring. He asks Ryback if he is out of his mind. He says Young is valued at millions and he might have hurt him. He blows his whistle at Ryback again frantically. Ryback kicks him in the gut and hits a Shell Shocked on him for his trouble.

R Truth v Antonio Cesaro [non title]

Cesaro has a mic on stage. He says judging by the obese faces, bloated bellies and greased up fingers they must have enjoyed thanks giving recently. He says it’s a stupid US holiday that celebrates gorging yourself and laziness. He says luckily they have him as their US champ.

Kick to the gut from Cesaro. Suplex by Cesaro. Bodyslam from Cesaro followed by a double footed jump on to Truth’s gut. Truth locks in a waist lock. Cesaro fights out. Truth fights back with right hands as Truth goes off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Dropkick on Cesaro. Truth goes for a suplex but it is reversed by Cesaro who goes for a Neutralizer but R Truth backdrops him and hits a jumping STO for the 3 count.

Winner: R Truth

Sheamus is walking backstage. Booker T walks up to him and tells him he can’t go to the lockeroom. He says he hit the Big Show with a chair at least 30 times. Sheamus says Big Show deserved it. Booker says he cannot let him compete tonight. Sheamus is not happy. Booker says at Survivor Series Big Show got disqualified on purpose so at TLC they will be having a chair match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus is now satisfied. Booker then invites Sheamus to watch the show from some VIP seats. Sheamus says it sounds good and asks if Big Show is going to be competing tonight. Booker says he is and it is against Kane and Daniel Bryan in a 2 on 1 match.

Sin Cara is walking backstage.

Sin Cara v Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio is introduced by his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez as he shows up in his expensive car.
Del Rio goes for Sin Cara but Cara moves and he falls out of the ring through the ropes. Sin Cara takes him and Ricardo Rodriguez out on the outside. Back breaker back in the ring by Alberto Del Rio gets him a 1 count. Kick to the gut from Del Rio. Del Rio throws Cara in to the turnbuckle and Cara falls out to ringside.

commercial break

Del Rio has Sin Cara in a chin lock. Cara fights out and rolls Del Rio up for a 2 count. Del rio knocks Cara down with a right hand and throws him in to turnbuckle. Kicks to back by Del Rio. Del Rio works on Cara’s back. Elbow to the back by Del Rio. Cara elbows Del Rio off the ropes. Hurricanrana by Cara gets a 2 count. Another kick to the gut from Del Rio. Del Rio off the ropes with a kick to the face on Cara. Suplex by Del Rio gets him a 2 count. Del Rio runs at Sin Cara in the turnbuckle but Sin Cara moves. Big slam from Del Rio for a 2 count. Kick to Sin Cara. Del Rio almost pulls his mask off. Headbutt from Del Rio. Kick from Sin Cara. High kick from Sin Cara and a cross body off the ropes for a 2 count. Tajiri like handspring elbow off the ropes takes Del Rio down. Cara goes up top but Del Rio takes him down off the top of the turnbuckle and locks in an armbreaker.
Sin Cara taps.

Winner: Del Rio

Kane is sitting backstage looking at his title. Daniel Bryan walks in and tells Kane to stay out of his way tonight. Bryan says long before he teamed with Kane he beat Big Show in 45 seconds. Kane asks him if he thinks that it will happen again. Bryan says yes. Kane says no. Kane says he and Big Show used to be tag team champs but even then, Big Show whined a lot. He says Bryan and Big Show have got a lot in common. He says they should team up and call themselves ‘Team No Show.’ Bryan asks if Kane says this because he did not invite him to his house for Thanksgiving. Kane says maybe. Bryan says he would not have liked it. It was vegan Turkey. Bryan says if they win, he can go to his house for Christmas. Kane asks if he can beat up Santa Claus. Bryan says sure.

Big Show v Kane and Daniel Bryan

Kick from Bryan. More kicks from Bryan to the thighs. Big chop from Show on the ropes. Regal and Sheamus watch on from the sky box. Kick to the face from Big Show. Bryan gets thrown head first in to the turnbuckle. Headbutt to the arm of Bryan. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam but Bryan fights and Big Show throws him to the floor. Kick from Big Show. Kicks from Bryan to Big Show’s legs. Headbutt to Bryan takes him down. Big Show punishes the arm of Bryan some more. Big Show climbs on to the 2nd rope. He goes for an elbow drop but Bryan moves. Kane offers a tag but Bryan does not want the tag from Kane. He kicks away at Big Show who is on his knees. Kick to head from Bryan and cover but he gets thrown off at 2. Chokeslam attempt by Big Show but Bryan has his arm around Big Show’s neck. Big Show throws him off. He runs at Bryan in the turnbuckle. Bryan jumps on to him and manages to lock in a sleeper hold. Bryan is on Big Show’s back with a sleeper. Big Show is fading away. He falls back on to Bryan to break the hold. Kane wants a tag and this time Bryan tags him in. Kane runs in to Big Show at the turnbuckle and then hits a kick to the leg and kick to face for the cover and 2 count. Kane climbs the turnbuckle. Big clothesline knocks Big Show off his feet. Kane sets up for the Chokeslam but Big Show fights out and throws Kane in to turnbuckle but takes a DDT on the return. Kane sets up for another Chokeslam as Big Show is trying to stagger to his feet but gets tagged out by Bryan who runs in and locks in the No Lock. Kane climbs out of the ring looking bemused. He walks off. Big Show reverses the No Lock, grabs Bryan and hits him with a Chokeslam for the 3 count.

Winner: Big Show

Kane walks back and gets in to the ring. He looks at Bryan on the floor. Big Show runs at Kane and Kane ducks a KO punch from the Big Show. Both have each other by the throats. Bryan attacks Shows legs and Kane kicks him out of the ring.

Kane looks at Bryan in the ring as Big Show grabs a mic on the stage. He looks up at Sheamus watching from his suite and congratulates him. He says at TLC they have a chairs match. Big Show asks Sheamus if he thought about the fact that a giant might have a chair in his hands this time. Sheamus is shouting back from his sky box as Big Show heads backstage.

Barrett makes his way to the ring. He goes on commentary.

Kofi Kingston v Sandow [Intercontinental title]

Lock up. Sandow is hammering away at Kingston. Suplex by Sandow and a kick out. Kick from Kingston to Sandown. Kingston clotheslines Sandow over the top rope. Sandoown slams Kingston in to the turnbuckle from the apron.

commercial break

Sandow has got Kingston in an armlock. Kick from Sandown. Kingston with a kick to the face. Elbow of distain from Sandow. Cover gets 2. Now Kingston and Sandow are viciously trading punches. Sandow rakes the eyes. Sandow has Kingston in a headlock. Hard right hand from Sandow. Hard shot across the neck of Kingston on the apron. Kick from Kingston takes both men out. Sandow drives Kingston in to apron. They both slide back in. Sandow kicks away at Kingston by the ropes. Crossbody from Kingston to Sandow followed by a cover for a 2 count. Sandow with a roll up gets 2. Kingston with his signature Boom Drop. Trouble in paradise for the 3 count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

This means that Barrett will be fighting Kofi for IC title. So Barrett gets on to the announcers table. He congratulates Kofi but says Kofi’s best won’t be enough to beat him. Barrett says that Kofi will just be another victim of his Barrett Barrage.

Ziggler v Randy Orton

Orton with a knee to the gut. He hammers away at Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler goes for legs but Orton kicks him. Kick from Orton. Now Ziggler has got Orton in the corner and hammers away. Dropkick from Orton gets a 2 count. Orton grabs Ziggler’s hair on the apron and hits a suplex to bring him in to the ring. Cover for a 2 count from Orton. Kick from Ziggler and a big slam. Ziggler and Orton hammer away. Orton throws his opponent out of the ring. Ziggler tries to escape in to the crowd as Orton knocks him over the barrier.

commercial break

Orton has Ziggler in a headlock. Hard elbows from Ziggler. Orton with a back suplex and cover gets 2 count. Orton sticks his foot right in Ziggler’s face. Drop toe hold on Ziggler in to the bottom rope. Ziggler falls to the outside. He shoves Orton in to the announcers table. Dropkick from Ziggler on Orton. Ziggler slides in. Orton gets in too but takes a kick to the face. Zigglers hammers down on Orton with rights and lefts. Elbow drop from Ziggler gets a 2 count. Headlock from Ziggler. Orton fights out of the headlock with some punches to the gut. Orton goes to whip Ziggler in to the ropes but gets whipped in to the turnbuckle. Ziggler runs at him but Orton goes for a roll up and gets a 2. Clothesline from Ziggler gets a 1 count. Headlock from Ziggler. Orton fights out. Big DDT from Orton gets a 2 count. Ziggler climbs the ropes. Orton attacks him up top. Orton goes up top. Superplex from Orton. Cover gets a 2 again. Clotheslines from Orton. Orton puts Ziggler on to ropes feet first and hits a DDT. Orton does his viper taunt and prepares for the RKO but Ziggler stuns him with a roll up for the 3 count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ricardo Rodriguez slides in to the ring and gets an RKO. Del Rio is on the apron. Orton calls him in but Del Rio decides to back off. Meanwhile John Cena attacks Ziggler at the top of ramp and locks in an STF. Referees run out to break it up as Smackdown goes off air.

reported by Wojciech Zdrojkowski


[The following comments are my own opinion on this week's Smackdown show]

It was nice to see Cena make an appearance on Smackdown, even if he did not actually wrestle. Nice to see Vickie Guerrero too [oddly enough]. This week's Smackdown was actually not that bad. No Teddy Long, no diva segments or diva match makes for a pretty decent Smackdown. Unfortunately if they were going to bring something over to Smackdown that is not normally there, it had to be the horrible Cena/AJ angle, but it didn't take up too much of the show so it was tolerable.

It also looks like they will be continuing the Del Rio v Randy Orton fued that is starting to be tiresome. The matches between them are not bad, but the fued itself is not particularly 'gripping' to be honest. Also not keen on the idea of champions losing in a non title match. If you are the champ and you lose, surely you should lose the title? What is the point of having to beat the champion, only to get a shot at his title to have to beat him again? If you get my drift. Like I said though, it was not so bad generally.