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WWE Smackdown Results 7/1/11
Jul 2, 2011 - 12:10:28 AM

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com

We begin this week’s show with a Mark Henry video package showing the damage that he has done over the last few weeks.

Teddy Long is in his office and Christian enters. Christian has the contract for the World Title Match at Money in the Bank. He wants Teddy to make sure that he has Randy Orton in the ring to sign it. Teddy suggests that Christian is suffering from memory loss because Teddy said that if Christian won the tag match last week, he would get the title match. Christian says that was what he thought happened last week.

Teddy points out that it was Mark Henry who got the pin last week. That is why Mark will face Randy Orton. Teddy says that Mark has been impressive lately and if Mark can beat Orton, maybe it will be a Triple Threat Match at Money in the Bank. Maybe it will be a one on one match between Orton and Henry.

Christian tells Teddy that he can’t do it and he can’t screw him again.

Teddy says that he can and he is. He warns Christian that he is banned from ringside and if he interferes, there will be severe consequences.

Match Number One: Randy Orton versus Mark Henry

They lock up and Henry picks up Orton and runs him into the corner. Orton with punches to Henry in the corner until the referee warns Orton. Henry with a knee when he stops an Irish whip attempt. Henry with a forearm across the chest followed by an few Irish whip and a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.

Henry picks up Orton for a power slam but Orton gets away from Henry. Henry with a big boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Henry stands on Orton’s chest to limit Orton’s breathing and then he connects with a head butt. Henry has something to say to Orton and he tells Randy that he is the champ and he connects with another head butt. Henry waits for Orton to get up and Henry sets for another slam but Orton escapes. Henry misses a charge into the corner and Orton with a shot to the back followed by a DDT and he gets a near fall.

Orton goes after Henry on the floor but Mark runs Orton’s back into the apron.

Big Show’s music plays and Henry waits for Show to make his way to the ring but Big Show does not appear. The referee continues his count and Orton recovers and gives Henry an RKO. Orton rolls into the ring at nine and Henry gets counted out.

Winner: Randy Orton by count out

After the match, Orton appears to have taken credit for Big Show’s music and then he celebrates in the ring.

Meanwhile, on the floor, Mark Henry is furious over the result of this match. Just like his music says, someone’s gonna get their ass kicked and it looks like Mark is making his way over to the sound area. The sound guys tell Henry who played Show’s music to stay in his seat. Henry wants to know if he finds it funny. Mark destroys some of the sound equipment as he continues to torment the sound guy. Mark says that he could have won as he continues to destroy more equipment. Now that the sound table is gone, he has some extra space so he grabs the sound guy and then throws him to the floor like a rag doll. Henry destroys the chair and walks away as he surveys his damage.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Mark Henry being outsmarted by entrance music.

We see highlights from last week’s match between Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan and the post match attack by Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

Ted has some comments before the match in the Goldman Box and he says that it has been so fun humiliating Daniel Bryan and it is all thanks to Cody. He says that he hopes Cody is watching to see how bad he beats Daniel Bryan tonight.

Match Number Two: Daniel Bryan versus Ted DiBiase in a Sounds of Silence thanks to Mark Henry Match

They lock up and Ted with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Bryan with an arm drag into an arm bar. Ted tries for a leap frog but Bryan is able to grab one of Ted’s legs and that forces Ted face first into the mat. Bryan sets fro the surfboard and then he turns it into a bridge and gets a near fall. Bryan with an English uppercut followed by an Irish whip but Ted sends Bryan to the apron.

Bryan punches Ted and goes up top but Ted moves out of the way. Ted with a drop kick that sends Bryan to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ted with a side head lock on Bryan. Bryan with a waist lock but Ted with a standing switch. DiBiase with the rebound clothesline for a near fall. Ted with a knee drop for a near fall. DiBiase with a reverse chin lock but Bryan with elbows. Ted with a knee and kicks in the corner. Ted with an Irish whip but Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a flying clothesline. Bryan hits the running drop kick into the corner and he gets a near fall.

Bryan with a series of kicks to the chest. Ted blocks a kick and gets a near fall with a rollup but Bryan counters and tries for the LeBell Lock but Ted gets to the ropes. Ted with a kick and then he charges at Bryan but Bryan with a back body drop over the top rope to the floor. Bryan goes to the apron and he tries for the running knee off the apron but Ted catches Bryan and he runs Bryan into the ring post and ringside barrier.

Bryan holds his shoulder as Ted brings Bryan back into the ring and gets a near fall. Ted face washes Bryan with his boot and then Ted tells Bryan that he is nothing and he slaps Bryan in the face. Ted calls him pathetic and he slaps Bryan again.

Ted puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle and sets for a superplex but Bryan blocks it and then he knocks Ted off the turnbuckles with a head butt. Bryan hits a missile drop kick and Bryan may have done more damage to himself than to DiBiase because of the way he landed on his elbow. Bryan with slaps and kicks to Ted and he completes the sequence with a round kick to the head for a near fall.

Bryan charges into a boot from DiBiase and Ted tries for Dream Street but Bryan rolls through. Ted tries for the rebound clothesline but Bryan is able to avoid it and he puts Ted in a Guillotine Choke. Ted tries to fight out of it but he has to tap out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Teddy Long is in his office and Christian enters again. Teddy tells Christian that he knew that Christian would be here. Christian says that now that Mark Henry lost, he is the number one contender. Teddy says that the word on the street is that Christian was coming out of the production truck when Big Show’s music started to play. Christian says that he was on the phone with a very good friend and he asks Teddy if he wants to check his phone.

Teddy tells Christian that we will have the contract signing but that won’t be for another hour, so Christian will have a match before the contract signing. Christian is incensed that he has to wrestle and that Teddy is not protecting him because he will be the face of Smackdown. Teddy tells Christian that he needs to spend less time complaining and more time getting ready for his match against Sin Cara.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ted DiBiase is walking in the back and he is met by Cody Rhodes. Cody asks Ted if he knows that significance of May 20th. He says that is the last time that Ted won a match. There may have been flashes of brilliance in between, but Ted goes out and loses to that common man Daniel Bryan. Cody says that he cannot guide Ted until he applies his aptitude for consistency to something other than failure. If Ted is going to lose, he might as well wear a paper bag.

Josh, Michael, and Booker discuss the way that the Great Khali has changed over the last five weeks due to the presence of Jinder Mahal.

Josh interviewed Khali’s brother Runjin Singh. He says that before the Mahals amassed their fortunes, their families were close. He says that Mahal is jealous of Khali because of his success in the ring and in the movies. Jinder wishes that he was the Great Khali, but he never will be. Years ago, he became his brother in law when Jinder married Singh’s sister. Mahal is telling Khali that he will humiliate the Singh family by divorcing Khali’s sister. The people who say that there is nothing to fear but fear itself are wrong. You need to fear Jinder Mahal.

We go to commercial.

We see the Money in the Bank briefcase over the ring so that means that we find out who the eight participants in the Smackdown Money in the Bank are: Sheamus, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, and Kane.

Match Number Three: Christian versus Sin Cara with El Tramplino Bueno

Cara with kicks to Christian followed by a springboard arm drag that sends Christian to the floor. Sin Cara teases a move to the floor, but he hits the ropes and does a few flips in the ring as Christian moves away from the ring. He gets close to the ring again and Cara teases a triple jump cross body but instead he fakes the move and flips around in the ring some more.

Cara waits for Christian to return to the ring as we go to commercial and Christian complains about the lighting.

We are back and Christian punches Cara and connects with a forearm to the back of the head. Christian slingshots to the floor for an uppercut but Cara knows it is coming and he avoids it. Cara with a kick to Christian followed by the corkscrew pescado.

Cara with a slingshot corkscrew press for a near fall. Christian with a side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Christian with a punch to Cara and then he sends Cara into the turnbuckles. Cara with a kick and then he uses the ropes for an arm drag. Cara with a head scissors take down for a near fall.

Christian goes to the apron and he connects with a shoulder and then Christian sends Cara over the top rope to the floor. Christian sends Sin Cara into the ringside barrier and then Christian gets a near fall when they return to the ring. Christian with kicks followed by a rear chin lock. Christian with a slam and then he takes too long and Cara with a rana that sends Christian into the corner. Christian with a kick for a near fall.

Christian puts Cara in the ropes and he chokes Cara. Christian with a punch and he goes up top for a diving head butt but Cara moves and Cara gets a near fall. Cara with a springboard back elbow and both men are down. Cara with a La Mistica single arm DDT but he can only get a near fall. Christian gets Cara on his shoulders but Cara counters with a rollup and gets a near fall. Christian with a punch to Cara and then Christian goes back to the turnbuckles but Cara recovers and he connects with a kick to the head. Christian pushes Cara off the turnbuckles but Cara lands on his feet and then he does a hand spring and Christian goes to the floor. Cara goes to the apron and he kicks Christian and hits a head scissors off the apron.

Cara rolls Christian back into the ring and he kicks Christian in the head. Cara with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Christian with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Cara with an inside cradle for a near fall. Cara with a drop kick that staggers Christian. Cara tries for the handspring back elbow but he doesn’t have the distance properly calculated so he lands short and Christian is able to catch Cara and he tries for the Killswitch but Cara escapes and Christian is sent into the corner.

Cara tries for a move in the corner but Christian avoids it and he pulls Cara off the top rope and then Christian hits the spear and gets the three count.

Winner: Christian

We take a look at Ezekiel Jackson’s victory over Wade Barrett to win the Intercontinental Title.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Cody Rhodes with his Bag Men and Ted DiBiase versus Ezekiel Jackson in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Jackson backs Rhodes into the corner and Jackson with a clean break. Cody with a side head lock but Jackson with a shoulder tackle and he sends Cody into the turnbuckles and he punches Cody followed by a forearm to the back and a biel. Cody with a drop down uppercut but Jackson with forearms to Cody followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Jackson presses Cody over his head but Cody gets away and he goes to the floor and under the ring. Jackson follows after Cody and Cody is able to attack Jackson from behind and he sends Jackson into the ring post.

Cody gets a near fall as they return to the ring and then he punches Jackson. Cody with a splash into the corner as he tries to work on the back. Code with a rear chin lock as he traps the arm in a chicken with his leg. Rhodes with a front face lock. Jackson blocks a suplex and he tosses Cody to the mat.

Jackson with a body block and clothesline followed by an Irish whip and a running clothesline into the corner. Jackson with a slam and Ted gets on the apron and he sends DiBiase into the ring post. Cody hits the springboard round kick and Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody goes over to DiBiase and tells him that he did the right thing.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Johnny Curtis is painting while waiting for his Smackdown debut. He apologizes for coming off as a wise guy or bitter. He says that there will be no more shenanigans because he doesn’t want to paint himself into a corner. We see that is exactly what he has painted.

It is time for the Raw Rebound.

Cole mentions that CM Punk has been suspended. Cole says that Punk was justifiably suspended. Booker mentions that he watched it on YouTube (even though he was in the building on Monday night as the Wheel Master) and he says that he was blown away. Cole mentions that there are rumors that Mr. McMahon will be at Raw on Monday to address the situation.

Match Number Five: Kane versus Wade Barrett

They lock up and Kane with a clean break. Barrett with a kick and punches to Kane but Kane with an uppercut that drops Barrett to the mat. Kane with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Kane with an arm bar and wrist lock. Kane sends Barrett into the corner but he misses a splash. Barrett with a clothesline for a near fall. Barrett with a front face lock but Kane with a boot to the head. Kane with a snap mare and Barrett goes to the floor when he sees Kane try for the drop kick. Kane follows after Barrett and he sends Wade into the apron.

Barrett with a running boot that knocks Kane off the apron and Kane goes into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett with a reverse chin lock but Kane with a belly-to-back suplex. Barrett with a back elbow and kicks. Barrett with a running boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a kick to the midsection. Barrett with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Barrett chokes Kane in the ropes and he adds some knees to the head. Barrett with a clothesline to Kane while he is in the ropes and Barrett gets a near fall.

Barrett with a rear chin lock. Barrett with kicks to Kane in the corner but Kane with uppercuts that knock Barrett down. Barrett with a DDT to Kane and he gets a near fall. Barrett goes to the turnbuckles but he misses an elbow drop when Kane moves out of the way. Kane with punches to Barrett followed by a cross body for a near fall. Kane with a snap mare followed by a drop kick for a near fall.

Barrett punches Kane but Kane with a boot to the head for a near fall. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline into the corner followed by a side slam for a near fall. Kane goes up top for the clothesline and he hits it. Kane signals for the choke slam and Barrett escapes. Kane tries for a Tombstone but Barrett with the Boss Man Slam for a near fall. Barrett tries to get Kane up for Wasteland but Kane goes to the apron. Barrett tries for a big boot but he gets crotched. Kane with a punch followed by a choke slam and he gets the three count.

Winner: Kane

We take a look back at what happened earlier tonight between Mark Henry and music after he was outsmarted by the sound technicians in his match with Randy Orton.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the ring has a carpet and table so it must mean that it is contract signing time and if there is a contract being signed, there is going to be something destroyed.

Teddy Long is in the ring and he brings out the former World Champion and current Number One Contender. Christian is accompanied by a man in a suit. Teddy then brings out the World Champion Randy Orton.

Orton and Christian stare at each other but there is a table they need to sit across from each other at.

They sit at the table and Teddy says that this is the official contract signing for their match at Money in the Bank.

Christian tells Teddy and Orton that his legal counsel has reviewed the contract and he points out that there is a clause that if the referee makes a bad call, he receives an immediate rematch. Teddy tells his lackeys in the black and white stripes to do their jobs or they will be back doing this again. Christian says that he is sick being screwed over. Christian says that he knows that he can beat Orton even though nobody else thinks that he can.

Randy says that there is a reason for that, but Christian tells him to shut up. Christian reminds Orton that he beat him two weeks ago and he won last week in the tag match. Teddy can’t save him any more. The crooked refs can’t save him any more. The WWE brass can’t save him any more because they think that Orton is their golden boy. Christian says that the truth of the matter is that Orton can’t beat him. At Money in the Bank, Christian says that he is going to prove it.

Orton tells Christian that there was a time when this all started between them when he enjoyed facing Christian in this ring. A time when he respected Christian. They had a great match when he beat Christian. They had another epic match and Orton won again. The more that he beats Christian, the more that Christian begs and pleads for one more match. Orton says that it is comical. Now all of this is starting to make him angry. Orton reminds Christian that he has had problems in the past managing his anger. Orton congratulates Christian for lawyering up to get another title shot. A lawyer is not going to give Christian the title. Orton reminds Christian that he is going to have to beat him and that will never ever happen.

Orton signs the contract first and then he gives it to Christian. Chrsitian gives the contract to his lawyer to review it and the lawyer has something to tell Christian. Christian is about to sign the contract, but the pen is out of ink.

Before Teddy can give Christian another pen, Sheamus comes into the ring and he goes after Orton and then he throws Orton’s chair out of the ring. Sheamus punches Orton and Christian pulls Sheamus off. Sheamus hits Christian and then connects with the Brogue Kick. Orton gets up and tries for an RKO but Sheamus with a Brogue Kick for Orton.

Sheamus tells both of them that he will break them fella. Sheamus rips up the contract as we go to credits.

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com