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WWE Smackdown Results 9/27/13
Sep 28, 2013 - 12:31:07 AM

Report by Jake Barnett &

WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Taped 9/24 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We were taken directly to the arena as Lilian Garcia introduced COO Triple H. JBL clapped like an seal on commentary. Triple H welcomed us to Smackdown, and said he'd heard about all the rumors and buzz regarding the last month. He recalled hearing the words favoritism and abuse of power, and called it utterly ridiculous. He claimed WWE superstars refuse to accept their failures and inadequacies, and would rather blame management. He then said he and his wife Stephanie are comfortable accepting that burden, and they always do what's best for business.

Triple H brought up the eleven on three handicap match from Monday, and said he was criticized for that too. He showed footage from Monday, and showed how the match ended. Triple H then said that any angst in the locker room ended there. He claimed that the match wasn't meant to quell a rebellion, it was just best for business. The Miz then interrupted and walked ou on to the ramp. He said really, and asked Triple H if he really felt he'd been fair and impartial. Triple H said Miz was a classic example of a guy who'd been given an opportunity, then fails and blames someone else. Triple H claimed he'd given Miz the opportunity of a lifetime to get in the ring with WWE Champion Randy Orton, and he came up short.

Triple then showed the footage of Miz getting beat down in front of his parents. After the video, Triple H asked snidely if that was managements fault. He said he failed to see how it was his fault that he failed to seize on an opportunity. Triple then said on Monday that he was just doing his job on Monday when he kept him from getting in the ring with Randy Orton, and god knows what he would have done to him had he gotten in the ring. Triple H then said he gave him a different kind of opportunity, a platform on Miz TV to say whatever he wanted, and he squandered it. He then showed footage of Miz getting KO'ed by Big Show on Monday.

Miz said all good cop Triple H gave him was a setup, and his bad cop wife came out and had Big Show knock him out. Triple H said his wife was justified in doing what she did based on what Miz called her, and then asked Miz to repeat the insult. He said he called her a castrating witch, but should have replaced the W with a B. Triple H laughed him off and said that he understands that tempers run hot, and perhaps Miz said some things he shouldn't of, and that Stephanie regretted what she had done to him.

Triple H then said he would give Miz another opportunity tonight, and have him another match with Randy Orton in the main event. He then said Cleveland wasn't that far from here, and asked Miz if that town had an airport big enough for a G5, but quickly blew it off and said Miz wouldn't know anyway. Triple then told Miz to change clothes for his match later, and walked up the ramp. Cole plugged a match later between Ambrose and Ziggler, and showed Alberto Del Rio walking towards the ring.


Footage was shown of Triple H granting RVD a rematch with Del Rio at Battleground, and the subsequent beating at the hands of Del Rio. R-Truth was shown in the ring, followed by Alberto Dle Rio making his ring entrance.

1. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth: Del Rio opened up the offense early with a few kicks and head butts. Both men traded some strikes until Truth avoided a charging Del Rio and sent him shoulder first into the post. Truth continued the assault with some clotheslines and a vertical suplex into a stunner for a two count. Truth missed a scissor kick, and then walked into a side kick to the from Del Rio, who got a quick pin.

Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth at 1:33.

Post-match, Del Rio applied the cross arm breaker until Ric Rod and RVD made the save. Ric Rod threw a chair into the ring and RVD worked over Del Rio with it. RVD hit a running skateboard in the corner on a seated Del Rio. Backstage, Vickie and Del Rio stood in front of a monitor watching the melee, and made the RVD and Del Rio a Hardcore Rules match for Battleground. The Prime Time Players were shown backstage doing their dance, and encouraged a couple of stage hands backstage to do their dance. They had to give them a brief lesson before they got it right.


Zeb Colter led the crowd on the We The People chant, but he cut it off. He said they were tired the being mocked, and asked that only Real Americans say their chant. The Prime Time Players made their entrance.

2. The Prime Time Players vs. The Real Americans: Swagger hit some knee lifts on Titus to start. Titus reversed his fortunes with a shoulder block and some seal barking. Swagger avoided a charging Titus and sent him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. The heels made some quick tags, and fought to keep Titus in their corner. Cesaro tagged in again and did his giant swing for about 25 revolutions. Titus finally collected himself and picked up Cesaro and threw him.

Young finally tagged in and hit a belly to belly throw on Cesaro. He then hit a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Cesaro hit a Uranage and nearly got a fall before Titus broke it up. Swagger distracted the ref to keep Young from rolling up Cesaro for the win. He then made a bling tag that Young did not see. Young hit his finisher on Cesaro, but Swagger walked into the ring and applied the Patriot Lock. Young tapped quickly.

The Real Americans defeated The Prime Time Players at 4:13.

Bray Wyatt made his entrance, and the announce team said he would be in match next.


Bray Wyatt looked bug nutty and stared up the ramp waiting for his opponent. Zack Ryder then made his ring entrance for his beating. Harper and Rowan threw Ryder into the ring, and the ref told them to get back.

3. Bray Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder: Wyatt hit a wicked running cltothesline early and Ryder sold it like he got hit by a truck. Wyatt continued to work over Ryder with strikes and a chin lock. Ryder finally rallied and hit Broski boot, but didn't even get a one count. Ryder tossed Ryder over his head when he attempted the Rough Ryder, and then hit Sister Abigail's Kiss for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeated Zack Ryder at 2:11.

Ziggler and Ambrose for the US Title was plugged as next.


Lilian Garcia introduced the match as being for the United States Championship, and then Dean Ambrose made his entrance. Dolph Ziggler then made his entrance. He waved to the back, and then Kofi and RVD joined him to even the odds. It's situations like this that make you wonder how this doesn't happen every time the Shield at ringside.

4. Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose: Ambrose took control early with strikes and a strong clothesline. Ziggler surged back with a clothesline of his own followed by ten punches in the corner. From there he hit a drop kick and another clothesline that sent both men to the floor. Everybody measure each other at ringside and everyone brawled. The ref rang the bell and Triple H walked out on stage. He demanded Mike Chioda gain control, and restarted the match at a six man tag.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose ended in no contest at 1:40.

5. The Shield vs. Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, and RVD: RVD monkey flipped Seth Rollins, and then hit a standing moonsault for a two count. He followed up with a few kicks, and then shoulder blocks in the corner. He then hit a wheel kick and looked snug. RVD then hit rolling thunder for a two count. Rollins fired back and went after RVD's injured left arm, which was taped. Ambrose tagged in and applied an arm twist to the bad arm of RVD.

RVD got to his feet and hit a wheel kick, then tagged Ziggler. Dolph quickly took down Ambrose and dropped his “heartstopper” elbows. Rollins provided a distraction, which allowed Ambrose to hit a spinebuster for a near fall. Reigns tagged in and applied a chin lock on Ziggler. He fought to his feet, only to eat an open hand slap to the chest.

Ambrose tagged back in and applied a chin lock. He grape vined Ziggler's legs for Reigns to tag in and take a free shot. Reigns powered up Dolph Ziggler from the ground and tossed in awkwardly. Ziggler got back into the match with a DDT, and Rollins tagged back in to stop him from reaching his corner. Rollins attacked RVD on the apron with an arm twist, which allowed Ziggler to make space and tag out to Kingston. Kofi amped up the pace and hit his signature series followed by the boom drop.

He fired up for Trouble in Paradise but Ambrose avoided it. The match broke down as everybody hit signature offense and only Ambrose and Kofi were left in the ring. They fought back and forth a bit until Reigns interfered. Kofi hit him with trouble in paradise. Ambrose rolled him up from behind, but Kofi reversed. The ref was distracted by Reings, and Rollins hit a jumping knee on Kofi. Ambrose pinned him.

The Shield defeated RVD, Ziggler and Kofi at 11:23.

Backstage, Big Show blubbered about the stress of his actions weighing on him for the past several weeks. He said he did it because he needed the job, that it was extremely difficult for him. Triple H walked up and said he didn't realize how difficult it was for him, and said that maybe he didn't really need this job. Big Show said that's not what he meant, and Triple H said he would even help him find new work. He said Big Show could be a doorman, or something. It would be easy to find any job if he was a regular sized guy, but he was special. Triple H said he needed “this” job.

Big Show switched to angry monster mode, and Triple H mocked him and his crying. Triple H told him to think about his wife and family, and told him he would do nothing and like it. Show screamed to end the segment.


The Funkadactyls made their entrance, and Cameron will be wrestling. AJ Lee then followed with Tamina Snuka accompanying her. A video aired of AJ, and she explained that every Diva is against her. She said she needed protection, and she found the only other Diva who was as hated and ostracised as her, Tamina.

6. AJ Lee vs. Cameron: AJ hit a running clothesline, and then slammed Cameron had on the mat. AJ missed a splash in the corner and Cameron rolled her up for a two count. Cameron hit a kick and a running clothesline for a one count. She then hit a standing split over AJ as a pin for a two count. AJ threw Cameron to the outside and AJ followed. She screamed that she was useless. Naomi tried to get involved, but Tamina took her out. Cameron tried to roll up AJ, but she kicked out at two. AJ then hit a shining wizard for the win.

AJ defeated Cameron at 2:29.

After the match, Paul Heyman was shown talking to Curtis Axel, and then headed towards the ring.

Heyman walked out on stage and soaked in the boos. Footage played of Heyman defeated CM Punk at Night of Champions. Heyman said he has to be candid with them, they are really disappointing him right now. He said they react with shock and dismay, but how can they be surprised he defeated their hero? He doesn't want to give away any trade secrets, but every time CM Punk comes after him, he will lose. He asked if the crowd has ever considered that he was right. He said Punk admitted that he was walking into a trap on Monday, but he did it anyway because the fans wanted him to.

Heyman said he didn't want to convict the crowd without evidence, so he showed footage of the trap he laid for Punk on Monday. Heyman then said he can't take all the credit for the plan, and he has to thank some people. He thanked Curtis Axel and his hero Ryback, but most of all he wanted to thank each and every one of the crowd. He claimed that it was the fans worship of Punk that would be his downfall. He said he would prove it, and said Punk signed for a match with Ryback and Battleground.

He said at Battleground history would repeat itself and the crowd would have no one to blame but themselves. He said CM Punk would look up at the lights at Ryback, and Paul Heyman, the best in the world.

Miz vs. Orton was plugged for the main event.


3MB was shown in the ring. Santino, Khali and Hornswoggle made their entrance.

7. Santino vs. Heath Slater: Slater hit some strikes and applied a chin lock. Santino avoided a clothesline with the splits and hit a hip toss. Slater tried a top rope move, and Santino knocked him off. Santino pulled out his cobra sock, and I swear to god, Jinder Mahal and Khali played recorders in a dueling snake charming moment. Khali was distracted by McIntyre. Jinder got pulled off the apron, preventing the Cobra from attack Santino. Slater and Santino both ended up down in the ring. Khali recovered and woke up the Cobra with his recorder, and Santino hit the Cobra Strike on Slater for the win.

Santino defeated Heath Slater at 2:50.

Cole played a few videos to get everyone up to speed on the situation with the Rhodes family. Cole then played footage of an interview with Triple H. He said the entire Rhodes family was welcome to come to Raw on Monday Night. He said he would have a business proposition for them, and he thought they would like it. Cole then played a web video that showed Cody Rhodes and Goldust accepting the proposition, with Goldust playing the part of the angry brother. Randy Orton made his ring entrance.


The Miz made his ring entrance following the break.

8. Randy Orton vs. The Miz: Both men brawled around the ring early, and then spilled to ringside. Miz reversed an irish whip and sent Orton into the ring post. He then tossed Orton into the barricade and back into the ring. Miz hit some mounted punches on Orton and then a kick to a seated Orton's face. Miz missed a diving clothesline in the corner and sold his shoulder as being hurt.

Miz rolled to ringside and the WWE doctor stepped in to ask him some questions. Miz mumbled to the doctor that it was the same spot he was hurt before. Orton grabbed Miz by the head and pulled him onto the second rope and hit a DDT. The doctor stepped in and the ref rang the bell for a DQ.

Miz wins by DQ at 2:47.

Triple H walked out on stage and said Orton was attempting to cheat Miz out of an opportunity. He restarted the match as no DQ, and you must win by pin or submission. Orton tossed Miz into both sets of stairs, and then into the time keepers area. Miz grabbed a chair and hit Orton a couple of times, but he stuffed the chair back into Miz's face on the third attempt.

Orton then hit a DDT from the barricade to the floor, and then hit some mounted punches. Orton then rolled Miz back into the ring, and pulled him up to his feet for an RKO. Randy finally covered the Miz for the win.

Randy Orton defeated Miz in the restarted match at 3:01.

Cole asked JBL if he really wanted this Randy Orton as the champion after Battleground.

Report by Jake Barnett &