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WWE Smackdown Results 4/15/11
Apr 15, 2011 - 10:33:26 PM

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com

We begin tonight’s show with a look back at Edge’s victory over Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania. Then we move ahead to Edge’s comments from this Monday’s Raw when he announced his retirement. What will happen when Edge forfeits his title?

Tony Chimmel introduces Ricardo Rodriguez so he can introduce Alberto Del Rio. Alberto drives into the arena in a new vehicle.

Alberto gets the mic and he reminds us who he is, but tonight is not about him. It is about somebody else. Last Monday on Raw, when Edge announced his retirement the entire locker room and the WWE Universe lost a hero. When he thinks about Edge, he thinks about respect. In his thirteen years in WWE, he held more titles than anyone else. Now he is giving up on everything in this incredible business. Alberto says that he cannot imagine how Edge feels right now.

This was his life. It was his passion. It was his love. Alberto says that even though it was his destiny to be the World Champion, he did not want it to happen this way. Since Alberto says that since Edge is here to surrender the World Title, and because he earned the number one contender spot, Edge should come out right now and present him with the World Title.

Alberto waits for Edge to come out to give him the title and the fans chant for Edge.

Instead of Edge, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long makes his way to the ring.

Alberto and Teddy shake hands and Teddy tells Alberto that he is sorry to disappoint him because it is not going to go down the way that Alberto suggested. No one is presenting Alberto with anything.

Teddy agrees with Alberto that he is the number one contender. He says that Alberto has earned the right to wrestle for the title at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match. That is what Alberto is going to do. We will find out who Alberto faces and it will be determined in a twenty man battle royal.

Alberto wants to know what Teddy is talking about. Alberto says that he should be the champion. Alberto says that this is a conspiracy. Alberto says that he never liked Teddy.

Teddy tells Alberto that is how they roll on Smackdown. Alberto tells Teddy that he is glad that he hurt Edge. Alberto says that he is glad that he is the man who forced Edge to retire. It was Edge’s destiny to end up like a crippled coward. Alberto says that it is also his destiny to be the World Champion.

Teddy cuts Alberto off and tells him it is his destiny to shut up.

We go to commercial.

We are back and with Ezekiel Jackson in the ring, the rest of Corre is at the announce table. While Kofi comes to the ring, Josh points out that Wade needed the help of the Corre to win the title, but Wade denies that any assistance was needed. Heath is a tad surprised at Wade’s comments.

Match Number One: Kofi Kingston versus Ezekiel Jackson

They lock up and Zeke pushes Kofi away and then he poses. Kofi with a series of kicks and forearms as he backs Zeke into the corner. Kofi leaps into the corner but Zeke pushes Kofi away. Zeke with a forearm to the back followed by a slam. Jackson with an Irish whip but Kofi with a clothesline off the turnbuckles.

Meanwhile, at the announce table, Wade Barrett points out that he came close to winning the WWE Title last year and he will not fail this time and he will become the World Champion because of the Corre. Justin suggests that he be the one to win the battle royal and then win the World Title. Heath thinks that he should win and contend for the World Title.

Kofi with a forearm followed by a drop kick that sends Zeke to the apron. Kofi with a baseball slide that knocks Jackson off the apron and into the announce table. Kofi is sent into the apron by Jackson and then Jackson presses Kofi over his head and then Jackson slams Kofi onto the members of the Corre sitting at ringside.

They return to the ring and Jackson stares at his stable mates who have stood up at ringside. Kofi kicks Jackson as he re-enters the ring. Barrett distracts the referee when Kofi tries for the SOS. Jackson with a knee followed by a uranage for the three count.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Jackson demands a mic. Jackson says that after tonight’s battle royal, the three of them and everyone in the WWE Universe will know why he is the personification of domination. He will also become the new number one contender.

Jackson poses on the stage while Barrett scowls and Gabriel and Slater discuss something a few feet away from Barrett.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for LayCool’s first couple’s therapy session. Michelle wants to know why they are here because they aren’t a ‘couple’. She wants to know why Layla is holding her hand. Layla says that they are a team like Bert and Ernie or Thelma and Louise. Michelle points out that Layla is comparing themselves to a pair of puppets and two characters who drove off a cliff together. Layla says that they were best friends like they used to be.

Layla asks Michelle how her back is and Michelle says that it hurts because she has been carrying Layla since day one. Layla tells Michelle that she was talking about their match from last week.

The counselor finally gets to say something, but Michelle and Layla both tell him that they didn’t let him talk. This leads to Michelle telling Layla not to talk like her and to stop stealing from her, including their shoes. Layla says that she carried LayCool while Michelle was injured with her big Frankenstein boot. Michelle points out that it didn’t work out too well because she kept losing matches.

Michelle tells Layla that she kept going out there getting her butt kicked and that they were not cool any more. Layla says that she wanted to be equals and not try to be the leader of LayCool. Michelle tells Layla to grow three feet, get blonde hair and get a lot better in the ring before she can call herself an equal. Michelle storms off and Layla tells Michelle that she is keeping the shoes.

Layla asks the counselor if they are good for the same time next week.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring with the lights down and only a dim spotlight showing us that someone is in the ring. Cody has his face covered by the hood to his jacket. Cody says that after he defeated Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania, in what he thought was going to be the biggest night of his life, he expected to feel vindicated. Instead, Cody says that he feels nothing. It is not enough and tonight, he will compete in the battle royal for a chance to compete for the World Title at Extreme Rules. Will that be enough? If he wins the World Title, is there a victory? Is there a moment or anything that will erase from his memory the disfigurement and the monster that looked back in the mirror after him when Rey Mysterio purposefully crushed his face.

Everybody knows that Rey Mysterio is a father. He says that there have been countless nights when he tucked his children into bed and told them that there is no monster in their closet or under their bed. Cody says that he is not going to stop until Rey is that monster. He wants Rey’s children to be horrified by the sight of Rey’s face as much as Cody is horrified by the sight of his own face. Then Cody says that he will be vindicated.

Rey’s music plays and he runs to the ring. Cody hits Rey on the apron but Rey with forearms and a shoulder. Rey with a head scissors and Cody is sent into the ropes. Rey tries for the 619 but Cody gets to the apron. Cody with a shoulder but Rey with a kick when Rey moves out of the way. Rey with a 619 to the midsection and Cody goes to the floor.

Cody goes up the ramp and puts the hood over his head to hide his grotesque face.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Amazing Kong (or whatever her WWE name is going to be) doll destruction video package.

Match Number Two: Rey Mysterio versus Drew McIntyre

Drew gets in Rey’s face as the bell rings and Drew has something to say to Rey. Rey slaps Drew’s hand out of the way. Rey with a kick and forearms but Drew with a kick followed by an Irish whip. Rey moves out of the way when Drew charges into the corner. Drew with a power slam for a near fall. Drew with knees to Rey and then he picks Rey up and hits a back breaker and gets a near fall. Drew with a boot to the chest as he tries to wear Rey down.

Drew stomps on Rey’s head with Rey hanging over the apron. Drew with a snap suplex and he gets a near fall. Rey backs into the corner and Drew picks Rey up. Drew with an Irish whip but he waits too long and Rey with a head scissors that sends Drew into the ropes. Rey tries for the 619 but Drew gets up and he kicks Rey in the midsection and sends him into the ropes but Rey kicks Drew and then drop kicks Drew and McIntyre goes to the floor.

Rey with a baseball slide to Drew and Drew goes into the ringside barrier. Rey tries for a baseball slide but Drew catches him and sends Rey into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drew has Rey in an arm bar. Drew with forearms to the back and knees but Rey lands on his feet when Drew tries for a belly-to-back suplex. Drew tries for a rollup using the ropes but Rey sends Drew to the floor when he ducks down as they hit the ropes. Drew gets to the apron and Rey with a knee lift and then Rey goes to the ropes for a leg drop and Rey gets a near fall.

Drew hits Rey with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and he gets a near fall. Drew with a boot to Rey’s chest and then he connects with forearms across the chest. Drew with a boot to the head and then he returns to the arm bar on Rey.

Drew with an Irish whip and a running shoulder into the corner. Drew charges into the corner again but Rey leaps over Drew and Drew goes shoulder first into the ring post. Rey goes to the apron and then he climbs up top. Rey with a seated splash followed by a head scissors take down. Rey with a kick to the back of the leg followed by a forearm. Rey with a springboard cross body for a near fall.

Drew with a kick and then he tries for a sunset flip on Rey, but you don’t give Rey a sunset flip because he rolls through. Drew knew what was coming so he connects with a big boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Drew sets for the Future Shock DDT but Rey tries to escape. Drew tries for a power bomb but Rey escapes and gets to the turnbuckles and then hits a DDT for a near fall.

Rey with a kick to the arm but Drew sends Rey into the corner and Drew hits a clothesline from his knees and Rey goes down hard. Drew sends Rey into the turnbuckles and he hits a clothesline in the corner. Drew tries for a short arm clothesline but Rey ducks and he sends Drew into the ropes and hits the 619. Rey goes up top and hits the splash for the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

It is time for Josh and Booker to talk about Edge. Booker mentions that he wrestled Edge at Wrestlemania 18.

Edge is walking in the back and he sees Dean Malenko, Matt Striker, Chavo Guerrero and others as they applaud him on his way to the ring to surrender the World Title. He stops when he sees Kane and they shake hands as we go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE’s Facebook page has a lot of fans?

Edge makes his way to the ring as World Champion for the last time and possibly hearing Tony Chimmel’s voice crack for the last time as he does the introduction for The Rated R Superstar.

Edge looks around the arena and he says that he will never get tired of that. He says that for those of you who missed it last night on Raw, it is true. He is being forced to retire. What it has made him do, it has made him open his eyes to everything and he is soaking all of these experiences up. It is like witnessing it for the first time. He mentions his entrance. He says that he has been involved in some of the most insane matches in the WWE. Some of the most insane moments in the WWE.

Whether it was helping to create the TLC matches. Whether it was 20 foot super spears. Whether it was diving into a flaming table with thumbtacks in his back. Whether it was Elimination Chamber Matches or Hell in a Cell Matches against the Undertaker. Every time he went into a match like that, or the red eye flights, or staying awake for two days because of the travel schedule, as soon as he came down that ramp with his music playing. Edge says that he thinks it is the best entrance music and he claims that he might be a little biased. Edge thanks Alter Bridge for the song. No matter what, as soon as he came out and heard the fans feeding him that energy . . .

The fans chant ‘Thank you Edge’. Every time he came out there, the fans gave him goosebumps. Edge says that he has to do it one more time. Edge says that he is going to do that one last time.

Edge puts the title belt on the turnbuckles and he goes up the ramp to hear his music one more time.

Cole mentions that Edge has won thirty-one titles in WWE as he enters the ring.

Edge says that he got out of shape already because it tired him out. Edge says that since he announced his retirement, the outpouring from everyone in the WWE Universe has been insane and awesome. A lot of people are sad that his career had to come to an end. Edge says that everyone is positive that the WWE and their team of doctors discovered it before he was in the ladder match and he landed and couldn’t get up. Edge says that is a positive and he is happy about that.

He says that he is happy about looking at the rest of his life. He is happy that him and his girl are going to get the dogs and go hiking in the mountains. He is happy that he is going to get to go to Nicaragua and do some surfing. Edge says that he is happy that he gets to wear one of his two suits. He figures if he is going out, he is going to do it in style. Edge points out that he bought it for $100 at JC Pennys. He says that he is happy that he got to go to Albany.

Edge says that he is not blowing smoke because Albany is special to him because it is where he won his first WWE Championship. Edge says that he was sitting in Albany in a rental car when he came up with the name Edge. Edge says that he is happy that his mom could be here tonight. Edge points her out in the crowd and he says that she is going to be all shy and timid, but she is the toughest woman he ever met.

He says that she instilled the strength in him to get through the broken neck and the torn Achilles tendons. Edge suggests that everyone give their moms a call tonight.

Edge says that he is happy to be here in front of everyone tonight. He doesn’t want it to get sappy and corny. He says that the World Title means everything to him because of the work that he has done to earn it. Edge says that the title is symbolic and everyone holds a piece of it.

Now it is time for him to do what he has to do. Edge says that he is going to relinquish the World Title. He says that it is cool and he has to do it. Edge says that he really really wants to thank everyone because it has been one hell of a career. It has been one hell of a ride. He thanks everyone.

Edge leaves the World Title belt in the center of the ring and he leaves the ring and goes over to his mom.

Edge goes to the back as we go to commercial.

It is time for a look at That’s What I Am featuring Randy Orton.

We are back and Edge is in the back with Rosa Mendes and she is talking to him in Spanish. Edge says that he has no idea what she said but she had him at ‘quiero’. Rosa says that everyone is going to miss Edge for everything that he has done for the business. She cannot imagine not seeing him again.

Edge turns around and Alberto Del Rio is behind him. Alberto looks at Edge and he offers his hand. Edge thinks about it but he walks away.

Michelle does not want to do the synchronized spinning deal at the top of the ramp and Layla looks frustrated. We see footage from last week when Michelle refused to make the tag to Layla leading to their loss to Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix.

Match Number Three: Kelly Kelly versus Layla with Michelle McCool

Layla with a kick and then she sends Kelly to the mat and she slams Kelly’s head into the mat. Kelly with a kick and a Thesz Press followed by punches to the head. Kelly spanks Layla, but Layla with a kick and Irish whip. Kelly with a kick when Layla charges into the corner. Kelly with a head scissors in the ropes and then she pulls Layla to the floor. Kelly slams Layla’s head into the mat.

Layla sends Kelly into the apron but Kelly side steps her when Layla charges at her. Layla with a kick and then Kelly pushes Layla into the Cole Slaw Container and Layla looks at Michelle while the referee continues his count. Kelly with a kick and X Factor on the floor.

Kelly gets back into the ring and then the referee starts his count again. Michelle sends Layla into the ring. Kelly with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Michelle gets into the ring and Michelle blames Layla for the loss. Layla tries to explain herself and Michelle won’t hear any of it. Layla doesn’t want Michelle to leave but Michelle pushes Layla to the mat and then Michelle leaves the ring and goes to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Jerry Lawler defeating Jack Swagger on Raw to set up the tag match at Extreme Rules.

We are back and Booker wants to know why Michael Cole is so stupid to slap the guy who is training him. Cole says that he made a mistake and he apologizes to Jack for what happened.

It is time to see what the ‘experts’ thought about the Triple H/Undertaker match from Wrestlemania.

We see the title belt at ringside and Alberto Del Rio is standing by it as he watches to see who will be his opponent at Extreme Rules.

Match Number Four: Number One Contender Battle Royal

The participants in the battle royal are Big Show, Kane, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett, Brodus Clay, Christian, Ezekiel Jackson, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Tyler Reks, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta, and JTG

The bell rings and everyone goes after someone and we see a lot of punching and kicking, but JTG is eliminated first. Jackson goes afer Show. Barreta tries to eliminate Big Show but that is a mistake because Barreta is eliminated. Kofi fights off Drew McIntyre and Masters tries to eliminate McIntyre. Show with a head butt to Reks. Hawkins stays in the ring despite Swagger’s attempts to eliminate him. Slater is sent to the apron and Show knocks Slater off the apron while knocking him out with the punch.

Show charges at Ezekiel Jackson and the momentum of the clothesline sends both of them over the top rope to the floor and both men are eliminated. Del Rio applauds that Show is not going to win. Kane with an uppercut to Reks and Clay with a head butt to Chavo.

Masters holds Barrett but Barrett with punches. Cody tries to eliminate Yoshi but Kane grabs Cody and sends him into the turnbuckles. Kofi is holding on while Swagger and McIntyre try to eliminate him.

We go to commercial while Chavo goes to the apron.

We are back and Masters has Hawkins in the Master Lock but that doesn’t matter. Rhodes has Mysterio on the turnbuckles but Chavo makes the save for Rey. Christian tries to eliminate Clay. Rhodes tries to grind Rey’s groin while in the tree of woe, but Masters stops him but he only hits him with a forearm that allows Cody to get back into the ring.

Kofi punches Drew and Kane joins in the attempt to eliminate him. Barret punches Kane while Reks slams Gabriel and he drops a knee. Yoshi saves himself from being eliminated. Cody with a forearm to Rey. Chavo tries to eliminate Curt Hawkins but Hawkins holds on to the ropes. Rey sends Cody to the apron and Rey tries to send Cody into the turnbuckles but Cody blocks it. Rey with a springboard drop kick and Rhodes is eliminated. Hawkins gets Rey on his shoulders and Rey uses the ropes to propel Hawkins over the top rope to the floor while Rey stays alive in the match.

Kane with a clothesline in the corner to Reks. Masters puts McIntyre on the Master Lock on the apron but McIntyre escapes the hold. Clay eliminates McIntyre. Chavo climbs on Clay’s back and Brodus flips Chavo to the floor. Swagger with forearms to Kofi. Clay and Kane go face to face and it is time to see if the Sheeeee can withstand the power of the uppercut. The first shot is taken by Kane and he connects with an uppercut. Kane with more punches and then he gets Clay by the throat but Clay with elbows and a head butt to the chest. Clay gets Kane up for a power slam but Kane gets out of the hold. Clay is eliminated by Kane. Kane has a smile on his face while Del Rio is not a happy camper. We go to commercial.

We are back and are down to ten men in the match. Kane, Jack Swagger, Christian, Yoshi Tatsu, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, Tyler Reks, Chris Masters, and Justin Gabriel.

Kofi is sent over the top rope but he skins the cat and he gets Barrett in a head scissors. Kofi tries to send Barrett over the top rope but Barrett gets free and he kicks Kofi and sends him to the floor to eliminate him. Rey waits on the apron while the numbers get lower. Masters and Reks battle in the ring and Masters with chops. Gabriel goes after Kane and Kane with an uppercut.

Yoshi kicks Barrett but Barrett sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles. Reks kicks Christian and Rey kicks him in the leg. Gabriel with a rake of the eyes to Kane. Christian sends Reks to the apron and Reks sends Christian into the turnbuckles but Christian drops Reks on the top rope and Reks is eliminate.

Barrett with a kick to Masters while Swagger works on Kane. Yoshi with kicks to Christian but he misses a round kick and Christian takes advantage and eliminates Yoshi. Kane makes the save for Rey when Swagger tries to eliminate him. Kane with a clothesline to Gabriel but Gabriel goes to the turnbuckles. He comes off the turnbuckles and he is caught by Kane. Kane sets for the choke slam and then he grabs Barrett by the throat with his other hand. Gabriel and Barrett stop Kane and then they clothesline Kane over the top rope to eliminate him.

Barrett with a running boot to Masters and then he punches him. Masters with chops to Barrett. Masters is sent to the apron and he tries for the Master Lock but Barrett gets out of the hold. Barrett kicks Masters off the apron to eliminate him. Gabriel comes up behind his fellow Corre member and he eliminates Barrett.

Barrett and Gabriel have some words as we are down to the final four. Christian, Jack Swagger, Justin Gabriel, and Rey Mysterio. They stand in their respective corners as the carnage at ringside is cleaned up. Swagger goes after Christian while Gabriel goes after Rey. Rey sends Gabriel into the turnbuckles while Christian gets Swagger on his shoulders. Gabriel with a spinning heel kick. Swagger with a knee to Christian. Rey sends Gabriel into the ropes and that means that it is 619 time but Gabriel ducks out of the way. Gabriel gets Rey up for a power bomb but in a battle royal, you never try to power bomb Rey because he finds a way to get to the ropes and he eliminates Gabriel with a head scissors while Rey returns to the ring.

Christian kicks Swagger while Del Rio surveys what is going on. Rey kicks Christian and then he hits a springboard cross body. Swagger throws Rey over the top rope but Rey holds on to the ropes. Rey with a shoulder from the apron and then Rey goes up top for a head scissors that sends Swagger into the ropes. Michael Cole leaves his bunker to be a humanoid shield for Jack Swagger on the eventual 619. Cole takes the brunt of the move to protect Swagger.

Swagger brings Rey back into the ring because Rey did not go over the top rope and then Rey tries to eliminate Swagger, but Jack holds on to the ropes and Rey is eliminated.

We are down to two and it is Jack Swagger and Christian. Swagger kicks Christian and then he tries for the double jump Swagger bomb, but Swagger gets caught on the ropes and Christian is also able to recover. Christian tries to send Swagger over the top rope to the floor but Swagger punches Christian and gets back into the ring. Swagger with a boot to the head.

Christian goes to the apron and he pulls Swagger to the apron. Christian with an elbow and then he tries for the pendulum kick but Swagger blocks it and he applies the ankle lock. They return to the ring with the ankle lock applied. Christian rolls through to escape the hold. Swagger gets Christian on his shoulders but Christian gets to his feet and he tries to eliminate Swagger, but he can’t get him over. Swagger with a kick and then he tries to throw Christian over the top rope to the floor but Christian holds on to the ropes. Del Rio goes to the ring and he grabs Christian by the ankle to allow Swagger the chance to eliminate Christian but Christian kicks Del Rio away and then he ducks down when Swagger charges at him and Swagger is eliminated.

Winner: Christian

After the match, Del Rio shows a lot of frustration over his opponent at Extreme Rules.

Edge comes to the ring and he hugs Christian as he helps Christian celebrate his victory. Del Rio stands on the announce table and Del Rio points to the title belt as he tells Christian that it is his destiny.

Edge raises Christian’s hand in victory.

We go to credits.

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com