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WWE Smackdown Results 7/18/14
Jul 19, 2014 - 12:05:31 AM

WWE Smackdown Results
Friday, July 18, 2014
Report by LOPSLBM

The show opens with Dean Ambrose in the ring trash talking Seth Rollins on the Titan Tron. Ambrose demands that Rollins come to the ring and fight him, but Rollins says he is medically cleared to not wrestle tonight. Rollins informs Ambrose that Triple H said that he (Ambrose) will be facing Kane tonight.

Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus vs Fandango & The Miz
The match starts off with Ziggler and Miz going back and forth. Ziggler backs Miz into the corner and tags in Fandango. Ziggler standing dropkick on Fandango. Ziggler with an elbow drop on Fandango for a two count. Ziggler tags in Sheamus. Sheamus shoulder blocks Fandango in the corner. Clothesline by Sheamus followed by a knee drop for a one count. Miz is tagged in. Miz plants Sheamus face first into the mat for a two count. Miz tags Fandango. Fandango knee drops Sheamus to the head for a two count. Fandango punches Sheamus down into the corner. Fandango distracts the ref allowing Miz to get a cheap shot in by choking Sheamus. Ziggler jumps up and yells at the ref thus distracting him even more allowing Fandango and Miz to double team Sheamus. Sheamus starts fighting back but gets connected with a standing dropkick from Fandango for a two count. Sheamus gets to his feet and delivers White Noise to Fandango. Miz and Ziggler receive double hot tags. Ziggler knocks Fandango out of the ring and then splashes Miz in the corner. Neck-breaker by Ziggler on Miz. Miz ducks the fame-asser. Miz rolls out of the ring but quickly gets put back in by Sheamus. Ziggler this time connects with Miz but only gets a two count. Ziggler with a DDT on Miz. Fandango breaks it up for a two count. Sheamus attempts to hit Miz with a Brogue Kick but Miz ducks and he hits Fandango instead. Miz comes up from behind and shoves Sheamus out of the ring. Ziggler hits Miz with a Zig-zag with the pin.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus

Nikki Bella is shown walking backstage in a ref's outfit heading to the ring.


Alicia Fox vs Eva Marie
Special guest referee Nikki Bella

Alicia with an arm-drag for a two count. Roll-up by Eva for a one count. Eva slams Alicia to the mat for a one count. Eva tells Nikki to count faster. Eva starts pointing her finger in Nikki's face, poking her forehead complaining about slow counting. Alicia kicks Nikki. Alicia and Eva turn their attention on Nikki and start double teaming her. Alicia hits Nikki with a scissors kick.

Stardust is shown backstage talking about a separate reality, a parallel universe. Golddust sneaks up behind him, saying that Stardust holds the key to the dimensions of sound, sight, and bizarre. He says all they need is a little bit of Golddust.


Before the match begins, Bray Wyatt tells Jericho he sees right through him . " You're a liar. A charlotten. You're the biggest hypocrite of them all and you deserve everything that's coming for you...there is no turning back now Chris. When it is your fate that is hanging in the balance, it will not matter if you're one foot or one hundred feet off the ground, Chris. It will just be too late. So, don't worry about saving us. You should be more focused on saving yourself."

Chris Jericho vs Luke Harper with the Wyatt Family
As the match begins, Bray continues to distract Jericho with his insults. Harper beats Jericho down in the corner. Jericho chops Harper. Standing dropkick by Jericho. Clothesline by Jericho. Big uppercut by Harper sends Jericho down in the corner. Flying forearm by Jericho sends Harper out of the ring. Harper tries to reenter, but Jericho knocks him out again.


Back from commercial and Harper has Jericho in a head lock. Jericho chops Harper in the corner. Jericho irish whips Harper into the opposite corner and follows through with a clothesline and then does the irish whip and clothesline once more. Jericho mounts Harper in the corner and goes up top for the ten punches to the head. Harper counters and picks Jericho up for a cradle suplex for a two count. Harper with a big uppercut. Harper picks Jericho up, but Jericho reverses through with a roll up for a two count. Harper nails Jericho with a hard right hand for a two count, sending him to the mat. Harper hits Jericho with a catapult guillotine on the bottom rope, which sends Jericho to the floor in pain. Harper follows Jericho out and drops Jericho throat first across the guard rail. Harper steps on Jericho's throat on the floor. Back in the ring, Harper hits an elbow drop for a two count. Harper with a gator roll. Jericho kicks Harper in the face. Jericho hits a flying forearm. Jericho hits a top rope axe handle. Enzeguri kick by Jericho for a two count. Power slam by Harper for a two count. Harper walks into a boot from Jericho. Jericho hits a top rope cross body. Jericho walks into a big boot. Harper follows up with a Power bomb for a two count. Jericho hits a lionsault for a two count. Harper counters the codebreaker. Jericho counters a power-bomb with the walls of Jericho. Erick Rowan distracts Jericho. Jericho hits Rowan with a springboard enzeguri. Jericho ducks the clothesline from Harper and rolls him up for the pin. After the match, the Wyatt family triple team Jericho. The Uso's come down and make the save and clear the ring.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Backstage, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are shown walking to the ring.


Colter and Swagger are now in the ring. Colter on the mic starts calling out the Russians. Colter says that Swagger will be Crush-proof. Rusev and Lana come out to the stage. Lana says that Rusev will crush Jack Swagger and all of America at this Sunday's PPV.


Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
Del Rio punches Kofi down in the corner. Kofi kicks Del Rio in the face. Del Rio enzeguris Kofi off the ring apron onto the floor. Del Rio rolls out to the floor and whips Kofi into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Del Rio gets a one count. Del Rio punches Kofi down to the mat. Del Rio throws Kofi out to the floor. Del Rio follows out and attempts an irish whip but Kofi counters and jumps in the ring. Kofi dives out of the ring through the middle rope onto Del Rio. Back in the ring, Kofi hits multiple clotheslines followed by a standing dropkick. Del Rio escapes trouble in paradise by rolling out of the ring. Del Rio kicks Kofi in the face for a two count. Kofi hits the SOS on Del Rio, but Del Rio grabs the rope. Kofi crotches Del Rio on the top. Kofi follows up, but gets a head butt from Del Rio. Del Rio jumps off the top onto Kofi's chest, bouncing his head off the mat, for the pin.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage, Fandango is trying to smooth talk Layla and Summer Rae to no avail. The girls leave and Bo walks up to encourage Fandango that another girl will dance into his life, he just has to "Bo-lieve". AJ Lee is shown skipping backstage, meeting Paige on the way to the ring.


Paige & AJ Lee vs Layla & Summer Rae
AJ with a neck-breaker on Summer with a two count. Paige and Layla tag in. Layla super-kicks Paige for a two count. Layla dropkicks Paige in the face then tags Summer in. Summer follows up with a kick for a one count. Paige head butts Summer. Paige hits Summer in the head with multiple knee shots and the super kicks Layla in the face off the ring apron. Paige clotheslines Summer. AJ tags herself in to Paige's dismay. AJ puts Summer in the Black Widow for the tap out submission.
Winners: Paige & AJ Lee

After the match, it appears that Paige was about to sucker-punch AJ. Instead, they shake hands and hug.

The Uso's are shown backstage in catering, drinking Sonic ice's. Hornswaggle walks up, snatches their drinks, and says this is how you Sonic. He then gets a brain freeze and runs off with their drinks.


Backstage, Seth Rollins tells Kane that he wants them to be on the same page tonight despite what happened on Monday Night Raw. "Tonight is different, it's about Dean Ambrose", Rollins says. Kane says that he is hoping that Orton is watching tonight because he has plans for Ambrose. Rollins asks Kane for a small favor. He asks Kane to leave a little bit of life in Ambrose tonight so that he can finish him off at Battleground. Kane reminds Rollins to not get any idea this Sunday night about cashing in his Championship contract.

Dean Ambrose vs Kane
Ambrose with ten punches to the head of Kane in the corner. Kane kicks Ambrose in the head. Kane wraps Ambrose's arm around the middle rope until the referee takes the count. Kane with a leg drop to the back of Ambrose's neck for a two count. Ambrose punches Kane in the ropes followed by a dropkick. Ambrose goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick. Ambrose lowers the top rope allowing Kane to fall out. Ambrose flies out of the ring onto Kane. Kane sends Ambrose into the ring steps. Ambrose bounces Kane off the steel post. Seth Rollins runs down the ramp and hits Ambrose in the back with his MITB briefcase. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner by DQ: Dean Ambrose

Rollins throws Ambrose into the ring. Rollins and Kane put the ring steps into the ring. Ambrose spears Rollins. Kane pulls Ambrose up and delivers a choke slam. Kane lays Ambrose onto the ring steps. Rollins gives Ambrose the Curb-Stomp on the ringsteps as the show goes off the air.