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WWE Smackdown Results 12/23/11
Dec 23, 2011 - 11:02:25 PM

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com

We begin with the man who defeated Mark Henry to become the World Champion, only to blink and lose the title to Daniel Bryan.

Show has a smile on his face even though he doesn’t have the belt around his waist. Show says that he thought he would have been standing out here as the new World Champion, but he is not. Show says that he cannot believe that the champion is Daniel Bryan. Show wants Bryan to come out in a few minutes.

Show says that everyone has been asking him about how he felt about Sunday. He says that he has clawed and scratched for nine years to become a World Champion again. He was there on Sunday. It wasn’t easy because Mark is the World’s Strongest Man. Show says that he has never been thrown around by anyone like Henry.

Show says that he was proud to become champion, but just like that, it was gone. Show says that he has mixed emotions. There is disappointment, anger, shock, rage, conflict, and more. On Monday night, Josh asked him about how he felt and we see the footage from Raw.

Show says that he is proud of himself. He says that he did not go over the edge. He had several days to think about this and he wants to give his honest feelings . . .

Before we get the heartfelt comments from Big Show, Mark Henry’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Mark asks Show if he said he was proud because he wants to know what Show has to be proud about. Is he proud of having the shortest title reign in WWE history? Will he put it on his tombstone? Mark tells Show how he should feel. He should feel embarrassed and humiliated because that is how he feels. He tells Show to take a week off and then quit the business. Henry says that it is the holiday season and he could get a job working as Santa Claus.

Mark says that he wants his rematch against Daniel Bryan and he wants it tonight.

Show wonders why Henry should get a rematch.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and Booker and Josh keep Cole from ‘Being Cole’.

Daniel tells Show that he knows that he cannot believe that Daniel is the World Champion and Mark probably feels the same way. Daniel says that there probably isn’t anyone in the arena who believes that he is the champion. Daniel says that he is not the World’s Strongest Man, or even as strong as most of the guys in the back. Daniel says that he is also not the world’s tallest athlete. He says that he is not the fastest, the smartest, he doesn’t have a cool name, has no catchphrase, he has no discernible charisma, he was told that he is not attractive, and there is nothing about him that screams WWE Superstar.

Bryan says that he is a very good wrestler and one day he hopes to be one of the great ones. Despite everything that he is not, he is the World Champion.

Mark calls Bryan a pipsqueak and every time he puts his hands on Bryan, he beats the hell out of him. He tells Bryan that he wants his World Championship back and he wants it tonight.

Show wants to know why Henry deserves a title match because Show is the one who beat Henry at TLC.

Henry says that he remembers what happened on Sunday. He remembers all 45 seconds of Show’s title reign.

Teddy Long comes out and he hollas and tells everyone to hold up. Teddy tells Show and Henry that they both deserve a chance to compete against Daniel Bryan, but they will compete against each other with the winner getting the first shot at Daniel Bryan for the World Championship. Teddy wishes them both luck. Teddy congratulates Daniel and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Show and Bryan shake hands and Show grips a little tight.

Bryan offers his hand to Henry and then he walks away when Henry goes for the hand shake.

Match Number One: Zack Ryder versus Cody Rhodes in a Champion versus Champion Non Title Match

Before the match, we have the dueling title belt raising.

They lock up and Ryder with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Rhodes with a drop toe hold into an arm bar. Rhodes with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Ryder with arm drags into an arm bar. Rhodes puts Ryder in the corner and he connects with a knee. Ryder floats over and applies an arm drag after an Irish whip. Ryder misses a short arm clothesline and Rhodes with the Rhodes family drop down uppercut.

Rhodes sends Ryder to the floor but Ryder gets back in while Rhodes turns his back and Ryder with a punch. Rhodes with kick and a clothesline that sends Ryder to the apron. Rhodes kicks Rhodes to the floor. Ryder with a kick when Rhodes charges at him against the steps. Rhodes pushes Ryder into Booker at the announce table.

Rhodes punches Ryder and then he sends him back into the ring and Rhodes looks at Booker. We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhodes charges into an elbow but Rhodes with an Alabama Slam for a near fall. Rhodes works on the arm and then he applies a rear chin lock. Ryder with elbows and then he tries for a cross body but Rhodes drops and Zack hits the ropes. Rhodes gets a few near falls. Rhodes returns to the chin lock with the arm trapped.

Rhodes with an Irish whip but they bump heads and both go down. Ryder with a flying forearm and clothesline. Ryder drives Rhodes face first into the mat followed by a running forearm into the corner. Ryder with the running boot in the corner and he gets a near fall.

Ryder goes to the turnbuckles and he tries for a drop kick but Rhodes catches him and he punches Ryder. Booker gets on the mic and he gets on the announce table. Booker sings Cody the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Rhodes turns around to acknowledge Booker and Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

After the match, Booker tells Cody that he has another verse to sing.

Cole calls Booker a sore loser and says that Booker is embarrassing Cody.

Teddy Long is in the back and he is applauding something. Santino Marella enters ‘Cobra Sleeve’ first. Santino says that he is here on matters of official business. Since Zack is the United States Champion, he cannot be the assistant to the General Manager so he is asking for the job. Teddy stammers and says that he needs to think about it.

The stammering will continue as the Sin Cara lighting and saxophones emerge and Aksana enters the office. Teddy wishes Aksana Happy Holidays and then he introduces Aksana to Santino. Aksana says that she know many positions and if he needs help, Teddy can ask her any time. Teddy is speechless and Aksana leaves.

Vickie Guerrero enters with Dolph Ziggler. Teddy says that Zack is impressive. Vickie says that everything lined up on Sunday for Zack. Dolph says that he will ask for his title match when he is ready. Dolph talks about how crazy it was on Sunday with Daniel Bryan winning the World Title. Dolph says that he is everything that Bryan is not. Dolph suggests that if Bryan wants to be great, why not have Bryan learn from him. Teddy makes the match for later tonight.

Teddy starts dancing without any music playing and Vickie tells Teddy bah humbug.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Big Show versus Mark Henry in a Number One Contender Match

Before the match can start, ‘Mr. Coffee’ David Otunga, who has no authority on this show, comes out with his trusty travel mug. Show and Henry argue with each other. Otunga pulls a Laurinaitis and introduces himself and says that he is legal counsel for Laurinaitis. David says that John is responsible for the well being of all superstars. While Mark Henry has the strength of a bear and the heart of a lion, he is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight. Otunga mentions that Henry suffered further damage to an already injured ankle. Otunga says that this match will not take place tonight.

Otunga wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday on behalf of John Laurinaitis.

Show punches Otunga and Henry leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

Teddy Long is walking in the back and the Miz stops him. Miz wants to know why he is here because he was told to be on Smackdown tonight. Teddy knows nothing about this. They exchange reallys. Miz says that this is the reason why John Laurinaitis runs circles around Teddy. Miz says that this explains the shape that Smackdown is in. He tells Teddy that since he won the WWE Championship, not one Smackdown superstar has been in the main event of a pay per view while he has been in five, including the main event of Wrestlemania. He also made history by pinning John Cena. Miz says that he is going to disrupt this show and prevent another competitor from competing tonight.

Miz tells Teddy to find anyone who he thinks can compete with Miz and maybe Smackdown can be awesome.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz is standing in the ring. Miz throws out a few reallys. He wants to know if there is anyone with the guts to face him. Miz says that he doesn’t blame him. We see footage of what Miz has done to R Truth and John Morrison recently.

Miz wants to know if anyone is coming out. He says that the entire Smackdown locker room is full of cowards who are afraid that the same fate will befall them. He says that in addition to not having guts, this show has no face or star that shines brighter than the rest. There is no one larger than life. Miz mentions that he is on the main events of pay per views and . . .

Sheamus’ music plays and it looks like we have a match.

Match Number Two: Sheamus versus Miz

They lock up and Miz with a knee and kick followed by punches. Sheamus with a forearm and slam for a near fall. Miz rolls to the floor and Sheamus follows after him. Miz gets back into the ring and he tries to ambush Sheamus. Sheamus blocks a punch and he tries to send Miz into the turnbuckles but Miz blocks it. Miz drops Sheamus’ arm on the top rope and then he tries to hyper extend the arm.

Miz sends Sheamus shoulder first into the ring post and then he sends Sheamus back into the ring and gets a near fall. Miz with an arm bar but Sheamus with punches. Sheamus misses a charge into the corner and he hits the Awesome Clothesline followed by a clothesline and running boot to the head. Miz with a DDT for a near fall.

Miz kicks Sheamus in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Miz waits for Sheamus to get up for the Awesome Clothesline but Sheamus with running double sledges followed by a uranage back breaker. Sheamus sets for the Celtic Cross but Miz gets to his feet and Sheamus could not keep him up. Miz with a kick and he tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Sheamus escapes and he hits the Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Cole makes excuses for Miz’s loss.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring. Wade has a mic so he is going to address the crowd. He says that the Barrett Barrage has been on a great roll of late. He says that he has been in the Viper’s head like no one has before. A speed bump here and there is not going to derail the barrage. He says that we are going to see how Wade skinned the Viper.

We go to a video retrospective of the history of this feud.

Barrett says that what happened on Raw was his favorite. Barrett says that his performances against a man who was one of the greatest until he faced Wade Barrett means that he should be entitled to a World Title Match against Daniel Bryan. Barrett says that concludes everything that he is going to say and he wishes everyone a Happy Christmas.

As Barrett leaves the ring, Randy Orton’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he punches Barrett and slams his head into the apron and sends him into the ring. Orton gets ready for the RKO but Barrett escapes the hold and the ring.

Orton chases after Barrett and they fight through the back in front of some onlookers. Orton continues to chase after Barrett until they get into the garage. Orton sends Barrett into a chain link fence and then he kicks him over a railing. Orton sees a hose and he decides to clean Barrett. Orton sends Barrett over a table and then he pours the contents of a trash can on Barrett. Orton sends Barrett onto the hood of a car and then he walks over Barrett’s chest as Orton slams Barrett’s head onto the roof of the car. Orton looks at Barrett and then he hits an RKO on the roof.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest 1/2/12 videos.

Match Number Three: Primo with Epico and Rosa Mendes versus Kofi Kingston with Evan Bourne

Primo punches Kofi as soon as the bell rings and he connects with forearms. Primo with kicks to Kofi. Primo with a chin lock and arm bar followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Primo with a seated octopus but Kofi gets out of the hold. Kofi punches Primo but Primo with a forearm to the back. Primo with a kick to the midsection followed by a leg sweep and leg drop. Primo with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Primo with a kick to the midsection followed by an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner when Kofi moves out of the way. Kofi with chops and a drop kick. Primo tries for a rollup from the corner but Kofi holds on and hits a double jump cross body for a near fall.

Primo with a punch followed by an Irish whip and Kofi with a pendulum kick. Epico gets on the apron to distract Kofi when he goes up top and Bourne comes into the corner as well. Primo recovers and leaps to the turnbuckles for an arm drag to the mat. Primo gets a near fall. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Match Number Four: Daniel Bryan versus Dolph Ziggler in a Non Title Match

Bryan with a waist lock but Ziggler with a standing switch. Bryan with a standing drop kick followed by a Greco Roman knuckle lock. Bryan rolls through and applies a side head lock. Bryan goes for the leg when Ziggler tries for a leap frog and he applies a surfboard and then he drops him to the mat. Ziggler makes it to the ropes and Bryan with a European uppercut but he misses a drop kick when Ziggler holds on to the ropes.

Ziggler with kicks to Bryan and then he does sit ups in front of Bryan. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock and Ziggler gets to the ropes. Bryan with a European uppercut followed by an Irish whip but Bryan charges into the corner and Ziggler with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles. Ziggler with a reverse Exploder suplex for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a drop kick and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Bryan with elbows but Ziggler with a kick. Both men try for a cross body and they both go down.

Jack Swagger makes his way to ringside while Ziggler and Bryan exchange punches. Ziggler with the advantage. Bryan sends Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and then he hits the suicide dive. Bryan sends Ziggler back into the ring and Swagger with a forearm to Bryan while the referee was distracted.

Big Show makes his way to the ring.

Ziggler rolls Bryan back into the ring and Ziggler applies the sleeper but Bryan escapes. Bryan with a rollup and he turns it into Chaos Theory for a near fall. Bryan gets a second wind and he kicks Ziggler in the shoulder twice. Ziggler ducks on a third kick attempt but he cannot hit the Zig Zag. Bryan with a round kick to the head and Bryan can only get a near fall.

Bryan picks up Ziggler and connects with a kick. Bryan puts Ziggler on the top turnbuckle and he hits a super rana but Ziggler rolls through and gets a near fall. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall.

Ziggler pushes Bryan into the corner and he punches Bryan. Ziggler puts Bryan on the turnbuckles and he sets for a rana of his own from the turnbuckles but Bryan slips out and he crotches Ziggler on top. Bryan with a super belly-to-back suplex and Ziggler gets his foot on the rope to stop the count.

Swagger hits Show from behind and Show wants a piece of Swagger and they get into the ring. The referee tries to stop them while Show has Swagger by the throat.

No Contest

Teddy Long comes out and he tells Show to let Swagger go. Teddy makes this a tag match with Ziggler and Swagger facing Daniel Bryan and Big Show.

Match Number Five: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler versus Daniel Bryan and Big Show

The match is joined in progress and Swagger with a waist lock but Show with a standing switch and take down. Show with a forearm to the back followed by a side head lock and hip lock take down. Show gets a near fall. Show with a punch to the midsection followed by a chop in the corner. Ziggler is tagged in and he does not look too happy to be in there. Show backs Ziggler into the corner and he punches Ziggler in the midsection. Show with a chop to the chest. Show chops Ziggler in the chest and he slams Ziggler. Show asks Bryan if he is ready and he tags him in and tells him to finish Ziggler. Bryan with a European uppercut followed by kicks in the corner. Bryan with an Irish wihp but Bryan misses the running drop kick into the corner.

Swagger tags in and he punches Bryan and hits the double jump Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Swagger traps the arms but Bryan stomps on the feet. Bryan iwh a forearm to Ziggler on the apron but Swagger stops Bryan. Bryan with a forearm and elbows to get out of the corner. Bryan tries for a wheelbarrow move to Swagger but Swagger blocks it and he puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle and the tree of woe. Swagger with kicks to Bryan and ZIggler works on Bryan’s ankle.

Swagger with a step over toe hold on Bryan but Bryan tries to kick off. Swagger puts the foot on the rope and Ziggler is tagged in. Ziggler with a single leg crab but Bryan tries to get to the ropes or his corner. Ziggler with an elbow drop to the back. Ziggler applies the sleeper but Bryan runs to the corner and Ziggler goes through the ropes and to the floor.

Ziggler hits the floor hard and he holds his knee. Ziggler returns to the ring. Swagger and Show tag in and Show with a clothesline or two. Show with a POUNCE. Ziggler comes in and Show with a savate kick. Show grabs Swagger by the throat but Swagger escapes and he clips Show. Bryan tags in and he comes off the top but Swagger catches him and he tries for the ankle lock. Bryan rolls through and he applies the LeBell Lock and Swagger fights for the ropes but he taps out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Big Show

After the match, Bryan celebrates in the ring but he sees Big Show on the floor.

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com