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WWE Smackdown Results 1/20/12
Jan 20, 2012 - 11:07:41 PM

Report by Richard Trionfo &

Lillian Garcia introduces the current World Champion Daniel Bryan and he makes his way to the ring but he does not have the normal bounce in his step. Daniel says that tonight’s television show is aptly named ‘Sin City Smackdown’. It is not because we are emanating from Las Vegas. It is what Big Show did to his girlfriend last week. Show committed a sin. Show weighs 441 pounds and is the World’s Largest Athlete while AJ only weighs 95 pounds. Bowling over AJ was not an accident, it was intentional. Big Show was not sorry, he only pretended to be sorry. Show’s tears were not tears of sorrow, they were crocodile tears.

Big Show is bitter. He is bitter because his World Championship reign was the shortest in history. It was a mere forty-five seconds. After he cashed in the contract to become the World Champion, Show was never able to live that down. Show is a bitter, selfish, vengeful freak.

Because of that, his girlfriend has suffered head trauma, a cervical sprain, and her career may be over. It was all because she insisted on being with him at ringside. Daniel says that she would put herself in harm’s way because she loves him. Daniel says that he has never had anyone say that to him before. Daniel says that he has a great admiration for her as well. That is why he dedicated his match to AJ on Monday. He is going to do the same tonight. Even though she is not here in spirit, she will be in his corner.

As for Mark Henry, he is not afraid. Just like he is not intimidated by that acromegalic swine Big Show, who is not even here tonight. It is a good thing that Show is not here tonight because Bryan says that he cannot be held responsible for what he might have to do. He wants Show to do the right thing before he unleashes his fury on Show. He wants Show to do the right thing before he injures someone else. He tells Big Show to quit.

We go to the back where Alicia Fox, Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, and Ezekiel Jackson are playing roulette and Aksana is dressed like a showgirl. Teddy is standing by the Raw Roulette wheel and he drools over Aksana’s outfit. He explains the wheel to Aksana.

Aksana suggests that they have a Pillow Fight Match, but Cody Rhodes arrives. He reminds everyone that his brother once spun and got a Vegas Showgirl Match. Cody says that the outfit Aksana is wearing is almost as ridiculous. It was at that moment that Cody realized that he was the last hope for the Rhodes family.

Teddy wants to know if Cody is going to talk or spin. Cody spins and he ends up with a Player’s Choice Match. Teddy says that Cody can pick his opponent for his match.

Cody looks around and he picks ‘him’. Ezekiel Jackson turns around but Cody says that it isn’t him. He points to the person he chose and we see Santino, but he points down to Hornswoggle and Hornswoggle drops his cards and he is not happy.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Cody Rhodes versus Hornswoggle in a Player’s Choice Match

Cody slaps Hornswoggle before he enters the ring and he kicks Hornswoggle.

Justin Gabriel’s music plays and Gabriel punches Rhodes. Rhodes fights back but Gabriel with forearms. They exchange forearms and he sends Cody into the ring. Justin wants Cody to pick on someone his own size and face him. Justin wants to know if Cody wants to have a Vegas Showgirls Match.

Match Number One: Cody Rhodes versus Justin Gabriel (playing the part of Hornswoggle) in a Player’s Choice Match

Rhodes with a kick and forearm followed by a chop int eh corner. Gabriel with forearms and kicks in the corner. Gabriel with a drop kick to Rhodes and Cody goes to the apron. They lock up and Gabriel with an arm drag but Rhodes with the drop down uppercut and Rhodes with a drop kick of his own for a near fall. Rhodes with a gourdbuster and then he applies a reverse chin lock.

Rhodes with a head butt and then he stomps on Gabriel’s chest. Rhodes with a punch and he gets a near fall. Rhodes works on the arm and then he applies a rear chin lock. Gabriel with an elbow but Rhodes tries for a slam and Gabriel escapes and he hits an inverted DDT. Gabriel with a jumping round kick and then Gabriel goes up top for the 450 Splash but Rhodes rolls to the opposite side of the ring.

Gabriel with an Irish whip but Cody sends Gabriel into the air and tries for the Alabama Slam but he waits too long and Gabriel with a sunset flip for a near fall. Gabriel with a back slide for a near fall. Gabriel with a boot to Rhodes and then Gabriel goes to the apron for a springboard cross body and he gets a near fall.

Gabriel tries for a monkey flip but Rhodes is able to counter and Cody drops Gabriel on the top rope. Rhodes with Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody sees Hornswoggle and he shows him the title belt before walking to the back.

Teddy Long has Mark Henry spin the wheel for his match against Daniel Bryan. Mark tells Teddy that this is the worst concept he has ever heard of. Mark says that it is Teddy’s fault that AJ got put in harm’s way and tonight Teddy is putting Daniel Bryan in harm’s way.

Teddy tells Mark to spin the wheel but Mark tells Teddy to spin it since it is his idea.

The wheel lands on Lumberjack Match and Mark says that he is cool with that. He tells Teddy that the egotistical pipsqueak of a champion that Teddy has is going to enter into the Hall of Pain tonight.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes versus The Usos in a Tornado Tag Match

Epico and Jey in control and then the Usos with a double back elbow and double elbow drop to Epico. Jey with a back breaker to Primo followed by a forearm from the turnbuckles by Jimmy and Jey gets a near fall. Jey punches Epico and then Primo sends Jimmy over the top rope to the floor.

Epico and Primo double team Jey and hit a double suplex and Epico gets a near fall. Primo gets a near fall. Primo chokes Jey in the ropes and Epico kicks Jey. Jey with an uppercut and Jimmy returns to the ring. Jimmy with a clothesline to Primo followed by a superkick to Epico. Jimmy punches Primo and then the Usos Irish whip Epico and Primo into the corner and they hit stereo splashes and Epico and Hunico fall into the turnbuckles and then the Usos hit running double butt splashes into the corner.

Jimmy and Primo fight to the floor and Rosa yells at Jimmy and she distracts Jimmy long enough to allow Primo to send Jimmy into the apron. Jey hits a superfly splash on Epico but Primo breaks it up and Primo hits the lungblower for the three count.

Winners: Epico and Primo

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage from last year’s Royal Rumble that was won by Alberto Del Rio and featured the WWE returns of Booker T and Kevin Nash.

We return to the Wheel Room and Aksana and Teddy are alone, except for the saxophone player and the lighting guy. Aksana says that she is looking forward to pulling and yanking on the slot machines and Teddy gets tongue tied until Sheamus slaps Teddy on the back.

It is time for Sheamus to see his stipulation for tonight and Teddy asks Aksana to yank the wheel. The stipulation is a Tables Match.

Sheamus says that is alright with him because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

It is time for a Dance Off.

The first person is Brodus Clay and he is joined by the Brodusettes.

Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring and she says that lady luck is on her shoulders for this Dance Off.

The fans get to choose the winner and it is a shock that Brodus Clay is your winner.

Vickie’s dance rebuttal is interrupted by William Regal. Regal tells Ms. Guerrero as an English gentleman he cannot let this happen. He tells everyone not to laugh at this poor unfortunate lady. Regal wants to know how people can mock this buxom wench. Vickie starts to cry and Regal tells Vickie to come with him.

Clay gets the mic and he wants to know where Sunshine is going or is he a funky chicken.

Regal returns to the ring and Clay calls him a chicken.

Regal wants his music hit and he starts to dance.

Brodus hits the cross body on Regal and then he wants someone to call Regal’s momma.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Sheamus versus Wade Barrett in a Tables Match

Barrett with a kick and punches to Sheamus as he backs Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus puts Baarrett into the corner and he connects with forearms and elbows. Sheamus sends Barrett into the turnbuckles and Barrett punches Sheamus. Barrett with a kick but Sheamus sends Barrett over the top rope to the floor.

Barrett runs Sheamus into the apron and then Barrett takes the table that is leaning against the announce table but Sheamus stops Barrett. Sheamus sends Barrett onto the announce table. Sheamus sets up a table on the floor and he tries to slam Barrett through the table but Barrett escapes and he sends Sheamus into the ring post.

They return to the ring and Barrett with knees to Sheamus in the ropes and then Barrett sets for the boot and he kicks Sheamus but Sheamus stays on the apron and does not go through the table on the floor. Barrett goes to the apron and he connects with forearms to Sheamus and he tries to suplex Sheamus onto the table on the floor. Sheamus with forearms to Barrett with Barrett in the ropes.

Sheamus with a forearm that knocks Barrett off the apron and over the table and Barrett hits the announce table. Sheamus punches Barrett as the battle moves around the ring. Sheamus rolls Barrett into the ring and Sheamus wants to bring a table into the ring but Barrett with a drop kick into the table and Sheamus goes down.

Barrett puts the table in the ring and he picks up Sheamus and sends Sheamus back in. Barrett kicks Sheamus in the head and then he sets up the table in the ring. Barrett picks up Sheamus and he tries to run Sheamus through the table but Sheamus rolls through and hits a few double axe handles. Sheamus with a power slam and then he checks on the table.

Sheamus puts Barrett on the table and Sheamus goes up top but Barrett stops him. Barrett punches Sheamus on the turnbuckles and then Barrett goes up for a superplex but Sheamus punches Barrett and Barrett falls off the turnbuckles.

Sheamus leaps over the table and Barrett pushes the table out of the way. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker. Sheamus puts the table against the turnbuckles and Sheamus with a kick to the midsection. Sheamus sets for the Celtic Cross through the table but Jinder Mahal comes ot the ring and distracts Sheamus and that allows Barrett to connect with a back heel kick and then throw Sheamus through the table and win the match.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, Jinder Mahal puts a table against the turnbuckles and he yells at Sheamus. Mahal tries for a running power slam through the table but Sheamus escapes and he hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus looks at the table and then at Mahal. Sheamus picks up Mahal and he runs Mahal through the table.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Ted DiBiase versus Hunico with Camacho in a Flag Match

The Mexican and American flags are put up in the opposite corners.

Before the match officially starts, we go to DiBiase who was in the Goldman Box to talk about Camacho and Hunico. Ted suggests that Hunico and Camacho were not invited to a lot of parties as kids and they must have felt left out of the DiBiase Posse Parties, which are open to the public. After tonight’s match, Hunico and Camacho can have one big pity party.

Hunico with a kick and forearms to the back. Hunico with forearm forearms and Ted with a sit out front driver. Ted climbs for the flag but Hunico with a gutwrench power bomb from the turnbuckles and then Hunico climbs for the Mexican Flag. Ted stops Hunico and hits an Electric Chair drop. Ted charges at Hunico and Hunico back body drops Ted over the top rope to the floor. Ted pushes Hunico off the turnbuckles onto Camacho.

Ted has trouble getting back into the ring and he has trouble getting back to his feet. Hunico returns to the ring and Hunico grabs the leg. Ted kicks Hunico away and then Ted sends Hunico into the turnbuckles and then he hits Dream Street. He climbs the turnbuckles and grabs the flag to win the match.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Daniel Bryan is talking to Kaitlyn in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

We go to Teddy Long and he is in his office with Drew McIntyre. Teddy tells Drew that he is running out of luck. He reminds Drew that he was close to getting fired. Teddy says that he has to let Drew go and he is fired.

Santino wants Teddy to reconsider. Two weeks ago, he won but people are saying that it was a lucky win so Santino says that he wants to give Drew McIntosh a chance to double down so Drew can see Snake Eyes.

Teddy agrees and the match will be a Blindfold Match.

Drew thanks Teddy for the opportunity and he says that he will see Santino out there. Santino laughs and says that he won’t see anything because it is a blindfold match.

Mark Henry is getting ready for his match with Daniel Bryan in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Santino Marella versus Drew McIntyre in a Blindfold Match

Before the match, Santino puts a hood over his hand so the Cobra cannot see.

Santino does his usual kicks that do not connect. Drew punches at air while Santino and Drew have no idea where the other person is. Santino wants the fans to help him and he uncorks the Cobra but he punches the ropes. Drew and Santino fall to the floor. Drew clotheslines the ring post.

Drew gets back into the ring and so does Santino. Santino almost gives the referee the Cobra. Drew takes the hood off for a second while the referee takes the hood off the Cobra. Drew misses a kick and goes to the floor when Santino reaches for the hood for his hand.

Drew returns to the ring and Santino hits the Cobra and gets the three count.

Winner: Santino Marella

We go to commercial.

The lumberjacks make their way to the ring and we go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Mark Henry versus Daniel Bryan in a Lumberjack Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Henry tells Bryan to wait so he can take off his shirt and he throws it at Bryan. Bryan with a kick but Henry blocks it and he sends Bryan to the mat. Bryan goes to the apron and he tells everyone to stand back. Bryan tries for a chop but Henry blocks it and Henry with a head butt. Bryan goes to the floor but he returns to the apron and yells at the wrestlers not to touch him.

Henry with a shoulder in the corner followed by a head butt and then he stands on Bryan’s chest. Henry with a punch in the corner. Bryan with forearms but they have no effect. Henry with a head butt followed by a forearm across the chest. Henry with a shoulder tackle that sends Bryan to the floor and Bryan is rolled back in and Bryan wants to know why Barrett did that and he says that he is doing his job.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Henry biels Bryan across the ring. Henry chokes Bryan on the ropes but Bryan goes for the knee and he clips Henry. Bryan with a chop and kicks to the leg but Henry pushes Bryan away. Bryan with a running forearm into the corner followed by kicks. Bryan is pushed away again but Bryan with the running drop kick into the corner and Henry falls to his knees.

Bryan with a round kick and then he gets a near fall. Bryan goes to the floor and the lumberjacks force Bryan back to the apron and safety. Henry with a shoulder tackle and biels across the ring. Henry runs into a boot from Bryan but Bryan charges at Henry and Henry with a clothesline that flips Bryan. Henry can only get a near fall.

Henry presses Bryan over his head and Bryan rakes the eyes but Henry is able to press slam Bryan onto a number of lumberjacks on the floor. Bryan fights off the lumberjacks and there is a brawl on the floor. Henry sends Bryan into the ring and then Bryan drop kicks Henry and Mark goes to the floor.

The lumberjacks pounce on Henry and Bryan gets in a few shots. Wade Barrett comes into the ring and he goes after Bryan and a few other wrestlers join in. The referee has lost control of the match as Rhodes, DiBiase, and Jackson help Barrett work over Bryan. Henry pushes the other lumberjacks off.

Henry throws DiBiase and Rhodes out of the way. Jackson and Barrett are next. Bryan with a cross body but Henry catches him. Cody attacks Henry before Henry can hit the World’s Strongest Slam.

All of the lumberjacks enter the ring while Bryan gets to the floor. Henry is in the middle of the ring while the lumberjacks continue to battle. Henry goes to the floor as well while Bryan heads to the back with his title.

Teddy Long stops Bryan in the back and he wants to know what is the meaning of this. Bryan mentions that last week he had a No Disqualification and No Count Out Match. Then this week he has to wrestle in a lumberjack match with thirty people who are trying to beat him up. Bryan wants to know what is next. Teddy tells Daniel that he will be defending the World Title at the Royal Rumble against Mark Henry and Big Show in a Triple Threat Match inside a Steel Cage.

We go to credits.

Report by Richard Trionfo &