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WWE Smackdown Results 8/16/13
Aug 17, 2013 - 12:33:03 AM

Report by Jake Barnett and

WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Taped 8/13 in San Jose, California

Cole welcomed us to the show and mentioned right away that there would be a six man tag between The Shield and Mark Henry, Big Show and RVD. He then mentioned the main event would be a return match from Raw with Daniel Bryan facing Wade Barrett. Cole was interrupted by Bray Wyatt letting us know the Wyatt’s were there, and then all three men made their entrance. Bray blowing out his LED lantern never ceases to be amusing. As they made their entrance, a video package explaining the Wyatt’s feud with Kane was shown. It focused on both men laughing in the face of the ring of fire. Cole explained that the ring if fire is not to set someone on fire, but to keep outsiders from getting in the ring.

Bray sat on his rocking chair in the ring and said hello to everyone. He said his name and said the fine young gentlemen behind him were his brothers Harper and Rowan. They have come to the conclusion recently that their actions were misinterpreted, and he would like to clarify a few things. He said he would like to tell a story. Once upon a time, there was a special little boy, and he went to school like anybody else. Bray reminded us that children can be so cruel, and despite being bigger than all the other children, this little boy would cower from their harsh words and run home crying.

One day, he decided that he would go to school and change everything. But instead, he ran away and found a new crutch that would allow him to be everything he wanted to be. The crutch he found was a mask, and it allowed him to call himself Kane. He said the mask allowed him to live a life full of lies, and Bray said he was there to end the lies in WWE. Bray said he walks on water to prove that he cares, and he would bite the head off a snake to show that he tells the truth. He then said that in the City of Angels he would prove that one man’s hell is another man’s paradise. Bray then instructed him to follow the buzzards.

Kane’s pyro hit with his music and Kane slipped behind the Wyatt’s and quickly disposed of Rowan and Harper. He went to confront Bray in the ring, and gave the throat slash gesture. Bray charged him, but Kane grabbed a choke and tossed him into the corner to rain down punches. Eventually, the Wyatt’s used their numbers to gain an advantage, and Bray hit his finisher (called Sister Abigail in NXT) and posed over Kane.

Cole plugged the SummerSlam Pre-Show, and Damien Sandow was already at ringside. He handcuffed his briefcase to the turnbuckle before he climbed into the ring. They showed a video clip of Sandow nearly cashing in his briefcase last week before Cody Rhodes prevented it. Christian made his ring entrance next for the first match of the night.

1. Christian vs. Damien Sandow: Christian hit a drop toe hold onto the ropes and tried to slip outside for a big slap, but Sandow moved. Christian was able to knock Sandow down from the hit a missile dropkick from the top rope. Sandow recovered and hung Christian on the top rope, and then hit a high knee that sent Christian to the outside. Christian re-entered, but was quickly sent back to the floor by Sandow. He followed and tossed Christian into the steps on the outside.


Sandow and Christian traded blows briefly, until Sandow dived out of the ring and pulled Christian to the apron. He hit some knees to Christian’s chest, and got back in the ring. Christian recovered quickly and hit a back body drop and ten punches in the corner, followed by a inverted neck breaker. He went up top, but missed splash, Sandow hit a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Christian hit a sunset flip, but only got two. He quickly climbed the ropes and hit a back elbow from the second rope. Sandow avoided some offense with a cartwheel and hit a side Russian leg sweep.

He wanted the elbow of disdain, but Christian rolled out of the way before he dropped the elbow. Christian then got a surprise roll up for the victory.

Christian defeated Damien Sandow at 9:11.

Sandow tried to attack him after the match, but ate a spear for his trouble. Sandow rolled outside, and Christian got blindsided by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio assaulted him and grabbed a mic to say he’d never be World Heavyweight Champion again. Del Rio set up for the cross arm breaker, but Christian reversed into the Killswitch and the crowd popped big.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Rob Van Dam. Rob said it had been a while since he had gold on his waist, and that was his focus. Renee asked if he was worried about the other members of The Shield, and he feigned concern as Mark Henry and Big Show walked up. Renee asked Big Show what brought him back, and he said he realized he had unfinished business with the Shield. He said they run around like they own the place, and he was going to put an end to it. Henry said RVD had nothing to worry about on Sunday. RVD said The Shield needs to worry about Big Show, Mark Henry, and R……V…..D.

Kaitlyn made her ring entrance to a nice reaction with Natalya. They were followed by AJ and Layla.

2. AJ and Layla vs. Kaitlyn and Natalya: Natalya and Layla started the match, and they tied up. Nattie quickly took things to the ground with a hip toss, which was reversed into a head scissors. Both ladies got to their feet, and Layla quickly hit a roll up, but Nattie reversed for a two count. Nattie went for a sharpshooter, but AJ distracted her. The ref separated them, but AJ kicked Nattie in the back of the head as she walked away. Kaitlyn protested, but got nowhere as AJ tagged in and locked in a sleeper on Nattie. Kaitlyn encouraged Nattie to make a tag, but she couldn’t get there.

AJ released the sleeper to slap Kaitlyn, and then went back to the hold. Nattie eventually broke the hold and made a hot tag. Kaitlyn hit some clotheslines and a back breaker for a near fall. She then hit a chestbreaker and covered, but Layla broke up the pin. Nattie jumped in to clear Layla from the ring, but the ref stopped her. Layla then tripped Kaitlyn down to a knee, and AJ followed up with a shining wizard for the win.

AJ and Layla defeated Kaitlyn and Natalya at 4:15.

Renee Young interviewed Ryback and asked him if he wasn’t on SummerSlam because he’s been so brutal with his opponents. He said of course that’s the reason, because everyone is afraid of him. Ryback noticed someone off camera that was looking at him, and asked him what his problem was. Ryback then approached him and slapped him around and pushed him over a table. Ryback then walked back to Renee and said that of course people are scared of him. Cole plugged a recap of the Punk vs. Lesnar feud for next.


Cole and JBL introduced a video package that covered the CM Punk and Lesnar feud. It covered their friendship, the betrayal, and the subsequent feud up until this point. Very good package. The Shield then made their ring entrances after the video package. Cole said they would be in six man action after the break.


Cole showed a recap of Bray Wyatt’s comments to Kane earlier in the show, plus the confrontation and beat down that came after. After the video, RVD, Mark Henry and Big Show made their entrances.

3. The Shield vs. RVD, Mark Henry and Big Show: Henry and Rollins started, with Henry quickly backing him up and slamming him. He quickly tagged, RVD, who climbed to the top and hit a kick on Rollins, followed by a standing moonsault for a two count. Rollins made a blind tag to Ambrose, who blitzed RVD from behind and quickly isolated him in the corner. He hit a short arm clothesline and quickly tagged in Reigns.

Reigns dropped RVD with strikes, and mocked RVD by doing his chant. He then took a cheap shot at Henry and knocked him off the apron, but that allowed RVD to hit a kick and make a tag to Big Show while reigns tagged in Ambrose. Show hit a big back body drop, and sent Seth Rollins to the floor when he tried to intervene. Show hit the ropes, but Reigns low bridged him to the outside. Reigns set up for a spear on the outside, but Henry caught him and tossed him over the announce table. While Henry celebrated, Rollins came off the ropes and hit a kick to the face.

Show barely made the ten count to get back in the ring, and he surprised Ambrose with a KO punch seemingly out of nowhere and then leaned on the ropes. Show quickly tagged in RVD, who hit the five star frog splash for the victory.

Big Show, Mark Henry and RVD defeated The Shield at 4:46.

After the match, the babyfaces celebrated and Cole plugged the main event between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett in a No DQ match. The Miz was then shown as he headed to the ring for a match with Jack Swagger.

The Miz made his ring entrance, followed by Jack Swagger with Colter and Cesaro. Colter had a microphone and asked the crowd if they remember the song “Do you know the way to San Jose”? He thought of a new single about knowing the way out. He then told the Miz that the reason nobody likes him is that he’s a phony, just like his adopted town of Hollywood. He said they’ve allowed Hollywood to be overrun by illegal immigrants, criminals, and bad actors. If Hollywood had any sense, they would put people like Jack Swagger up in the lights. We the people, etc…

4. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz: They traded offense early, and Swagger finally took control with a fireman’s carry slam. He then followed up with a couple of clotheslines, and then did some push-ups on a fallen Miz. Swagger telegraphed a clothesline, and Miz reversed into a neckbreaker. He then hit a DDT and covered for a near fall. After a couple of reversals, Miz hit his diving clothesline in the corner. Cesaro intervened and distracted Miz from the outside, and Swagger knocked him out to the floor.

The ref saw the distraction, and threw both Colter and Cesaro from the ring. Swagger protested and got rolled up for his trouble, and Miz got a quick win.

The Miz defeated Jack Swagger at 3:09.

Cole and JBL plugged the main event again, and Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel were shown making their way to the ring.


Curtis Axel made his ring entrance with Paul Heyman. Zack Ryder was already in the ring.

5. Zack Ryder vs. Curtis Axel: Zack Ryder sighting! Ryder dominated the early going, and hit a nice pancake. Axel escaped to the outside and Ryder chase, which allowed Axel to jump him as he got back in the ring. Ryder recovered and hit a drop kick from the second rope, and set up for the Broski boot. Axel retreated to the outside, but Ryder followed up with a baseball slide. Ryder went for a cross body from the top, but missed. Heyman screamed at Axel to capitalize, which he did with kicks to the ribs and a back suplex.

CM Punk chants broek out as Axel crushed Ryder with his facebuster finisher. After the bell, Heyman presented Axel with the belt and patted him on the back.

Curtis Axel defeated Zack Ryder at 2:49.

Heyman asked for a microphone and Cole said we would hear from him about Monday’s attack by CM Punk next.


Heyman said last Monday on Raw, he got outsmarted by CM Punk. He congratulated Punk and said mazel tov, and admitted that he and Lesnar had conspired against him, but he managed to smash Lesnar in the face with a camera. Heyman claimed all CM Punk had proved is that what Heyman already knew, which is that he taught him to be the best. He then said that at SummerSlam, Punk would be the object of revenge, and the weapon of that revenge would be the beast, Brock Lesnar.

Cole and JBL then introduced a video package that covered the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan feud. It covered back to when Cena chose Bryan as his opponent up until Monday. After the video package, Daniel Bryan made his ring entrance.


Bryan had just about everyone in the arena doing a yes chant, when Wade Barrett’s music interrupted him. Barrett made his ring entrance and they played footage of Barret’s fast count win from Monday.

6. Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan: Bryan hit some kicks early and then hit a dragon leg sweep. Barrett fired back with a knee lift, but couldn’t keep the offense going. Bryan recovered and clotheslined Barrett to the outside. Barrett shoved Bryan into the barricade, and then tossed him over in the direction of the time keepers table. He then charged at Bryan, but missed and ended up straddling the barricade.

Bryan hit some kicks to the chest and pulled a table out from under the ring. Barrett recovered and tossed Bryan into the steps. Barrett tossed Bryan into the ring and grabbed a Kendo Stick from under the ring. He then took a couple of heavy swings at Bryan, but couldn’t hit a third. Bryan grabbed the Kendo Stick and swung at Barrett, but he rolled to ringside. Bryan hit a suicide dive and tossed Barrett back into the ring. He then climbed to the top and hit a missile dropkick. Mr. McMahon’s music hit, and he mocked Bryan as he walked to the ring.


Barrett hit a swinging neck breaker and a cover for a near fall. Barrett set up a table in the corner, and grabbed Bryan for a powerbomb. Bryan reversed into a head scissors, and Barrett rolled to the outside. Bryan followed up with a diving knee, and hit more kicks to Barrett. He then went for a suplex, but Barrett reversed. Barrett then sent Bryan hard into the ring post.

Bryan crawled back into the ring, and Barrett grabbed a chair from under the ring. McMahon seemed to be enjoying it as Barrett hit Bryan with the chair numerous times. Barrett jumped off the second rope with the chair, but Bryan moved out of the way. Bryan fired up and hit several missile drop kicks from into Barrett in the corner. He then noticed the Kendo Stick, picked it up and whaled on Barrett with the stick and kicks to the chest.

Barrett avoided a kick to the head, and rolled up Bryan. Bryan reversed the pin attempt into the yes lock, but McMahon pulled the ref from the ring. McMahon and Bryan argued, and Barrett hit Bryan with a bull hammer. McMahon called to the back for a new ref, and Brad Maddox came out. Maddox counted the cover, but he only got a two count.

Barrett picked up Bryan again, but he reversed out the back and hit a kick to the head. Bryan covered, but McMahon waved it off and Maddox refused to count. McMahon handed Barrett the Kendo Stick, but Bryan avoided it and Maddox to a cane shot right to the face. Bryan went for the Yes Lock, but Barrett avoided it. Bryan reversed out of a slam and sent Barrett through the table set up in the corner.

McMahon started to put the ref shirt on and get into the ring, but Triple H’s music hit and he entered the ring with his ref gear on. Bryan went up top and hit a diving headbutt, and covered Barrett for the three count victory.

Daniel Bryan defeated Wade Barrett at 16:40.

Triple H raised Bryan’s hand and he celebrated after the match with a Yes Chant. Randy Orton’s music hit, and he stood on the ramp and held up his briefcase as the show went off the air.

Report by Jake Barnett and