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WWE Smackdown Results 9/23/11
Sep 23, 2011 - 11:50:58 PM

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com

The Smackdown wrestlers are at ringside to listen to John Laurinaitis, who is standing alone in the ring. He welcomes everyone to Smackdown and he introduces himself and reminds us of his title. He says that without Triple H here tonight, he has brought out all of the Smackdown superstars to discuss the issues that Triple H, as COO, has lost total control of the WWE. That chaos engulfed Raw, culminating in the dismissal of two top Raw superstars, The Miz and R Truth.

John says that he has changed his mind. He says that he believes that Triple H has things under control. On Monday night, when he looked into Triple H’s eyes, he saw the resolve and determination that he hopes everyone sees when he shows up tonight.

John says that he wants to introduce the new World Heavyweight Champion and Mark Henry makes his way onto the stage and then he walks down the ramp to the ring. The superstars part like the Red Sea and Henry makes his way into the ring.

Mark and John shake hands and then John leaves the ring. Mark says that it has taken him fifteen years to earn this title. It is going to take fifteen more before somebody takes it from him. He says that there ain’t no man here who is going to take what he got. He says that he is looking at Ezekiel Jackson. Zeke didn’t believe. He says that Teddy Long didn’t believe either. He wonders if Teddy believes now.

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and the superstars part again.

Hunter offers his hand to Mark but Mark refuses. They have some words that cannot be heard over the mic. Mark remains steadfast but he eventually gives Hunter the mic.

Christian interrupts Hunter before he can speak. He says that on behalf of himself, the entire roster, and the entire world, he says that Hunter is doing a great job as the COO of the WWE. His treatment of the superstars on Smackdown has been exemplary and he wants to tell Hunter that he appreciates it.

Christian says that he wants to follow Hunter’s credo of ‘leadership by example’ and he mentions his two World Title reigns. He says that everyone looks up to him like a leader. Christian says that he is kind of a big deal around here. Christian says that even though ‘you know who’ is the champion, but can you see his face on a billboard? Can you see his face on a cereal box? Can you see him reading to a bunch of school children? Christian says that he deserves to be the face of Smackdown and if he is going to be the leader, he kind of needs to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian says that he deserves one more match to become the World Champion. After Hell in a Cell, when ‘you know who’ is going to choke in his match, he will be the one to pick up the reigns and become a three time World Heavyweight Champion.

Hunter tells Christian that sounds pretty good. Hunter thanks everyone for coming out and he assures them that he is in complete control of Raw and Smackdown. Hunter tells Christian that he appreciates him stepping up as a leader. It is great to see ‘leadership by example’. He tells Christian that he will get the chance to lead in front of all of the superstars because they will come back to surround the ring for a lumberjack match. A match in which their leader will go one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship against ‘you know who’ . . . Mark Henry. The winner of that match will face Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell.

Hunter leaves the ring and Christian tries to talk to him, but he does not realize that Mark is now standing behind him and Christian turns around and then he leaves the ring.

We see Sheamus in the locker room getting ready for his match as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Sheamus versus Heath Slater

Slater backpedals as the bell rings and then he says something to Sheamus. They lock up and Sheamus with a clean break. Slater with a waist lock into a side head lock but Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Slater pushes Sheamus but Sheamus with a forearm to the face and one of the back. Sheamus puts Slater in the ropes and then he connects with a series of forearms across the chest. Sheamus with a running knee lift on the apron.

Sheamus sends Slater into the turnbuckles and then he punches Slater followed by knees. Slater with a back elbow and a kick followed by a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Slater with forearms and a choke in the ropes. Slater with forearms to the back followed by a reverse chin lock and elbows to the head.

Sheamus gets back to his feet and he connects with forearms. Sheamus misses a clothesline and Slater with a leaping neck breaker for a near fall. Slater slaps Sheamus and Sheamus responds with running double sledges. Sheamus runs into a boot but Sheamus with a power slam and then he connects with a splash to the back followed by a running knee lift. Sheamus goes up top for a flying shoulder tackle.

Sheamus pounds on his chest as he prepares for the Brogue kick and he gets the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

Great Khali is stretching in the back and Christian stops by and he reminds Khali that he has a title match tonight. He reminds Khali that some day he will get a title match. Would Khali want to face a man who took out Big Show and Kane or someone smaller in Christian. Christian asks Khali if he understands him and if he has Christian’s back. Khali says that he understands that Christian is small. Christian says that everyone is small compared to Khali and he assumes that they have a deal.

We go to commercial.

We see highlights from last week’s tag match when Justin Gabriel pinned Wade Barrett.

Match Number Two: Wade Barrett versus Justin Gabriel

Gabriel tries to work on the arm but Barrett pulls Gabriel to the mat by the hair. Barrett with forearms in the corner but Gabriel with a chop. Barrett puts Gabriel in the ropes and Barrett connects with a series of knees and then he hits a running boot that sends Gabriel to the floor. Barrett goes to the floor to check on Gabriel and he rolls him back into the ring to get a near fall. Barrett with an Irish whip but Gabriel floats over and then he sends Barrett to the floor with a head scissors. Gabriel with a plancha onto Barrett.

Gabriel sends Barrett back into the ring and Gabriel hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Gabriel with kicks to Barrett and he tries for the STO but Barrett blocks it. Gabriel is able to hit an STO and then he goes to the apron but he takes too long and Barrett with a boot to the head and Barrett hits Wasteland for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Striker is with Randy Orton in the interview area and Matt asks Randy if he wants to talk about the match and he says no. Randy says that he is thinking about going to hell, but he says that the song says that hell is not a bad place to be if you are going to be the World Heavyweight Champion again. He will drag Mark Henry into hell, or maybe it will be Christian. He says that when he comes from hell, he will have the World Heavyweight Title with him.

Michael Cole mentions that Orton has been in three Hell in a Cell matches and has won two while Mark Henry has never been in a Hell in a Cell match. We go to the Hell in a Cell video package.

Christian is talking to Ezekiel Jackson and he is asking him if he gets what he is saying. Jackson says that Christian needs him to beat Mark Henry. Christian says that he has been a two time World Champion and he asks Jackson how many times he has been champion. Christian says that he can spot future World Champions and he sees that in Jackson. Christian says that they have an agreement and he will see him later.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: AJ Lee and Kaitlyn versus Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Kaitlyn and Natalya start off and Natalya backs Kaitlyn into the corner and Kaitlyn with a drop kick. Natalya sends Kaitlyn into the ropes and she chokes her. Beth with kick to the head when the referee was not looking. Natalya slams Kaitlyn’s head into the mat. Beth tags in and they hit a double delayed vertical suplex. Beth rubs Kaitlyn’s face in the mat. Kaitlyn with head butt to the midsection and then AJ is tagged in. AJ with forearms but Beth sends AJ into the turnbuckles. AJ avoids a charge into the corner and AJ with a running forearm followed by a drop kick to the knee followed by a Shining Wizard but Natalya pulls AJ off on the cover. Kaitlyn goes after Natalya and they go to the floor. Beth kicks AJ in the midsection when she tries to float over and Beth with the Glam Slam for the three count.

Winners: Natalya and Beth Phoenix

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the highlights from Cody Rhodes’ victory over Randy Orton two weeks ago on Raw.

Match Number Four: Randy Orton versus Cody Rhodes

Orton with kicks to Rhodes and then Orton sends Rhodes to the floor. Orton with a European uppercut on the floor and then he sends Rhodes into the ringside barrier. Orton rolls Cody back into the ring but Cody goes for the leg with a rolling tackle. Cody with a kick to the leg but Orton with punches to Rhodes followed by a kick. Cody kicks Orton in the knee.

Cody with elbow drops to the knee and then Cody punches Orton before returning to the knee. Cody drives the knee into the mat. Orton with right hands to the head followed by an Irish whip. Cody wraps the leg into the ring post. Cody exposes the turnbuckle but the referee sees it and he warns Cody. Cody takes off the mask and he hits Orton with it but Orton kicks out at two.

Orton has a vacant look on his face while the referee asks Cody about the mask and the referee warns Cody. Orton blocks a kick from Cody and then he takes off Cody’s mask and Orton hits Cody in the face with the mask. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by disqualification

After the match, Orton grabs Cody and he hits Cody with the mask a few more times. Orton picks up Cody and sends Cody to the apron for the IEDDT. Orton stands over Cody and officials come to ringside to stop Orton. Orton sends Cody to the floor and Orton follows after him. Orton takes the ring bell and he rings it a few times before hitting Cody in the head with the ring bell.

Orton rearranges the announce table while Cody’s blood is all over the announce table. Orton slams Cody’s head onto the announce table and hits an RKO on the announce table to a bloody Cody Rhodes. Orton storms off while we watch the carnage in slow motion. Orton moves at a viper like speed up the ramp.

Sheamus is in his locker room and Christian stops by and he gives Sheamus a potato because he knows that Irish folk like potatoes. Sheamus goes along with the stereotype. Christian say that when he wins back the World Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus will get his first title match. Sheamus says that he will be out there and Christian can count on him. Christian tells Sheamus that he has a bag of potatoes for Sheamus. Sheamus says that he will cherish it. Sheamus bites the potato but he spits it out because it wasn’t from Ireland, it was from Idaho.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Khali being attacked by Jinder Mahal and Khali fighting back.

Match Number Five: Great Khali versus Jinder Mahal

Mahal tells Khali not to cross the line and Mahal with a kick and forearm but Khali with a clothesline and then he sends Mahal into the corner and he chops Mahal. Mahal leaves the ring and he yells at Khali. Khali grabs Mahal by the throat but Mahal with a few kicks followed by a DDT and knee drop for a near fall. Mahal kicks Khali and he puts Khali in a front face lock.

Khali gets to his feet and he tosses Mahal out of the hold. Khali with clotheslines and punches to the head. Mahal with a kick to the leg but Mahal falls victim to the choke slam. Khali stands on Mahal’s chest to get the three count.

Winner: Great Khali

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage of the dueling Sin Cara’s on Smackdown last week.

Match Number Six: Sin Cara versus Daniel Bryan

Bryan and Cara shake hands at the start of the match and Bryan with a side head lock and a side head lock take down. Cara with a head scissors but Bryan escapes and he goes for the surfboard and then he turns it into a bridge but Cara gets to the ropes. Bryan with a European uppercut followed by an Irish whip but Cara gets his boots up. Cara tries for an arm drag after coming off Bryan’s shoulders but Bryan blocks it momentarily before Cara can hit the arm drag.

Bryan sends Cara to the apron but Cara with an enzuigiri and a springboard cross body for a near fall. Bryan with a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. Bryan tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Cara lands on his feet and hits a handspring back elbow that sends Bryan to the foor. Cara goes to the apron and he hits a head scissors that sends Bryan into the ring steps.

Bryan is rolled into the ring and Cara goes to the turnbuckles but from out of nowhere, a flash of light appears and it is Sin Cara Version Dos who makes his way to ringside and he pushes Sin Cara Uno to the floor. Cara with an enzuigiri and then he hits the Fallen Star for the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

After the match, we see El Primero Sin Cara still down on the floor.

Christian is waiting outside of Randy Orton’s locker room and he knocks on the door but Zack Ryder emerges. Christian tells Zack that he looked good on Raw with Hugh Jackman. Christian says that he could wear the sunglasses and be the Broski of the Week. Zack says that he would love to do Christian a solid but he is the assistant general manager so he has a conflict of interest. Christian says that he knows that Zack can’t help him, but he can ‘help him’. Zack gets a call from Hugh Jackman and he has to go.

Christian walks away without knocking on Orton’s locker room door again. We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne versus The Usos in a Non Title Match

Jey and Bourne start things off and they shake hands before locking up. Bourne with a hammer lock and side head lock. They lock up again and Bourne with a jumping back heel kick and he gets a near fall. Jimmy tags in and Bourne doesn’t realize the tag was made so he tries for a springboard cross body but he gets caught by both Usos and then Jey adds some momentum for a side slam by Jimmy and gets a near fall.

Jey tags back in and Jimmy with a back breaker and Jey with a chop to the chest. Jey sends Bourne into the corner and he tags Jimmy back in. Jey Irish whips Jimmy into Bourne in the corner and Jimmy gets a near fall. Jimmy with a reverse chin lock but Bourne with kicks. Bourne with an elbow to Jey on the apron followed by a head scissors that drives Jimmy’s head into the mat and both men are down.

Jey tags in and so does Kofi and Kofi with a springboard clothesline. He follows that with chops and a drop kick to Jey. Kofi misses a splash into the corner but Kofi with a pendulum kick followed by a cross body for a near fall. Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise but Jimmy distracts Kofi on the apron and Jey hits a savate kick.

The Usos try for an alley oop into a Samoan drop but Kofi counters with a rana to Jey and Trouble in Paradise to Jimmy. Bourne tags in and hits the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

We go to commercial.

Match Number Eight: Mark Henry versus Christian in a Lumberjack Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Christian circles Henry and then he goes to the apron but he does not go to the floor because of the lumberjacks. They lock up and Henry drives Christian to the mat but Henry misses a kick. Christian with a waist lock and Henry backs Christian into the corner and he connects with an elbow to the head. Henry with an Irish whip that sends Christian into the turnbuckles sternum first. Christian with punches to Henry but Henry grabs Christian by the throat and he sends Christian over the top rope to the floor. Jackson keeps everyone away so Christian can get up but Jackson with a knee to the midsection and he rolls Christian back in. Henry gets a near fall.

Henry with a nerve hold to Christian and then he tosses Christian high into the air and he gets a near fall. Henry returns to the nerve hold. Christian with a kick to the head followed by a punch. Christian tries for a move from the turnbuckles but Henry grabs Christian and puts him in a bear hug. Henry runs Christian into the turnbuckles and then he tries for a splash but misses. Christian with a series of punches and he tries for a clothesline or two but Henry stays on his feet.

Henry with an Irish whip but Christian with boots to Henry. Christian goes to the middle turnbuckles for a missile drop kick but Henry stays on his feet. Christian goes up top for another missile drop kick and Henry goes down but Christian can only get a near fall.

Christian tries for the Killswitch but Henry with an elbow and a body block for a near fall. Christian with kicks and then Christian goes for a sunset flip off the turnbuckles but Henry does not go over. Henry tries for a seated splash but Christian moves. Henry goes to the floor and Henry pulls Christian out as well and then the lumberjacks go after Henry but Henry fights them off. Christian presses Trent Barreta over his head and uses him to take out half of the lumberjacks.

Henry returns to the ring and Christian heads up the ramp. From out of nowhere, Sheamus sends Christian back into the ring and Henry with the World’s Strongest Slam for the three count.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match, Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and he paces around Henry and then he punches the champion and tries for an RKO. Orton with a drop kick that sends Henry to the floor.

We go to credits.

Report by Richard Trionfo & PWinsider.com