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WWE Smackdown Results 8/30/13
Aug 31, 2013 - 12:13:44 AM

Report by By Greg Parks &

WWE Smackdown
August 30, 2013
Taped 8/27/13 in Las Vegas, Nev.
Aired on SyFy

- Smackdown Open.

- The Miz was in the ring, starting the show off with Miz TV. Miz first introduced Big Show without much of a set-up. Show was not all happy and smiley on the way to the ring like he usually is as a babyface. Dolph Ziggler was introduced next, and he too was more subdued than usual. Miz said the three of them stood on the stage on Raw, along with the rest of the locker room, while Daniel Bryan ran the gauntlet and was attacked post-match. We saw clips of both. Miz reminded fans of the restrictions placed on them by Triple H. Miz gave Show the opportunity to voice his concerns about management, but Show balked. Show choked out a few words about how tough of a situation it was Monday, then handed the mic to Ziggler. Dolph wussed out and asked for Big Show to finish his thought. Miz seemed like he was going to take the opportunity to speak, but before he could, Triple H’s theme interrupted. Hunter walked out in his suit and headed to the ring.

Trips invited Miz to finish his thought, but Miz declined. Hunter asked why Miz was wearing wrestling gear rather than his suit to host the interview segment. Miz said that you never know when a fight will break out. He wanted to ask Hunter a question, but Hunter told him no. Triple H once again reiterated that his decisions are what is best for business, and not personal. “You sold out” chants, and loud ones. He hit on the “Randy Orton is the future” button and said, in Ziggler’s face, that Orton is big enough, hinting that Ziggler’s lack of size is holding him back. Trips said Orton being on top makes money for everyone. Miz was mocked for not having been close to the WWE Title in some time.

He said Miz get an opportunity at Orton tonight. He said Ziggler was upset Monday because he was looking at The Shield, who kicked the crap out of him not long ago. So he said Ziggler would go “one-on-one with all three members of The Shield in a handicap match.” I think he’s short two “ones,” perhaps purposely. Show was next. Triple H said you could see the smoke coming out of Show’s ears Monday night. He gave Show the night off, but said Show will sit at ringside and watch every single thing that happens in the ring…and he’ll do absolutely nothing about it. Show’s fists were clenched at his side. He was so mad he was shaking. JBL did mention Show’s guaranteed contract and said Triple H would rip it to shreds if Show didn’t follow along. Show did take a seat and Ziggler was sent off afterward. Triple H said it was fortuitous that Miz wore his gear, because his match with Orton is now. Orton made his entrance as the match will be after the break.

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Pretty slow opening few minutes, while Michael Cole and JBL argued over the merits of Orton as champion and whether or not the Superstars should be allowed to speak up against management. Miz peppered Orton in the corner, and the ref had to hold him back. Corner clothesline, then Miz went to the top. Orton booted him on a double axe-handle attempt. Miz back-dropped Orton to ringside. The Shield’s music began to play and they descended the stairs. They went to break at 5:19 of the match.

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Back at 9:15 of the match. Orton was giving Miz a beating outside the ring, right in front of The Shield. Back in, a cover got a two-count. Miz made his comeback and gave Orton a neck-breaker for two at 11:35. Show was cheering on Miz, causing me to become nostalgic for ShowMiz. Orton countered the Skull Crushing Finale, and nailed his vintage DDT. RKO was blocked into a backslide for a near-fall. Miz applied the figure-four and locked it in. Show was on his feet. “The champ’s gonna tap out!” shouted Cole. Orton reached the bottom rope, forcing the break. Orton, in desperation, brought Miz down throat-first across the top rope. RKO followed for the win.

WINNER: Orton, at 13:56.

After the match, The Shield entered the ring and attacked Miz. Daniel Bryan’s music hit, and Bryan ran to the ring with a chair. He hit a couple members of The Shield with it as the heels scattered. Huge ovation for Bryan.

- Still to come, Dolph Ziggler faces The Shield in a handicap match. There has been no mention of the fact that Ziggler wrestled this same match on Raw two weeks ago.

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- A vignette for Los Matadores aired.

- Vickie Guerrero was backstage…staring off into space. Daniel Bryan walked in. Vickie called Bryan a bully for what he did, and she said in her world, the bully gets bullied back. Almost on cue, the camera panned back to show Ryback. Ryback said he can’t stand a bully. He looked Bryan over and I half expected him to say, “Where’s the rest of ya?” Instead, he called Bryan a “shrimp.”

- The announcers talked on-camera and then Cole sent it to the Raw Rebound, focusing on the Curtis Axel vs. C.M. Punk segment from Raw.

- A graphic aired for Night of Champions, in which Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel will take on C.M. Punk in a Handicap Elimination Match.

- Later tonight, we’ll hear from Paul Heyman for the first time since the Night of Champions match was made.

- Lilian Garcia introduced Ricardo Rodriguez. He performed formal ring introductions for Rob Van Dam. RVD is in action next.

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- Damien Sandow was introduced to oppose RVD. On his way to the ring, he said what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. He told the fans they are squandering their degenerate lives. He said what he does will spread worldwide until he’s champion. As has become usual, Sandow handcuffed the briefcase to the ring.


Quick kick by Van Dam for a pin attempt. Knee-lift by Sandow, then a roll-up for two. Elbow of Disdain for two at 1:11. Show looked bored at ringside, but Cole claimed he was “lost in thought.” They continued to go back-and-forth until RVD hit the Five-Star Frogsplash for the win.

WINNER: RVD, at 2:36.

- Alberto Del Rio came out and said Ricardo Rodriguez betrayed him and his people. Del Rio cued “RVD” chants from the fans in a not-so-subtle way. He said RVD may have Rolling Thunder, but he’s going to make it rain on RVD’s parade. He said at Night of Champions, RVD will find out who the real champion is.

- Next, Dolph Ziggler vs. The Shield in a three-on-one handicap match.

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The Shield was already in the ring out of break. Show rocked back and forth at ringside, head in hands. And the match hadn’t even begun yet! Ziggler was a house afire early on against Seth Rollins, but Rollins got him back when the numbers game came into play. Samoan drop by Roman Reigns for two at 1:20 of the match. Dean Ambrose tagged in and stomped on Ziggler’s hand. Ambrose whipped Ziggler hard into opposite corners. Reigns powerbombed Ziggler into the corner, then speared Ziggler to put an end to him.

WINNERS: The Shield, at 3:58.

The Shield taunted Show after the match. They gave Ziggler the triple powerbomb to really rub it in.

- Next, we’ll hear from Paul Heyman.

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- Exterior shots of Vegas were shown.

- Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman were introduced to the live crowd. Axel took the mic first and said Heyman performed a courageous act on Monday night. They showed video of Heyman battering Punk with a kendo stick and yelling at him. Back to Smackdown, and Heyman had the mic. He asked if the fans expect him to feel guilty about what he did Monday to his prodigal son, Punk. “I’m…not…seeking…forgiveness,” said Heyman. He said the fans goaded him into a situation where he was forced to face a beating from Punk. He said for 434 consecutive days, he and Punk were the WWE Champion. He said each challenger was put down like a rabid dog. Heyman asked, if that is so, why is he still standing when Punk is coming after him? He said it was because Punk has always ended up on his back, looking up at his father figure and mentor.

He talked about Night of Champions, saying he can’t escape at that PPV, and he’ll have to take his beating like a man. He said WWE virtually guarantees that he will suffer a beating at the hands of Punk. He told Axel that he is afraid. He said he was man enough to admit it. He said if Punk gets his hands on him, we’ll never see Paul Heyman again. But, he said, his fear can be Punk’s worst enemy. He said to imagine what he’s like when faced with a guaranteed beating, given all he’s done to Punk without that threat in front of him. He said at Night of Champions, he and Axel will own C.M. Punk.

- Tonight, Daniel Bryan has been punished for aiding Miz earlier and will face Ryback.

- Up next, The Wyatts.

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- Tons of Funk was finishing up their entrance.


Tensai clotheslined Harper, then knocked Rowan off the apron. Big splash on Harper in the corner. Attempted double-team by the faces, but Rowan tripped up Clay. Tensai ran into a big boot from Harper as Bray Wyatt looked on from his rocking chair. Rowan tagged in and splashed Tensai for the win.

WINNERS: Rowan and Harper, at 1:11.

Bray Wyatt gave Tensai the Sister Abigail finisher. “Follow the Buzzards!” he shouted to the fans as he knelt over the prone Tensai.

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- Another vignette for Los Matadores aired.

- Cole and JBL talked at ringside about Total Divas and specifically, A.J. Lee’s “explosive” comments about the ladies who star on that show. They showed part of A.J.’s promo from Raw. JBL said A.J. was speaking the truth. Cole plugged the new episode of Total Divas coming up Sunday night.

- Ryback came to the ring for the main event. It’s next.

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Running knee to the face caught Ryback right as the match got underway. Ryback picked Bryan up and powerslammed him. Bryan took a chest-first bump into the turnbuckle on an Irish whip. Ryback toyed with Bryan a bit and put his boot right in Bryan’s face. Missed corner charge led to Ryback going shoulder-first into the post. Running dropkick in the corner by Bryan, and another. A third one hit with Ryback seated in the corner. Bryan dove through the ropes and connected on Ryback right in front of the announce table. At this point, Randy Orton began walking to ringside. Bryan re-entered the ring and was distracted by Orton long enough for Ryback to ambush him from behind. They went to break at 3:19 of the match.

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Back to the show at 6:50 of the match. Bryan kicked at Ryback, to which Show chanted “Yes!” along with the fans. But Ryback’s power put Bryan on the mat once again. He set up for his meat-hook clothesline, and connected. Two-count for Ryback at 7:44. Ryback set up to give Bryan a belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope, but Bryan created separation with headbutts. He knocked Ryback to the canvas. Missile dropkick followed. Kick to the head for a near-fall for Bryan at 9:38. Yes Lock applied by Bryan. Orton entered the ring and Bryan grabbed him for the Yes Lock. The ref called for the bell.

WINNER: Bryan, via disqualification, at 9:52.

Orton was stuck in the Yes Lock until The Shield ran out. Show got out of his seat and began pacing at ringside. Finally, he entered the ring. The Shield and Orton backed off. Triple H stormed out of the back and to ringside. He ordered Show out of the ring. Show was almost in tears as the crowd chanted “No!” Show finally did leave the ring. Hunter got in Show’s face and he sent him to the back. Once Show was to the back, Orton and The Shield had their way with Bryan. “Randy sucks” chant at one point. Orton had a can of spray paint and painted “NO” in black on Bryan’s chest and stomach. He then stood over Bryan and held the WWE Title over his head. That’s how the show ended.

Report by By Greg Parks &