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WWE Smackdown Results 12/9/11
Dec 9, 2011 - 11:55:28 PM

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com

We start off the show with Booker T being checked on by the medical staff while Cody Rhodes is smiling. We see footage from before the show started when Booker T was making his way to the ring, only to be attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes. Rhodes sent Booker into the ringside barrier and then Rhodes kicked Booker.

Booker was helped to the back while Josh and Michael try to argue both sides of whether Booker did anything wrong.

Tony Chimmel introduces the new ring announcer for Smackdown, Lillian Garcia who is making her return to the WWE. Lillian says that it is so good to be back, but she is interrupted by Cody Rhodes, who is still at ringside.

He says that he hates to be the purveyor of the truth, but no one cares that she is back. He says that no one probably noticed that she left. He likes the symmetry of the return of one announcer coinciding with the departure of another. Cody says that he didn’t send his message to Booker last week about respect loud enough, but he made it abundantly clear tonight. Cody wonders who will fill the chair. Who will spew moan inducing clichés and rudimentary first grade commentary? Who will mention a Fave Five with eleven people in it? Cody thinks about it and he says that he will be the one to do it.

Cody tells Booker to watch carefully because he might learn something . . . Sucka.

Before our first match, Josh tells us that the person who wins with the shorter time between him and Randy Orton will get to choose the stipulation for their match at the TLC pay per view a week from Sunday.

Match Number One: Wade Barrett versus Ezekiel Jackson in a Beat The Clock Challenge Match

Barrett tries for a rollup but Jackson stays on his feet. Jackson misses an elbow drop and Barrett gets a near fall. Barrett with a kick to the midsection followed by a side head lock. Jackson with a forearm and back elbow for a near fall. Jackson gets a near fall. Barrett goes to the floor and Jackson points at the clock and Barrett returns to the ring. Jackson with a shoulder tackle and a clothesline that sends Barrett over the top rope to the floor.

Jackson sends Barrett into the turnbuckles and he connects with a shoulder in the corner. Barrett dives at the knee and then he sends Jackson shoulder first into the ring post. Barrett with a rollup for a near fall. Barrett with knees to the back and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock.

Jackson punches Barrett and misses a clothesline. Barrett connects with a back heel kick and then he hits a pump handle slam and gets a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett has Jackson in a reverse chin lock as time continues to move to Barrett’s detriment. Jackson backs Barrett into the corner and Jackson with a clothesline followed by a few into the corner. Jackson with punches to Barrett and the referee warns Jackson. Jackson with an Irish whip and side slam for a near fall. Jackson with two body slams to Barrett and he gets Barrett up for the torture rack but Barrett escapes. Barrett tries for Wasteland but Jackson escapes the hold. Barrett with the Black Pool Slam for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

The time for Orton to beat later tonight is 7 minutes 53 seconds.

Cole asks Cody if he thinks Orton can beat that time and Cody does not think it will happen.

Wade says that he started the Barrett Barrage as his way to the World Championship, but there has been one man who stood in his way. That man was Randy Orton. He did what no man has done before. He humiliated, embarrassed, and beat Randy Orton. He did it repeatedly. Randy Orton has always had a psychological advantage over his opponents, but not this one. There is only one voice in Randy’s head and it is Wade Barrett’s. As far as being the Apex Predator of Smackdown and as far as his match later on Smackdown, his voice is telling Randy that he is out of time.

We find out that Randy Orton will face Dolph Ziggler later tonight in his portion of the Beat the Clock Challenge.

We go to commercial.

We are back and David Otunga has his soy latte half cap in his hand as he tries to explain why he was on Smackdown last week and he says that he was there because it was a holiday and he was only there for the party. Mick Foley made an egregious error by putting him in the Miracle on 34th Street Fight last week because he is on the Raw roster. Otunga says that putting him in a match on Smackdown was an explicit violation of his authority and Otunga says that the only way to rectify this matter is to have that loss expunged from his record. Otunga takes a drink from the most electrifying travel mug in sports entertainment.

Teddy wants to know what Otunga is talking about.

Otunga says that Teddy might not be as creative as a general manager as John Laurinaitis, but Teddy can see things his way.

Teddy says that Mick does get carried away and he was coming to a party last week. Teddy reminds David that he is subject to the whims of the ruling authority on each show and that means that since David is on Smackdown, Teddy is going to show him how creative he can be. Teddy says that he is looking for an opponent for someone and David might fill that void.

Otunga reminds Teddy that he is not on the Smackdown roster. Teddy says that if he is here, he can compete. Otunga agrees to the match and he asks who his opponent is. Teddy tells him that it will be Sheamus.

Josh Mathews is in the ring and he brings out Daniel Bryan, which means that Michael Cole has to whine, complain, and do whatever else he does whenever Daniel Bryan is on screen as Bryan makes his way to the ring.

Bryan’s ribs are still taped from last week while Cole gloats over the footage of Mark Henry’s victory over Daniel Bryan inside the steel cage on the live Smackdown.

Josh asks Bryan about what is going through his mind after being injured last week. Daniel says that being inside a steel cage with Mark Henry is painful, but it is more painful to walk into the back with the disappointment of letting people down. The disappointment of having everything in front of you but not being able to have it. Bryan says that he has always wanted to be the World Champion and he was this close and he let it slide through is fingers.

Because the show is about the wrestlers, Michael Cole interrupts Bryan’s comments and says that he can’t handle this any more. Cole says that Bryan is nothing more than a loser.

Bryan tells Cole to shut up and do everyone a favor and shut the hell up. Bryan says that he doesn’t know what Cole’s problem is and why Cole doesn’t respect him. Cole wants to know how he can respect Bryan when all Daniel is doing is whining about how he had his opportunity at the World Championship. He says that Bryan never earned his title match while Bryan points out that Cole’s new broadcast colleague tapped out to him and that is how Bryan earned his title match. Bryan says that he has earned everything he has done.

Cole tells Bryan that he should go away and become a barista at a coffee shop. Bryan leaves the ring and goes to the floor as Cole backs away. Bryan wants to know if he should make Cole tap out and go away. Cody Rhodes attacks Bryan and he kicks Bryan while officials try to separate them.

Cole calls Bryan a piece of garbage as we go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Daniel Bryan being attacked by Cody Rhodes while Michael Cole spins the story to satisfy himself because the announcers are the most important thing on this show.

Josh tries to be the voice of reason, logic, and hope by telling Cole that he had no right to interrupt Bryan.

Match Number Two: Zack Ryder versus Heath Slater

They lock up and Slater backs Ryder into the corner and Ryder blocks it and he punches Slater. Ryder with a flying forearm but Slater gets to the ropes. Slater with a kick and then he sends Ryder sternum first into the turnbuckles followed by a clothesline to the back of the head. Slater with a kick to the midsection.

Slater punches Ryder and kicks him. Slater tries for a splash into the corner but Ryder gets his knees up for the running boot to the head and then he lines up Slater for the Rough Ryder and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of DiBiase Claus’ appearance during Jinder Mahal’s match against Justin Gabriel last week on Smackdown.

Jinder Mahal appeared in the Goldman Box and he says that Ted DiBiase made the priceless mistake of interfering in his match last week. This week, he faces the consequences.

Match Number Three: Ted DiBiase versus Jinder Mahal

Mahal with a kick and forearm to the back followed by a knee to the midsection. Ted with a hip toss and drop kick. Mahal with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Ted. Ted goes to the turnbuckles and Mahal pulls him to the mat and hits a neck breaker and gets a near fall. Mahal chokes Ted in the ropes and then connects with a knee to the chest. Mahal with a back elbow but DiBiase with punches.

Mahal with a hard Irish whip followed by a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Mahal with a cravate while the fans chant ‘USA’. Mahal with a forearm to the back of the neck but Ted with the rebound clothesline. Mahal sends Ted into the turnbuckles and then hits a knee into the corner. Mahal with another leaping knee to Ted’s head. Ted with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Ted DiBiase
We see footage from the American Country Awards featuring Big Show and Trace Adkins. We see Show choke slamming Adkins through a table.

Big Show makes his way to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Show says that it has been nine years since he beat the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar in Madison Square Garden to become the WWE Champion. A lot of people told him it couldn’t be done. Show says that people called him a hopeless underachiever, even though they never said it to his face. He made the impossible possible by beating Brock Lesnar.

Show says that nine years is a long time and he has been waiting a long time for the best possible time to become champion again. At TLC when he has a steel chair in his hands across the ring from Mark Henry sounds like a perfect time.

Show says that it is simple physics. You have 440 pound Mark Henry and 500 pound Big Show and steel chairs all around the ring. It is gonna get mean and it’s gonna get nasty. At TLC, Mark Henry’s Hall of Pain’s doors are going to get slammed closed.

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring but he stops short of the ring and he tells Big Show that he is not afraid of him. He says that he is halfway hurt. Henry says that he didn’t even tape his ankle so he is not looking for a fight. Mark has something to say to Show and he wants to say it face to face, but he wants Show to promise that he won’t put his hands on him.

Show invites Mark into the ring and then Show decides that he won’t abide by Mark’s request.

Henry says that Show talks about his journey, but he wonders what type of legacy will Show have if he beats Mark Henry when he is not at 100%. Henry asks Show for a courtesy. A courtesy for the World Heavyweight Champion. He wants Show to promise that he won’t put his hands on him.

Show thinks about it again and he agrees to Mark’s conditions. He won’t put his hands on Mark when he is talking or in the ring.

Henry enters the ring and he tells Show that they have a lot in common. They are both two of the greatest big men to ever come into this business to grace this ring with their presence. He points out that Show was a champion and Henry points out that he is the current champion.

Henry says that he should be at 100% at TLC and at that time, Show will have all of him that he can handle. Henry says that they will have a fight that people will talk about for decades. They have done some mean and hateful things to each other, but he says let bygones be bygones. Henry puts the title belt down and he tells Show may the best man win.

Henry offers his hand to Show and Show does not shake his hand at first but eventually they shake hands. They exchange some words while shaking hands and then Henry tells Show one more thing. He says that he can see in Show’s eyes that he thinks he is a monster. Henry tells Show that he just thinks it while Henry says that he knows that he is.

Henry punches Show but Show with a take down and he punches Henry. Show with an elbow drop to the injured ankle. Henry falls to the floor and Show goes after him. Show gets a chair. Show hits Henry in the back with the chair and then he hits Henry in the ankle with the chair.

Officials come out to separate them but Show walks away on his own.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the guest ring announcer for the next match, Hornswoggle.

Match Number Four: Sheamus versus David Otunga

Otunga with a waist lock but Sheamus with elbows and a back elbow. Otunga with a kick and forearm followed by a front face lock. Sheamus powers out of the hold and then connects with a forearm to the throat. Sheamus with a series of knees. Otunga has a punch blocked and Sheamus with a punch to Otunga that sends him to the floor. Sheamus with a series of forearms across the chest to Otunga on the apron. Sheamus with a suplex to bring him back into the ring and he gets a near fall.

Otunga with a kick followed by a clothesline and he kicks Sheamus. Otunga with elbow drops and he gets a near fall. Otunga with kicks and punches in the corner. Otunga with a clothesline into the corner followed by a forearm but Sheamus with a smile on his face and then he puts Otunga in the corenr and he connects with punches and kicks.

Sheamus with a short arm clothesline followed by a power slam and then he hits the Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Hornswoggle joins Sheamus in the ring and he does Sheamus’ pose with him. Instead of getting revenge for what happened last week, Sheamus high fives Hornswoggle.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Look Within video hyping someone’s return on January 2nd.

We see an Earlier Tonight’s recap of what happened between Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan in front of Michael Cole’s presence which was more important than what was happening.

Match Number Five: Daniel Bryan versus Cody Rhodes in a Non Title Match

Bryan with kicks to Rhodes followed by punches and more kicks. Rhodes grabs the leg and takes Bryan to the mat and drops an elbow to the injured ribs. Rhodes with punches to the ribs. Rhodes with a knee to the abdomen. Bryan with a flying clothesline but he holds on to his ribs. Rhodes with a head butt to the injured ribs followed by a gourdbuster and gets a near fall.

Rhodes with a hard Irish whip to the sternum and he gets a near fall. Rhodes with boots to the midsection followed by boots to the midsection. Rhodes tries for a suplex but Bryan blocks it. Bryan goes to the apron and he punches Cody but Cody with a shoulder to the ribs and then Rhodes Irish whips Bryan into the ring post and he goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rhodes has Bryan in an abdominal stretch with his forearm against the ribs to add more pressure. We see footage from the commercial break when Rhodes dropped Bryan onto the ringside barrier. The referee sees Cody using the ropes but he allows Rhodes to maintain the hold. Bryan with an arm drag to escape.

Rhodes with a forearm and kicks to Bryan and then he punches and kicks Bryan some more as he tries to remove the bandage around Bryan’s ribs. Rhodes a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Rhodes with a boot to the ribs followed by a punch but Bryan sends Rhodes over the top rope to the floor with a back body drop.

Bryan hits the suicide dive but he hits the ringside barrier and he might have injured his ribs more than the damage he did to Cody. Rhodes gets back to the ring while Bryan summons the strength to get back in. Bryan with kicks to the chest but Cody with a kick to the midsection to stop Bryan’s offense. Bryan with an Irish whip and a running drop kick into the corner.

Bryan goes up top for the diving head butt but Rhodes moves out of the way. Rhodes struggles to get back to his feet and Booker T’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by disqualification

After the match, Rhodes misses a punch and Booker connects. They exchange punches and Booker gets control of the situation. Cody leaves the ring and heads up the ramp to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Network video package.

We go to Teddy Long’s office and he is on the phone with someone and he is excited for the WWE Network. Teddy is mesmerized by the Sin Cara lighting and the saxophones that accompany Aksana. Teddy is excited to see Teddy and she says that she is excited about Double Double E Network. She asks Teddy for help about putting her own show on the network. She suggests a cooking show, a travel show, or a reality show called ‘Aksana Looking for Love’. Aksana asks Teddy if he wants to see her on the boob tube. Teddy is fixated on the first word that Aksana says.

Cody Rhodes is in Teddy Long’s office and he interrupts Teddy’s latest session of awkward double entendres with Aksana. Cody wants to know if Teddy saw what just happened. Teddy asks why Cody is busting into his office. Cody says that he wants a match with Booker T. Teddy says that Cody must be a mind reader because at TLC, Cody will face Booker T for the Intercontinental Championship. Cody asks Aksana what is she looking at and then he leaves.

Teddy tries to get Aksana’s attention but she seems transfixed with another member of the Rhodes family. Teddy finally gets Aksana’s attention and he apologizes for Cody’s behavior. Aksana says that it is okay.

We see highlights from the match between Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson to set Randy Orton’s time.

Matt Striker is in the interview area with Randy Orton and Matt reminds Orton that he has to win in less than seven minutes and fifty-three seconds. Randy suggests that Matt can ask Wade for his thoughts if Wade says that he is inside Randy’s head. Randy says that his thoughts are that Wade Barrett did Dolph Ziggler a tremendous favor. Randy says that he likes to take his time to ensure the proper suffering for his opponents. He wants to make sure the suffering is slow and methodical. The bad news is that Dolph is going to suffer, but the good news is that it will be quick. While Wade thinks that he is in Randy’s head, he has Wade exactly where he wants him.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Randy Orton versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero in a This Match will be less than eight minutes because it is a Beat the Clock Match

Orton with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Orton with another near fall and then he hits a suplex and gets a near fall. Orton kicks Ziggler to get him off the ropes. Orton sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles and connects with a European uppercut. Ziggler with an Irish whip into the corner, but you don’t do that to Orton because he will clothesline you and Orton gets a near fall.

Orton looks at the clock and Ziggler with a kick to the knee followed by punches and more kicks. Ziggler with kicks in the corner and the referee warns him. Orton with a kick followed by an Irish whip but Ziggler floats over but Orton with a clothesline and a leaping knee drop for a near fall.

Orton looks at the clock again and Ziggler grabs Orton’s leg to waste time. Orton with an Irish whip but Ziggler with a European uppercut followed by a Fameasser for a near fall. Ziggler with a modified cobra clutch and he applies a body scissors but Orton gets to his feet and Ziggler is on his back. Ziggler with a kick and DDT and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with an elbow to the head followed by a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.

Ziggler with a reverse chin lock as he tries to wear Orton down as well as kill time. Ziggler with a neck breaker for a near fall. Ziggler goes to the top turnbuckles but he takes too long and Orton recovers and he punches Ziggler. Orton continues to punch Ziggler and then he sets for the superplex and he hits it and gets a near fall.

Ziggler with a kick and then he misses a splash into the corner. Orton with two clotheslines. Orton avoids a clothesline and then he hits a power slam for a near fall. Orton with a back breaker and he gets a near fall.

We have less than two minutes on the clock and Ziggler leaves the ring. Orton follows him back in and Ziggler with a kick and then he tries for the Zig Zag but Orton side steps it. Orton sends Ziggler to the apron and hits the IEDDT but Ziggler kicks out.

Orton looks at the clock as it goes under a minute and Ziggler falls to the floor. Orton with a clothesline and then he rolls Ziggler back in. Wade Barrett comes from out of nowhere and he sends Orton into the ring post. The referee did not see what happened so he starts to count out Orton.

Orton gets back in at nine and the Ziggler runs into an RKO and Orton gets the three count with two seconds left on the clock.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Barrett gives Orton a Black Pool Slam and then he takes the mic and he stands over Orton. He congratulates Randy for beating his time so he gets to choose their stipulation at TLC. Barrett wants to help him out so he makes his own suggestion. Barrett throws Orton out of the ring in front of a table, a ladder, and chair. Barrett knocks over the ladder and he throws the chair away. Barrett stares at the table and he tries to hit Wasteland through the table, but Orton recovers and he kicks Barrett. Orton tries to power bomb Barrett through the table but Barrett recovers and sends Orton into the apron and then the ring steps. Barrett leaves and goes up the ramp.

Orton stares at Barrett and then he sees Dolph Ziggler resting on the ring steps. Orton grabs Ziggler by the hair and then he power bombs Ziggler through the table.

We go to credits.

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com