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WWE Smackdown Results 12/14/12
Dec 14, 2012 - 10:05:00 PM

A package plays that hypes the main fueds as it’s time for another Smackdown.

Sheamus and Antonion Cesaro are at ringside with Josh Mathews and JBL for the first match.

Big Show v R Truth [non title]

Kick from Big Show. He knocks Truth to the floor, then throws him in to the turnbuckle. Show with some early offense. Big chop at the turnbuckle on Truth. Big Show steps on R Truth. He knocks Truth down again. Big Show lifts him up by his pants and puts him on the turnbuckle, then knocks him off it. Big Show with another big chop on R Truth. He stands on Truth with both feet as he holds the ropes. Now another big chop across the chest. Big Show goes outside and starts taunting Sheamus to hit him. Kick from Truth from the apron. He leaps off the apron but Big Show clotheslines him down as he is in mid air. Big Show throws Truth in to the ropes. Cesaro gets up and starts to talk trash to R Truth as he is down on the mat but Sheamus gets up too and pushes him down, urging him not to get involved. Cesaro furiously pulls his chair away from the others and sits back down. Big Show lifts Truth back and throws him in to the ring from the apron. Big Show is taunting Sheamus from in the ring. Big Show runs at Truth in turnbuckle but Truth kicks him and jumps on to him, locking in a sleeper hold. Big Show throws him off. Big elbow by Big Show misses as Truth hits a scissor kick and goes for a cover but gets thrown off after 1. Big Show is back up and hits the Knock out Punch for the 3 count.

Winner Big Show

Big Show poses with his belt in the ring. He climbs out and tries taunting Sheamus some more. Sheamus gets up . Big Show urges him to take a swing at him. Suddenly Cesaro attacks Sheamus from behind by knocking him in to The Big Show. Sheamus chases Cesaro off as The Big Show laughs and shouts that Sheamus has attacked him and that means their match is off.

Commercial break

Recap of what just happened

Big Show is walking backstage. He finds Booker T and asks him if he saw what just happened. Booker says he saw it. Big Show says Sheamus broke the contract and that the match at TLC should be off. Booker says Cesaro fell in to Sheamus who fell in to him. Booker does not think the match has any reason to be off. He says that if The Big Show is scared of Sheamus he should just say. Big Show says that he is not scared of Sheamus. He says that Sheamus violated the no contact clause and the match should be off. Booker says the match at TLC is still on and walks off leaving Big Show unhappy.

Damien Sandow is in the ring and starts by saying that his name is Damien Sandow and for the last few weeks he has tried to find someone in the WWE Universe that could match up to him intellectually but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. He says therefore, with pleasure, he can re introduce his tag team partner and best friend, Cody Rhodes. He tells the fans to stand up, remain silent and show proper reverence for the magnificent and marvellous Cody Rhodes. Cody goes to the ring. Cody says the feeling he has is honour. He says it is an honour to be standing back in the ring with Damien Sandow again. He says the quest to find a person that matches up to Sandown can be ended. Once again he has his equal, his tag team partner and for those who try to drive a wedge in this team, like The Miz, he wants to say this – before he can finish he is interrupted by The Usos theme.

Team Rhode Scholars v The Usos

The Usos begin working on Cody but Cody manages to get the upper hand. He tags in Sandow who hits the Elbow of Disdain. Cody back in, hits a suplex. Full Nelson lock by Cody. Superkick to the gut by Jimmy Uso. Jey is in and hits a few clotheslines. Jey with a Samoan drop. Now a Samoan hip attack in the corner. Jimmy goes to hit a splash but Sandow rolls out. Jimmy flips Cody Rhodes over as Jey throws him over the ropes, only for Jimmy to get a roll up from Sandow for the 3 count.

Winners Team Rhode Scholars

Big Show is in the ring with David Otunga and wants him to explain the legal situation here. Otunga says they will bring the case to WWE HQ and demand the match be called off as well as Booker T be kicked out as GM. Booker T’s theme hits as he shows up on stage. He tells Otunga his degree is a sham. They argue over contracts and how they work. Booker says Otunga can waste time at WWE HQ but the TLC match is still on. Big Show is flipping out in the ring. Otunga says just because Booker went to prison it does not make him a legal expert. He says that Sheamus violated the contract. He says once they get rid of Booker he wants to get rid of Sheamus as well. Booker is about to talk when Sheamus’s theme hits and he heads to the ring with a chair in hand. Sheamus says that if the match is called off then there is nothing stopping him from kicking The Big Show’s a[r]ss right now. Sheamus is ready with a chair in hand. Big Show says that he thinks the contract is still valid and gets out of the ring. He leaves back up the ramp. Sheamus then Brogue kicks Otunga.

Striker is in the back chatting to someone from the backstage crew, preparing to interview Randy Orton.

Commercial break

The Shield are backstage beating the crap out of Randy Orton who is left down in a broken table and a bunch of rubbish.

Kaitlyn v Aksana

They Lock up. Kick from Aksana. Headlock take down from Aksana. Now Kaitlyn rolls her over for a 2 but Aksana keeps the headlock on. Some right hands across the chest by Aksana and cover gets a 2 count. Headlock by Aksana again. Kaitlyn is on the floor not able to get out of it. The Headlock is still in as Kaitlyn tries to get to the ropes. Aksana covers but only gets a 1 count as she locks in the headlock again. Side slam from Aksana while she still has the headlock locked in. Kaitlyn almost fights out of the headlock. She eventually manages to fight out and hits 2 clotheslines. An attack in the corner from Kaitlyn who then throws Aksana across the ring. She lifts Aksans up and hits ribbreaker for the 3 count.

Winner Kaitlyn

We get an update from Matt Striker on Orton as he stand by the medial room. He says the medical staff have confirmed that Randy Orton has got a separated shoulder and he might have suffered a concussion.

The Miz is in the ring and welcomes people to Miz TV. He says people know he is not one to shy away from controversy and the most controversial individuals in the company right now are known as The Shield. He says they wreak havoc all in the name of writing supposed injustices. He says at TLC 3 men get to stop them and he is going to have 2 of them in this ring right now. He introduces Kane and Bryan as they head to the ring. The Miz starts with Bryan but asking him how he feels Bryan cuts him off, wondering why he is asking him how he feels. Bryan asks if Miz is Oprah? He say he and Kane have had to talk a lot about their feelings recently but the time for talk is over and the time for action is now. He says his anger will be unleashed with tables, with ladder and with chairs, all over The Shield. He says The Shield will beg for the pain to stop, and when they do, he will say No! No! No! Kane says The Shield made a very big mistake by attacking Bryan and himself. He says they are on the same page now and that is bad news for others. He says Bryan has discovered his monster and now they are unstoppable. They will use tables, Bryan shouts yes! Ladders [yes from Bryan again] and chairs [and again] and they will love every second of it. Bryan continues to shout yes. The Shield show up on the titontron in an amateur camcorder shot. They say that they have had enough of the threats and that Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback are perpetrators of injustice. They say that in 48 hours time justice will be served by The Shield. Kane asks why wait till Sunday. They say that is one thing they agree on and vanish from the titontron. Kane and Bryan wait. The Shield is in the stands by the sky box. They head down the steps, seemingly to the ring. Ryback’s theme hits and he heads to the ring to join Kane and Bryan. The Shield stop. The 3 in the ring stare at The Shield as The Shield head back up the steps.

Commercial break

Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Khali and Hornswaggle w/Natalya v Primo, Epico, O Neil and Young w/Rosa Mendez.

Khali hits some chops to O Neil, then Young who runs in. Hornswaggle is tagged in but gets clotheslined by O Neil. Tyson Kidd is tagged in. Primo tags himself in and stomps on Tyson Kidd. Epico tagged in and has Kidd in a headlock. Rosa Mendez hits Kidd so Natalya grabs her by the hair on the outside and slams her down. Primo tags back in but gets rolled up by Tyson Kidd for the 3 count.

Winners Gabriel, Kidd, Khali and Hornswaggle

The winners clear the ring after the match [expect for Khali who stands there and watches]. They all dance afterwards.

Kofi Kingston v Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez [non title match]

Kick from Del Rio takes down Kofi. Armlock from Kofi. Kick attempt by Del Rio gets caught by Kofi as they go in to the corner. The Ref breaks it up. Waistlock from Kofi on Del Rio. Headlock from Del Rio who then misses a clothesline and gets dropkicked for a 2 count. Armbar from Kofi. Del Rio kicks Kofi as he is down in the turnbuckle. Del Rio runs at Kofi but he gets out of the way and hits Del Rio with some rights and lefts in the turnbuckle. 10 punches from Kofi on Del Rio in the turnbuckle. Stiff elbow shot from Kofi and then a cover for a 2 count. Waistlock from Del Rio as Kofi has him in a headlock at the same time. They go in to the corner again. Headbutts from Del Rio. Kofi is thrown in to turnbuckle but he jumps up on to it and leaps in to Del Rio. Kofi clotheslines him out of the ring. He leaps over the ropes on to Del Rio on the outside. Del Rio and Kofi are on the apron as Del Rio pushes Kofi in to the turnbuckle and Kofi falls off the apron to the mat.

Commercial break

Suplex from Del Rio for a 2 count. Modified STF from Del Rio on Kofi but Kofi fights out of it. Kofi with a roll up on Del Rio for a 2 count. Backbreaker from Del Rio for a 2 count. Del Rio slams Kofi down. Del Rio mocks Kofi. He misses a running splash in the corner as Kofi hits some right hands in the turnbuckle but Del Rio manages to fight back and throws him in to other turnbuckle. Running scissor kick in to the turnbuckle on Kofi and cover gets a 2 count. Del Rio argues with the referee. Bodyslam gets a 2 again. Del Rio pulls Kofi by his hair and locks in another modified STF [with a knee in the back]. Kofi eventually fights out again and bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Del Rio, then elbows him down and dropkicks him. Del Rio with a back suplex and cover for a 2 count. Hard right hands from Del Rio who tries to raise Kofi up for a suplex but gets rolled up for the 3 count.

Winner Kofi Kingston

After the bout Barrett runs down the ramp and misses a clothesline on Kofi who hits him with trouble in paradise before he heads up the ramp.

Regal is backstage in the lockeroom with Sheamus. He tries to tell him not to let Big Show get to him. He also says not to take Antonio Cesaro lightly as he is a very tough competitor. Sheamus tells him not to worry. He says only Big Show should be worried right now because at TLC he is going to hit chair shot after chair shot after chair shot until he is the new World Champion.

Sheamus v Antonio Cesaro [non title]

Lock up. Headlock from Cesaro who whips his opponent in to the ropes and knocks him down. Now Sheamus with a headlock who also whips his opponent in to the ropes and knocks him down. Right hands from Cesaro who then attacks Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus gets Cesaro in the corner and spears him in the midsection in the turnbuckle. Big knee to the head and cover for a 2 count. Armlock from Sheamus. Cesaro gets Sheamus in to the turnbuckle. Kicks to the gut from Cesaro as Sheamus fights out and then manages to lift Cesaro up in to a fireman carry and rolls over on him, then pins a 2 count. Now Sheamus takes charge as he hits a kick to take Cesaro down. He runs at him but Cesaro gets the top ropes down and Sheamus goes over and to the outside. He quickly climbs back on to the apron but Cesaro knees him back down. As Sheamus gets back in the ring, Cesaro works on him in corner. Headlock from Cesaro as Sheamus throws Cesaro in to the buckle, then runs at him but takes an elbow, then a European uppercut that knocks him off his feet. Cover from Cesaro gets him a 2 count. Big suplex from cesaro gets him another 2 count. Cesaro now hits a kick to the grounded Sheamus. Cesaro has Sheamus in the ropes. Both men exchange blows. European uppercut again and another one. Sheamus fight back though and knocks his opponent down a couple of time. Big splash in the turnbuckle from Sheamus who then goes up top and knocks his opponent down off the top rope with a shoulder block. 10 hard shots across the chest from Sheamus on Cesaro who is in the ropes on the apron. A suplex back in to the ring from Sheamus. Big Show is on the top of the ramp with Regal down. Sheamus gets out of the ring and runs up the ramp. Regal tries to stop his friend as Sheamus is counted out.

Winner Cesaro [by count out]

As Regal is trying to keep Sheamus back, The Big Show hits Regal with a chair to the back. He laughs as he goes to the back, with Sheamus looking frustrated at not being able to do anything as the show goes off air.

Reported by Wojciech Zdrojkowski


Reporter Notes

This was yet another poor Smackdown in my view. Don’t get me wrong, there was some good stuff. I might as well get that out of the way first, since there was not much of it, so it won’t take very long.

The 6 man tag match was built up nicely. There are many ways they could have played this out but I have no problem with the way they did it, having The Shield beat up Orton, then interrupt Kane and Bryan and look set to fight them in the ring until Ryback made his way. I think it made them look like somewhat of a legit threat.
The Sheamus v Big Show fued was given a lot of time as well [probably due to it being the only World title bout] and again, I think it was built up well. No straight thinking wrestling fan was ever going to believe the match at TLC would be called off, but for storyline purposes it was fine.

For all the praise for the Sheamus v Big Show fied, I do think The Big Show is being made to look a little too much like a wimp. I know the 'heel' is generally meant to run from the 'face' but in the Big Show's case, with his size, he should play a more monstrous role, rather than run scared and use underhanded tactics to somehow get in to Sheamus’s mind and make him pissed.
The diva match was horrible. It was nice to see a diva-less Smackdown for a while but the divas were back with a vengeance here and put on a match that basically consisted of a very long headlock by Aksana, then one move and it was over and Kaitlyn got the win. Some might say it was nice to see this, as nobody is expecting this, but honestly, expecting it or not, it wasn't fun to watch. What I was expecting was 'boring' to be chanted, but I didn't hear it [surprisingly]. Diva bouts are crap anyway, so to limit the match to a headlock for almost it’s entirety is insane. Now if it was Kurt Angle with a bodyscissors locked in on someone for most of the bout, that’s fine. A/ He makes it look legitimate and B/ He is such a great wrestler, you accept that type of match once or twice from him, if it is needed to get him over even more as a submission wrestler.
The Great waste of space. Yep I mean Khali. I know, he’s massive, but so what? He can’t wrestle! Yeah he makes people say Woooooooooow when they seem him, but then what? I’m not expecting 5 star matches but like I said, he can’t wrestle! If being that big is enough to get you a place on the roster in the WWE then why not just sign Yao Ming and get him to stand in the ring and do nothing? I think that he is bigger than Khali. I’m sure he could learn to do a clothesline and a chop pretty quick.
The 8 man tag match seemed pointless in general considering it was so short. Why make a match like this if there is not enough time to have it?
Does it not seem to you like Del Rio only wins unimportant matches here and there, but whenever he faces a 'more significant' wrestler he loses. The he faces someone 'less significant to get his reputation back, only to lose to someone 'more significant' again.
Why No Ziggler and Cena? There is no roster split now right? So they can be on Smackdown too. Since that might well be the main event for the PPV, why not hype it even more on the last show before your PPV? Sometimes I feel like Cena just does not like working Smackdown shows or something. Why’s he almost never there? Who knows.